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MUST WATCH: Insane Texas Tea Party Rep. Refuses To Acknowledge Obama’s Citizenship!

It was supposed to be a discussion about the latest, irresponsible, pointless threat from the Republican Party to bring the US economy crashing down unless the Democrats voted to defund the Affordable Healthcare Act (known as Obamacare). However, Chris Matthews interview with Tea Party Congressman Blake Farenthold (Rep., TX, 27th.) turned to the question of the eligibility of Senator Ted Cruz to run for president in 2016.

Cruz, who was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father, is widely considered to meet the requirements of US citizenship as laid down by the Nationality Act of 1940, and Matthews himself was quick to say that as far as he is concerned Cruz is perfectly entitled to carry the Republican flag in 2016. When he asked Congressman Farenthold if he concurred, Farenthold replied that Cruz “is as eligible as Obama is. . . If he can be president, Ted Cruz can be president.”

Anyone watching or listening could of course see that the veil had been lifted. There was no way Matthews was going to let this one go. What followed was an almost farcical exchange as Congressman Farenthold refused point-blank, again and again, to not only confirm that he believed that President Obama was the legitimately elected president of the United States, but that he was a legitimate US citizen. While not directly or openly calling either of these issues into question, he dodged the matter repeatedly, claiming that since he was not a member of Congress at the time of the president’s election, he was not able to say whether he was a citizen or his election to the White House was legitimate:

Matthews, clearly as frustrated as the rest of us by the obfuscation that has come to characterize so many in the Tea Party, eventually grew weary and told Farenthold “everybody watching knows what you’re doing.”

Barack Obama has had to put up with an extraordinary campaign of slander and innuendo since he was sworn in as president. Whether it’s accusations that he is a crypto-socialist, a secret Muslim, or not even an American, the sad reality seems to be that as long as the Tea Party and their like-minded friends are around, he will have to put up with it. However, Matthews was exactly right. Everybody knows what these guys are doing.

About Liam O'Connor

Liam O'Connor
Liam OConnor is a graduate from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, where he read politics. While at university his studies included courses on American politics, feminism, and environmental politics. He has had articles published in the Strathclyde Telegraph, the Glasgow Herald and the Washington Post. He is a self-described Marxist, democratic socialist, atheist and humanist. He currently lives just outside Manchester in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He can be reached for comments or questions at [email protected]
  • lostsok

    Who could look at that man and think, yeah, that’s who I want to represent my interest? Just horrifying. We should let Texas succeed as long as they agree to take this doofus, Rick Perry, all those village idiots, and never inflict them on America again.

  • Nick

    Somebody doesn’t have the courage of his alleged convictions. I think if I’d been the interviewer in that situation, I’d have told the Congressman to grow a pair.

  • Michael J. Benardo

    The Tea Party often wonders why regular people think they are racists; They reason that because President Obama’s Father was Kenyan, he must be also, BUT, then never reasoned that because Mitt Romney’s Father was born in Mexico, Mitt must be Mexican as well. They kept demanding President Obama’s birth certificate. When they saw it, they claimed it was not the “good” long one. When they was that one, they reasoned it must be fake, yet, they never demanded to see Mitt Romney’s birth certificate to see if he was born here. They still keep screaming that President Obama is a Muslim, therefore is unfit to be president, (he is Christian), yet have no problem with the fact that Mitt Romney is not Christian. If this isn’t because of the fact that President Obama is Black, (actually he is half White), and therefore suspect, while MItt Romney is White and therefore “typically American”, what is the reason for this double standard?

    • Raji the Green Witch

      “what is the reason for this double standard?” That’s an EASY one. They’re RACISTS, period! there is NO other way for this to go but that they do NOT like the fact that he is a person of color, period.

    • http://Row Carley

      Chris Matthews has proven again that he is a frothing idiot and a total Obama partisan.

      • Tim

        How so Carley ? Why because he was persisted on getting a answer ? Rep. Farenthold is a embarrassment to public office…avoiding the answer like the plaque? Aren’t you embarrassed by Farenthold’s response?

      • http://gravatar.com/bigfire01 bigfire01

        Carley – you are an useful idiot, as is the guy from Texas.

      • http://klwalton.wordpress.com/ Kathy

        And you, Carley, have proven that you’re stupid. Congrats.

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  • http://johnozed.com John Ozed

    they’re stupid and they love it.

