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Ferguson Police Removed AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Observers, Media From Protest Area (Images)

What do you do when you are committing criminal acts, inflicting harm on your fellow citizens, and you feel it might be embarrassing if you get caught? You remove the witnesses–and that’s exactly what Ferguson police did on Tuesday in their neverending struggle to reach a new low.

Ever since Michael Brown’s murder, a militarized police force has brutally suppressed dissent in every way possible. As media attention brought public scrutiny of the situation to a boiling point, protesters received a single night of reprieve as a new approach to handling the protests was promised. In an effort to show things were changing, St. Louis County Police Department was removed from Ferguson entirely.

However, not all change is good. Shortly after, Governor Jay Nixon imposed a curfew between midnight and 5 a.m. When civil rights groups began to point out that the curfew was unconstitutional, Nixon lifted the curfew–but police limited protesters’ First Amendment rights, instead. Demonstrators were told that they may not assemble anywhere–they were required to march. To firmly cement his ‘kinder, gentler’ approach to the protests, he called in the National Guard.

Most importantly, police did their best to ensure that the media, who they say are making the situation worse, were as far removed from the situation as possible.

8-19-2014 2-56-57 AM

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8-19-2014 3-00-16 AM

The situation is so tense that Amnesty International sent observers to monitor the human rights abuses in the city of Ferguson–which may present an issue for police, given their liberal use of chemical weapons, rubber bullets, and other unnecessary crowd control techniques that would be considered, at minimum, uncivil in wartime. The use of tear gas on enemy combatants, for instance, is banned in wartime by the Geneva Convention.

8-19-2014 2-36-16 AM

“We criticize dictators for quelling dissent and silencing protesters with tactics like curfews, we’ll certainly speak out when it’s happening in our own backyard,” said Amnesty International USA’s executive director Steven W. Hawkins. “The people of Ferguson have the right to protest peacefully the lack of accountability for Michael Brown’s shooting.”

On Sunday, after observing the situation, Amnesty released three recommendations:

  • A prompt, thorough, independent, and impartial investigation into the shooting of Brown must take place. Brown’s family must be kept informed throughout the investigation. Under international law, police officers suspected of having committed unlawful acts must be held to account through effective investigation, and where warranted, prosecuted.

    • All police departments involved in policing the ongoing protests in Ferguson in response to Brown’s death must act in accordance with international human rights standards. Any human rights abuses in connection with the policing of protests must be independently and impartially investigated, and those responsible held accountable.

    • A thorough review of all trainings, policies, and procedures with regards to the use of force and the policing of protests should be undertaken.

On Monday and early Tuesday morning, Amnesty volunteers continued to be a problem for Ferguson police as they helped injured protesters and reported findings via Twitter.

8-19-2014 2-04-22 AM 8-19-2014 1-57-46 AM

 Obviously, they had to go:

8-19-2014 1-41-50 AM 8-19-2014 1-44-23 AM

8-19-2014 2-59-47 AM 8-19-2014 3-01-41 AM 8-19-2014 3-01-24 AM 8-19-2014 3-00-54 AM 8-19-2014 3-00-31 AM 8-19-2014 1-56-37 AM

The murder of Michael Brown has brought to the forefront of public consciousness the schism between white people and black people with regard to crime. In nearby St. Louis, for example, a white burglary suspect hid in a stranger’s basement, broke an officer’s hand, and assaulted another. Not a single shot was fired.

Michael Brown, on the other hand, was gunned down at range with six bullets entering his body, including one “front to back,” with no evidence of a struggle. When Brown’s killer’s name was finally released nearly a week after the murder, police were sure to include a video that purportedly shows Brown “strong-arm robbing” a store.

However, the Ferguson Market’s attorney says that the owner nor any employees called police to report a robbery. In fact, a customer reported what he thought was a crime. They were shocked when police requested the footage.

We may never know the exact circumstances of the murder, as Ferguson is too cheap to install dash cameras or utilize body cameras for officers.  We do know, however, that Ferguson has a history of abusing African-Americans. In 2009, for instance, Ferguson police brutalized and arrested the wrong suspect–then charged him for property damage because he got blood on the uniforms of his attackers.

Currently, the Ku Klux Klan and a group of people supporting the officer who ended Michael Brown’s young life are collecting blood money to reward the teenager’s killer. The Klan has also pledged to “protect white businesses” from “out of control” “blacks.”

