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Fast Food Workers in 100 Cities Are Planning Demonstrations to Demand Higher Wages (Video)

In the biggest effort yet to push the fast food industry to pay its workers a decent wage, organizers say that workers in about 100 cities across the nation will walk off the job on Thursday.

The protesters are demanding $15 an hour, an amount that they really do not expect to achieve but something to use as a bargaining chip to start the conversation and see what the industry will counter with.

The National Restaurant Association (the other NRA), has said that this is a “campaign engineered by national labor groups” and that very few of the protesters are actual fast food workers.  This would seem to suggest that their employees are happy with the starvation wages they are being paid.

They also assert that past demonstrations “have fallen well short of their purported numbers.”

Kendall Fells, an organizer with Fast Food Forward, a workers’ advocacy group based in New York, said that in addition to the 100-or-so cities where workers will walk off the job there will be demonstrations in another 100 cities to help drive home the point that it is time these people are paid a decent wage.  The plans for this day began shortly after the one day strikes which took place in 60 cities this past summer.

Senator Harry Reid, (D-NV) has promised to bring the proposal to raise the minimum wage to the floor for a vote before the end of the year where it is likely to pass, however it is not likely to go anywhere in the House where the Republican majority remains steadfastly opposed to any increase.


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I'm retired and live in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. I have strong opinions and my political bent has not changed since I was in high school. Most of my family thinks that I need to find a "real" hobby to fill my time in retirement, but I am content to share my opinions with others and exercise my "right" as a cranky old retired dude to express my views--which are based on many years of real world experience.


  1. Thanks much Bob! I needed that snicker at the expense of Hooper. My, my, aren’t the Tea Bugs out tonight? Wasn’t going to reply until I saw the very unintelligent responses before you, and who can top your reply? My bet is that Hooper & friends don’t work for much more than min. wage themselves. Yet, they defend the “job creators” who have given us all min. or near min. wage jobs by shipping jobs off to whatever 3rd world country they can find. I strongly support the fast food workers, who if given a real wage increase to a living wage, would flood our economy with sales of all kind from the sudden increase to a living wage.. For that matter if there’s a protest nearby just might go. After all, I have friends working there, I’m a customer there, and if they don’t hear their customers on this then they no longer have customers or workers. Get the idea, Teabaggers? That’s American democracy speaking!

  2. Breaking Conservative

    The elephant in the room: Why you don’t pay $15/hr – because they don’t deserve it. Not for flipping burgers. If you want $15/hr, go out and find it. Ah, I love the smell of capitalism in the evening. As a side point, i don’t remember “fast food worker” as an option during career day. Fast food is not a career. It’s an entry level job. If they strike, fire ‘em. Lesson learned.

    • Spoken like a true TEApub! No need for facts, those pesky things don’t back up what your corporate overlords tell you to believe and what you want to believe.

      If you had any idea how collective bargaining worked you would know that no one expects to get $15, that is a starting point they know they won’t get it. Of course you’ve been drinking the TEA and just “know” that unions are evil abominations and never did a good thing ever. You’re also following the TEApub line that compromise shows weakness.

      If the minimum wage had kept pace with inflation it would be much higher than the $10 that the Senate is proposing, at $7.25 it is a starvation wage. Your snide attitude that those “entry level” jobs are not worthy of making enough to live shows you to be a callous jerk, and I’d be willing to bet that you actually have the audacity to call yourself “Christian.” I promise you, you AREN’T — not even close.

    • Breaking Conservative

      All raising the MW would do is artificially shore up social security – the gem of the New Deal. And I never said I was a Christian. I prefer Libertarian. Perhaps they just need to rebrand. Fast Food Engineers. I can see it now. A BS in FFE with a minor in Special Sauce.

  3. What would really happen to this country if fast food chains started paying $15/hour? Even $12/hour? Why would anyone ever go to college or even try to better themselves? We could ALL just work at McDonalds forever…

  4. I think we should look at this a different way. How about if the fast food franchise owners go on strike for a day… their demands are simple. They demand that their employees take responsibility for themselves and that they stop asking other people to pay for their bad choices. How about that for a strike?

    • We can always count on you to be miles off the mark, Hooper. Most of those people are there because those “job creators” that you are so enamored of that you want them to pay even lower taxes than they already pay (much lower than the working man) have created all those jobs in China, Bangladesh and other places where they can pay them $30 – $40 a MONTH. If they could they would ship these jobs over there as well. Sooner or later it will bite them in the ass because no one here will be able to buy any of their goods either just like the people they have producing them over there.

      I’m really beginning to think that all of you TEApubs are sharing a single brain cell and even that is only marginally functional.

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