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Hannity Burns Alex Jones: Plays Audio Of Jones Psychotic Rant And Blubbering (new video)

There isn’t a whole lot we can say about this clip except that you have to hear it for yourself. At the beginning of this clip, Hannity begs the question, “Why are the media focused on Alex Jones?” Then he runs this audio. Amazing. Ultra Burn. With friends like this, right Alex? HAHA! We also found the video of this temper-tantrum (minus the blubbering) and posted it directly below the Hannity Clip!


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  • Vusye

    This Alex Jones hatred is complete garbage. You can see the effects of the mega police state here right now. Dogs have been shot down randomly, and this new Trayvon Martin case is now a case to reduce the 2nd Amendment. Other tyrants have registered and then confiscated. If two robbers run into my home with guns, then what can I do to stop them? Quickly muster up some spider abilities? Criminals will still obtain guns (as shown in Fast and Furious, U.S. caught shipping guns into Mexico around 2009 or later to blame the crime on the 2nd Amendment). That’s why you refuse to accept the Harvard and Duke studies that show massive IQ drops of kids who drink fluoridated water (almost all tap water and most school fountains). Thomas Jefferson was not a nut job to create the 2nd Amendment.

    • AATTP


      Alex Jones is a dangerous lunatic, and so are you.

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  • Peggy

    I know this guy is a lunatic and a post child for mental health screening; however, all I can do is laugh at him. I know he’s not trying to be funny. But, he’s a nut! On one hand, I want to laugh. On the other, I am worried. There are people out there, just like him, that believe all this nonsense. He actually has psycho followers out there. God help him and God help anyone who takes him seriously.

  • Lance

    I watch CNN everyday and not once did they say that all the 2nd Amendment people act like that. They said that’s the kinda people that needed to be evaluated to have a gun. The only reason that this weirdo even pop one their radar is because of his petition to deport Piers Morgan.witch is crap.

  • Lois

    He needs a mental evaluation to leave the house unescorted.

  • Brian

    To be fair, he really isn’t that far off Glenn Beck.
    Beck pulls this stiff all the time.
    But Alex Jones is just doing a bad Sam Kinison impersonation.
    But many Americans fall for that manic preacher cadence and patter.
    He knows his audience, just like Hannity.

  • http://Facebbok.com Terri

    I was RIGHT!! All the crazy, paranoid groups that were up in the hills with their camouflage uniforms, stowing away guns because “the American Government is “out to get them” have left the hills and put on suits and are running for office, running Fox News, And they are a lot of them. Be afraid, they may shoot you!!!

  • Caroline

    Alex raises good questions, but when he goes into his rants, he discredits himself. His whole persona revolves around conspiracy, so it is in his benefit to be emotional and sell conspiracy tapes.

  • Jason

    USA Lunatic Watch list
    (sponsored by Nation Rifle Association of America)

    1. Alex Jones

  • brian

    this guy has paranoid schizophrenia. As a liencensed mental health professional who has worked with SPMI (Sever and Persistent Mentally Ill), i recognized this.

    • Um Duh

      As a person with two eyes and two ears, I knew that already.

  • Nitebug

    He reminds me so much like Glenn Beck,another nut job.

  • Jenni Plaskow

    Yes, this is a man that needs to have a mental health evaluation prior to owning any weapon. If he currently owns a gun, then I strongly believe the Department of Homeland Security should check on this!!!

    • Jessica

      He claims to own 50 or more firearms. Isn’t that a terrifying thought?!

  • pam coo

    Help him Lord..

  • mike

    ok instead of looking at him like he is crazy.why not look at the questions he raised on the morgan interview.ill agree alex can act crazy sometimes but he cares about his country.he might not handle things like most but at least he asks the questions that hannity and the rest of the so called “main stream news” wont ask.instead of hannity trying to make the guy look bad how about he go investigate some real news storys and stop trying to further his boss’s agendas.hit pieces like this is the only thing fox news and hannity are good for.they could not carry a good news story if it had handles on it.

    • Perry

      Hannity did not make the guy look bad. Jones was able to do that all by himself. And he did not ask valid questions. He posed a hypothetical situation and then over-reacted to it. He did not care about how the situation will affect his country; he was just over-reacting about how this will affect him and others like him.

    • Svenghooli

      You sir, are an idiot of galactic proportions….In your feeble opinion, lets look at Holmes like he isn’t a murdering psychopath.

  • Solo

    I hope Alex Jones doesn’t breed.

  • Adam

    To “beg the question” is not the same as to “raise the question.” Begging the question is a logical fallacy which assumes the conclusion in its premise.

  • Henry Avellaneda

    Jones belongs in a nuthouse with a straight jacket!

  • http://krysztov.x10.mx/wp/ Chris

    He raised the question, or asked the question. Although I’m sure he begs the question often enough, this wasn’t it.

    With that out of the way, holy nutbars Batman.

  • Perry

    I watched the Piers Morgan interview and listened to the Hannity audio clip. Alex Jones is obviously bipolar and is probably one of those people that should not be allowed to own, have or have access to, guns. I think I might also have reservations about him having hammers, knives and big sticks.

  • http://American'sagainsttheTeaParty Christy

    this guy is a nut job… he needs to be committed to a mental institution right away before he does someone or himself harm.

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