Here’s a note to Ferguson police: If the KKK is on your side and you’re kicking human rights organizations and journalists out…you’re probably in the wrong.

Worse, you probably know it.

Now, watch this CNN anchor suggest turning fire hoses on the African Americans assembled to protest the racism and police brutality on their city:

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  • dragontech64

    Right, turn to god, like ISIS and Al-Qaeda and the Taliban demand. When will religious fucks begin to understand that their outdated myth books should NOT be used to determine how things are done in the 21st Century? We CANNOT move forward by looking at the books of the past! And your “Christ”? Works in his name have killed more than almost any other reason on Earth outside of disease! Give a brain a chance, and throw out the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, and all these MYTHS!

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  • TheEndGameIsNear

    This is the real trigger that will or will not start CWII.

    The way this community handles the melee is the literal trip wire that will tip the critical mass of the nation into the thing that OWS failed to accomplish: Change by ‘peaceful means’?

    Well if that failed there isn’t a community organizer alive that can stem the masses revolt.

    Way to go the wrong way.

    The President turns the other cheek and enjoys another round of golf and a snow cone.

  • Dave

    Somebody needs to show up with a rocket launcher and a machine gun and take these pigs out!

    • Ceiling Chair

      Yeah, like that’s going to solve everyone’s problems.

      • Dave

        Getting rid of pigs will solve a lot of problems. The only reason there are cops is to keep gangbangers from running everything.

        • Ceiling Chair

          H-uh, I was completely unaware that a local pig farm had lost all or most of its stock.
          Maybe we should try looking for the farmer who lost them instead of firing on them?

          • Dave

            You’re an idiot.

          • Ceiling Chair

            The only idiot here is you.
            Violence begets violence.
            If you seriously think that killing all of those police officers is going to improve things then you’re not just an idiot, you’re a sociopath.

          • Dave

            I’m going to kill you.

          • ManApeGoneWrong

            @ Dave — Ah, so you’re a Police Officer. It all makes sense.

          • Dave

            What makes you think that?

        • dragontech64

          While the cops are the biggest gang bangers of all.

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  • Valk-Orion Yoder

    This has got to stop. Two shot, 31 arrested, and most were from California and New York. Is this what its coming to, people coming from all over the country to cut their teeth in Americas war zone? It has to stop before this turns really bad. In the New York times they are claiming the National Gaurd a failure, you DO NOT want what comes next. The insurrectionists act goes into affect, and America is truely a police state when that happens. They can claim a nationwide emergency if these arrest show that most in Ferguson are from out of state. Don’t do this people, you are going to play right into the hands of the prod you are protesting and give them every excuse to suspend the constitution cause that’s what they are alluding to, they can’t stop the violence cause the tactics they use are unconstitutional. So you give them enough excuse and they WILL suspend it. Hell Abraham Lincoln suspended it just to try and do the right thing, these assholes are looking to do it for all the wrong reasons. DONT DO THIS!!!!

    • Kim Serrahn

      And why is this different than the Bundy thing. We all know this is about white vs black plain an simple.

      • Valk-Orion Yoder

        I brought that up before, don’t confuse yourself this is a direct link back to the Bundy fucks. The people across this nation saw the armed militia get away with terrorism and saw the likes of Sean Hannity cheer them on. Now the people in Ferguson are exceeding the standard the Bundy assholes by actually firing on cops. Next step could be a TeaParty group that gets stupid and shows up to counter protest armed, and state authority is rapidly loosing control over the situation.

    • TheEndGameIsNear

      The thing that concerns me is the people in Ferguson from out of state are all over the nation. Also perhaps people are migrating due to scarcity, regulations, and joblessness.

      That’s what the 40% not participating in the labor force without a sponsor (family, friends, etc.) to pay their bills are currently doing.

      In order for any recovery to be sustainable we have to replace people back into the workforce and INCREASE the labor force participation rate.

      Businesses are hiring.

      If communities begin to flush out people looking for work who came to their area they are remaining stagnant and refusing to GROW their respective economies by injecting fresh blood into their markets.

      Not only that there are people coming back into the workforce.

      None of that will matter if the number of people not satisfied with their earning potential begin a war.

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