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Haboob-Hating Texans Have Racist Facebook MELTDOWN Over Routine Weather Update (Screenshots)

Tuesday night, Texas news station KCBD News Channel 11 shared a weather alert from the US National Weather Service (Lubbock, TX) that warned of a haboob, or (more technical definitions aside) a violent dust/sandstorm, that was approaching the area.

The message was fairly standard, simply warning of high winds and near-zero visibility:

Haboob northwest of Lubbock as seen from the Science Spectrum. If you must drive west of Lubbock, plan for near-zero visibility in blowing dust and strong winds of 50+ mph.

Fairly standard, right?

Residents, of course became concerned with this news: the station used one of them Muslim words! Apparently, the station’s use of the correct term to describe what was happening was too much for some area residents, who preferred more scientific terms like “wall of dust,” or “dirt storm,” or “dust storm” because “this is not the Middle East” Goddamnit!

3-11-2014 10-56-25 PM 3-11-2014 10-58-58 PM 3-11-2014 11-00-55 PM 3-11-2014 11-01-52 PM 3-11-2014 11-29-11 PM 3-11-2014 11-29-29 PM 3-11-2014 11-30-05 PM 3-11-2014 11-30-40 PM 3-11-2014 11-31-33 PM 3-11-2014 11-31-53 PM 3-11-2014 10-54-27 PM 3-11-2014 10-54-58 PM

Author’s Note: Raymond Stapleton contacted me because he wants everyone to know he is not a racist, as people on the news site’s Facebook page have apparently developed the opinion that he is a racist. More correctly, he alleged that posting a screenshot of his actual words somehow constitutes libel.3-11-2014 10-55-22 PM 3-11-2014 10-55-48 PM 3-11-2014 10-56-04 PMIn the end, KCBD caved, referring to the haboob as a “dust storm” in a future post.

Why is it that right-wingers feel the need to melt down over every little thing? Whether it’s the race of a fictional character, or a television show having the audacity to ‘preach’ scientific fact without ‘teaching the controversy,’  the First Lady attempting to get kids to eat healthy, a couple of actors portraying a fictional gay couple in a truck commercial, or the imagined ‘race’ of the First Family’s F#$%ING DOGS, it seems that they are incapable of simply accepting that they do not control every single detail within our civilization.

See, Texas? This is why we can’t have nice things.

h/t: AATTPer Jennifer [LastName]!

About John Prager

John Prager
John Prager is an unfortunate Liberal soul who lives uncomfortably in the middle of a Conservative hellscape and likes to refer to himself as an "island of reason in a sea of insanity." While he is not a fan of politicians, period, he has developed a deep-seated hatred for the bigotry, fear mongering, and lies of the Right Wing. John also works as a counselor at one of Barry Soetoro's FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator. John's life's aspiration is to rule the world with an iron fist, or find that sock he's been looking for. John can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
  • alternatesteve2

    yeah. I’m from Texas(okay, Dallas. a lot purpler than Lubbock), and I ain’t got a damn problem with the word myself. It is what it is, you know? *facepalm at Teapublican stupidity*.

  • radpat_USA

    Wonder if the neo-fascist rats that can count know they use an “Arabic” numbering system every day and there’s a good chance that the Arabs that developed it were Muslims?

  • TimO22

    We need another ‘hurt feeling report’ for vlad!

  • http://facebook.com/djlorenc Stogiebear

    Just wait ’til they find out “ketchup” is Chinese.

  • [email protected]

    Never seen so many (ha) boobs one place.

    • TimO22

      there are soooo many joke possibilities here about haboobs in Texas, my mind is on overload!

  • http://aattp.org/author/john-prager/ John Prager

    What in the hell does that even mean?

    • Amoradocat

      Looks like you got a fan. A crazed one nonetheless.

    • J. Fischer

      Someone’s mad that you aren’t upset over the use of a ‘foreign’ word.

  • PaulOnBooks

    Someone’s going to get a nasty surprise if they look up the derivation of adobe.

  • Jana Lauren-Ashley Bish

    These are right-wingers? Maybe some, but not all. I hate being lumped in with an entire group of which I may not wholeheartedly agree with on certain things. I’m pretty much getting tired of the finger-pointing between parties because it doesn’t solve anything, it just creates more fighting. If that’s what politics is about, then I don’t really think we’re going to fix anything, ever. While I see your point about the word ‘haboob’, I can’t agree with this website’s message that all tea party republicans are evil, bigoted, fear mongering liars. Though I also think it’s pretty safe to say that generalizing in any way, shape, or form can be dangerous. I’m just coming into adulthood in this crazy world and have a lot to learn about politics and about life in general and I’m not looking forward to it because of things like this. People are just relentless. It makes me really sad that there are websites like this out there on the internet that target tea-party members, my parents are great people and identify more with the republican party, but I’ve met a lot of good people who aren’t republican, too. I was raised to be a good person and to treat others the way I’d like to be treated. I was taught to respect my elders, be polite, use please and thank you. If we can’t find any common ground, what is the point in being the United States at all??? I won’t allow myself to believe that every republican or tea party member is a bigoted, fear mongering liar, and I also won’t allow myself to believe that all liberals are as narrow-minded, self-righteous and judgmental as you are. Hopefully we can all get along someday, ’till’ then I won’t waste my energy fighting a losing battle with citizens of my own Country while we becoming the laughing stock of the world.

    • yerpaherpaderp

      Thank you for your post! You will probably come to understand why the discussion has devolved into this as you continue to educate yourself, interact with people, and learn through experience. Don’t be discouraged. Both sides of our national debate are desperate for voices of reason, and you appear to possess one. Please take into consideration just why many “liberals” like myself have become so repulsed by the messages and actions of the Tea Party as to find solace in a highly-antagonistic website like this one … For our ideas and values, we are frequently disparaged as narrow-minded, self-righteous, and judgmental. Our attempts at debate are often met with utter scorn, assumptions, generalizations, accusations of elitism, and sometimes even threats (popular in the gun debate). John Prager’s constant, unproductive trolling is a symptom of abuse. But, even if this site’s brand of vitriol is mild by comparison–and I believe it demonstrably is–I’ve never believed in an-eye-for-an-eye. Some would call me naive; I’d just call them damaged goods. Please help us refine the national debate into one that is akin to what you’re hoping for: well-informed, respectful, and motivated by the urge to repair a civil society that is being ripped apart by well-funded narratives built by very powerful people.

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  • Lisa

    People are ignorant! Half of them forget what this nation is made of… We sit there and call out the “Muslims” on their racism towards us and most of the ignorant Americans are no different. I love learning new words and their meanings.

  • https://www.facebook.com/candace.marley68 Candace Marley

    Please do point out to me somewhere…anywhere…on this site that leads to you believe that I may be racist.

