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Fox’s Own Poll Proves Its Viewers are Practically Brain-Dead

As reported in The Daily News, Fox News recently ran a poll asking its Republican viewers their opinions. The poll indicated that only 14% of Republicans support Obamacare. That is to be expected, but what makes this newsworthy is that the same people were asked if they supported the Affordable Care Act, and 22% said that they did!  This means that a full 8% of the people polled didn’t even know that the ACA and Obamacare are the exact same thing.

This brings up two questions. Why did these people not understand that they were being asked about the same thing, and why is the Republican party ignoring the fact that nearly a quarter of their constituents actually approve of the law? The second question is a much bigger issue that would require much more time to delve into, so for now let’s focus on the first one. Fox’s Own Poll Proves Its Viewers are Practically Brain-Dead

The major problem with the war over the Affordable Care Act is that there is so much misinformation out there being perpetrated by the Right that everyday citizens are left confused. We’ve reported on the misinformation surrounding the Affordable Care Act many times like here, here, here, here, and here, and that’s just in the past two weeks! And as this poll, and Daily Kos, show even the use of the name ‘Obamacare’ is causing great confusion.  Unfortunately no matter how much the Democrats and the Left try to disseminate the truth and make sure that people truly understand how the law works and what it will mean, the ears of conservatives are closed.

Everyone enjoys it when the sources for their information jive with what they personally feel, but unfortunately too many pundits and people in power on the Right continue to push the misinformation. One might think that something that helps people would be supported in a bipartisan manner, but obviously there is an ulterior motive to their insistence on ignoring the truth and spreading lies. We’ll leave what that motive is alone for another discussion.

However, there is a lesson that can be learned by this.  People who take Fox polls don’t know what they’re talking about, or at least 8% of them don’t.  Think of it this way; if 8% prove that they don’t even know that ACA and Obamacare are the same thing, imagine how many more don’t actually know anything about the law. But don’t waste too much time trying to convince them they’re wrong, you may just end up losing friends over something that they’ll never change their minds about. I wouldn’t be surprised if even after it starts improving their lives that they’re still against it, probably at least 8%.

About Mark Harvey

Mark Harvey
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and have been studying government and politics for over ten years. I also, obviously, have a passion for writing. I haven't written much since I graduated, but in the past two years or so I started to really try and push my friends to open their eyes, and have gotten in to many "debates" with conservatives. I'm also married with a baby girl and a step-son.
  • Randy

    Let me ask this. Who do you think is paying for Obamacare? That’s right, us, the middle class. My insurance was recently cancelled due to the notsoaffordablecare act. I will be paying double what I was paying and my deductible will now triple. If I choose to proceed on with it. I am not that generous to pay for somebody else’s bad health because they smoke, pop pills, eat poorly and do nothing to contribute. So, I will pay the fines, bank my premium and deal with my Dr. Directly. I will have some kind of catastrophe insurance, but I will not be using this shit insurance they (our government) won’t use themselves.

    • Joe

      Don’t worry Randy, if your tax dollars weren’t going towards this, they’d probably be going into the pockets of some politician buying $50 dinner. Sorry you can no longer afford your insurance, but it seeks like you would be wise to explore your options. and complaining about wasting your hard earned tax dollars on moochers is a fallacy because your tax dollars are likely already being wasted or are going elsewhere. I also find it hard to take your opinion seriously when you clearly have an ill attitude about American society and social respinsibilty. sorry, but I’m not going to feel bad about you spending a little more when others like myself can’t afford health care at all. Personally, I will be happily be seeing my doctor after Oct. 1, something haven’t been able to do in many years.

  • Aaron

    “This means that a full 8% of the people polled didn’t even know that the ACA and Obamacare are the exact same thing.”

    Nope. That isn’t true. There are multiple possibilities:
    1) They don’t know the difference but like Obamacare.
    2) They don’t know the difference but like ACA.
    3) They don’t know the difference but like both.
    4) They don’t know the difference but like neither.
    Repeat these 4 options but with them KNOWING the difference.
    5) They know the difference but like Obamacare.
    6) They know the difference but like ACA.
    7) They know the difference but like both.
    They know the difference but like neither.

    Nothing in that survey said that the 14% and 22% OVERLAP, though. It is likely that there IS significant overlap, but that apparently wasn’t measured. The point is though, that looking at options 1-4, it is possible they don’t know the difference yet could respond in any manner about liking or not liking OC or ACA. So, we have actually no clue about the actual percentage of those respondents not knowing the difference. It could be 0% or 100% or anywhere in between.

    Perhaps after being asked what they felt was a rephrased question, some changed their answer.

    • Camden

      No they are basically sheep and the talking points that they hear on Faux News, Rush The Piggy Limbaugh and Bloggers is basically is all they know. They are as clueless as your opinion. It was obvious that the questions were direct and probably repeated a lot. Its just that these redneckers, lily whites, and just plain ass stupid humans do nothing but watch FAUX NEWS and the grande olde pricks gets their nuts off!!!

