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Gun-Nut Accidentally Shoots a Printer in GNC While Discussing His Love for the 2nd Amendment (NOT Satire!)

Wilkesboro Police in North Carolina are on the hunt today for a freedom loving, gun-toting, 2nd Amendment spewing…printer killer?

According to the authorities, two men were having a discussion in a local GNC store regarding their guns and the 2nd amendment when one of the men pulled out his heater “accidentally shot the printer” and then fled the scene.

Oh, this reminds me of that ancient saying “Guns don’t kill printers…stupid people with guns kill…printers” — or something like that.

Listen, I don’t want to seem like I’m completely against owning a gun, because I certainly am not that person. But, for the love of whatever un-named deity you worship, please keep your loaded gun holstered. It’s not for taking out showing off, it’s for self-defense (or at least that’s what they tell me). Also, take a class and learn some trigger finger discipline while you’re at it and stop trying to be such a cowboy. We don’t need any more unnecessary war on technology. RIP printer.

h/t: Freak Out Nation

Special thanks to Lady Liberals for the image.

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Howard Crane
  • https://www.facebook.com/christian.bell.3382 Christian Bell

    What do I think? I think I’m glad I don’t live in a country where I don’t need to own and carry a gun for protection! Where people don’t argue vociferously or violently for their “right” to own or carry a gun. Americans always crap on about how awesome America is but it is just a violent, scary, gun crazy hole.

  • http://gravatar.com/jay042 jay042

    I have always felt the “The Gun is your penis” metaphor to be quite apt. Not only on the obvious masculinity issues some of these gun owners have, but also as a general guideline for the effective use of weaponry. You only use your penis in certain social situations, and you definitely do not whip it out in public for all to see.

  • john gibson

    if the printer only had a gun to defend itself

    • Phil Willis

      A printer could be a person. I’m glad it was only a machine.

  • CJ

    Seems to be quite a bit of this lately now that the gun “advocates” feel the need to publicly express their 2nd amendment rights even more than they had previously. No longer is it kept to just “Hey Billy Bob…hold my beer and what this!”

  • 45 by my side

    The guy is obviously an idiot. You don’t draw your weapon without reason… Having a chat while waiting on your favorite penis shrinking, fat burning, muscle enhancers is not a good reason.
    I had to unholster my firearm in public recently to get fitted for a tux. The woman at a Men’s Wearhouse asked me to remove it for proper measurements. Guess what? It didn’t go off! Is amazing how less often firearms go off when you keep your finger off the trigger.

  • http://gunsandammo.com gun lover

    What is wrong with owning guns, or carrying them for that matter? Why are we “gun nuts”? Is it alright to eat all health food and be a “health nut”?

    • Scott S

      Actually they have been called health nuts for decades. Power bars don’t normally kill ppeople though.

      • http://srswtf.wordpress.com srswtf

        Don’t be so sure about the safety of GMO soy products, Pumpkin. <3

    • http://gravatar.com/lordbrucegiles lordbrucegiles

      Re-read the article, gun lover. The author doesn’t state having a problem with owning and carrying. The problem is with people who are reckless with their gun.

    • http://twitter.com/bunnychi75 bunnychi75 (@bunnychi75)

      I’m not keen on guns, but there’s nothing wrong with carrying/owning one–if you have common sense and actually USE the knowledge of gun safety! My dad had guns all throughout our house growing up. He always believed in using them for protection, never showing off! You’d never would’ve guessed he had a gun on him unless he TOLD you!

      • Bill

        I fail to see the need to carry a gun into a GNC store (unless it’s armed robbery).

        • http://srswtf.wordpress.com srswtf

          Right… I should just… Leave my gun in the car then? So some TSA spy can just steal it?
          all I want is some of that new weight loss butter chews Dr oz keeps telling me about

    • CJ

      There is a difference between being a gun owner and a gun nut. My mother is a gun owner. Her husband and her go hunting. They have them for protection. They stow their guns away responsibly and do not feel the need to flash them for all to see. They are gun owners. Gun nuts…well these are the ones who feel the need to collect as many weapons as they possibly can…even when they don’t need them. They love to show them off and act like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Owning a semi-automatic becomes an extension to their penis so they can compare with their buddies to see who has the biggest one.

  • suckme

    Just another 2nd Amendmenter hating on the 1st….

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