  • https://www.facebook.com/candace.marley68 Candace Marley

    Aw come on…why does it have to be such a huge issue? Are people that deadset against learning a new word to or phrase to add to their vocabulary? Personally I welcome it. I get an email every morning from dictionarey.com with a “word of the day” so I can learn from them. It benefits our brain to continue learning throughout our lifetime. This year was the first time I’d ever heard the phrase “polar vortex” used in the weather forecasts. Instead of raising a stink about this “new phrase” I took the time to go LEARN what it is. Well heck…it’s nothing more than a huge sprawling area of circulating cold air originating from the North Pole…is even considered to be a type of cyclone (which by the way ALWAYS exists). I even heard people getting upset over this new term (which actually isn’t new…just wasn’t used). Why? Why does everything have to be dumbed down? I remember being told that when you create a speech or write a paper to write it for the lowest common denominator to understand it. I disagree…make them THINK. Inspire to learn new words and subjects. Improve intelligence. Unfortunately when you do so we end up with situations like this where people want to get upset because you didn’t dumb it down enough for them….you made them have to actually seek out information to understand what you said…and people like those posters hate that.

    • Hooper

      If you want to know why it has to be a big deal, ask AATTP.

      Just because these folks aren’t really interested in learning a new word during a newsreport doesn’t make them racist.

      And your comparison doesn’t fly. You CHOOSE to have dictionary.com send you a word every day. Good for you. That doesn’t make you less racist than those who choose not to.

      • http://gravatar.com/econniff zbeeblebrox

        I *know* right?! How DARE someone shove new information at you without asking!! We should be allowed to remain stupid and ignorant if we want, this is MURCA damn it!

  • https://www.facebook.com/kieth.brackett Kieth Brackett

    A Haboob is the most dangerous type of “dust storm”, you tell me there’s a dust storm on the way I’m not worried a bit, you tell there’s a sand storm coming I’ll make sure to wear eye protection, but if you tell me there’s a Haboob on the way I’m staying the hell indoors for a few hours. “If this is suddenly the guiding principle on acceptable vocabulary, [a small minority group of Texans] should eye words like algebra, pajamas, khaki, coffee, giraffe, lemon, orange, mattress, zero, and alcohol with suspicion.”

    • jomike

      Well said. Meteorologists use the word “haboob” to refer to a specific type of dust storm with specific meteorological attributes. All haboobs are dust or sand storms, but not all dust or sand storms are haboobs.

      It’s analogous to the terminology used to describe the large rotating tropical storms that form over warm ocean areas. The catchall term for such storms is “tropical cyclone.” Those that form over the Atlantic and northeast Pacific are called “hurricanes.” In the northwest Pacific they’re called “typhoons,” and in the southwest Pacific and Indian Ocean they’re simply “cyclones.” Less-powerful tropical cyclones are called “tropical storms” or “tropical depressions” depending on their strength.

      All of these different kinds of storms are tropical cyclones, but the various names convey specific additional information regarding their characteristics. It’s easier and more convenient to say “hurricane” than “Atlantic tropical cyclone that formed off the Cape Verde islands.” As with the haboob & dust storm comparison, all hurricanes are tropical cyclones, but not all tropical cyclones are hurricanes; all tropical storms are tropical cyclones, but not all tropical cyclones are tropical storms; etc.

      The word “hurricane” is from the Spanish “huracán,” which in turn is thought to be a loan word from the Mayan “Huracan,” a creator god in Mayan mythology. I take it from the current uproar that NBC should expect howls of outrage the next time Al Roker honors a pagan creator god by using the word “hurricane” to describe an Atlantic, Caribbean, or Gulf tropical cyclone.

    • Hooper

      A quick google search of the worst dust storms in Texas history were called…. hmmm…. what was it again? Oh, there it is… dust storm. The alternative being sand storm.

      So it would appear that your bigotry has led you down the wrong path again. But you feeeeeeeel superior don’t you? And that’s all that matters.

      • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager
        • Hooper

          You should know by now that most of the people here won’t bother to actually check your citations because they just want to be fed liberal pablum. As evidence, I refer you to how many times I’ve been told “if you don’t like it here why don’t you just leave.” However, I do, most often, check.

          The first one has “dust storm” in the headline, which indicates that that term is the one most readily understood. A reasonable conclusion one might think.

          The second doesn’t mention haboobs, dust storms, or sand storms at all. It is about drought.

          #3 Climate Progress has dust storm in the headline – why? Because it is the most readily understood term. Later in the article, they use the terms interchangeably. Thus, asking why one would choose one term over another is a legitimate question, which seems to be the general thrust of the FB comments you used.

          #4 equates “giant dust storm” as a haboob in the first sentence. Now one wonders why they would offer such a clarification? How about because the first term is the one that is readily understood by the largest number of people – something a news outlet might consider unless it had another agenda – while the second term is meteorological jargon? And, yet, in the second paragraph it is called a “dust storm” exclusively. And in the third, they cite a meteorologist who calls it a “dust storm.”

          So, once again, you’ve proved yourself to be nothing but a bigot against Texas and a propagandist.

          • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

            I know you’re not capable of reading beyond headlines…but then again you’re an idiot.

          • Hooper

            but then again you’re an idiot.

            AATTP has a no tolerance policy for comments containing racism, personal attacks, vulgarity, profanity or threats

            I read each article and commented on the text of each article. I am accurate. You are not.

          • http://gravatar.com/econniff zbeeblebrox

            LOL Hooper – four articles that mention Haboob and you still can’t admit you’re wrong. Very amusing :)

  • Haboob

    Who gives a rat’s ass what you call it? These pathetic people need to get a life. Many of our words have Greek or Latin origins. Why are they not making a stink about that? A shame to West Texas culture, you say? Give me a break, oh, Islamophobes. You people are an embarrassment and shame to this diverse country. STFU.

    • Hooper

      you wrote: Who gives a rat’s ass what you call it?

      Apparently, AATTP does.

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  • Rick Tucker

    Well, this has nothing to do with being a Texan. We all know there are angry idiots across the width and breadth of our nation. They’re just more vocal in some parts of the nation because they’re routinely encouraged to be that way. Worse, their derogatory comments belie the fact that if they wanted less involvement with the Middle East they should have protested our going to war there so often.

    • Peggy Brown

      I live in this HELL HOLE with these idiots!! The newspaper comments have people stating it was never called that until Obama came around! They blame him for everything! I feel like I am the only person here who is not a bigot racist idiot. The reason they started calling them haboobs was from the soldiers who were in Afghanistan, when they came back. Wasn’t the Afghanistan war started by GW Bush? Before that his Daddy over their oil money?

      • https://plus.google.com/105351796738644316863 Jarrod Loonie

        Peggy, you are so far lost. I am not a right winger and I have lived on the South Plains for close to 30 years. If you don’t like it GTF out. I don’t go to church, I have premarital sex, and I drink. I am very happy here. The people are great, the life is great, the climate is great minus a couple of Haboob’s a year and the drought that we are in. There is a large diverse culture in Lubbock. Maybe you are looking in the wrong areas. Lubbock’s art district is mainly made up of Liberals, and a lot of them are great people. Again if you are still here and you hate it, than you aren’t living right, if you don’t like it leave. The people who commented make up a small percentage of the population. Gauging what anyone said via Facebook to dictate what type of people that live in the area is ignorant. Ignorance reporting on ignorance.

