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Hey Bill Maher, Arianna Huffington! Stop Praising Lunatic Rand Paul!

What the hell is wrong with you people? Rand Paul is a sociopath, a psychopath, a liar and a fraud. His “filibuster” was a political stunt – nothing more. You’re giving liberals a bad name by giving this dangerous worm credit for anything more than being a self-serving madman. Rand Paul doesn’t give a crap about the Constitution – Rand Paul, like all libertarians cares only about himself. He’s a smarmy jerk who opposes civil rights, and women’s rights. He said that businesses should be allowed to deny people service based on the color of their skin. He voted against the Violence Against Women Act. Seriously. F*ck Rand Paul.

Arianna Huffington said last night on Real Time With Bill Maher,

“I want to defend Rand Paul…I think what Rand Paul did was fantastic…What he did was incredibly important. First of all, it completely scrambled that right-left way of looking at politics.”

Excuse me, but are you out of your mind? Rand Paul didn’t scramble anything but your brain, apparently.

Bill Maher tried to bring the conversation back saying,

“That’s not to say all drone attacks are bad. You know, some people do need killing. It’s like what I say about the death penalty, let’s just kill the right people.”

You’re killing me, Bill. Please. Just. Stop.

Van Jones, in an op-ed column on CNN.com correctly labeled Rand Paul as a civil rights villain:

“The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s successful strategy was to force the federal government to intercede not just with states, but also private businesses that denied equal treatment. Paul would have robbed King’s strategy of its teeth, because he does not believe the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution grants the federal government the right to protect individuals from racial discrimination in the marketplace. In fact, he once said businesses should be able to turn people away based on the color of their skin.

Also, please do not get me started on his votes against the Violence Against Women Act. Nor on his opposition to a woman’s right to make private medical decisions. Nor on his desire to cut Social Security and Medicare, while preserving tax loopholes for the wealthiest people ever born.”

Let’s not forget who and what Rand Paul is. He’s a selfish greedy Ayn Rand disciple. He’s an appalling failure as a human being. He doesn’t deserve credit from any liberal for any of his self-serving grandiose bull! He deserves to be isolated, and removed from the halls of power before he does real damage to this country.


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • Max Wellbrock-Talley

    Rand Paul is not a sociopath. He is not a psychopath. Those accusations amount to libel and slander. He is also not a Libertarian. Libertarians don’t support the states using big government policies, like deciding who can marry whom; that would be an Anti-Federalist. He is, however, someone who at least had the courage to do what so many Liberals ought to have done but are discouraged from doing. He spoke out against target-killings done by the Obama Administration. Liberals have been so hesitant to criticise Obama that they’ve lost a lot of legitimacy. They didn’t defend the single-payer system at the beginning of the healthcare debate. They didn’t defend Obamacare immediately after the debate. They didn’t even explain the bill during the debate. Liberals didn’t stand up for lifting the burden on students and the prices they pay, they didn’t stand up for actually legalising gay marriage (instead they’ve left it to the states and to the courts, just like Rand Paul would like), and they didn’t stand up for humane actions in warfare. Obama during the presidential debates said he wanted to cut corporate taxes. He also signed an extension to the PATRIOT Act and defended the right to suspend habeas corpus in the NDAA. He has continued the Bush Doctrine of foreign policy. None of these things are in the interests of Liberals, so why do you stand unwaveringly by Obama and the Democrats when they are no longer reflecting your interests actively?

    Rand Paul had the intelligence to know that Democrats and Republicans were not pursuing the interests of his ideal America. He had the courage to stand up and filibuster in the traditional way. He set himself apart from Republicans and from Conservatives, who would ideologically support drone strikes and intervention. Heck, they invented those things in our policy and, judging by primary debates, intend to use them on Iran. But Rand Paul took a stand for a position that Liberals ought support, but are being hindered because they don’t want to turn against Obama and the current Congress. Stop wedging yourselves behind the Democratic Party and stop viewing politics as a race between Democrats and Republicans. The more you sacrifice your passion for the sake of simply blocking Republican ambitions, the more you’ll lose out on a truly Progressive agenda in the end.

  • JOE

    Anybody who favors real, true freedom over government control of private business.

    They did not say that they’d support such an act, but they support the freedom and liberty that would allow such an act to be done.

    There is just as much coercion of businesses from government to prevent them from being able to discriminate in their clientele as there was from Jim Crow laws forcing them to treat blacks differently. These laws are opposite sides of the same Big Government card, where government controls a private business’s ability to decide for itself who it can hire and who it will serve.

    I thought this was a simple concept to understand; I guess it surpasses the capacity of “educated” liberals, eh?

  • Bob4883

    Jon Huntsman represents the GOP and its future better than Rand Paul or anyone else at CPAC. If the GOP wants to stay relevant they should “do the math” as Huntsman says and develop a platform that will make the US a competitive two-party country again.

  • Perry

    In a nation of over 300 million people, it is impossible to pigeonhole each into simple categories. Some people may have needs that they, alone, cannot fulfill. A just society should have a way to care for these individuals. I’m glad you feel that you can function without any outside help. But some people may not be as lucky as you. Should they be forced to flounder in the world?

    • Nicole

      Why do people hate paying taxes so damn much? Is it really so awful? Is it putting you in the poor house? Man up and be true to your country, a true American, by paying taxes!

  • Elizabeth

    I find your assertion that all libertarians only care about themselves. As a libertarian, I care about the rights of all people, which is why I support the Constitution and smaller government. Women should have the right to abortion, schools should be free of religion, we shouldn’t have “Trust in God” on our currency, and the LGBT community should be able to marry who they want. Yes, this also means I don’t support the extent of welfare we currently have — I believe there should be limits for the able-bodied and a system that requires years of doctor supervision for disability (I have Spina Bifida, btw). It’s not because I’m a monster. It’s because I’m not an altruistic moron who thinks every person is inherently good and every social worker has the resources to know when they’re being conned. I know people who are scamming the system right now, in my own family, while I have never drawn a dime of disability or used any welfare programs despite my health concerns.

    So before you lump us all into a category of selfish jerks, you should probably research what we actually believe in. It’s usually as simple as a just America that is welcoming to all and oppresses none. And for the record, being a psycho liberal doesn’t make you any better than the psycho conservatives. :P

    • Elizabeth

      Edit : “I find your assertion that all libertarians only care about themselves to be ridiculous.” I apparently cannot type.

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