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Fox ‘News’ Media ‘Blackout’ after Bundy Racist Tirade (Video)

For nearly three weeks Cliven Bundy and his “brave” stand against the “tyranny” of the federal government has been front and center at Fox News, they have conducted numerous on air interviews with the outlaw rancher and he has been on nearly every show on the Channel.  Then the New York Times published remarks on Wednesday that Bundy made on Saturday while speaking to his adoring followers at what he calls his daily news conference.

Cliven Bundy riding horse with flag

When Cliven Bundy opined that ‘negroes’ might be happier if they were still picking cotton, that was too much, even for the people at Fox News. Photo: Screen grab.

While few reporters are showing up for them since the standoff ended it would have served him well if none had showed up on Saturday, the day that he waxed philosophic over the plight of the “Negro” saying that they just sit around on the porch and abort their babies while collecting that check from the government.  He opined that they might be happier if they were still out there picking cotton.

Apparently that was a step too far even for Fox.  Since those remarks went public the Channel has mentioned Mr. Bundy only two times briefly, once when Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocey compared his situation to that of two landowners in Texas and again when Andrew Napolitano told his viewers that it was time to focus on the events in Texas and “forget the battle in Nevada.”

The one thing that no one at Fox mentioned on air was the racist remarks Bundy had made over the weekend although Greta van Susteren did comment on her blog saying, “Let me make this plain: I condemn what Cliven Bundy said about African Americans.”

While Fox tries to distance themselves from him now it is much too late, they have given him too much support to back away now, Sean Hannity alone has given him so much air time that he announced this week that Hannity is his “hero.”

You can watch his racist rant below.

h/t: Media Matters.

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  • BLH

    “Your network has become the laughing stock” what do you mean has become? It always has been! Looks like it’s never to late to come from the dark side over to the good guys though! Yay!

  • Judith Myers Fingar and Braxton Lee Petty

    I as a long time republican, (over fifty years ) have heard just about everything but this Bundy idiot has left me no choice but to boycott your network. I feel that Mr Hannity should be fired for inciting a riot with Mr Bundy as the victum when he is really a crook and a racist old man. Mr Hannity crossed the line and I am starting a site for people who think he should be fired can sign up and these will be presented to the owner of the network. Your network has become the laughing stock of television and the bane of the republican party.

  • https://www.facebook.com/CrazyArt2012 Arthur Blakey II

    Why is anyone surprised with this ignorant bigot’s views on race? He is so clueless that he deems himself a patriot while flying the American flag and unilaterally nullifying the US government’s legitimate role in managing public lands. His capacity for self-parody is his only notable attribute. Moreover, these types of gun-toting racists are a dime a dozen. Duck Dynasty with armed militias. What’s truly remarkable is how the credulous conservatives at Faux News have aligned themselves with his bizarre insurrection. Do they want bloodshed? Do they endorse lawless behavior by right wing extremists? Shiftless “Negroes” bad; violent militias good. I guess Oklahoma city never happened. What price another sound byte for the news cycle? One must wonder where Bozos like Sean Hannity and Megan Kelly get their marching orders.The pay must be mighty good because their shameless sycophancy is breath-taking.

  • https://www.facebook.com/laurie.neufeld.79 Laurie Neufeld

    Why is he posing with an American flag (i.e., federal symbol), if he doesn’t recognize there’s a federal government? Oops.

    • Bob K

      Perhaps it has something to do with him being an idiot hoping someone will mistake him for only being a moron?

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