        • Anthony

          Sounds like someone has a haboob in their vagina.

          • https://plus.google.com/105351796738644316863 Jarrod Loonie

            Classic response from the feeble minds on the left.

      • Thornmarch

        You’re not alone Peggy.

      • Hooper

        I’m sure, Peggy, if you did not.

  • Acitta
  • Don

    Don’t worry Raymond, ,,,,,, No one thinks you are a racist, but everyone thinks you’re moron.

  • http://Hoover Samantha

    Just like you don’t want us to stereotype people from the Middle East, whom I no problem with by the way, don’t stereotype Texans because it just so happens that a few ignorant people from Texas made some stupid comments. Unfortunately you could make a story from the posts above, which are just as ignorant as the thread about the stupid haboob. I live in Texas and know for a fact that there any many intelligent, kind, strong and non-racist people who live here with me. So everyone, please – just drop it.

    • https://plus.google.com/105351796738644316863 Jarrod Loonie

      Thank you Samantha. It seems that bigots are commenting about bigots. Texas is filled with some of the nicest people in the country. Not only that, but the large metroplex’s were a majority Democrat during the last election. The state was barely conservative by majority vote.

  • http://Facebook Bonnie Schwertner

    I was born there in 1957, and moved away at 30. My family still lives there. When I saw this “new term,” I loved it! It’s much more specific than “really, really bad sand storm that causes the street lights to come on during the day.” These ridiculous comments are everywhere in their belief system, and the reason I could NEVER move back there.

  • https://www.facebook.com/nick.devenney.9 Nick Devenney

    Wow lol Texas is bound and determined to take back the dumbest state in the union award back from Arizona aren’t they lol

  • Philip Brooks

    Texans shouldn’t use numbers because they’re “Arabic “…They should just use Roman numerals…

    • Malarkey

      I thought they got all bent out of shape because it has the word, “boob,” in it. Holy sheesh!

    • http://depravda.wordpress.com zinkwriter

      Doesn’t matter if they use Arabic or Roman numerals: I suspect most of the patriotic Texan commenters shown can’t count anyway.

  • Emmy

    Okay, who cares where it comes from? Are we children? If ya don’t like it, don’t use it. Personally, I’ve never heard of this word until now, and I’m just used to dust storm, so I’ll stick with that. It’s as pointless as arguing whether we should call soft drinks soda or pop.

  • Kasey

    AATTP has a no tolerance policy for comments containing racism, personal attacks, vulgarity, profanity or threats…
    Hmm, really? Looks like some comments should be removed.

  • Bret

    “Why is it that right-wingers feel the need to melt down over every little thing?” It isn’t just right-wingers. It’s also left wingers. And almost every other ‘winger’ in America. American culture now focuses on drama, not fact, and political spectrum has nothing to do with whether someone does it or not, only which team they happen to be playing for.

    • https://www.facebook.com/paddyjm James Martin

      Wingers are self righteous. Once you stay too far from your internal moral compass, and start to spew the dogma of the far left or far right, you’re doomed to a miserable exisitence of having to have something to hate. Sad, really.

    • http://Facebook Bonnie Schwetner

      Part of their reasons for wanting simplified and known terms is in their lack of scientific and intellectual capacities. Check out those making the comments. They’re not the sharpest tools in the shed (which is, sadly, why I have to “dumb-down” my conversational topics when visiting there). It’s also difficult to converse with an ostrich having a Tea Party, with its head in the ground.

      • Hooper

        No it isn’t you moron Bonnie, one should always use the right word for the right context. The people complaining saw right through this. Haboob, according to the definitions I can find was not the right word. So either the news station is ignorant, in which case they should be condemned, or it has another agenda, in which case they should be condemned.

        It equally difficult to have a conversation with a braying donkey whose self righteous smuggery has so inflated its ego that it floats above the fray.

        • https://plus.google.com/113087545519717615670 Liz Canfield

          What part of this definition is incorrect? “A haboob (Arabic: هَبوب‎ habūb “blasting/drafting”) is a type of intense dust storm carried on an atmospheric gravity current. Haboobs occur regularly in arid regions throughout the world.”

          • Hooper

            What citation are you using?

            Dictionary.com and Webstersdictionary.com both indicate that a haboob only occurs in a specific geographic region – Sudan, North Africa, and one other but you get the idea.

          • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

            That’s Hooper for you. His knowledge extends only as far as a dictionary’s definition of a word. Now…let’s see him open a science book! Go ahead, Hooper!

          • Hooper

            Well, I’ve given two sources, one of which I cited. What have you offered?


        • https://www.facebook.com/jack.sweeney.3720 Jack Sweeney

          How about we just condemn you instead for being an unhinged moron?

        • okto

          …said the person who sounds like a thesaurus?

          What part of “self righteous smuggery has so inflated its ego that it floats above the fray” is not itself self-righteous smuggery? You sound like a cartoon villain.

          You’re upset about someone using a word that sounds too foreign because you’re xenophobic. Just admit that and drop this ridiculous ‘I get deeply offended on principle whenever anyone uses the wrong word’ act.

          • Hooper

            So did get the irony. Congrats. Now let’s see if you get the point. I’m betting not.

            Isn’t it interesting that when liberals are backed into a corner they have same old response: “Well, you’re just a racist/bigot/xenophobe/misogynist/etc… anyway”

          • TGIFriday

            Fine here’s a longer description of what an haboob is:

            “A haboob (Arabic: هَبوب‎ habūb “blasting/drafting”) is a type of intense dust storm carried on an atmospheric gravity current. Haboobs occur regularly in arid regions throughout the world.”

            Based on the news report this is the correct term for the type of dust storm that was affecting their area.

        • http://depravda.wordpress.com zinkwriter
          • Hooper

            What in the world does Wikipedia have to do with anything?

          • http://depravda.wordpress.com zinkwriter

            The Wikipedia entry shows that the correct meteorological term is “haboob”, although also colloquially called a dust storm or sand storm. And yes, it’s a non-English word like “Typhoon” or “Hurricane” or “Glacier” (which in West Texas I imagine they call “really thick ice”).

  • Tory Duda

    Really don’t appreciate the mention of right wingers, when left wingers are just as ignorant. I.e. Can’t mention god in graduation speeches, wanting to change the pledge of allegiance, and just any mention of Christianity. Like boycotting Chik fil a. Come on don’t be stupid.

    • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

      You mean wanting to separate religion from school, wanting to change the pledge of allegiance BACK, and wanting religion to stay a religion rather attempt to expand into other areas of society?

