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Fractured GOP Planning Unprecedented FIVE Separate Responses to SOTU Address

The fractures and infighting between various factions of the GOP will be on full display to the public tonight in each of the five Republican response speeches, scheduled around President Obama’s State of The Union Address. Senator Cruz will speak prior to the President’s speech, in what MSNBC is calling a “pre-buttal,” with Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers giving the official Republican response after the address.

In addition to these, Representative lleana Ros-Lehtinen will deliver the party’s Spanish language response, Senator Mike Lee will offer up the official Tea Party line and Senator Rand Paul will simply be giving his own address, where many a drinking game is expected to center on the words “free market.”

This diversified and generally scattered rebuttal strategy is but the latest embarrassment in what is an often comical, ongoing civil war within the ranks of the conservative movement. With upstarts from all factions, ranging from the generally mindless reactionary tea party, to the decades long libertarian insurgency up through the ranks of the religious right and Republican establishment, all jockeying for the ideological (and personal) spotlight reflected from the President’s address, many are seeing this as the most blatant example of the GOP’s complete absence of leadership.

And yet beyond the topical, inane aspect to having a Republican panel each delivering their own special variety of conservative responses, the matter of the utter politicizing of what is meant to be a stately, national event, experiences by way of this circus a further denigration of a public institution. In 2009, Republican Joe Wilson stunned the nation when be broke decorum, yelling “you lie” as the President spoke. In the following year, America endured its first dual response speeches from conservatives in Congress, with both a Republican Party and Tea Party address being issued in response as well.

The eagerness with which some conservatives jump at the chance to offer a rebuttal to the President, while not surprising, does not bode well as the country begins the new year with memories of the gridlock and bitter divisions of the last still fresh in its memories. Conservative and Tea Party activists are already trotting out their regressive and theocratic agendas and swearing by their own orthodoxies as the only true measure of “what a true conservative is.” With no effective jobs plans coming out of the Republican house and the President now having to take executive action to raise what minimum wages he can, topics such as economic priorities and income inequality are expected to be the top topics of the night.

However with the midterm elections rapidly approaching and the primary season offering up a wide variety of orthodox fringe conservatives looking to eat their own incumbents, the likelihood of compromise between the parties seems sadly to be even more diminished than before.

h/t: MSNBC

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  • Kevan Scott

    We lefties see pretty well Curt! We also get it! It is you and your fellow Tea drinkers that can’t or won’t open your eyes to the simple truth that is right in front of you! The Koch’s founded, paid for, helped in any way they could the Tea Party get off the ground. That and pushed for the religious fundy’s to become even more vocal in their opposition to abortion. Yes, all these financial issues and all you rightys can talk about is abortion and guns. Meanwhile GOPers have voted to take away pension benefits from veterans. That’s really supporting the military isn’t it? A guy gives an arm,leg or life for the USA and the Republicons voted to cut the pension benefits to vets. I could go on with much more but what’s the use? You’ll keep right on supporting the Koch Tea Party and losing benefits, military or not and you will find yourself working till you’re 90. If you can’t work then Starve! That’s what John Hagee, that fine upstanding Christian man said of those who won’t or can’t work. Just like Jesus said right? Not!! Idiot!!!

  • D. King

    Perry–he didn’t look like he had ANY kind of response. Boehner looked sleepy.

  • https://www.facebook.com/dimgrund1 David Imgrund

    State of the Union drinking game…every time Boehner has a smug or disgusted look, you drink! ‪#‎stateoftheunion‬ ‪#‎boehnersucks‬ ‪#‎sotu‬

  • Laura

    Once upon a time, in the days of Camelot, the GOP was waning. This continued through the early 70’s. In order to prop up their numbers, they made a deal with the proverbial devil and jumped into bed with the Moral Majority. This would prop their numbers, but left a lot of moderate Republicans a bit…nervous. Not only because their morality was seriously in question, but because they were starting to feel the heat of the Rabid Right’s outer lunatic fringe. Fast forward to today’s Tea Party…once again, trying to bolster up dangerously dropping numbers, they invite the latest screwballs to join with them and the American Taliban, aka Moral Majority and they can all join hands and live happily ever after. Except, no one told the GOP that trying to swallow two Xenomorphs like the Rabid Right and the teabaggers was a really bad idea, and the two aliens proceeded to cannibalize the body and the mind of the GOP. The only thing the Democrats could do is watch their old nemesis get eaten alive and sit stunned as a badly mangled and twisted alien burst out of its chest screaming “Second Amendment Solutions!! Free Market!! No social Programs!! Deport everyone!! ”
    So the Democrats stood up, holding the hand of the granola eating, fuzzy, peace loving alien it had made it’s own deal with, shaking it’s head and walking away…
    And the GOP became a cautionary tale.
    The end.

  • KurtB

    You Lefties just don’t get it, do you?
    The ‘infighting’ as you call it is the grassroots trying to wrest back control of the Republican Party from the Establishment Neo-Cons that co-opted the party and the leadership of the Tea Party.
    The same wealthy 1%ers you on the Left profess to oppose want to control both sides of the isle to serve their ends.
    Why do you think Obama is behaving like Bush reincarnated? Middle East wars with no end, ‘Homeland Security’ on steroids, fast tracking the TPP, nothing has changed.
    Wake up!

    • Laura

      Wow…You don’t even have a clue, do you? The “Tea Party” belongs to the 1%, lock, stock and barrel. It’s the brainchild of the Koch brothers. No one in the baggers has a thing to say or protest against that the Koch brothers didn’t hand them. They are the attack dogs of the 1%, and the only thing that is happening to the GOP is that it is being cannibalized from the inside out. Pretty soon, there won’t be anything left.

      • KurtB

        Yes, the Koch Bros. co-opted the leadership of the Tea Party. I realized that when I saw Establishment Barbie Sara Palin waving out the window of the shiny new Tea Party bus. But it was not created as a top down organization.
        It began as a small local Ron Paul, honest money/small government movement and attracted both college age students and elderly people disillusioned with both ‘mainstream’ parties. When the Establishment could no longer ignore them they created a false leadership and steered it to the right on social issues. This is a tactic of control. By radicalizing them in the eyes of the public they marginalize them. The grassroots core is still there at the local level but you would never know it reading the MSM.
        The thicker skulls on the Right think they’re being patriotic supporting wars of domination against the Islamic States while the useful fools of the Left advance their domestic control agenda. Look at the ACA; it’s becoming more and more evident that it is designed as a taxpayer subsidy for the insurance industry and medical lobby.
        The Big Money Boys don’t care which side of the street they travel to achieve their goals.

  • https://www.facebook.com/phil.bolton.79 Phil Bolton

    Why would anyone watch these when they’re all going to be the same thing?

    1. The ACA is going to destroy America.
    2. Obama is the devil incarnate.
    3. Tax cuts for the poor abused rich.
    4. Screw you poor people!

  • Perry

    Will Speaker Boner have a rebuttal on behalf of Orange-Americans?

  • thomas

    planning to pop popcorn, sit back and watch the Republican Meltdown in HDTV so i can see them sweat and gnash their teeth til they break.

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