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Gun Nuts Fail to Turn Out on ‘Day of Resistance!’

By AATTP Contributor, Han Chimpson

February 23rd has been touted as a “Day of Resistance” for gun zealots for well over a month now. Local talk show hosts, Breitbart, various pro-gun Facebook pages, including some that were created in the name of the event itself, and good old word of mouth was sure to manifest into massive crowds of gun nuts holding their 2nd Amendment signs with their usual assortment of misspellings, as well as their passionate anti-Obama sentiments.

Well, as it turns out, all that bluster turned out to be just plain old hot air. In a few places across the nation, turnout was very disappointing.

At the “Western New York Day of Resistance,” the turnout was sad enough to make one person shed some tears. The following post could be found on their Facebook page.

“I was very alone in Corning N.Y. today. I honestly thought more people cared about our 2nd Amendment. My Father, who could not attend due to a doctor’s appointment, called and asked how it was going. I sent him a picture of just me standing there. I think he cried a little, I know I did.”

Also on that Facebook page were posts lamenting the poor turnouts in Albany and in Buffalo. This is in a state that just last month passed the nation’s strictest gun control laws.

Down in North Carolina, this video was taken of a bunch of forlorn looking people standing around, waiting for something exciting to happen. Hardly the scene we’d expect to see from a group of star-spangled, gun-loving patriots!

At the Georgia State Capitol, a reported 4 people showed up.

On the National Protests Against Obama Facebook page, were posts like these…

“No one showed here in MT, well except for me!”

“I stood in Olympia Washington by myself for like an hour”

“A little over a dozen in Colorado”

“Wife and I drove 30 miles to St. Paul MN. Only a few people were there at 11:15 a.m. Depressing.”

“I drove to Oklahoma City, no one there. So disappointed.”

So there you have it… the “Day of Resistance” turned out to be resistance alright… resistance to going out and standing with a few other like-minded gun nuts and being made fun of by liberal meanies like us here at AATTP.org

It surely would have been more fun had the turnout been higher and more spirited. That would have led to many photo opportunities of misspelled signs, and the chance to shoot videos of some of the nuttiest displays of human behavior in modern American history, like this one.

Han Small Han Chimpson spends a lot of time monkeying around at the Ayn Rand Collected Social Security page, and thinks you are cool enough to do the same.


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • David Lynch
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  • The Practical Libertarian
    • AATTP

      Michelle Malkin’s blog (we know what two words we think “Twitchy” is a combo of!) is not what we would call unbiased.

      Also, those “crowds” look pretty puny regardless.

  • James Klein

    David, the article you link to as “one of the best arguments for a citizen-centered, anti-tyranny reading of the Second Amendment” is merely the syntax argument well stated. Unfortunately for adherents of the syntax argument, public debate by the founding fathers on the Second Amendment is extremely well-documented in their own actual words. That debate had nothing to do with citizens protecting themselves against the potential tyranny of the federal government, unless you are talking about the demands by southern states that they be protected from the potential tyranny of the federal government in overthrowing slavery, or the potential tyranny of the federal government in establishing a standing federal army. Pick up several properly researched history books my friend or Google the historical debates themselves. This is not an argument about syntax; it is an argument about what the various factions of the founding fathers actually debated.

    Part Two: anyone who is shocked by the low turn-out at these events across the country has not been paying attention to national polling on the issue of gun regulations. The polling indicates the “gun-nuts” are a very small fringe minority. The vast majority of responsible gun owners and the general public who do not own any firearms are in favor of reasonable gun regulations and do not believe the NRA conspiracy theory that the government is going to confiscate the weapons of ordinary, law-abiding, sane citizens.

  • Toby

    I love the pretentious easterners. Keeping everything to themselves. Never letting outside influence. You SUCK!!!!

  • Bill

    It ain’t alright to talk about grammar when the subject is the ignorance of the gun lovers!

  • Toby

    Maybe they should have offered a free chick filet sandwich.

  • David M. Baker

    So, in other words, no matter what the turnout you were sitting there in your mom’s basement waiting for an opportunity to make fun of people for exercising their First Amendment rights in defense of their Second Amendment rights?

    I guess schaudenfreude is what stands in for political analysis and intelligent opinions, eh? Sad and pathetic.

    Oh. And I am a gun owner and a defender of the Second Amendment (and I’m an anarchist, decidedly not a statist like those in the GOP, Deomocrat, and tea party movement). You will surely note that THIS gun owner did not mispell a single word. Sucks when your little stereotypes prove wrong, eh?


    • AATTP

      And, no one is trying to take your Second Amendment rights away. Sucks when your paranoid version of reality proves only to be valid in your head, eh?

      P.S. You misspelled “Schadenfreude,” “Democrat,” and “misspell,” BTW.

      • David M. Baker

        Ha! So I did! Stupid iPad keyboard…I swear my protest signs are copy edited, LOL!

        My point is that if you understand the intent of the Second Amendment, you’d understand that DHS arming up its the SAME WEAPONS your government wants to BAN is a bad thing. The whole purpose of the amendment is to ensure the people are armed against tyranny, NOT so our hunting rifles will be safe! You have to understand that POV if you want to understand those of us who present it. By dismissing it all as a bunch of “gun nuts” and just determining to make fun of it, no matter what, you reveal your true paucity of argument.