      • Thornmarch

        I was going to mention all these things but John beat me to it. The pledge didn’t have “God” in it until 1954, because a recently baptized Eisenhower decided to put it in to prove his faith.
        60 years is relatively recent history and if we changed it once we can change it back.
        If you want to teach your child about a god, fine, I have no problem with that. But you’re not going to teach mine at a public school on taxpayer money.
        Also, I won’t support any business that spends millions every year trying to do everything they can to ensure some people don’t have the same rights as others. It’s not even about gay marriage, the Cathys can find nothing better to spend their billions on than supporting known hate groups. By supporting their business you also support that behavior, intolerance and hatred. LGBTQ community aside, they also repeatedly violate the law by kicking breastfeeding women out of their restaurants or telling them to feed their babies elsewhere, like bathrooms. Sorry, my children don’t eat in bathrooms, they eat in the same room as everyone else.
        If that’s fine with you then keep eating there, but I’m not supporting any of it.

    • http://depravda.wordpress.com zinkwriter

      What’s so “ignorant” about wanting to revert to the original —secular — wording of the Pledge of Allegiance (pre-McCarthy red scare), or uphold the separation clause of the Constitution? This isn’t a theocracy yet.

    • Nicole Williams

      Mention of any religion should be prohibited outside religious building and circles. It should not be interfering with State affairs at all. Seperation of church and state. If churches want a day in things, then maybe they should start paying taxes. Since they are really just businesses anyway. Businesses that swindle people out of money. Chick Fil A makes damn good sandwiches, but they need to keep their noses out of politics and stop being so bigoted. It’s the 21st century and everyone just needs to accept that there are others different from them. If a news station wants to call a sandstorm a Haboob, which is the correct term for it, then let them. What harm is being done to you? Get cultured. That’s what this country needs. A little culture.

      • Hooper

        Yes, that’s a great idea. In fact, I think we should deputize all the atheists so that they can skulk around listening in on conversations, taking studious notes on who mentions or who might be thinking of mentioning God and maybe set up cameras on street corners to spy on people.

        My gosh, your world is frightening.

        • okto

          How is that different from conservatives skulking around making sure no one uses words that aren’t Englishy enough?

          All attempts to maintain orthodoxy are wrong, regardless of the specific beliefs. People should be allowed (and encouraged) to think different things.

          • Hooper

            What a joke. There was no skulking, like speech police on the left are want to do. These people were innocently watching a news report when the broadcast used an incorrect word. The listeners found it odd and are suspicious. I would be to, since there is no good reason to use “haboob” and there’s plenty of good reasons to use “dust storm.” Not the least of which is that it is accurate and understood by a wide variety of the audience.

  • https://www.facebook.com/dennis.menke.12 Dennis Menke

    With all the serious problems going on in this world of our, nitpicking over a word, seriously people. Have we all become so self-absorbef with political or nationality correctness, that we constantly making a big issue out if a non-issue. All you babbling buffoons need to get a grip on reality and get a real life. POTHETIC!!!

    • http://depravda.wordpress.com zinkwriter

      I assume you’re addressing the Texans who “took issue” with the use of the correct meteorological term?

  • Hypocrisy Much?

    A few people prove how foolish they are, and an admittedly biased guy turns it into a thing and trashes entire state. Lame.
    Good thing loud, ignorant people are confined to one area. Oh, wait…

  • Kaci

    The ignorant idiots that posted about the haboob being a Muslim word are just that, idiots. They make other texans look bad in saying that Texas calls it a sandstorm, etc. Now, those posting comments about Texas and right wingers complaining about every little thing have joined the same stupidity pool. Lets stop generalizing and address each comment and person for what/who they are rather than declaring everyone in their own opinions and comments.

    • https://www.facebook.com/paddyjm James Martin


  • kitcumbie

    I wonder what word these ignorant hicks use for “algebra”?

    • Vinaigrettegirl

      They don’t need no al-gebra. Readin’, ritin’, and ‘rithmuhtick will do fine. The fact that their computer and Cool Stuff runs because elites know physics and calculus and their diseases are cured by antibiotics using applied eeee-vilootionary science is a bit beyond their horizons… Bless their hearts.

  • http://gravatar.com/Kansas55 Kansas55

    Change can be frightening. Learning new things shouldn’t be.

  • https://www.facebook.com/paddyjm James Martin

    I think using facebook comments as a barometer for anything regarding any resemblance of intelligence is probably wrong. Sometimes I wish I had the guts to delete my account. On another tack though, seems silly to take offense to the fact that others take offense to a word used to descibe a dust storm, unless Muslim has suddenly become a race and not a religion, I don’t see the racist angle that clearly, but I do get the divisive point that you’re trying to make. It generates readers and comments, right? Mission accomplished.

    • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

      Middle eastern…Arab. Or do you think they both mean Muslim?

      • https://www.facebook.com/paddyjm James Martin

        That’s about the response I expected from a “winger”. Left wing, right wing, everything must be black and white for you wingers. No shades of gray exists in your world.

        • Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey

          Ummm, no he was pointing out that you acctually think Muslims have their own Vocabulary. Its Arabic for sandstorm and you prove that your are ignorant and a fraud all in one statment.

          Go back to the Blaze.

        • electrakitty

          Yeah, with this comment you’ve actually gone into the realm of black and white thinking that you’re condemning. Not a very smart move on your part. Though it is kinda funny.

  • Jonathon Haboob

    Even people posting on facebook know how to blur people’s names and faces, you should do the same.

    • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager


      • Jen

        They don’t deserve to have their names/faces blurred. Let everyone know racists are racists. They absolutely should be shamed for these views.

    • Jeremy

      Any half way intelligent person knows that a Facebook comment is not some how protected from public reaction. If you post racist and dumb shit, at least stand by your racist and dumb shit.

      • Thornmarch

        Where’s the “like” button for this, lmao.
        Also, I read the entire thread, that Judy “woman” posted repeatedly and managed to make a total ass out of herself (not just the 2 comments shown here). Maybe a bit of public shaming will show these people how inappropriate they are.

        • Hooper

          Yes, leftist public shaming. Let’s shut down all-debate about anything the left disagrees with.

          • Thornmarch

            I always encourage debate, I don’t encourage racism, hatred and bigotry.

          • Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey

            Umm, so pro-rascism is a debatable position for the right let alone public discourse. How about HELL NO and meet those intolerant peices of detritus with all the fury of the public let alone shaming. Make them flee to their clan meetings and hide in secret their rat bastard ways.

          • Hooper

            And when lefties are the sole judge of what is racism, hatred, and bigotry it becomes anything they disagree with. So, no, you don’t encourage debate or discussion. If you did, you would be willing for everyone to speak, regardless of how offensive you might find it.

  • Rick

    its pretty pathetic to think people would say “haboob” is a “middle eastern muslim” word. this country is diverse and unique in its own way. this is a country where immigrants were most of the population. this isnt a christian country, or a muslim country, its a country in which people have the freedom to practice the religion as they wish. how many times must i remind the ignorant? Its foolish to say “this isnt the middle east” over a damn word thats used. you want a christian country where religion is with government? move to the vatican city where theocracy reigns over that soverienghty. live there if you want religoun and government together.

