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Fox Host Suggests Putin Better Leader Than Obama Because He Makes Masses ‘Openly Weep’ (Video)

Since the beginning of the Crimean crisis the right has been unabashedly fawning over Russian President Vladimir Putin and the end of the admiration seems to be nowhere in sight.  The latest example came Friday on Fox News’ Happening Now from host Jenna Lee who gushed about how Putin is able to make his people “openly weep” while noting that President Obama has never moved anyone to tears.

Her guest was Daniel Henninger, Deputy Editorial Page Editor of the Wall Street Journal who wrote in his weekly column Thursday that, “sometime in the first Obama term, opinion polls began to report that the American people were experiencing what media shorthand came to call “fatigue” with the affairs of the world. The U.S. should “mind its own business.” The America-is-fatigued polling fit with Mr. Obama’s stated goal to lead from behind.”

Vladimir Putin,” he goes on, “is teaching the West and especially the United States that fatigue is not an option.”

After listening to Henninger explain that it really doesn’t matter if the American people are feeling this “fatigue syndrome” because it is up to the leadership to make the decisions as to what should be done about Putin and his brazen annexation of Crimea, Lee weighed in.

“It’s interesting to see the contrast in leadership,” she said, “Vladimir Putin with a speech this week talking about Russian nationalism and humiliation, he had people openly weeping in the crowd and I don’t remember a time that any of us have been moved to weep based on a speech about America.”

“Vladimir Putin is an autocrat,” Henninger explained, “and friends of mine who have been in Moscow for the past, say two years tell me you cannot understand the amount of propaganda, anti-U.S. propaganda, that is being fed to the Russian people on Russian television, nothing like it, it’s unprecedented, they didn’t even do this sort of thing back during the cold war.”

At the end of the interview Henninger hit on what it is about Putin that has the right behaving like a bunch of teen age girls at the stage door after a concert by their latest heartthrob.  This is an issue that detracts the President from domestic issues such as promoting sign-ups for Obamacare and preparing for the mid-term elections this fall, to them it is like Christmas every day with Santa bringing them everything on their wish list.  For that they will even cheer on a foreign dictator.

Watch the conversation in the video below.

h/t:  Media Matters for Ameica

About Bob Cull

I'm retired and live in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. I have strong opinions and my political bent has not changed since I was in high school. Most of my family thinks that I need to find a "real" hobby to fill my time in retirement, but I am content to share my opinions with others and exercise my "right" as a cranky old retired dude to express my views--which are based on many years of real world experience.
  • https://www.facebook.com/MichaelJamesWebster Michael Webster

    George W Bush often made the masses openly weep, but it wasn’t because he was a great leader.

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  • majiir

    The only time I’ve wept was when I would read, day after day, the names of our dead military that GWB and his cronies sent to die in that hellhole known as Iraq. It’s “cowboy diplomacy” that many on the right want, but they’re SOL with this president. I think their main reason for being pissed with him has to do with his ignoring their behinds. This is a win-win for the American people and for our military.

    • http://facebook jacquelynweddington

      I am not surprised those who are for a “strong” president are those who stand in no danger of having to be drafted or forced to lose life or limb like the young folks who have been exposed to ten years of unrighteous wars. I have no use for those so anxious to send others into a war or war like zone. What can they possibly be thinking about.

      • Hooper

        No one is talking about going to war, that’s just your default position to try and save this pathetic, incompetent president. Leadership is important in all kinds of things. Maybe a strong leader would have kept Russia out Ukraine without going to war. Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

        • bayhuntr

          Actually, only thing I’m worried about are the “incompetent” US citizens on the right, of which you are one of. You haven’t made any case, just lots of claims, or more precisely, talking points, you’re great at parroting them. Exactly how could have we kept Putin out of the Ukraine? The same way Bush kept Russia out of Georgia? The right is putting their hate for Obama before what’s best for our nation, and Putin loves you for it!

        • Bob Cull

          Putin’s mind was made up long ago, Hooper, he was going to invade Crimea no matter who was President. He didn’t defy Obama, he defied the entire International community. He is the man who said that the greatest tragedy of the 20th century was the demise of the Soviet Empire and you think that Mittens or anyone could have stopped him? You truly are delusional.

          • Hooper

            And, yet, the left criticized Palin for pointing out exactly what you’re saying. Oh, the hypocrisy.

            Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter when Putin decided to invade Crimea, what matters is when he actually did it. He did it on Obama’s watch. That’s the price of elections. Obama gets the blame because he is at the wheel.

            And here we have the entire worldview of the left

            ” you think that Mittens or anyone could have stopped him?”

            Maybe. Maybe not. But we no one thing, Putin chose now to invade and no one stopped him.

            I’m sure the people of Crimea are sympathetic to the most powerful country on earth throwing up its hands and saying, “well, there’s nothing we can do.”

          • Bob Cull

            Tell you what, Hoop, you and the rest of your pretend soldier buddies take your AKs and get into your cammies (that really makes you look manly) and you go on over there and actually do the fighting that you are always spoiling for (as long as you aren’t the ones who have to do it.)

            The true patriots are sick of your kind screaming for war at every turn when not a single one of you are willing to fight in them, you just want to send others to do your dying for you. It was the same way with Nam, just look at all the big brave right wingers who were one hundred percent in favor of that war — Dumbya had Daddy bribe his way into a NG unit that had no possibility of going under any conditions, Cheney “had other priorities.” The only one of the chicken hawks who actually went was Ollie North and he was such a douche that the only reason he came back alive was LUCK when his own men tried to frag him.

            Screaming “kick ass and take names” all the time doesn’t prove your patriotism, it just proves that you are an arrogant ass.

          • Hooper

            Now that Bobby has become unhinged again, the rest of us can continue talking.

            No one is talking about going to war. Lots of things can happen before that is necessary – if ever. Obamas response? Sanctions on 6 people in Russian.

            Spin it all you like, but we AND OBAMA are being laughed at. If you’ll remember “hope and change” and “increase our standing in the world”, how’s that working out for you? Say what you will about W (and you will) he was taken seriously by the rest of the world’s leaders.

          • Bob Cull

            Dumbya was a laughingstock! My 8 year old grandson has a better command of the English language than that dry drunk!

          • Hooper

            Assuming your appraisal of Bush is correct, the reaction of world leaders for Obama and Bush is quite different – and startling.

        • bayhuntr

          Hooper, about your “We will never know” statement, You are right, we don’t know if Romney had been elected president he would have taken us to war in Syria and Putin would have used that as a chance to invade all of the Ukraine and not just a small part of it. And, of course, Romney would have cut the tax on the rich and put the cost of his war on the credit card running up the deficit and you would vote for him again, just like you did Bush. But we will never know, will we?

        • https://www.facebook.com/MichaelJamesWebster Michael Webster

          Obama is the most respected US leader world wide for a very long time. He has done more to restore America’s reputation internationally as a serious global player than you can imagine. I’d like to know who these strong leaders you are talking about are – I expect they’re the ones who’ve caused military failure after military failure for the US, and been rightly seen in the rest of the world as all bark and no bite.

          Obama’s response to Putin has been perfectly reasonable. A military option isn’t available – unless you want to forget about Russia’s nuclear weapons. In fact it’s likely that Putin was spooked by Ukraine moving closer to Europe and eventually to Nato, as he has been by Georgia in the past.

          Many international problems (and domestic ones) can’t be solved by simplistic bloviation. Containment and reduction of tensions is the best that can be achieved, and the Obama administration is helping to do just that.

          American’s belief that a leader can’t be a strong leader unless they’re constantly spouting empty threats to the rest of the world is sickening. George W Bush almost single handedly destroyed the massive outpouring of support for America after 911 by saying “you’re either with us or against us”. Many were very much for America, but couldn’t possibly be for an ignorant incompetent fool being leader of the world’s most powerful country.

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  • Hooper

    Conservatives recognize a strong leader when they see one. Now we see one in Putin. His politics are abhorrent, but he is a leader.

    What do we have? An incompetent who goes on between two ferns and late night talk shows and distributes pictures of himself in his mom jeans.

    • Bob Cull

      Yet another “brilliant” critique by the fountain of “wisdom” that is Hooper.

      When one is trying to reach a young audience one does not go to the old folks home, one goes to where the young people are. That would be Between Two Ferns.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with a President having a sense of humor, the man that you righties insist on claiming as your own (he would be a Democrat today) Abraham Lincoln was well known for his wit and humor.

      Your ad hominem attack based on appearance doesn’t need a response, we are all well aware of your penchant for that. It’s to bad the whole world can’t have your riveting good looks and impeccable mode of dress.