  • http://www.minicatracingusa.com Jim S

    Fox viewers just stand by to gobble up the latest talking points from the GOP and Tea Party. They are either too lazy or too stupid to search for the truth. They put on their little tin foil hats and top off their glass of koolaid and get their ignorance on!

  • kitcumbie

    FOX the short bus of news broadcasting.

  • Carl Guthrie

    Since, according to one of the original DEMOCRAT writers of Obamacare (which his O-ness himself took credit for) says that no one knows the details SINCE THEY HAVENT BEEN WRITTEN YET, all you fools saying you support it are just sucking liberal lies, rumors and propaganda.

    • Joe

      Funny you should say that. I do know, for a fact, that right now I can’t afford a PCP and one cannot be assigned to me as things currently stand. However, after October 1st, I will, for a fact, be able to see a PCP, even though I cannot afford one out of pocket and do not have the finances to afford independent health insurance. So, no, I’m not sucking liberal lies. I WILL get the health care I need at the price I can currently afford.

      • http://facebook Nancy

        Unfortunately Carl Guthrie probably doesn’t know what a PCP is…

    • Whipp

      Ha Ha Ha! Damn Carl, you Teatards are hilarious!

      • Rob

        I think there’s something wrong with me. Every time I read a Teapublican comment I hear banjo music playing in the background.

        • http://gravatar.com/latenightlarry latenightlarry

          That banjo music is getting awfully LOUD… I think the Koch(roach) brothers have taken control of my television and jacked the volume… time to unplug that Kochsucker.

    • http://sunny47446.wordpress.com sunny47446

      Really Carl? Not only has it been written it’s been signed, sealed, and delivered! Accept it. It’s here and no matter what the republicans or teapartiers do or say it isn’t going away. Sorry about your luck. Bwahahahah!!!

  • Eli Cabelly

    No, this doesn’t prove that 8% of Fox viewers don’t know that the ACA and Obamacare are the same thing. This proves that 8 out of 22 Fox viewers, the ones who approve of health care reform included in the ACA, don’t know that the ACA and Obamacare are the same thing.

    This shows that 35% of Fox viewers are absolutely clueless.

  • http://gravatar.com/craigber Craig Berntson

    Wow. You accuse the far right of spewing lies, yet you do the same thing here. I’m definitely anti-tea party, but all this post does is prove that you can use statistics to mean anything you want. What if ask the same questions of CNN viewers or even go further left and ask NBC viewers. I would not be surprised if you get similar results. All this shows is people don’t know the difference between ACA and Obamacare. And that brings up a second issue. Is it the viewer’s fault or that of the “news” outlet. If every story continually calls it Obamacare and rarely calls it ACA, who is at fault here? Mr. Harvey, your BS in Political Science shows how much BS there is in Political Science.

    • Eli Cabelly

      You accuse people of using statistics to prove anything you want? All that proves is that you don’t understand statistics.

      I used to be as ignorant as you. The difference is that I understood that my ignorance was a weakness, so I fixed that weakness by becoming educated. Your ignorance is a weakness, but your biggest weakness is not knowing that you have these weaknesses. You don’t know what you don’t know. That makes you human. However, you claim to know what you don’t know. That makes you a fool.

      • Craig Berntson

        I understand stats. I’m accusing the author of the article to using the stats to say that Fox News viewers are brain dead, when the stats don’t show that, especially when you consider the two questions are from two different surveys. It also doesn’t show how viewers of other networks answer the questions. So you see, the author is extrapolating the stats to support his views without knowing how people that don’t watch FoxNews would respond. In a true scientific study, you’d look at this other group. What I don’t know…and you don’t know…and the author doesn’t know…is how the non-Fox viewers would answer these questions. They could very well be brain dead too. But they may not. We don’t know.

        • https://www.facebook.com/janice.pushinsky Janice Pushinsky

          The very reason the Fox news( who are registered as an entertainment channel and NOT a News channel) viewers don’t know the difference is because the koch brothers are paying for ads that are running and confusing the American people about it. I’m willing to bet that 80% of the ones against “obamacare” were being signed up for it by their wives as they took the poll. lol

        • Richard Rowe

          Man, I don’t remember the author saying “Fox news viewers are brain dead, but people who watch CNN aren’t.” Neither does the title say “Here’s scientific, irrefutable evidence that Fox News viewers are less educated than anyone else.” OK, fair enough…call it somewhat unbalanced reporting. Look at the name of the site. We don’t hide our bias behind the illusion of impartiality. Fox, on the other hand, DOES. We try to give all sides of the issue, but there’s a lot to write about…we’re not going to cover every aspect of everything if the story is written to the title. Besides, I doubt CNN or NBC would do two different polls with different names, since there’s probably some presupposition that viewers aren’t retarded.

          Besides, what this statistic REALLY shows is the effectiveness of Fox’s subconscious manipulation using word association…or ThoughtCombine, if you’re IngSoc. I don’t know if it shows viewers are “brain dead” as much as it shows they’re “brain malleable.”

