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Fox Lies Again! References Bogus Obama ‘Royal Food-Taster’ Story Ad Nauseam (Video)

Fox “News” reached a new low this week, repeatedly running a story about President Obama refusing to eat lobster salad at a lunch with Republican lawmakers this week due to the absence of his food-taster.  The spin was that President Obama is a smug  elitist who must have someone taste every morsel of food before he will consider consuming it.

Of course, they were way of the mark.  The fact (something Fox is allergic to, apparently) is that every POTUS since Ronald Reagan has had a food-taster.  It’s part of the job, like riding in ultra-secure Air Force One or having body guards accompany you everywhere you go.  It has nothing to do with President Obama being some entitled snob.   Fox is so desperate to make President Obama look bad we’re surprised Ailes hasn’t ordered a week-long exposé on the man’s condiment choices, accusing him of demanding only Grey Poupon.

Watch Fox make royal asses out of themselves while reporting that the president thinks he is a King and must have royal food-tasters in this video, courtesy of Mediaite:


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  • Jean Blumenthal

    As a former Air Force wife…my former husband was attached to Air Force One…he was one of the men, actually, Chief Steward, who did the food preparation and served the president and staff. There was no personal chef, the men and women were air force personnel, all NCO’s…with top security clearances….get your facts straight FOX NEWS…

  • Tel

    “Again”? When did the news on FOX ever lie? They’ve never had to retract a story, unlike the other “news.”

    • AATTP

      Just because they don’t retract their lies doesn’t mean they don’t lie. I’m pretty sure Hitler went to his grave insisting he was doing the right thing too.

      The first thing a cult does is convince you everyone else is lying to you.

      Good thing we and others keep a close eye on Bulls**t Mountain, aka Fox News:


      • [email protected]

        aattp, what you say can be equally applied to your (cult) commie buddies who are always trying to discredit fox. if you desire to believe their lies because they jive with you own ideology, how are you any better than Hitler’s supporters?

        • AATTP

          Can you please go to the website we linked to and discredit each instance of Fox’s documented lies with evidence?

          We’ll wait.

          • [email protected]

            aattp, well, for ONE, this “royal food taster” is a pretty good example, where exactly is it “bogus”? i’m sure many viewers found it interesting that there’s a Food Taster job in the WH

            you should be Happy that fox presents some of the other side. after all, did you trust the established press to discredit dishonest statements from our president relating to Healthcare, Benghazi, the Sequester, etc.? or were you alarmed at the sinister commie lies (with no apology offered) from the likes of Rather, Crowley, or Mitchell, all who call themselves legitimate reporters?

            and you denounce fox news? we’ll wait for you to get a brain

          • AATTP

            Sean Hannity…is that you?!?!?

            You’re hysterical.

          • [email protected]

            it only is what it is. hannity makes no bones about his opinionated commentary. i don’t care for some of it, it’s not completely honest. but compare him to olbermann, maddow, or maher, who really push the hate and lousy facts. verdad?

          • Kirk Kirkpatrick

            Really, We are supposed to take you seriously? Right?

            There is no greater evidence of the lack of any kind of rational thought on the US right wing.

            I will be willing to bet that +cloudshe has never met a commie or left the US, that cloudshe can’t point out Benghazi on a map. (What was the scandal at Benghazi? When you answer we can switch the conversation to Arabic and see how much you really know.)

            Here is the best description of the modern US right wing (the US Taliban)
            “Do not associate my name with anything you do. You are extremists, and you’ve hurt the Republican party much more than the Democrats have.” Mr Conservative Barry Goldwater to the Republican establishment shortly before his death.

  • cloudshe

    the only thing Bogus about your article is your Lie that somehow Fox didn’t tell the truth about this incident. the real title should be “americans against the tea party lies again”, but most of us have already figured that out

    • AATTP

      If you think Faux didn’t distort and twist the truth in that story to suit their agenda and make President Obama look bad, you’ve obviously been brainwashed to the point of no return. Stop watching now before your brain fully completes its metamorphosis into a mashed potato-like substance. You’ve been warned.

      Also, we highly doubt “most” of anyone thinks we’re the liars. Certainly not the over half of the country who voted President Obama into office…TWICE, despite Faux’s best efforts to thwart his success.

  • LaQuita

    As much as republicans hate him, I wouldn’t eat it either. Fox is implying that Obama is an elitist, which in republicanese means “uppity n**ger.”

    • AATTP

      We agree.

  • michelle

    Think about it folks….”I can’t eat because I don’t have my ‘food taster’…” Don’t you think he set himself up for that one?

    • AATTP

      What should he have said? It was the truth.

      • [email protected]

        face it aattp, news folks love to get attention by bringing up the foibles of the famous and powerful. there were no lies here, the viewer makes up his/her own mind. if this had been a jibe on Bush, you would have been totally “ROTFLMAO”, you silly hypocrite

        • AATTP

          Your poor brain’s transition into a mashed potato-like substance is clearly complete.

          • [email protected]

            aattp, not that i expected any intelligent response from you. you sound like an obama campaign: all smear, no substance, lowest common denominator thought process

          • AATTP

            We is stoopid. :(

            But not as stupid as someone who thinks Fox News is a bastion of truth.