      • Hooper

        When one is trying to reach a young audience, one should also consider that one will also have to reach an middle aged audience, an older audience, and an audience of statesmen. If one wants to be a leader, then you send someone else. Some leaders can get away with it, some have to guard how they are perceived more carefully.

        Of course you have no way of knowing Lincoln would be a democrat. Frankly, I have my doubts because he would absolutely cringe about what you’ve done to self-worth and self-respect.

        The jeans are all part of the leadership style, such as it is. HE chose the picture to release to the public, it’s not like someone snapped a cameo shot, HE chose it. Which means HE chose the image HE wanted (I don’t see a lot of democrats complaining about the press being treated like The State Stenographers) to portray to the public. Deciding that mom jeans is just the look he wants to portray is symptomatic of how he wants to be considered. And now that’s showing up in his relationships with other leaders. He’s a joke. He’s laughed at as weak and ineffectual.

        You can deny it all day long, and you will, but that’s the way it is.

        • Bob Cull

          Sorry, I missed it when you were making snide remarks about pics of Dumbya in his jeans, pretending to be pulling brush.

          • Hooper

            W was clearing brush from his ranch. O was talking on the phone.

        • Bob Cull

          Almost forgot, one cannot reach all demographics at one time each requires focus and will not be reached in the same place at the same way, only an idiot thinks that is possible. The young invincibles were the target audience on BTF, and he was promoting the ACA to them.

          • Hooper

            We know what he was doing and we know his objective. He should have sent someone else. If he wants to be taken seriously, then he should regard the office as serious. He doesn’t. So very few, including those in the US and those outside the US, take him seriously any more.

            He wanted to entertain and he achieved that. People are laughing at him now. No one is laughing at Putin.

        • Eleanor Earley

          Hooper, the ones responsible for taking away self esteem from people is the teabagger/repugs. They have made every attempt to shove Seniors, poor and middle class so far down that the hole gets bigger and bigger. I have more respect for our President than I ever had for W and Cheney and mom jeans wouldn’t fit either one of their sorry asses. Our President has always been dressed properly when in the public eye. As a Senior I speak from experience on what the teabagger/repugs have done to us. I worked and paid taxes for 50 years; I was a single mother and raised two children with NO assistance; and one thing I have learned over the past five years – never again vote for a teabagging/repug because they care about no one but the wealthy.

        • http://f jackie

          Seriously someone cares what the President wears when he talks on the phone. GIve us a break. He looks really spiffy when he is in public.

    • JFischer

      If Obama behaved like Putin, you would be talking about tyranny — and actually be correct. Then you and yours would be all for diplomacy, negotiations, and sanctions.

      • Hooper

        You’re right, JFischer. But we’re not talking about behavior, we’re talking about being a leader. The fact that you don’t get the distinction says a lot.

        • bayhuntr

          Hooper, you don’t get it, if Putin had citizens like you, he or his associates would have you taken out, but we are here in the US were you are allowed to undermined the authority of the president and hurt the interest of the nation and not be held responsible for your lack of knowledge and your ease of being played by the right.

          • Hooper

            Exactly, bayhuntr. Your post shows exactly why Obama is so weak. Democrats have the presidency and senate and yet there’s this constant complaint from Obama, Reid, and you about TTP. If you and Obama want to get something done then convince enough people in the country to support candidates who want what you want. That’s what a leader would do.

            That’s what conservatives are talking about when they talk a Obamas weakness. He blames everyone else, you support his delusion, the biggest boogeyman for all of you is TTP.

          • bayhuntr

            Agreed, but there is a problem, all you had to do was convince the people of the US to not vote for Obama, TWICE! but the people you ran against him, were weak leaders, they failed. You clearly are weak yourself, you haven’t convinced one person here to change their mind. So, you tried to elect a weak, by your definition, loser like Romney and you are a loser on this site, again, by your definition of weak.
            Interesting concept, you can basically blame any failure on a man by claiming, since he didn’t overcome the obstacles placed in his way by others, like the filibuster, a corrupt House of Representatives and the damage to our word in the international community due to the lie of WMD. Did I say interesting concept? I meant ignorant. No wonder you’re such a weak man with concepts like that.

            Oh, and Obama has handled most of his international issues like a great leader, you just hate him and hate makes you weak and apparently ignorant.