    • http://gravatar.com/wheresmykoppy wheresmykoppy

      A couple of years ago they referred to an especially bad dust storm here in Arizona as a ‘haboob’. We’re talking a towering, wide wall of dust. Many of us had never heard the term, and I’m sure there was some stupidity as illustrated in this article. However, in this case, Texas takes the prize over Arizona. We’ve had a couple of ‘Haboobs’ since, and most people around here don’t seem to mind them being called that. What a silly thing to worry about.

  • https://www.facebook.com/lori.peters.376 Lori N Fabian

    This is crazy… I swear the ignorance in this world is so ridiculous… It’s a correct term… And why does it matter what anyone calls it… I think some people take things way to overboard…

  • Chris

    “See, Texas? This is why we can’t have nice things.”

    Yeah man…why can’t Texas have nice things…like high taxes…and high unemployment rates…and high costs of living? I’m sick of this crap! I wish we were a blue state!

    • Tim

      Well being a student at Texas Tech(and living in Lubbock currently) we get “dust storms” or “sand storms” all the time its only really called a Haboob for a really bad storm and we know when it is coming
      A. Its only a select few people who are ignorant and that is ANY where in the world.
      B. I do not believe this is even news worthy or should be a topic there will always be some person who will have some comment or some rude thing to say. We have a lot more going on in this country and world to discuss than what is a wind storm is called.

    • Madbunny

      Don’t feel bad Chris, you have high poverty rates, high teen birth rates, tons of illegals and lots of pollution.
      Plus you don’t have to put up with news stations using words like haboob.

      Hey, sign me up!

      • jomike

        Plus, our taxes aren’t really all that low anyway. Business taxes here are middle of the pack, nothing to write home about. There’s no personal income tax, but that’s offset by high sales & property taxes:

        “Texas has sales and property taxes that make its overall burden of taxation on low-wage families much heavier than the national average, while the state also taxes the middle class at rates as high or higher than in California. For instance, non-elderly Californians with family income in the middle 20 percent of the income distribution pay combined state and local taxes amounting to 8.2 percent of their income, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy; by contrast, their counterparts in Texas pay 8.6 percent.”

        Big business often gets a sweet deal, esp. multinationals that we more-or-less bribe to relocate or set up new operations here. But small & medium-size companies actually pay more than the US average:

        ” As part of an industrial policy that dares not speak its name, the state government, for example, maintains the Texas Enterprise Fund (known to some as a slush fund and to others as a “deal-closing” fund), which the governor uses to lure favored businesses with special subsidies and incentives.

        But most Texas businesses, especially small ones, don’t get such treatment. Instead, they face total effective tax rates that are, by bottom-line measures, greater than those in even the People’s Republic of California. For example, according to a joint study by the accounting firm Ernst & Young and the Council on State Taxation, in fiscal year 2012 state and local business taxes in California came to 4.5 percent of private-sector gross state product. This compares with a 4.8 percent average for all fifty states—and a rate of 5.2 percent in Texas. With the exception of New York, every major state in the country, including New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, has a lower total effective business tax rate than Texas. If you think that means Texas might not offer as much “liberty” as advertised, well, you’re right.”

        Shocking, I know. Bottom line, unemployment here is fairly low and the overall economic picture is good, but that’s mostly due to the oil & gas boom and the economic ripple effects deriving therefrom. Life is sweet when you can drill holes in the ground and pump money out. Because then, if you’re the gov, what you do is you strut about the country and brag about how your policies created a “Texas Miracle,” and badmouth other states for not being miraculous and awesome like Texas.


  • Inevitable Sage

    The stupid shit people make a big deal about …no wonder America’s youth is fucked up

  • Seth

    I love haboobs! In my face, mouth and face. All English words are derived from Latin. Bitch about something important. An Islamic word describing an atmospherical event is a meager ground for discussion. Noobs.

    • http://gravatar.com/box1813 MetalLucha

      “All English words are derived from Latin”

      You’re an idiot if you think this is a fact.

  • Steve

    Must have been a really slow news day for the libtards if they went to the far reaches of West Texas for something as non newsworthy as this. Morons.

    • http://gravatar.com/drpryr drpryr

      People who live in glass houses, idiot…

  • Haboobaboobaboo

    Lubbock is my home town and I am still here. I will call it a damn haboob as long as I know it will offend any west Texas, close minded, uneducated idiot. Go worry about something that matters if you are a sad and Godless enough person to carry worry.

  • http://nowbodhis-blissness.blogspot.com nowbodhi

    I guess they’ll have to stop counting too… can’t have those Arabic numerals polluting their God-fearing Caucasian culture. Much too sacred for counting, I’d say. And no hummus or olives for them either.

  • https://www.facebook.com/john.holroyd.585 John Holroyd

    On this basis do we have to stop using numbers? They are Arabic. Can’t call them Muslims any more because that’s an Arabic word. Can I call the people who come with this poo poo heads? I’d be more explicit but my comment would disappear if I did.

  • Kodi

    I would just like to apologize for the ridiculous complaints, I swear most Lubbockites are not like that!

    • Amanda

      This is true. In fact, this article sort of makes it seem like those comments were all in a row, and made up the entirety of the discussion. In actuality, they were interspersed with many more comments by people calling these racists out on their ignorance. I wish that was more apparent in this article.

      • Hooper

        Why would AATTP do that? Why would AATTP give an accurate representation of what happened? Come on, Amanda, being honest would hardly serve the agenda.

  • https://www.facebook.com/xn.tyler.3 Xn Tyler

    people are dumb

  • Bryan

    I’ve lived in Lubbock my whole life I’m 26 and I don’t give to flying fucks what we call it. I grew up out by a cotton farm before the city started to build up around us and we got that almost every day during the spring and summer months. In the end it’s nasty ass weather who cares what it’s called and I’m embarrassed to be a part of a town where people will flip their shit over the most frivolous crap. That’s my rant….have a great day!

    • David Dacus

      People can’t even agree on what TO call it! Is it a dust storm, a dirt storm, a sand storm, or a dirt and wind storm…much Haboob about nothing!

  • Andrew Silva

    I wonder whether hitler was a texan or a jew

    • Hooper

      He was an artist. You tell me where they are politically.

  • Andrew Silva

    Donkey Sauce

  • https://www.facebook.com/lilphil1020 Phillip Houchin

    This article is ridiculous! 1st of all, less than half of these supposed racist comments contain racist language. I do not support the ones that do contain racist remarks. 2nd, the author is guilty of the same act he is complaining about: falsely grouping a large number of people based on the actions of a few. Personally, I prefer sandstorm over haboob, mainly because sandstorm doesn’t need an explanation. And most importantly, articles like this only fuel racism and other prejudices by creating an over abundance of hate and anger with poorly executed journalism. I hope you actually read these comments and notice that the hatred in your comment section is just a mirror image of the what you so poorly portrayed in your “article.”

    • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

      “Residents, of course became concerned with this news: the station used one of them Muslim words! Apparently, the station’s use of the correct term to describe what was happening was too much for some area residents, who preferred more scientific terms like “wall of dust,” or “dirt storm,” or “dust storm” because “this is not the Middle East” Goddamnit!”

      I didn’t say they were all racist. A great deal of them were, though.

      • Rob

        Muslim isn’t a race. Being anti-Muslim is no different from atheists being anti-Christian, yet nobody seems to give a crap when someone bashes Christians. Left wingers love throwing the term “racist” around for everything they don’t like though, especially when it comes to the right.

        • https://www.facebook.com/candace.marley68 Candace Marley

          Well most atheists I’ve ever met weren’t anti-Christian…they pretty much go with believe what you believe. They won’t even try to convert you! There’s a small group out there who are being pretty vocal (like about the 9/11 cross) but that’s not most of them.

        • Jen

          When American Christians too get besten for their percieved Christianness then we’ll care. For now as the most powerful/”mainstream” religion in the country, we don’t.

        • https://www.facebook.com/paddyjm James Martin

          Today’s world pretty much this: If you don’t agree with me, not only are you wrong, you must be publicly ostracized, embarrassed, and ridiculed. Everyone must be sorted and pigeonholed into their little box. No shades of gray are allowed. If you aren’t X, then you must be Y.

    • Lucian Clemmer II

      haboob is simply a quicker, more efficient term. it’s not confusing, and it’s not a sandstorm. those are larger, deadlier, in the middle east as well as africa, and as the name implies; contains SAND not DUST (or black dirt). sometimes its embarassing to say im from Texas; such as these instances. (but hey it’s still not arkansas or alabama.) half the people say to speak ENGLISH in AMERICA . to them i must say I think you’re lazy and to be honest we all know you don’t speak Cherokee; one of a plethora of REAL native tongues to speak with. feel free to sit high on your horse with ignorance. It’ll make that look on your face, transitioning from smiles, to confusion, to pure agony all the more worthwhile to see when you find your prejudice way of life has drug you down to Hell.

      • David Dacus

        It is pretty sad when you must point with pride that you are not from Arkansas or Alabama! ;)

      • David Dacus

        And…I agree with everything you said btw!

  • Shawna

    ppl are really freaking stupid its just a word get over it if you are mad its probably just because your too stupid to even know what a haboob is!!!!!!! this is ignorrant people!!!!!

    • Hooper

      Did you have the same rather poignant advice for the news station that decided that a perfectly capable and easily understood word was discarded for a word that really has little cultural significance to this demographic?

      I thought not.

      • Juanjo

        Haboob is an accepted term for a specific type of storm and it has been around for a while. The fact that a few people who apparently have issues with any word of more than one syllable are confused by this term is unfortunate. Of course if we stripped all the words of Arabic out of the English language you would be calling oranges – “those not really yellow thingies we make juice out of in the morning. Of course we would have to eliminate our numerical system which is composed of Arabic numerals. Think you can multiplication and division in Roman numerals – without a zero?

        • Hooper

          To what reference are you appealing?

          Here’s Dictionary.com’s entry.

          ha·boob [huh-boob] Show IPA

          a thick dust storm or sandstorm that blows in the deserts of North Africa and Arabia or on the plains of India.

          • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

            Yuo didn’t get to the “North america” part, did you? (or did dictionary.com not mention it?)

          • Hooper

            Sorry, John, Dictionary.com does not mention North America. It specifically designates those areas above. That’s why I asked what source you are using as a reference.

            As it is now, it would appear that the news station used the wrong word. And the citizens have a legitimate gripe about the accuracy of the reporting.

          • https://www.facebook.com/ira.getraer Ira Getraer

            Here you go Hooper, with a citation to a real published document no less:

            The arid and semiarid regions of North America—in fact, any dry region—may experience haboobs. In North America the most common terms for these events is either dust storm or sandstorm. In the U.S., they frequently occur in the deserts of Arizona, including around the cities of Yuma and Phoenix[2][3]—and in New Mexico and Texas.

            Chen, W.; Fryrear, D. W. (2002). “Sedimentary characteristics of a haboob dust storm”. Atmospheric Research 61 (1): 75–85

      • anthony002

        Heaven forbid anyone in this “demographic” should actually have to use their brain, think and learn a big new word.

        • Hooper

          That’s what I wanted Ira, thank you. Is this source online?

          • Hooper

            So… moving along now, it would seem that Ira’s source agrees with me that the most common term for these events is Dust Storm or Sandstorm. At that stipulation seems to be agreeable to the dictionary.com definition of haboob.

            So, I’m guessing all the liberals here who were so quick to judge the good folks of Lubbock are now setting up arrangements to apologize for your bigotry. I look forward to it.

  • Chris

    I live there and got to watch it unfold.

  • https://www.facebook.com/joe.stutler Joe Stutler

    What a lovely combination of bigotry, hatred, ignorance, and stupidity. I can’t really fault Texas, as that combination is found all over our nation (see Western Iowa’s Steve King for the poster boy in my neck of the woods). Instead, I just put it down to an epidemic of coproencephaly….likely induced by over-exposure (>30 minutes/week) of Fox News, The Blaze, and the like.

    • kernel85

      Haboobs, dirt storms, dirt bags …

  • Thornmarch

    As someone who lives there I am deeply ashamed of my fellow citizens, yet not surprised in the slightest.
    The level of hatred, racism and bigotry (mostly in the name of the God) is astounding and sickening.
    There are some very, very cool, great people here, but way too many people with this kind of attitude. Doesn’t the Bible say to “love thy neighbor”?

  • https://plus.google.com/105351796738644316863 Jarrod Loonie

    Another liberal rag that takes the chance at trashing a Texas town at only a few remarks from individuals about the weather. Apparently according to this site or dimwitted members this is how everyone in Texas or Lubbock thinks… Commenting on a mass scale of residents intelligence (by way of theory or rumors), is also being racist. You gotta love the the hypocrites.

    • http://gravatar.com/czmdm cczmdm

      If nothing else, you fkstks have proven to be the biggest drama queens to ever enter the political arena.

      • https://plus.google.com/105351796738644316863 Jarrod Loonie

        Wtf are you talking about. If you are so certain what I am. What political party do I support?

    • jaca

      The author was obviously pointing out the few racist comments, in no way did the author said that every citizen in Lubbock was just as racist, close minded, bigot. His targeted audience clearly understands that, even if the number of racist people is very high in those areas, it does not make up the whole population.

      • https://plus.google.com/105351796738644316863 Jarrod Loonie

        His targeted audience is filled with the same hate that he is. Labeling the story “Haboob hating Texans,” or “see Texas this is why we can’t have nice things.” This is indicative of labeling an area, its not reporting an accurate story. If this was in a predominately liberal area he would have never reported on it. You may be the only intelligent mind that understands that not everyone is the same in one area. I was born and raised on the South Plains. In no way is a Haboob a bad word, only to a select few who don’t like it, btw I have never heard anyone get pissed at the term, until now. By not liking it doesn’t make them racist. Some of the comments aren’t even racist. Some were saying that its called a dirt storm. Therefore they are racist along with the rest of the group who don’t like the term Haboob? Both sides need to chill out. Oh my god someone hates something or someone so I am going to report on a worthless story to incite the great thinkers of the internet. If you are old enough to know and understand, you should know that brainless bigots don’t accomplish anything their life. This shouldn’t even be news.

        • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

          Nowhere did I say they were all racist.

          • https://plus.google.com/105351796738644316863 Jarrod Loonie

            Then why didn’t you say that with some of the comments?

          • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

            You want me to hold your hand and tell you which ones are examples of racism, and which ones are examples of extreme stupidity? I assume you are the latter.

          • https://plus.google.com/105351796738644316863 Jarrod Loonie

            I guess you could claim it for what it is worth. Its not hate, or racist. Bunching it with both is not correct. I guess I should have classified this as a rant not a news story, I should have known better to question any journalism. You are slowly working your way to Piers Morgan status.

          • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

            Thank you for the compliment! I aspire to one day be as great as Piers Morgan. :)

          • https://plus.google.com/105351796738644316863 Jarrod Loonie

            Then we will all be waiting for you to crash and burn during your career… I mean hobby.

  • Stephen

    Wow. A little bit of over reaction here. Such a non story.

    • Rick Kitchen

      The outrage builds up adrenalin, which is addictive.

  • Forsetti

    Guess they don’t like the terms-alcohol, coffee, cotton, candy, lime, lemon, orange, jar, admiral, tuna, zero, sofa, julep, check, alfalfa…either because they are of Arabic origin.

  • Allison waddington

    Ugh this is kinda embarrassing. The term haboob had been used for a long time around here. People get bent out of shape for the dumbest reasons. Try using that energy for something productive Lubbock.

    • https://www.facebook.com/robert.nordgren.5 Robert Nordgren

      It is Texas what do you expect. stupid is par for the course when shit comes out of the state of stupid

      • http://facebook william eastep

        Hmmmmm well Robert what state do you call home?? You speak as if you know what every TEXAN here thinks! This whole damn story is just ignorant but I think your statement is even more so.

        • http://farthingjim.wordpress.com jimtestbed

          Well, Texass did elect a dumba$$ like Perry governor…..

      • Amanda

        Well Robert Nordgren, you sound like you are from Texas. Do not judge everyone in the state of Texas like you have met all of the millions who live here. You sound just as ignorant as you claim The state to be.

  • Melanie

    In the Lubbockites defense: the first time the term “Haboob” started getting tossed around was a few years ago when we got the mother of all dirt storms that trashed the city and made national news. So the term (even for me) is associated with weather of mass proportions. When the news station says a Haboob is headed our way I expect it’s going to be nasty. So when it turns out to be just another west Texas dirt storm it feels like the news station is crying wolf. So I understand why the locals prefer our terminology except in those rare instances we’re going to be slammed like a freight train.

    • http://windowseatstories.wordpress.com windowseatstories

      Except that NONE of them are arguing “a haboob is way worse than this! This is just a dust storm!” The dozens of people quoted here are losing their shit bc they never, ever want an Arabic-sounding word to be used in their presence. Because they’re openly racist.

  • J. Michael Neal

    Don’t teach them that damned Muslim algebra. ‘Rithmetic is good enough for Lubbock, dammit.

    • Moose

      How does you comment differ from theres? Aren’t you stereotyping???

      • Bart Rood

        “theres”? You must be from Lubbock.

        • https://plus.google.com/105351796738644316863 Jarrod Loonie

          Let the Internet Grammar nerds get a full on rager over a bloggers choice of words. Try to wipe off your screen I am sure you spent yourself over this one.

  • http://roadscholarblog.wordpress.com roxy7655

    Good thing they didn’t say azimuth, zenith, horizon, zero, or any one of the hundreds of other technical words that come to us from Persian.

    • Madbunny

      *or* any of them fancy Muslim numbers. I mean, geez the next thing we know we’ll be teaching our kids to count using Arabic.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mandy.m.roberts.3 Mandy Marie Roberts

    Left and right wing parties both overreact to things. Some of the responses were completely uncalled for, but that doesn’t mean that the “right-wingers” are the only ones to act this way. Just keep everything in perspective.

    • https://www.facebook.com/gray.hunter.1 Gray Hunter

      “Just keep everything in perspective.” Oh please! Why don’t YOU keep things in perspective and realize there is no equivalency here. It is repeatedly shown who the nut-jobs complaining about everything from Obama putting his feet on the desk to going on a comedy show. I don’t vote for the liberal party…. I vote for the SANE party, and it is blatantly obvious which party has lost its ever-loving’ mind…. and the other, tho’ not perfect, is still sane.

      • Stephen

        That would be both parties.

      • Chase Failing

        Considering that Obama has no respect for the office or country, goes on a vacation nearly every month it seems, wastes times going on tv shows when the country is going to sh!t because of his negligence and is unable to handle foreign affairs, while Putin walks all over him because the “leader of the free world” can’t pull out his tampon and be a man, I think that conservatives have a lot to complain about concerning the piece of trash sitting in the White House. Or maybe he’s on a multi-million dollar vacation to support income equality. That would be more likely than him doing his job.

        • DannyKSRQ

          “I looked the man in the eye. I was able to get a sense of his soul.” –George Bush talking about his new BFF Putin. news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/1390000/images/_1392791_hands150.jpg
          During his two terms, Bush took 879 vacation days, which included 77 total trips to his Crawford, Tex., ranch. Nine of those trips were taken in his first year as president. Including 5 straight weeks in 2005.

          • Chase Failing

            The majority of Bush’s vacation days were at his ranch, which costs taxpayers next to nothing. Obama’s vacations have all been millions of dollars each.

        • http://gravatar.com/czmdm czmdm

          Nothing like proving yourself to be one big fking idiot. I do not think you missed one FOX talking point.

        • Jen

          It would appear based on your claims that your computer is somehow unable to access google.

  • chuck

    I’m originally from Lubbock, and while this story shows the hate that is in that region, you failed to show the intelligent responses. I read the original post. There are many more intelligent responses than ignorant. I understand the need to focus, but I don’t understand the need to only show one side of responses/tell one side.

    • http://windowseatstories.wordpress.com windowseatstories

      Except the story’s about how people are being racist, not about what percentage of people in Lubbock are super-racist.

      • Hooper

        Actually, no, the story isn’t about the people being racist. That has yet to be shown. The story is about how liberals and AATTP are bigoted against people from Texas so liberals and AAATTP WANT them to be racist. You see racism everywhere. Normal people see it when it actually happens.

        • Grant Parker

          I agree. Do you see dust storms or haboobs everywhere? I imagine that these remarks are standard across the board if this incident occurred in any city.

