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Hannity: ‘Only Democrats Care About Poor People.’ (Video)

Professional goon, Sean Hannity gets his ass handed to him by Occidental College Professor Caroline Heldman, who doesn’t let him lie about the improving economy. We know Hannity usually invites someone with a liberal opinion on his show if he thinks they can be shouted down and dominated. We’re proud of Caroline Heldman, a liberal in control of the facts. Hannity, king of the non-sequitur and straw-man argument sarcastically quips,

“Only Democrats care about poor people. Only Democrats want clean air and water. Only Democrats care about not killing old people.”

Never missing a beat, Professor Heldman says, “You know, unfortunately I would agree with you on most of those points…”

Awesome. Here’s the video!



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  1. Why does anyone go on Hannity’s show? He just shouts over everyone with his poisonous s**t.

  2. So we are talking about one of the delusional mouthpieces on Fox propaganda machine. This is the place that went to court to lie owned by a foreigner who hates the US and a Saudi prince, who screwed up news in England is is now working on the US. Who runs the supposed “entertainment” network that misinforms, dis-informs, carps statements, edits videos, and where “some people say” in the morning becomes news later that day and beyond. So we are to take from this exchange what? That Fox pundits and mouthpieces lie, pulling numbers out of their ..arse, and don’t give guests a chance to even finish an answer is new how? In any case thanks for reinforcing my understanding of what what fox propaganda machine does and how it does it.

  3. We need a mute button on Hannity, so we can hear both sides of the argument.

  4. I’ve never understood why Hannity goes through the pretense of having anyone on his show to present their views when all it boils down to is a Hannity monologue rather than a dialogue. Hannity talks over them, interrupts every sentence by them, is rude, obnoxious, impolite, ignorant of the issues and demonstrates a narcissistic disregard for anyone who can refute his points. It’s a rigged game and just one more reason to avoid Fux News at all costs. I couldn’t watch the video to its conclusion because he’s simply too ugly a human to take for that long.

    • I don’t mind receiving news from fox, after I have from many other places haha. I enjoy most of the programs; however, Hannity does need to go. He does this every night and I honestly have no idea if I am watching the same episode or if he is just saying the same thing to different people. Fox isn’t terrible ( people should receive news from other places and read books mainly ), but he gives it the rep it deserves. The 5 is great, shep is funny as hell, and if you know your facts, Fox compliments the news because it is funny, until 8. I believe he is being bumped from prime time and eventually he will be gone, like Glenn.

  5. My favorite description of mr Hannity was given by Steven Colbert when he referred to him as ” an electronic bag of hammers” and he never fails to meet that standard.

  6. Man, gotta love when FAUX news brings on someone to interview and they prove them wrong. Did anyone else catch him clearing exclaiming “F**k!” at around the 5min mark?

  7. F**k Sean Hannity. I wouldn’t even call him a d**k. He is a textbook Penis. That’s all he is. He’s a giant, talking Penis with eyes. He and the other conservatives just hate poor people, and I’m glad to see that he is at least admitting it here.

  8. Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes

    Wait Hannity I thought that rich people being rich would cause that trickle down economics you are always talking about? I mean if rich people have money they will create jobs for the poor, or is it only when its convenient to bring up?

  9. wait…did hannity discuss food stamps…the programs his delusional party want to hack away at until NO American can even apply for the program?! The only time I am exposed to Fox News is when I’m visiting my parents…and yet again, I am reminded that the right are so pathetically ignorant and want to continue to drag this country into their nightmare. How the hell do you invade and go to war in two foreign countries, slash taxes, encourage off-shoring, increase the number of h1b visas displacing hundreds of thousands of skilled American workers, allow for incredibly unfair trade/tarriff policies…and NOT expect 30 plus years of what I expect to be a dismal economic abyss…and still blame the sitting president who walked into big steaming pile of you know what.

  10. That idiot in the middle almost made Hannity appear to have a brain

  11. This hurts my brain. There is no debating, and if you attempt to go back to the early 2000, and the fact that was when the wars were started, and are continuing today, and we are spending billions on those started wars, they get all upset because we are continuing to blame W for where we are today. I blame the wars and allowing Wallstreet to do whatever they want for so long, with no consequences, on Bush! Because he and his gang did this. Obama is just trying to clean someone else’s HUGE mess up.

  12. Yelling at people, talking over them, using opinions not facts:
    “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” ~Socrates

  13. At least, as spokesperson, for the Republican Teabagger party, he exposed what the party stands for. The voters in the future need to be constantly reminded of Republican Teabagger’s fundamental contempt for lower, disadvantaged, and vulnerable populations.

  14. Agree, Perry! Not just Hannity, all the hosts use that “yell over the guest” thing. How professional! -Not! That drove me from watching them at all! I stick to clips like here on AATP. Why punish myself, lol!

  15. Teapublican moron Hannity asks a question and when he doesn’t like the answer he shouts the person down.

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