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Georgia Gun Nuts Giving Away Free AR-15 to Oppose Gun Control? WTF?


How do you tell the country you oppose meaningful gun safety legislation in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre in which 26 people including 20 children were slaughtered? If you’re the right-wing crazies “Georgia Gun Owners” you arrange to giveaway the same military-style assault rifle that was used to slaughter those kids. Georgia Gun Owners said that it would be providing one AR-15 courtesy of Armistead Arms in Alpharetta Georgia “to alert, activate and mobilize gun owners in every corner of the state to oppose the Feinstein Gun Ban and others being touted in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere across the country.” And if THAT wasn’t enough, Georgia Gun Owners also recently encouraged its members to support a Georgia bill that would allow gun owners to have a concealed weapon without a permit.

What they’re really saying, in our opinion, is that they don’t care how many people, including children have to die – their paranoia, fear, and tiny penises come first. Here’s a short advertisement from these idiots, courtesy of www.crooksandliars.com


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