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Fox News Guest Calls Minimum Wage the ‘Black Teenage Unemployment Act’

The bigotry and racism were running thick today on Fox when former Reagan economist Art Laffer levelled this jaw dropping bomb live on air to host Jenna Lee when talking about the minimum wage in America.

“The minimum wage makes no sense whatsoever to me, honestly it’s just the teenage — Black Teenage Unemployment Act. And this is the very group that we need to have jobs, not be put out of work because of a minimum wage. So, I’m very much in favor of, at least for teenagers, getting rid of the minimum wage so we can bring them back into the labor force, get them the skills they need, to continue being productive members of society for years and years.”

The drooling and tent pitching over dropping the minimum wage for America’s teenagers didn’t stop there either, as American Enterprise Institute Resident Scholar Michael Strain suggested that not only should the minimum wage not be raised, it should be lowered to $4 an hour for teenagers because businesses shouldn’t be asked to take the “$7.25 an hour risk on that worker.”

You heard that right folks, while Art Laffer believes that abolishing the minimum wage for black teenagers in order to help them find jobs, Michael Strain believes that it should at least be lowered because no should ever be asked to hire one of those snotty brats and take a financial risk on them.

Take a look at the exchange on Fox News if your stomach can handle it.



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  1. Art Laffer, the fountainhead for the supply side economic myth-mess. Why would anyone believe anything he asserts? He or Jude Wanniski, or Dickhead Cheney, or Donald Rumsfeld, the others who pushed this economic voodoo blather at the expense of the 99%.

  2. Deja vu all over again! During the 1970s, then-President Nixon accepted the same argument from McDonald’s Management and exempted them from paying minimum wage! As a positive result,m then-Mayor Alioto denied franchisees access to the City and Count of San Francisco unless they paid employees minimum wage. Until 1978 when Mayor Diane Feinstein lifted the ban, there was only ONE McDONALD’s RESTAURANT IN SAN FRANCISCO; after the ban lifted? Can you say McDonald’s moved into every neighborhood ala Starbucks?

  3. If all these CEO;s didn’t have to bring home billions of dollars a month they could pay the minimum wage. and shouldn’t treat teenagers any different then any body else. black or white. We are all people, why does the government keep trying to seperate us.

  4. I recently wrote an article about how an increase in the minimum wage rate increases unemployment. You can read it here: (Link Redacted)

  5. Sounds like he wants to bring back slavery, after all it wasn’t all THAT bad.

  6. How about a “CEO Training Wage”… they work for free for the first year, then get minimum wage until they prove they can benefit the company… Companies are extraordinarily eager to take a chance on a multi-million dollar CEO who has never worked in their industry (think J. C. Penney), but wants a teenager to work for nothing to get “experience” to qualify them to work for $1 an hour.

  7. Were that a commentater on MSNBC that said a “white boy’s” minimum wage we would have seen them immediately fired, no questions asked. But, Fox rewards this bigotry and conservatives follow like the idiotic sheepole they are.

  8. do they even realize how bigoted they sound, or do they just not listen to themselves? mayne it’s sitting around with their heads up their asses there’s too much shit in their ears. somebody send them a box of q-tips.

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