    • Bayhuntr

      One other thing, just like the American right, Russians see exactly what the those in power want them to see with the use of wealth and media.

  • Michelle

    Did you ever think you’d see the day that the republican party would be praising a Russian dictator? Who the heck is steering the ship over there? I can’t imagine this latest tactic is going to play well for long except amongst a very thin demographic.

  • https://www.facebook.com/laurie.neufeld.79 Laurie Neufeld

    Maybe she needs to read up about Potemkin villages and audience shills…

  • D. King

    Tell me again why the Republicans are so in love with an ex-KGB officer–do they hate President Obama THAT much? Or maybe they think if they empower Putin that Ronald Reagan will be resurrected?

    Scratching my head and really trying to understand…

    • katzkids

      They are in love with Putin because he exemplifies everything they want to do to America – turn it into a theocratic GOPTP run Dictatorship. No First Amendment, except for their propaganda, imprison LGBT, women, the poor, minorities & anyone who speaks out against them.

      • Hooper

        Yes, because Russian communists just love the Christian church. Wow, what a dumb comment.

        You can’t even your bigotry straight. In the future, choose which bigotry you’re going to concentrate on and stay laser-focused on that part of bigotry you hold so dear.

        • Michelle

          You are unaware of Putin’s use of the Russian Orthodox Church to further his agenda?

        • Bayhuntr

          Hopper, there is nothing worst than errogince and ignorance in the same person. Putin and the Greek Orthidox Church ARE in bed together. Also, mist if the nation is buying what the church is selling. Just look at their so called “Anti sexual propaganda law” the law was written by the church and promoted by their friend Putin. The church also had had a connection to the KGB, making Putin even closer to them.
          You need to stop just repeating nonsense you hear on line just becouse it agrees with your ideology.

          • Paul

            1. Hooper, *I* agree with you.
            2. I joined htis blog and sat back reading and absorbing before I chose to comment.
            3. What I see, luckily is not a cross-section of Americans here, but for the most part, bitter membership.
            4. I did, however, REALLY enjoy my laugh. when I read all the way to the bottom ans saw ” … AATTP HAS A NO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR COMMENTS CONTAINING … PERSONAL ATTACKS … “. Uh, MOST of what I SEE here is Personal Attacks by the majority of the posters. Your targets are Hooper, Fox News, Tea Party Members, and the Republican party. Good thing “AATTP” has — no tolerance for personal attacks.
            5. You guys are a real class act.

          • bayhuntr

            I see you have nothing of substance to add, you should get along with Hopper. Pointing out Hopper is ignorant of the facts is not a personal attack. I didn’t say he was ignorant and arrogant, I just stated they were a bad combination. For example, when Hopper said “Wow, what a dumb comment” that is not a personal attack, he didn’t say “You are dumb” he stated the comment was dumb. Now, the comment wasn’t dumb, he’s just ignorant of the facts.

            I hope you have learned something here today!

          • Bob Cull

            Hooper is a troll, Paul, something you are apparently very much familiar with, we have allowed him to get away with his name calling in the past, and we regularly get accused by him of personal attacks for simply pointing out his ignorance. That is not a personal attack, it is a statement of FACT. If there is anything funny here it is Hooper and his Faux News disinformation.

          • Paul

            Um, uh, duh me. I was certainly NOT disagreeing with Hooper in ANY way, nor disparaging Hooper in ANY way. I absolulety AGREE with Hooper. It was the likes of YOU, “Bob Cull” and “bayhuntr” that I was commenting about, when I said I see mostly “bitter” members. Hooper is fine, it’s the REST of you that i was commenting on.
            AND what made me laugh was the “Rules” I got to at the bottom that said “…AATTP HAS A NO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR … PERSONAL ATTACKS…”
            THAT is what made me laugh so much.
            Many of the comments, are FULL of personal attacks on Hooper and anyone else (like me soon I’m sure) who dares to disagree with the majority of the AATTP opinions.
            HOOPER, keep up the good fight. Sadly, those with their heads up Ob’s backside may come out and see the light one day. Or then, maybe they’ll vote for the “Hill” to keep up the “wonderful” work the current “little guy” is doing to OUR great country.

  • Eleanor Earley

    A perfect example of what mom always said. Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Sure fits Fox and their employees very well.

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