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Five of Cliven Bundy’s Grandkids Pulled From School Because They Can’t Bring Weapons to Class (Video)

If you thought you’d never hear this man’s name again, you were mistaken. Five of Cliven Bundy’s grandchildren were pulled from their Clark County, Nevada schools because of a ban on bringing knives on campus.

After officials at Virgin Valley High School in Mesquite told Ryan Bundy, Welfare Cowboy’s son, that his 15-year-old daughter was not permitted to bring her pocketknife to school because Clark County School policy prohibits weapons on campus, Bundy pulled his children from school.

Bundy disputes the claim that knives — sharp, pointy metal objects — are weapons, and explained to administrators that he has always taught his children it is essential to always carry one with them.

“I’ve taught my children a knife is important to have,” Bundy said. “It’s a tool that you use, and you need to have one with you at all times.”

The Bundy children claim that they use their knives for their daily chores on the family ranch, and their father claims that the school district is attempting to make his children look like delinquents just because they are violating school policy by bringing blades on campus.

“They’re trying to make my child a criminal – and any other child a criminal – for simply having something, and that is not right,” Ryan Bundy explained.

Bundy did not explain why his children needed to have their weapons with them at school, but he said that he plans to speak with school administrators in hopes of convincing them to allow his kids to have special privileges — something he likely learned from his father, who thinks he is above paying grazing fees.

Bundy’s daughter hopes that her father resolves this insane conflict soon, as she was excited to begin her freshman year at Virgin Valley High.

“I hope that somehow figures this out because I still would like to go to this school,” she said “I really don’t want to be homeschooled.” 

And who can blame her? Would you want this man teaching you…anything?

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Watch a report on this insanity, below:

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  • THApeanutMagician

    But if they can’t bring knives to school, how else are they going to intimidate those icky public school teachers.

  • CherMoe

    Proof that some people should NEVER be allowed to reproduce … and also, that the apples sure don’t fall far from the tree.

  • Guy Lauten

    Another RW nutter that puts his “principles” about some made-up threat over the happiness of his daughter. In this case a knife, the other an Uzi, both exemplify the incredible narcissism of these people. The “principle” of being able to carry and/or use a weapon is more important than their own blood. Disgusting and sad all at the same time. Let the poor girl have some kind of normal life!

  • J. Fischer

    I can understand questions about Boy Scout knives, Swiss Army knives, and similar multi-tool knives. Most people don’t think of those primarily as weapons. Even some smaller pocket knives can be debated.

    Until schools get some sense back, and look at things on a case-by-case basis, just leave the pocketknives at home.

    For our deliberately literal-minded Righties: leave the sheathed knives, bayonets, stilettos, shuriken, throwing knives, machetes, axes, clubs, and any other weapons at home, also.

    • CherMoe

      I’d suggest that these people should home-school their children (for the protection of other people’s children), but I’m pretty sure none of the parents have the brains to do that.

  • Leftcoastrocky

    maybe there are many chores around a ranch where a child might need a knife but can’t think of any in K-12 school.

  • Dot

    You can work it out, Miss Bundy. Do your chores, then leave the stupid knife at home, before going to school. If you forget to leave it at home, go to the school office and ask them to hold onto it until the end of the day. Your dad is doing this just to be a jerk.

  • Telly Samba

    What a jackass. I doubt he has given even a moments thought to how this affects his kids and how they, themselves, want to see this issue resolved. Seems the adults in that Bundy clan need some reality dropped into their little fantasy world.

  • smb11

    She can go to school. Just leave the knife at home. Does her father not give her the freedom to choose not to carry a knife?

  • Batman in Arkham

    I think this offers a pretty disturbing look into the minds of nutjobs who think this way. Weapons are “tools” and wounding and killing are simply “what you use those tools for.”

  • mynameisjohn

    I don’t know which is funnier, that this inbred welfare queen thinks his kids need to have a knife at school (for picking their teeth maybe?), or that there’s a high school in Clark County Nevada name Virgin Valley.

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