  • cherie

    Tell this m.f. Nazi Radicals Assholess we the we the people have already flash u all in tolits we all know u all r result of rapiest go hunting with ur m.f. gang

  • AngryDave

    I dont know what is more disturbing..that guys missing tooth, his gigantic sweaty three chins, or his southern inborn racist ignorance. That is whats wrong with politics today..ignorant people electing ignorant politicians to represent them in the stupid party..

    • Cherylmiles

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • http://gravatar.com/dharvey44 dh


  • David Bell

    Fohtooh ma Han Solo kaychahlah

  • Agapetus

    Fat ass… Get your tooth fixed

  • Matt

    Ok, I’ve read enough. You people represent everything wrong with this country. Log me out for good.

    • https://www.facebook.com/mark.gruben Mark Gruben

      Don’t let the door hit you on the you-know-what on your way out, Matt.

    • tip

      Matt, ad homonym attacks against this guy aside, can’t you see the hypocrisy in his assessment that Ted Cruz *can* be the president when he was actually born out of the US while Obama cannot because (in his mind) Obama might have been? I’ll answer for you. No. You and your teabagger friends can’t understand things like that which is why YOU are everything wrong with this country. Rules that are inconvenient don’t just apply to other people.

  • Matt

    I think a website that is based on being against something is not only divisive, but logically inept. You cannot prove a negative. Perhaps you should try and stand FOR something?

    • Phil B.

      So you’re against groups that exist for the sole purpose of being against everything, while not actually having any ideas of their own? So you’re not a Republican then?

    • Sam

      Does that mean you’ll stay off of teabag websites too since they’re all anti-Obama or are you just another hypocrite?

    • Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker

      You mean like anti-abortion groups?

    • Rihari_Wilson

      To be against something must be divisive, true. But disagreeing means being against something. You disagree with a lot of things so you are part of the division. Being against something is not a negative in the logical sense. I think that plenty of people of people on this site are pretty positive.

  • http://gravatar.com/donmedia DonMedia

    What corner of Texas elected “Goober Green Teeth” here to congress?

  • Bob Cooksey

    How is it that Texas keeps sending ignorant wankers to Congress ?

    • galiberal

      You answered your own question. Its Texas. Home of the faux patriot.

    • Jim

      Bob, and sometimes right to the White House!!!!

  • Dondura M.

    First, he needs to skip a few meals…and second..thank God that I know not all people in his state are so damn ignorant

    • Matt

      Oh, but Democrats aren’t supposed to be judgmental, I thought…

      • http://facebook Mary

        This guy leaves no room for judgment! Do you “judge” that the Grand Canyon is large?

  • eyezee

    Wow, and people elect these jokers to office to eat up taxpayers’ money in the form of salaries and benefits, SMH. This fat slob just thinks this whole thing is a joke and that he’s being cute doing it. Wow!

  • sallie

    I am so happy I no longer live in that redneck, backwards, racist state.

    • Matt

      And we are glad you left. So, the feeling is mutual.

      • Get Lost Bagger

        Speaking of leaving, I thought you were? So go ahead. We won’t miss you.

      • KYprogressive

        I figured by your comments you came from there or North Carolina! My state isnt much better. We have a bagger a**hat and bagger a**hat kisser. Both suck.

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  • marty nave

    mexico take back back texas and the dumb ass wackos

  • GailP

    Not only does this moron dodge the question of Obama’s natural born citizenship legitimacy, he doesn’t even do it well…and what’s with the goofy grin?
    Matthews is right in his assessment that if Ted Cruz is considered a natural born citizen (and he IS because his mother is/was an American) (although I deplore the fact that he may run for POTUS), then so is Obama because his mother was an American citizen (because she was born in Kansas).

    • Matt

      Obama’s citizenship has always been a question mark. Just because you don’t think it is doesn’t mean it isn’t.

      • LJ

        So how many times will it take Obama and the state of Hawaii showing the long form of his birth certificate for you to realize that Obama IS a naturally born citizen of the US? This is not just some unproveable opinion, this is verifiable FACT. The fact that YOU don’t believe it only shows how ignorant you are.

