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GOP Psychopath Calls for the Execution of Recently Released U.S. Hostage (Images)

Todd Kincannon, the former GOP chairman of the election commission in Simpsonville, S.C., has been known to say some pretty offensive things. Recently, he said transgender people should be “put in a camp.” His commentary on the Trayvon Martin case was probably the most disgusting, with language emanating from his Twitter account such as: “Hey what’s the difference between Trayvon Martin and a dead baby? They’re both dead, but Pepsi doesn’t taste like Trayvon.”

Not surprisingly, Kincannon has now waded into the story of recently-released U.S. hostage Bowe Bergdahl by the Taliban, taking the conservative mantra that labels Bergdahl as a “traitor” to the next level and calling for the soldier’s execution.

In tweets that he now appears to have deleted, Kincannon makes himself clear:

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 5.06.24 PM

It’s not clear why Kincannon chose to delete these particular tweets, since he’s said things that pale in comparison. But it may have to do with the fact that he suggested he’d lobby behind the scenes with a government official to have a U.S. citizen executed.

Either way, here are a few examples of the disgusting little gems that still remain on his timeline:




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  • KommonKat

    Good is nothing but a “you mad” troll … he’s an attention whore !

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  • https://plus.google.com/108688971766518041867 Tom Bruner

    So if this guy is so eager to have treasonous folks shot, does that include Dick Cheney?

  • Perry

    Why Republicans are called hypocrites:
    Sens. McCain and Ayotte both pushed to have Bergdahl released in a prisoner swap until President Obama actually did it. Then they had to be against it because they can’t let him have credit for doing something decent.

    • Perry

      This past February, in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, it seemed McCain would have been in favor of the administration’s actions:
      Cooper: So if there was the possibility of some sort of exchange, that’s something you would support?

      McCain: I would support. Obviously I’d have to know the details, but I would support ways of bringing him home, and if exchange was one of them, I think that would be something I think we should seriously consider.

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  • J

    The guy walked off without a gun or proper supplies to walk through the desert to China? He had just lost a friend. Do we really think he was in his right mind when he deserted?

  • Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey

    To Brain: Listen puss nuts if you HAVE been in a fox hole then you should KNOW that the bond between soldiers should carry much more weight then the snide back bitting we have seen out of the twits jumping on the Fox Bandwagon. I doubt you have (oh by the way its spelt you only low intelligence conservotards type like 14yr old school girls). It is quite funny that we AMERICANS protect our own even if that person had a moment of doubt and fear and left hos post out of disillusionment. You teabagger conservotards on the other hand turn rabid at the drop of a hat and all it took was some hearsay and insinuations made by pundits who have done nothing but comit treason and sedition at every turn. You want your pound of flesh then man up and go get it. If not STFU and stop envoking dead soldiers to some how shore up your half baked and nonexistent argument.

  • Brian

    To all of u defending u must not have lost ur best friend during the search for this young man. God bless the troops and Ty for everything you all do. RIP Clayton Bowen. So u ignorant people who know nothing and haven’t lost anything u can sure talk a lot. To the soldiers. Much love. But it’s a tragic thing to lose six men while searching for a man who didn’t wanna b where he was.

    • Lester Milroy

      We leave no one behind! I know exactly the feeling. This whole situation needs to be investigated and the facts brought to the forefront. After an Article 32 hearing is completed and the facts presented, then the truth will be known. This anger, I feel, has so much politics in it, it just stinks. If he was AWOL, he will be punished or held accountable! Stop the name calling and other crap! Do not forget the Constitutional right of Due Process! A person is innocent until proven guilty! As a military man and a veteran, our oath is to protect and defend those rights. We will wait and see. If you condemn and he is innocent, who is looking bad then?

      • odell brown


  • https://www.facebook.com/david.turnbole David P. Turnbole

    When you live in a delusional world you don’t care that people think you’re batsh*t crazy. Next Republican administration would only ever happen with a military coup.

  • Cynthia Martin

    How much time did Todd Kincannon spend in a fox hole? (sound of crickets). Nobody’s a bigger loudmouth than some chicken hawk who’s a third-generation avoider (that genetic tendency to hangnails really kills all hope of military service, don’t you know?). I don’t know all the details of this case, but I do know Todd Kincannon’s sole useful contribution to this planet will only occur once he becomes mulch.

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  • Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey

    @Susie Listen dipshit its by no accounts this kid is a traitor. If the two morons on Fox who call themselves his “PlatoonMates” want to make accusations its fine but in all its hearsay. If what they are saying is true then they should have filed sworn statments and stuck to their nondisclosure agreement. But no Fox was looking for controversy and two dipshots opened their mouths and gave them what they wanted, during an on going DoD investigation no less. Thank humanity your not a Jag officer.

    Secondly I see this as the teatard way of getting their pound of flesh. They have want to execute Obama for treason but cant so they go after a POW with a controversy behind him.

    I know that if after going through what that kid did, and I have been through a POW course, and then come home and listen to my fellow “countrymen ” call for my execution and make facebook pages and twitter memes for it I would start to think that maybe the Taliban was right. Disgracful dishonorable et al the people who are using this kid as a political tool to attack the POTUs.

    Welcome Home Sargent, you have just seen the face of the enemy and the real war, its an elephant drinking tea.

