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Hannity Fuels Right-Wing Terrorists, Suggests Feds May Kill Cliven Bundy (Video)

It’s hard to know exactly where to start with this clip from Sean Hannity, Cliven Bundy’s biggest fan, and the only person on Fox whose name ironically triggers the spellcheck auto-correct “Humanity.” What makes that especially ironic is that in this interview, it’s pretty clear that Hannity A) takes credit for making Bundy a household name, and B) would love to incite some violence in his name for extra-great headlines.

At this point, we’re starting to wonder if Rupert Murdoch and his scion reporters run on blood as utterly as any mythical Carpathian count, made ever youthful by life-sustaining gore, and powerful by human suffering. Apparently dissatisfied with the notion that he won’t have dead martyrs to talk about, Hannity spends the entire segment giving Bundy and his children quotes from Harry Reid and the BLM meant to provoke panic and violence on the part of Bundy’s militants. He begins, of course, with the “Fox! News! ALERT!” graphic, to the sound of bells tolling for thee.

“According to Sen. Harry Reid, this is not, in fact, the end. Reid: “Of course, this is not over. We can’t have an America full of people that just violate the law and walk away from it. So it’s not over.’

Now, in a moment, Cliven will be back with a report on where things stand, but first, a report from a former Nevada sheriff who claims that his sources” (anonymous, of course) “inside the federal government say that the Bureau of Land Management may be quietly planning to raid the Bundy Ranch. Now, we reached out to the former sheriff, Richard Mack for confirmation” (note use of the word “confirmation”) “he told our team of producers today, quote:

‘We have intel sources, government and law enforcement insiders that have told us the government was considering falling back, having us thing everything was fine, and then when we got comfortable and dropped our defenses, then they would come in and raid the ranch. We don’t know if it was a specific plan. But after hearing Harry Reid’s comments, we think they are going to come in for a surprise midnight raid.”

For the next several minutes, Hannity chats with Cliven and his two children, working the “they’re coming to get you, Elanor” angle as hard as possible. He succeeds in getting Bundy to effectively commit to a violent response, if anyone but the Sheriff of Clark County comes to arrest him. He tells Harry Reid (elected by the people of Nevada) to get back to Washington and

“…leave us alone here in Nevada. You have no business here in Clark County, Nevada. Harry, get your army out of Nevada, and get your army of my” (sic) “ranch, and keep it out.”

The subtext here is a fascinating rehash of local history. In no uncertain terms, Cliven Bundy has effectively declared Clark County a sovereign nation, its residents beholden only to the word of its chief gunslinger. Indeed, in Cliven’s mind, and apparently Hannity’s, Clark County is no longer in the jurisdiction of Nevada State police, or the United States of America. According to Bundy, the local sheriff is “the only man with arresting power in Clark County, Nevada.”

Wait, we’ve heard this one before…what did Bundy’s much-ballyhoo’d ancestors creatively call their last declared “sovereign nation?” “Deseret,” was it?

And how will Bundy defend New Deseret against the Fed, if it comes to it?

“…If they come, we’ll deal with them tonight. If that’s what we gotta do, we’ll just deal with you. When you got guts enough to do it, come on.”

And, at least according to him, Bundy’s neo-Paiutes will defend New Deseret.

Hannity seems satisfied with the declaration of willing bloodshed, though it remains to be seen whether Bundy’s clan is planning on using their (apparently swimming) women and children as human shields again. Or, whether they’re planning on extending their little camping trip forever, because there’s just so much work and means of support for 1,000-plus people in the middle of Clark County, Nevada. Maybe they’ll eat the cows.

But, as is standard procedure for Fox, Hannity is content for the moment simply to consume the miasma of impending bloodshed, while Bundy sits back, does interviews, and consigns his tools to die for “his” New Deseret.

It’s a good day for Shawn Hannity and Cliven Bundy.

About Richard Rowe

Richard Rowe
Richard Rowe is a full-time freelance writer who has written over 3 million words in the last four years alone -- mostly on automotive and technical subjects. He's also a seventh-generation native Floridian, and was born and raised in the Ocala National Forest. A conservative soul turned Bull-Moose Progressive, he believes that "When change becomes necessary, the once impractical ideology of progress becomes practical, and maintenance of the status quo becomes the impractical ideology." And also, that "Rustoleum Black Enamel is a primary color."
  • Ted

    Hannity’s hero former sheriff Richard Mack was videoed saying “We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front. If they’re gonna start shooting, it’s going to be women that are gonna be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers.”

    I guess there weren’t any children handy. Doesn’t Al Queda also hide behind women?

  • Ted

    Hannity is clueless about the issues here and clearly hoping to foment violence. Too bad he sees his role as trying to make things worse rather than trying to clam the situation. He’s a coward.

  • Ronald Nolette

    Well I loved Harry Reids comment in the video. We cant just let people walk around violating the law. I hope he is just as fervent in going after Lois Lerner, George Soros, Barack Obama, and Eric Holder. These are also lawbreakers as well as the Bundys are.

    • http://gravatar.com/wabblewouser wabblewouser

      Yeah. Please enlighten us. List these crimes, please. I got you started….BENGHAZI!!!

    • Dave

      Ron, Why don’t you join Bundy and the rest of the wannabe heroes of the American Nazi party out in the desert? No balls? Didn’t think so.

    • Ted

      Got any facts to support your fantasies? I thought not.

  • Eleanor Earley

    And unfortunately, a lot of idiots made Hannity’s name a household name but not on a good note. He needs to take his wife and kids and let them be used for shields.

  • http://irishconnell.wordpress.com irishconnell

    Neo-Paiutes. If I were the Paiute Nation I would go down there myself and give them a Paiute uprising they’d never forget. How dare the liken this crap to the native people that they took the land from in the first place. How dare they…………………

  • joebbz2

    Ole’ Cliven don’t sound too bright, I realize he’s old but the guy just sounds well, startled/republican. Don’t make a hero out of some one caught stealing. “Bonnie and Clyde” was great, but Hannity and Cliven, I’ll wait for the book…
    Clive used to pay the Bureau of Land Management for grazing rights and then quit paying ,well the government(govmint’) finally is settling up with his debt and now FOXNEWS is inciting sedition. Just pay your feed bill …. theses same guys enjoyed the cuts to WIC and SNAP. Your cows get to eat for free because your great, great polygamist Mormon grand pappy was here grazing cattle before the govmint’ was here.If that works don’t tell those Injunz ‘stuck in the bad lands, they’re pissed.
    Again ,don’t kill the family, it’s going to be the next Duck Dynasty on A&E. Merika wants to know, “Will Sean Hannity talk an Idiot into getting shot for ratings? Do cowboys hide behind girls in a fight? Will Cliven get caught hustling up some action in a Minnesota airport men’s room? Does Hannity have a pre existing condition, prolapse sphincter? Merika’, we gots to know!

    • Dad

      joebbz2 – sounds like you just watched Network (1976). Great movie.

    • Ted

      Nice summary of the situation.

    • http://gravatar.com/johnmcarollo johnmcarollo

      More likely, Hannity will be caught in the Minneapolis Airport t-room.

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  • http://daksden.wordpress.com dakotahgeo

    Sad as it may seem, killing Bundy and his entire family wouldn’t be much of a loss. Bullets are too expensive but one can use a rope over and over again!

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