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Father of Child Murdered at Sandy Hook Heckled by Gun Rights Sickos – and There’s No Excuse! (Op-Ed)

Op-Ed By AATTP Contributor, Huntress Thompson

There really aren’t even words in the English language to describe how upsetting, infuriating and vile I found this display by 2nd Amendment-loving gun nuts during the testimony of a parent whose child was slain during the Newtown massacre.  I have heard some suggest (check out the comments section of these videos and this piece by Eric Wemple of the Washington Post) that the father, Neil Hesslin, had just posed a question to the audience which we did not see because an important part of the video was edited out, but really, who f**king cares?  Regardless of whether or not he asked the crowd what I would assume was a rhetorical question, the respectful thing for them to do would have been to keep their insensitive mouths shut and let the man, who lost his child in a horrific tragedy mere weeks ago, continue with his testimony.  No matter how they try to justify it, the behavior these people exhibited is an absolute disgrace and the idiots commenting on YouTube and writing blog posts in their defense are pathetic and inhumane lunatics who think guns are more important than people.

This isn’t left wing liberal propaganda; it’s a display that anyone with a modicum of human decency would find repulsive, regardless of the supposed context.  Not only that, but the answer to his rhetorical question the crowd provided was thoroughly ignorant and nonsensical.  The Second Amendment did not, does not and never will be a license to have unfettered access to any weapon you want, no matter how yokels try to revise and twist American history to suit their agenda.  A grieving father who had just recounted the brutal murder and subsequent funereal of his young son was shouted at by a rude mob of callous jerks, and all of you defending them with flimsy excuses know it.

Here is a short clip of the event with what I think is spot-on commentary from YouTuber, Jim Pitt Harris, of OneMinuteNews:

Here is a longer version of the clip, sans commentary:


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  • Sandra

    OMG you people are so silly….This man was not heckled the tape was edited to look like that…the Father asked them a question. Here is the real tape…Gun right ppl care about children. You all do not understand that no rifle was used at Sandy Hook..MSNBC even came out and said Adam had 4 pistols and rifle was in the trunk of the car..LOOK IT UP!!! So get off the RIFLE CARD.


    Real unclipped tape you will see he asked
    it is at 15:14 on the video.

    FYI Americans do not own assulat weapons only the militarty does….Colibine was done during a gun ban and no High power Rifle was used and none was used at SANDY HOOK…educate yourselves.

    • Dorothy

      Bull to your conspiracy theory…just ask someone who was there

  • John
    • AATTP

      If you read the piece you’d have seen that the writer covers this. The gist of the Op-Ed is that whether he asked a question or not, the people who shouted out during a grieving father’s testimony were out of line. Not only that, but their answers were ignorant.

  • Larry Raiken

    Did anyone at the meeting offer to put a shiny one in a heckler’s ear?

  • DH

    The Second Amendment states that civilians have the right to bear arms in order to form militias. We have the US Armed Forces, all aspects of which are infinitely more powerful than they were when the 2nd Amendment was penned. We don’t need a militia to defend our country: therefore, we do not have the constitutional right to bear arms.

  • Cephas Q. Atheos

    To be brutally honest, I can’t see any difference whatsoever between these…barbarians, I suppose you’d have to call them, though it doesn’t go far enough – and the Westboro Baptist sickos picketing military funerals.

    Both groups lay claim to authority, but in both cases, they’ve selected a tiny fraction of that authority, and ignored the other 96%. To my mind, that puts both groups squarely in the terrorist ballpark. There’s not an awful lot of difference between shooting a schoolgirl in the face, and screaming psychologically damaging epithets at grieving families.

    Between the misanthropic shouters and the conspiracy tinhats, I’d be proud to hold myself together as well as these victims have.

  • LiberalLarry

    AAHHH The sickness is strong in Tea-Nutology.Don’t be confused,Progressive support gun ownership as well but we don’t believe regulations are bad rather necessary.The Second Amendment “purist” are Tea-Nuts one and all and Tea-Nuts are Psychotic Sociopaths,one and all.

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