      • GailP

        Can you read? OBAMA’S MOTHER WAS BORN IN KANSAS. She is a natural born citizen, and regardless of where her children are born, they are natural born citizens by virtue of HER CITIZENSHIP. Cruz’s mother is/was ALSO a natural born American citizen, and despite the fact that Cruz was born in Canada, he, too, is considered a Natural Born Citizen.
        IN OTHER WORDS, you moron, BOTH CRUZ AND OBAMA ARE NATURAL BORN CITIZENS. If you don’t believe me, read the Constitution.

        • writerlady

          Pres. Obama’s mother’s citizenship is a non-issue. He is American born and therefore eligible, regardless of where his parents were from. Cruz is a different issue completely. He is NOT American born. He is Canadian. One can then look to his parents and that’s where his claim to citizenship lies. See the difference? Obama is American because he was born here. Cruz is Canadian because he was born there. Obama’s parents’ citizenship doesn’t matter. Cruz’s mother’s citizenship does matter.

          Man, it’s difficult to pretend birther idiots like that Texan have any working brain cells at all. Monumental stupidity. As a thinking adult, I have no patience for childish bull hockey of that sort.

          • GailP

            Writerlady. I hate to say this, but you are wrong. It DOES MATTER that one or more of the parents of a child born other than in the United States is a citizen. By your reasoning, children of American servicemen born overseas are not citizens: That would then include Senator John McCain. According to the Constitution, if One or Both parents are American citizens living or visiting abroad, and they have a child born in that foreign country, the child is, in fact, a citizen of the United States.

      • https://www.facebook.com/fromthetundra Floyd MacGillicutty

        No, it’s only been in question in a sort of “water is not wet” kind of way. That you choose not to believe it is nobody’s problem but your own.

      • http://mlblogsyankeelimericks.wordpress.com lisakaz

        Not to the state of Hawaii. They have time and again said he was born in their state and if you read the Constitution that means every other state accepts him as such. There is nothing other than a fake question here.

      • https://www.facebook.com/jay.merrick Jay Merrick

        Just because you think he wasn’t born in America doesn’t mean he was. And there happens to be a lot more proof that he was born in America. Where is your proof that he is foreign born? Got any Kenya birth certificates?

      • DaveJ

        “Obama’s citizenship has always been a question mark.”
        Only to the truly ignorant, Matt. The rest of us know that Hawaii is in the United States.

      • Bob Cull

        Tell you what, Matt, since you are such a Constitutional scholar why don’t you explain why the President’s citizenship is a “question mark”? After you do then I will point out how your argument fails and show you just how ignorant you are.

      • KYProgressive

        Matt, get real, this issue was taken to the supreme court by that crazy Russian woman Orly whatever and they looked at her so called proof and threw it out completely, told her to stop the nonsense, because she had nothing but bs and not to come back and waste their time. It’s a load of McCarthyism crap. Where you throw out anything you want to No matter how ridiculous the lie and hope it sticks, in the mean time those who want it to be true will think it is whether it is true or not regardless of proof.

        • AATTP


      • http://gravatar.com/falstaff36 falstaff36

        No it isn’t, you racist fucking piece of shit. You’re wasting our air by continuing to exist.

      • https://www.facebook.com/johnny5knives John Tucker

        Correction: Obama’s citizenship has never been a question mark and has always been thoroughly documented. Teabaggers just don’t except reality, because reality disagrees with them on Oh so many issues.

      • Estproph

        No, it’s never been a question mark. Just because you’re stupid doesn’t mean that stupid things suddenly become true.

  • Expatmom

    Didn’t Alice in Wonderland run into this twit??

  • https://www.facebook.com/lindascherercard.lujanallan Linda Scherer

    Despicable representatives exist in our country. They continuously avoid logic, sanity and care for no one but themselves. Texas is known for cheat grass idiots who’ve been in the sun too long.

    • Matt


      • Nick

        Her point made…

  • http://dobbs bob

    Washington truly is Hollywood for ugly people.

  • http://dobbs bob

    How did that fat, inbred, jabba-the-hut looking retard ever get elected to a national office? WTF is wrong with Texas?

    • A Leon

      He was the best that district had. Imagine.

    • Matt

      WTF is wrong with you, Bob? Are you not able to argue ideas?

      • Apathy

        The point is that this politician got his tail kicked publicly because he couldn’t argue his point. Unfortunately, he is paid to argue points. GOP reps destroying credibility yet again; I’d be angry too, Matt, if I had to defend these amateurs.

  • Joe D

    The Rep looks a few fries short of a Happy meal, Guess that what happens when you Dad is also your Grandfather!

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