    • jaol1fe

      The face of the enemy and the real war, it’s an elephant drinking tea. Dang that’s good! I’m borrowing it. :)

  • Jason

    If the military find reason to believe he violated military law, they put him on trial in a military court. The court will evaluate the evidence and make a ruling based on the military law. If guilty the military court will discipline him based on their rules.

    This is not a civil matter. It is strictly a military matter.

  • duspin

    I thought the South was full of nice, mannerly and genteel folks who knew how to act. All that seems to come out of there lately are venom spewing psychopaths that need to make a news cycle to stay relevant. WTF? Speak up you guys!

  • karen503

    Comment at The Immoral Minority: “Contemporary logs by the Taliban unit that captured him describe surprising him in the latrine, weaponless and with his pants down. That does not sound like willful desertion. It sounds at most as if a combat-weary soldier who expressed his fatigue later had the audacity to go to the toilet.”

    That might be the reason the clueless haven’t figured out why he left his gear behind. I really doubt the latrine was outside the unit’s patrolled boundary, so it’s likely a Taliban double agent or several captured him.

    I’ll bet the Army keeps him in Germany (he’s in the military hospital there now) for an extended period of time, when they get wind of the “welcome” the RWNJs have for him on his return. The RWNJs may singlehandedly turn the politics of Idaho purple, if not outright blue.

  • Mary T

    So with all this big talk he must have served his country as a Military man? If not then STFU you weak sister. I will hope that other REAL veterans will learn of this and maybe pay him a visit to discuss this brave soldier and the horrible ordeal he will deal with for the lest of his Also, isn’t threatening an American citizen with execution a terrorist threat? And why does he assume this brave young man deserted, is it because the “men” in his family are traditionally deserters?

  • Eleanor Earley

    The biggest traitors are the repugs/teabaggers. Is he going to call for their execution? Nope, cause he is one of them.

  • Susie Sotar

    By all accounts of his actions Bergdahl is a traitor who caused the deaths of six fellow Americans.

    • Hooper’s Enema

      I don’t see how YOU would know anything about REALITY, Susie/Hooper. You’re a pathetic bagger with NO experience with the military. Since we don’t know what happened it’s best to wait to find out before we tar and feather this man. Or, better yet, we tar and feather you and the rest of the bagger community as well as Limbaugh and Faux News. How’s that work for you?

    • https://www.facebook.com/rob.willhelm Rob Willhelm

      Mindless ______ing echo!

  • http://gravatar.com/sallyinmi sallyinmi

    What a piece of work this guy is. He should be ashamed of himself. I suppose he considers himself Christian too? And he will wait a LONG time for a GOP administration…a very LONG time.

  • JFischer

    I hope all soldiers and veterans and their families learn about this jerk’s attitude, then remember all the other stupid, wrong, and evil shit that the Republicans have pulled lately.

    Then, let them vote accordingly.

    (Okay, Hooper, Suzie Sotar, and Howard Philips: defend your boy Kincannon. Regurgitate the lies about this young soldier in your argument.)

    • Adam

      Sotar is a bought and paid for slut of the right wing.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jbradwelch Brad Welch

    I don’t think the Attorney General has anything to do with military justice.

  • knight4444

    Heres two facts, liberals aren’t surprised at all by kincannon, hell, this is just another republican showing his true colors! republicans are typically psychopaths and WHITE NATIONALIST ghouls!! FACT NO. 2,but your rank and file republicans (@susie/@hooper) will do what they ALWAYS do, defend this worthless mutt!! or feverishly attempt to find some RARE instance where some loony tune democrat who said something STUPID!! See in the republican brain, it’s either, IGNORE it when their saviours put their foot in their mouth or they beat the bushes to find a dem to(IN THEIR MIND) evens the score!! BTW when did two WRONGS ever make a RIGHT?

    • Krist

      Hey, this is an interesting comment. Look at all the mass killings in this country and notice that they, or their parents are Liberal Democrats. Just saying.

      • knight4444

        @krist, lay off the FUX NEWS talking points, quoting fools just makes YOU sound foolish, just sayin’

      • https://www.facebook.com/jim.haldeman.5 Jim Haldeman

        you are full of sh*t. oh! and you are really stupid, too. *sshole.

      • Adam

        What an outright filthy fuckin lie.

      • https://plus.google.com/113380606419327416182 Ellen H.

        Could I see the proof for you assertion? The one thing the mass killings have in this country have in common is they were all committed by mentally unstable people. I have yet to read of any political affiliation or stance of any of their families.

      • Jim

        Krist….I believe a Republican just got into whole lot of trouble for saying that and had to apologize for getting his ‘facts” wrong once people called him out on it. You may want to reconsider your answer.

  • Perry

    It must be the conditioning we’ve become accustomed to because I’m not really shocked by the sheer stupidity by this Teapublican moron. Just sad at the disgusting hatred.

  • Lester Milroy

    Excuse me! This idiot needs to use both hands and remove his head from where the sun does not shine!! If there is treason, after a full military hearing, he would be prosecuted under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). This is not a civil matter you complete idiot!! How in any sense of reality do people like this escape the asylum!? This guy is a complete and utter moron! To even make a comment like this in public to the parents of a POW, is beyond any reasonable intelligence! Go back to your hole and shut up!

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