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Hannity Complains About President Obama’s Daughters Taking Two Vacations, Instead of One! (Video)

By AATTP Contributor, Han Chimpson

In perhaps a new low, even for him, Sean Hannity complained that President Obama’s daughters went on two spring break vacations, instead of one.

sean_hannity idiotIn his show on April Fool’s Day, Hannity continuously lamented that “50 million Americans are on food stamps!” and went on to complain about President Obama himself, his wife Michelle, and Vice President Joe Biden also taking lavish vacations and living a lifestyle of the “rich and famous.”

Of course, Hannity left out the part where President Obama is on pace to log nearly half of the vacation time enjoyed by his predecessor, George W. Bush, did in eight years, as well as less than half of the vacation time logged by Saint Ronnie Reagan in his two terms.

Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers went after Hannity for bringing President Obama’s daughters into the discussion, calling it “insane.”   Powers called the segment “one of the most mean-spirited things” Hannity has ever done.

Watch the video, courtesy of Media Matters, and see if you agree. The discussion about the Obama daughters begins at about the 0:50 mark.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/therealCHOKO Kaarli Sylvester Makela

    And though it’s been going on since the beginning of politics, it’s suddenly an issue now because of … ? Class say it with me …. RACISM. Yes. Racism. Good class.

  • Bill Pearman

    Hannity should not complain about vacations. His brain has been on vaction forever.

  • Wayne Rizor

    Hannity complains about 15 million people being on food stamps. Where was he when all of the businesses went to China for wages of $0.26 to 0.76 USD/hr. The result of losing all of those jobs has created the economic conditions that have put so many people on food stamps. Where was Hannity when GWB started two wars without allocating funds to pay for them and at the same time gave the ultra rich tax breaks because they are “job creators”. Those job creators are the ones responsible for outsourcing all of those job to China. Where was Hannity when GWB took more vacation time than any other president to date spending 32% of his time in office vacationing. As usual Faux News is nothing more than GOP propaganda whose mission it is to make the GOP look good and Democrats look bad, no matter how stupid they must appear to their listeners .

  • Duspin Stevens

    Why does anyone dignify Hannity with ANY kind of interest or coverage? He’s an ass and always will be one while he continues to work for the people like Rupert Murdoch and the likes of the Koch brothers. Lavish vacations? Really? Piss off Faux News.

  • Wendy Johnson-Niblick

    POTUS commits the crime of “going on vacation while black”. That’s the problem here.

  • Karen

    You libturds take the cake. a) how many 14/15 + 11/12 year old kids go on “spring break” away from their parents. NONE. ZERO. ZIP. NADA. BUPKIS. If they DO their parents pay FULL WHACK. They do not require extra packs of Secret service members to do advance trips staking out hotels (and bagging whores) and other venues. No one begrudges them there normal SS protection to/from school and the like. This is a LOT of EXTRA expense on the SS above and beyond what would normally be spent on the girls. MEANWHILE the PEASANT children have their nose up against the White House fence because that SOB King O’Butthead claims the SS can’t find money for the WH tours, so all the kids whose classes saved up to go to DC with their class to see the White house are SOL while these little princesses take TWO spring breaks. The extra expenses on the SS which could have kept the tours running for a good half year at minumum. But it’s hot fair to ask the little princesses to act like the child and young teen they are. NO — they are being brought up to look down on the PEASANTS who pay the freight. Go screw yourself liberals. Everyone isn’t as stupid as you pretend to be.

    • Eldergothfather

      Were you this vociferous with Bush or when the SS had to follow around his little miscreants while they went whore, I mean bar hopping. Get it together white bigot, your time is over and you people are desperately trying to find something to complain about…fact check before your sputum soils your pretty bib.

    • dan root

      they still have security where ever they it does not matter where they are. check your facts about ss i am on it i know what is left .or are you just a racist republican and you can not stand the fact nothing is going your way.well hang on 2014 is coming i think the american have had enough of the crap brought the teapublicans orrepublicans or whatever you snobbish myopic people are. so find something important to bitch and cry about. christ!

    • http://ChokolandResources Kaarli Sylvester Makela

      I bet you ARE just as stupid as I pretend to be.


        you must be stupid you’re not pretending so kiss my ass!

    • Bob

      Karen, you are sincerely ignorant and conscientiously stupid.

    • Cyndi

      Your entire comment is ridiculous. Every single president that has had kids has had secret service following their kids around. Where were you when SS had to follow the Bush girls around from party to party? SS will be where these girls are whether they are in school, at the library, on vacation or visiting their grandparents. SS will be paid to be with the girls 24 hours a day.


    once again faux and its reporters and i use that term loosely fail to see that king george took several vacations during his terms. when will you ignorant well actually you are probably informed but you choose to BITCH about what the current admin does then it represents pure unadulterated RACISM to me. especially when they fail to mention how many time bush and reagan took time out from thier jobs. i for one am sick of all THE RACIST BULLSHIT THOSE SPEW!THEY ARE ASSES!! FOX REPORT FAIRLY IF YOU CAN NOT GET OFF THE AIR. AND WHILE TAKE ALL YOUR INEPT MORONIC ONE SIDED TEAPUBS OR AS YOU CALL THEM REPORTERS WITH YOU!!YOU REALLY ARE A BUNCH OF IGNORANT ASSES WHO THINK ALL AMERICANS A RE AS STUPID AND MORONIS AS YOU ARE!!!

  • josephine rogers

    These day’s people aren’t paying to much attention to what !! fox !! has to say …its known as the lieing station ..cant’ take what that say seriously…Hannity is a complete idiot the things he says are so laughable….!! what a joke he is !!…and to talk about the president’s daughters. These girls are the most well ajusted girls that i have see ..comming out of the white house… { so mr. president @ michele your doing a wonderful job…and america loves you both ….

  • Bob Cull

    The talking penis strikes again! There is no depth so low he will not sink to it! He relies on the ignorance of his followers knowing they will buy into every word out of his mouth and spread the propaganda. He has to be aware that Presidents pay their own personal expenses and Michelle is a very wealthy woman, they have the same rights as any other American, they are free to spend THEIR money as they see fit. Hannity needs to “self deport.”

  • Mick Methadone


  • Max Wellbrock-Talley

    Why is Hannity complaining when Obama uses his $400.000 income for vacations when he defends multi-billionaires vacationing every day of the year for their income?

    • wader200

      Is not what the vacations cost, it’s what the cost of security, flying the presidents jets, on and on. Yea, they pay 5000. for a vacation. We pay close to a million, for the things that go with it.

      • William Carr

        “Is not what the vacations cost, it’s what the cost of security, flying the presidents jets, on and on.”

        So… unlike ANY other successful family in America, you want the Obamas to be on lockdown, unable to travel for Christmas or even the funeral of a friend ?

        Because the family of the President CANNOT travel by commercial airline.

        They could be kidnapped and held for ransom, or murdered.

        That’s why ALL Presidents and their families qualify for Secret Service protection no matter what Party they are in.

        Bush used Air Force One as a taxi and you didn’t hear outraged Democrats screaming.

        Travel is a necessary part of the job, and so are reasonable vacations.

        The Secret Service is on salary and works whether they’re in Washington or out of town.

        Really, the cost is just for jet fuel. And it’s part of the President’s Budget.

        The first time Fox News started whining about this, the First Lady took her girls and one friend plus her daughter to a funeral in Europe.

        Fox started exaggerating the costs and claiming Michelle took 40 friends.

        This is stupid, and so are people that demand Democrats be blamed for getting the same privileges Republicans get.



    • josephine rogers


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