  • Cec

    But you tolerate nasty remarks about the POTUS and racist comments about middle eastern anything

  • t green

    We have become very hateful to one another.. This is not a good thing.. It seems that it is getting worse.. Do we want to go where this is heading?

  • Hooper

    Can anyone here identify the racism in the responses in the fb replies?

  • W.G.

    I´m embarrased to be from Texas !

    • Hooper

      So is Texas.

  • AJ Kote

    AATP has no tolerance a “no tolerance policy for comments containing racism, personal attacks, profanity or threats”? Really? Really? I think someone needs to re-read the article…

  • Michael Hammon

    I live in Austin and the rest if the state makes us look bad.

    • Hooper

      Strangely, I have several good friends in Texas and it would appear to me that the only thing saving Austin is the rest of Texas. How odd.

      • Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey

        You fail epicly and Im not wasting the digital ink to explain why.

    • Julie

      I’m from Lubbock. I think you meant “rest of the state”

  • sandyclaws68

    Pssst, Texans! “Tornado” is a foreign word too. Just sayin’.

  • Smitty

    Meanwhile the Roman Catholic conspiracy goes quietly unnoticed as they continue to give our precious pets Latin names…… “Whiskers is a cat damn it!!!!! NOT a Felis Catus you radical religious crazies!!!”

  • Cis

    Oh man. They caved into racists? Sad and weak. I would have doubled down and made my next tweet use the word haboob at least 4 times.

    • liz

      Hahaha!! I live in West Texas and I think this hilarious! I mean…One word made people lose their minds? Texans are the worst when it comes to racism?! Racism is everywhere. Oh get this, I am a Jewish Italian living in West Texas, have Russian grandparents, 3 black cousins and a Thai uncle, and my roommates are a Mexican man, a White man and a black man. I have a good job and I travel. I speak 3 languages and go to both synagogue and church. I have a good friend I went to grade school with from Palestine and another from Pakistan. We go out for drinks and even work together on city projects. I have read the Quoran, the Torah, and the Bible. But because I live in Texas I am called a backwards, ignorant, racist country girl with little intelligence and big hair to go with my boots. I am not kidding, people from other states and countries have said these and worse things to and about me. Because I am from Texas. Stereotypes suck. So before anyone goes off and talks mess about every Texan, Yankee, Jew, Muslim, Black, White whatever, remember someone is thinking even worse of you because of where you come from. Just don’t.

      • christine

        I think the key here is that you aren’t FROM Texas. You weren’t poisoned at birth with ignorance.

        I’m only half joking. It’s sad that Texas public schools push for not teaching proper science and limit kids reasoning abilities. That’s why there are so many responses like the ones above from Twitter. I live in NC, so I see a lot of the same stuff. Like you, there are plenty of well-educated, well-traveled, well-spoken, open-minded people here, but there are also a lot of morons. I’m sure the same is true of TX. Unfortunately, idiots can be very loud.

        • Hooper

          You wrote: but there are also a lot of morons. I’m sure the same is true of TX. Unfortunately, idiots can be very loud.

          Why are you yelling?

          • http://thunderinthepost.wordpress.com Shifflett

            I don’t see the use of exclamation points or all caps that would normally indicate yelling. You’re just being a facetious jerk here. But I’m sure you’ll reply with some ignorant remark about how I’m a “lying liberal who is misrepresenting you because his liberalness drives him to lie”, or something of equal ignorance.

          • Hooper

            Shifflett… it was a joke. Lighten up.

      • John

        Unfortunately the the most intolerant ignorant people are usually the loudest mouths in the room.

        • Hooper

          How absolutely true. Someone above was discussing public shaming?

  • James

    Goddamn Tex-ASS. I wish the feds would have just let them secede from the union when they were threatening to. The collective IQ of the country would have jumped 50 points.

    • Ashley Balentine

      Your comment borders on the same hateful slander fueling this entire debate. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, the City of the Flying Racist Faux Pas, but would gladly feed you to the Right Wing Collective. The unfortunate mental state of my neighbors notwithstanding, I’d like to point out that anyone who spent as much time in a culturally-diverse environment like Texas–where we are home to Asian, Eurasian, Middle-Eastern, Irish, German, Polish, Mexican, French and many, many other immigrants–would find it very difficult to swallow that kind of comment. The people who truly believe the xenophobic sewage spewing out of the Right Wing Collective is, in fact, a rather small percentage of the actual state population. Where are you from that you feel entitled to your low opinion of someone else’s state–not to mention your inclination to swearing on a forum that forbids profanity? What qualifies you to make the assertion that my state’s secession from the Union should have been permanent, when my state never had any intention of staying a republic? It was the Union that wanted nothing to do with us until white people started dying on other parts of American soil during the Mexican American War. My state seceded from the Union during the Civil War, when half of the country seceded. Your statement is as ignorant as it is slanderous. Thanks for pointing out to all of us that it’s not just Texas that breeds bigotry and hatefulness. By the way, does this forum even HAVE moderators?

      • http://farthingjim.wordpress.com jimtestbed

        Ummmmm…… Not trying to start anything here. But it seems that, unfortunately, a majority of people in your state are that way. Case in point, Perry was elected three times. Unfortunately that speaks volumes for the mentality of people there.

        • https://www.facebook.com/paddyjm James Martin

          We’ve also elected 39 Democrats, 4 other Republicans, 1 Unionist, & 1 independent. Anyone that’s from Texas knows that the Lt. Governor runs the day to day business of the state, not the figurehead governor.

          • https://plus.google.com/105351796738644316863 Jarrod Loonie

            James don’t even try to reason. They apparently know everything about Texas because they watch Bill Mauer or hear it from some other person who’s only visit to Texas was connecting flights from DFW. We are so hate filled down here because we don’t want Obamacare or we are against Obama’s policies.

    • https://www.facebook.com/lori.peters.376 Lori N Fabian

      Really wow.. I am from Texas and you sound stupid.. Btw im not racist… And im not an idiot… Fyi Texas is bigger than Lubbock… These comments came from there not the whole state… So why are we all stereotyped… I’ll tell you why ignorance… Good luck with that in life…

  • https://www.facebook.com/eric.andujar1 Eric Andujar

    They should have realized that it’s much too late…obviously, as they are Channel 11 and not channel XI, they have already been infiltrated with them “mooslem” numbers. Cruz/Palin in MMXVI!

  • Madbunny

    Texas… where the men are men and the sheep are afraid.

    Turns out they’re afraid because Texas men are afraid of haBOOBS.
    Doesn’t surprise me.

  • http://gravatar.com/bobkincaid Bob Kincaid

    Oh, sweet, sweaty jeebuss, John!

    This is gonna be SO fun for Wednesday Night Prayer Meetin’!

  • The Liz

    Dear Texas
    A fellow ‘Murican.

  • https://www.facebook.com/candace.marley68 Candace Marley

    Well damned tootin’…shame on the weather service for changing “cold front” to polar vortex too! LOL…I’m sorry…really all I can do is laugh at the ridiculousness of the nit-picking that has been occurring.

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