        Read the article at the link. It’s one of the best arguments for a citizen-centered, anti-tyranny reading of the Second Amendment. And it’s why I want my own government to practice what it preaches. Understand the rights you are giving up before you make fun of folks who are quite legitimately concerned about losing them! E pluribus Unum, muthafuckas!

        Be peace,

        • AATTP

          Duly noted and we’re glad to see you have a sense of humor about it all. :)

          • David M. Baker

            My friend, without a sense of humor I’d have been dead long ago!

            I’m just concerned that we’ve moved from a place of trying to understand each other to a place of just being happy to be “right” and to make endless fun of those with whom we disagree.

            So, my apologies for my own snark, but do please consider not making fun of folks. Well, not too much.

          • David Lynch

            Spell check, that’s all you lefty’s can do, Oh wait ,Blame others.

          • AATTP

            There is no apostrophe in “lefties,” there should be a period after “do” and “blame” should not be capitalized.

            Looks like we can correct your crappy grammar too. Must be all that fancy book learnin’.

            Also, I wish you were the cool David Lynch.

        • http://twitter.com/NativeSonKY NativeSonKY (@NativeSonKY)

          The only problem is that you’d have to have nuclear capability in order to “fight tyranny”, but I’m sure I don’t want a country full of people with nukes in their garage.

  • LadyeCatte

    Ha! This reminds of that laughable “Uni-Tea” when Teabaggers were trying to prove they were ‘diverse’. Photos of the turnout proved ALL the ‘diversity’ was up on the stage!

    After all the hype, the event left them pretending they’d never done it. And they haven’t tried it since.

    Let’s hope the organizers of this disrespectful “show” get the hint, too.

  • tamarind

    Please spell ALL RIGHT correctly! “Alright” is NOT A WORD, dammit.

    • AATTP

      Actually, it’s gaining traction as a separate word and is commonly used by journalists. Please calm down. Getting so roused by such inconsequential matters cannot be good for you, dammit.


    • LadyeCatte

      Neither is “ain’t”, according to some perfectionists. Yet it’s one most oft-used words in the English language. Face it: ‘alright’ is a word…so’s ‘ain’t’… ain’t it?

      • Brian

        It’s as good as the frequently used non-word ‘irregardless’. See, regardless means without regard. “Ir-” is a prefix meaning ‘not’. Therefor, irregardless means “not without regard”, clearly a double negative. Irregardless is just extra letters to say ‘regarded’! While I’m on a rant; ‘myriad’ is a word meaning ‘many’. Anytime you hear myriad replace it with many. Therefor it sounds stupid to say “there was a myriad of…” “There was a many of”. And yet very well educated officials and even journalists make these mistakes all the time. And please don’t get me started about ending sentences with prepositions… I have to cry now.

    • kcponte
    • Schu

      Use Alright in a sentence
      al·right [awl-rahyt] Show IPA
      all right.
      Can be confused: all right, alright (see usage note at the current entry).

      Usage note
      The form alright as a one-word spelling of the phrase all right in all of its senses probably arose by analogy with such words as already and altogether. Although alright is a common spelling in written dialogue and in other types of informal writing, all right is used in more formal, edited writing.

    • VInceman

      It’s damn it NOT dammit…….LOL

    • Yadifan

      Sorry dude, but “alright” IS a word. Check it out. It’s the informal variation of “all right”. True!

    • dilly

      “Alright” is most definitely a word: its use is likened to “altogether” and “already” . Though some insist on “all right”, “alright” is alright to use. Sorry that you wasted your ire on a point that is essentially moot.

    • Mike

      INTERESTING that so many here on this wonderful little blog have forgotten or “mus-remember” that…

      — The DEMOCRAT party is historically known for it’s RACISM and founding the Klu Klux Klan

      –The NRA was founded as a means to train the UNION ARMY – which was lead by a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT – … and that the first PRESIDENT of the NRA was also a UNION OFFICER …

      — And that historically speaking, Republicans are very well known for advocating CIVIL RIGHTS more so than Democrats. …

      By the way, -nice- how the DNC “whitewashes” it’s own history and things.

      Tell me again, WHO is the delusional “Nut job” again? …

      • AATTP

        You have a comically weak grasp of American political history.

        Start here if you want to begin sounding like an educated person who we should take seriously.


        Also, research “Dixiecrats.”

        One more thing; it’s “Democratic Party,” not “Democrat party.”

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

        You are, nut job. Today’s racist, homophobic, misogynistic Republican party bears no resemblance to the progressive party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. As for the racist Southern Democrats – the last of them defected to the GOP over 40 years ago. Do try to keep up.

    • Bubba

      How tight would your ass need to be that you post only to correct someone’s spelling ? I’d say too tight to shoot a pine needle up it w/ a bazooka. Shalom

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/fallenreaper/ Pete Braun

    The conservatives are claiming the turnout was great. Guess they’re standards must be really low.

  • Dawn

    And I am sure these are the same people who made fun of the turnout at the Gun Control rally that was organized by One Million Moms For Gun Control.

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