          • [email protected]

            “bastion of truth” not, but reasonably fair and certainly more conservative than most. i think we are especially fortunate to have access to conservative viewpoints, in light of the well documented love affair that the press has with obama. i believe most conservatives were willing to give obama the benefit of the doubt, although no one really was able to research his credentials or history of success. but when we found out that “hope and change” was nothing but a smokescreen for his wildly liberal intentions, we had to question his competence and effectiveness in office. at least Fox is asking these questions, because a lot of statements coming from the obama machine and its friends in the media are pure BS.

          • AATTP

            There’s nothing we can say to make you change your mind because it’s already made up. If we cite sources other than Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity etc. you’ll say they’re liberally biased. If we show you research, you’ll say that’s liberally biased.

            The thing is, cloudshe, conservatives perceive the media as being liberally biased because REALITY has a liberal bias. Anything that doesn’t jive with your bizarre world view is labeled liberal propaganda. But it’s not; it’s just the truth.

          • [email protected]

            what makes you so certain that your BS sniffer is any better than mine, aattp? i think i’ve shown how this story is factual, they even admit the possibility that other presidents may have had the same security issues, yet you can’t get past the headline that claims “lie” & “bogus” , where’s your reality on That? it’s so typically liberal to believe that everyone Else lives in some “bizarre world”, maybe you need to broaden your perspective. after all, jon stewart and bill maher are not actual news people, in case you haven’t heard

          • AATTP

            The problem is the SPIN they put on the story. They inferred that President Obama is an excessive snob–which is true in their bizarro world, but here in REALITY every POTUS since Reagan has has a food-taster. They called him “King Obama” for chrissake!

            Surely you aren’t THIS obtuse.

            How about Fox’s coverage of Obama’s trip to Israel? Oh, right…they didn’t cover it because it doesn’t fit their lying “Obama isn’t friendly to Israel” narrative. How about them apples?


          • [email protected]

            sorry, just didn’t see it as “lies again” or “bogus”, it appears it’s YOUR spin that makes it look phoney. we were given Freedom of the Press to ensure our government is scrutinized. you libs are very into that when there’s a GOP administration, but where have the big three been since wonder kid got elected? you should spend some time in someone else’s moccasins imho

          • AATTP

            Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree. We’re not calling for Fox to be taken off the air (yet) so your “freedom of the press” point is irrelevant. Under the blanket of that argument, however, we also have the right to continue calling them out on their B.S.–and trust me, we will.

            We’ll let OUR audience decide.

          • [email protected]

            well, how typical. you sound like “us liberal geniuses are in charge, so WE’LL decide who gets First Amendment Rights”. you should immigrate to China, they like folks there who think like you. i’m sure a lot of us in the USA would miss you!

          • AATTP

            And you sound like a typical paranoid TEApublican, taking what we wrote and twisting it into something that doesn’t even remotely reflect our original statement. No wonder you like Fox so much; they speak your coo-coo language.

            Go read it again We said nothing about taking anyone’s First Amendment rights, just that we have the right to call Fox out on their B.S. Those are OUR First Amendment rights in action.

            Also noteworthy, we’ve approved every single one of your comments and yet you accuse us of not supporting First Amendment rights.

          • [email protected]

            hey aattp, if your Original Statement was that these clips from fox were “Lies” and “Bogus”, regret i saw none of that, only a somewhat comic representation of one of the Prez’s daily challenges. so if i was only twisting your assertion back to something more truthful, how am i the coo coo one?

            secondly, when i read your statement “We’re not calling for Fox to be taken off the air (yet)”, it seemed a little threatening, i guess you were just kidding ;)

            finally, your effort to honestly portray the comments of your viewers is commendable. too many “hater” sites (on both sides) will delete stuff they don’t agree with, which only makes them more ignorant of the issues. so, Good On Yer! personally tho, i would be careful about defending lies from Any source

  • Dee

    Forgot to add…..can someone PLEASE get those two announcers a better hairpiece? Surely even the Fox folks can’t think those are good looks!

  • Dee

    Apparently they fail to realize that this does nothing but showcase them for what they are:

    I could go through the entire alphabet, and still not say a single nice thing about them. That’s sad.

  • Brian McPhillips

    This is just a thinly veiled way to try and browbeat Obama into exposing himself to vulnerability …. after all, the man probably gets hundreds of death threats a day, if not thousands, from right wing nut jobs, who have guns and are about as stable as nitro glycerin

  • Gary Matthews

    Meanwhile, the Repubs are eating lobster salad, paid for with our tax dollars. Just one more example how uncaring and out of touch they are with the average American. Me, I can only afford a PB&J for lunch today.

  • Martha

    I wouldn´t trust them either!.

  • Kilkee

    If there’s a more elitist snob in American life than Tucker Carlson I’ve not seen him. A talentless hack who exists solely because of his moneyed and privileged origins, he seems to particularly enjoy attempting to paint the President as a snob, which leads me to conclude that what really bothers him about such things is that it’s the President being, in his view, uppity.

  • Penny Wells

    Every time they do this, it just helps Democrats. Anyone who is so stupid they don’t know that the Presidents all have to have this done. Thank you Fox for you absolute stupidity once again. HEE HEE. They just don’t get that intelligent people just laugh at them and vote for the other guy. How many people are there.

  • LateNight

    How many food tasters has Mutt Romney gone through in the past ten or twenty years?… Or Donald Trump? Or the Koch(roach) brothers?…

    • michelle

      are you serious? I mean…..ARE YOU SERIOUS!! LOL

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