    • http://gravatar.com/cedonn charles donnelly

      Berman, if you think NBC is on the left you probably think Fox is centrist. I see you like to defend Fox, which is an impossibility–not just that they are wrong, but they lie, which is evil.
      Don’t throw those others at me, I don’t watch them and I don’t care what they do, but no one lies like Fox, which makes a mockery of the first amendment, as you make a mockery of discourse.

    • Davis

      @Craig Berntson
      And that brings up a second issue. Is it the viewer’s fault or that of the “news” outlet. If every story continually calls it Obamacare and rarely calls it ACA, who is at fault here?

      People who depend on mainstream media for important information are at fault. People who can’t gather information and think for themselves are at fault

      • AATTP

        President Obama and the Democrats embraced the term “Obamacare” long ago, so it’s perfectly appropriate to use that term when referring to the ACA.

  • Cis

    If you break it down even further, the numbers spike. If you ask these same people if they approve of each specific provision of the ACA (as long as you don’t mention that they are IN the ACA), you’ll see majority numbers rather than minority numbers. Why? Because their brains work on buzzwords, not facts. They don’t know what’s IN the ACA, they’re just told that it’s bad and they run with it.

    • https://www.facebook.com/kieth.brackett Kieth Brackett

      Why does my mom hate Obamacare? She tries showing me links from breitbart, townhall, wnd, etc that prove beyond a doubt that when she turns 72 next April she has to go before a civilian panel who will judge her to determine if she has anything to contribute to society which she doesn’t and will then take away all access to medical care because death panels do exist in her mind. It’s not that they don’t know what’s in it, they don;t care what’s in it, it was written by an evil black man as mom calls him and nothing will change their mind because they are more afraid of Obama trying to do them right than they are of the people intentionally lying to them.

      • fred

        If your mom reads brietbart and watches FOX NOISE she get what she deserves … hahahaha… Death panels only exist at insurance companies board of directors

      • Joe

        What I fail to understand is why people just wouldn’t look up the info for themselves. I personally support the ACA because it is directly going to help me in ways that I need. Other people seem to be obsessed with the price tag of the thing, but understand little how the actual money will work. They also like to throw in buzz words like moocher when it comes to people who will benefit from the ACA. Ironically, if you explained the ACA to them without the buzzwords, they probably wouldn’t know what you were talking about, especially if you drop all the negative garbage that the conservative sides likes to make a point of yelling when it comes to the act.

      • http://www.minicatracingusa.com Jim S

        I would hope that people that buy into the right wing rhetoric from Fox noise, hannity, beck, limbaugh, levin, etc. are deemed too mentally ill to own a gun! No THAT would be poetic justice!

  • http://robinpeacock.wordpress.com robinpeacock

    Why leave the motive out of it for now? It is because the POTUS is a black man, plain and simple. Tell it like it is. Racism rules the lives of these people. Ask Justice (sic) Scalia.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mark.gruben Mark Gruben

    Frankly, I don’t really know enough about ACA to have a hard-and-fast opinion on it. Nor do I have an opinion on the Republican alternative to the ACA, but SINCE THERE ISN’T ONE…..it’s much harder to form an opinion. I do think it’s fundamentally wrong for the GOP to demonstrate their displeasure with the ACA by voting to defund it, and to tie that effort to a shutdown of the government. In the real world, if there is something wrong with a certain law, then lawmakers propose changes to make the law more workable; they don’t just negate the law by withholding funding. They have chosen the cowardly, lazy, possibly illegal version of lawmaking, instead of making changes in the law itself to make it more practical. Nice job, GOP…..don’t you even want to TRY to regain your majority in Congress next year?

    • https://www.facebook.com/sarahanne.bower Sarah Anne Bower

      Mark, The ACA is the republican answer. We libs wanted MediCare for all. The ACA is a republican idea that they supported until we elected Mr Obama to office.

  • Dustin Dawind

    Dude, this article is fundamentally flawed. I consider myself to be moderate leaning liberal and fully support Obamacare, but if you look at the poll itself you will see that out of the 900 respondents 443 (sample A) were asked the Obamacare question and 457 (Sample B) were asked the Affordable Care Act question. So they did not ask the same respondents both questions meaning that some variation in the results is to be expected.

    • https://www.facebook.com/michael.moerland Michael Moerland

      150% difference in responses is statistically significant in any study.

    • http://www.minicatracingusa.com Jim S

      Nice way to weasel out of it.

  • http://gravatar.com/sheikyerbouti2 sheikyerbouti2

    Personally, I LOVE Obamacare AKA The Affordable Care Act. Having the misfortune of being chronically ill, which was formerly considered to be a pre-existing condition by insurance companies; I’m protected from being denied the medical coverage I need in order to survive.

    I’m too old to take a 2nd full time job so I can pay for the prescription medications that keep me alive, and jobs aren’t readily available in today’s brutal world. The only thing better would be single a payer system. AND single payer keep medical costs lower too.



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