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Failed GOP Candidate Loses Election, Goes to Jail for Election Fraud!

It is difficult not to feel sorry for Dr. Annette Bosworth. First, on Tuesday night, the Teabagging Republican candidate lost her bid to become the next U.S. Senator from South Dakota. Additionally, she was informed of the bad news live on Megyn Kelly’s show The Kelly File in a painfully awkward interview. Then, on Wednesday morning she turned herself into the Minnehaha County Jail after a warrant for her arrest was issued by authorities. She is being charged with perjury by South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley, a fellow Republican, following allegations that she claimed to have circulated nominating petitions while she was in the Philippines with her husband.

It's hard not to feel sorry for Annette Bosworth. First, she finds out that she lost her primary race on live television. And now, this. Karma's a b*tch.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for Annette Bosworth. First, she finds out that she lost her primary race on live television. And now, this. Karma’s a b*tch.


Last week, Bosworth admitted to being abroad on January 7th, but claimed she did nothing wrong by allowing her sister to sign the nominating petition:

“Did my sister sign the petition while I was in the Philippines? Yes, she did. Did I sign that I know her, and that I affirmed that was her signature? Yes, I did. Did I know the people that signed the petition? Yes. Are they South Dakotans? Yes. Do they support me? Yes.”

Nothing to see here, keep moving along now. Before you shed any tears over the good doctor’s disappointing showing, you may recall that this is the same Dr. Bosworth that recently compared food stamp recipients to wild animals. She also heldd a bizarre press conference last week, while standing in a room full of spray-painted profanities to complain about mean things people said about her on the internet.

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Ned Twyman
I am a public school teacher and proud father of two amazing daughters. I enjoy writing, reading, politics, television, film, music, sports, history, pop culture and ridiculing ignorance, intolerance, and idiotic ideology. Follow me on Twitter: @nedtwyman
  • SuperDelicate

    She deserves some compassion. I say only keep her in jail until the GOP stops pushing this lie about massive voter fraud. Then let the little darling out….

  • https://www.facebook.com/sherrie.sachs Sherrie Beth Sachs

    Accountability and responsibility. You lie, cheat and steal, get caught, you get punished. That is how it works. Doesn’t that bible that you are constantly banging around mention “thou shall not tell a lie”. Hypocrites. She deserves exactly what she got.

  • http://meandmy1000girlfriends.com Kathy

    I don’t agree with Bosworth’s political opinions, I’m an independent, but I have never seen a group go after someone like a group I call the Madvillians. It’s like a pit of snakes led by a failed high school teacher that has done everything he can to destroy this woman. I don’t know her, but the hundreds of posts were hard to miss. Cory Heidelberger challenged the petition, but not any other candidate’s petitions. He found six mistakes? Why not pull all the candidates petitions? Her kids go with her to vote with shirts that say “my mom is running for office” no identifier and he writes that her kids have committed a crime! Her opponents lost millions and many screwed their employees, she failed to pay two and the Madvillians have her on a stick and have been frying her for months. THEN after she gets arrested, he goes after the husband and says ‘stop hurting Annette’ – I guarantee you people will post after mine about how she’s mentally ill, needs help, hurts people, it’s unbelievable and absolutely absurd. Has she done the things they say? It doesn’t affect them so why spend so much time working to destroy the life of a mother with young children. If she’s guilty, let the courts deal with her. It’s like they’re eating off an all you can eat dessert bar of human sadness.

    • MARS

      I do not know what the voting rules are in the county where u live
      I am a voting officer in mine and no one is ever allowed in a poling place with any type of political shirts or carrying placards or anything about the elections.

      The election workers are not allowed to watch TV or listen to the radio with any type of information pertaining to the election on or near a polling place

  • Debra

    Steven, you ARE aware that the Tea Party called themselves “teabaggers” until someone educated them on the modern meaning of that word, right?

    Would you like a ladder to use to dismount that horse?

  • Frank N. Bean

    So she’s arrested for something that establishment democrats and republicans have been doing for the past 100 years. I assume they are just now starting to prosecute this sort of thing. Let this be a lesson to everyone, if you’re going to try and get away with this make sure you pay your good ole boys club dues first. What a joke, good job mericka.

    • https://www.facebook.com/richardlynnbell Richard Bell

      “Wastin’ away again in Teabag Butthurtville…”

  • https://www.facebook.com/greg.weaver.963 Greg Weaver

    I assume this is the same Dr. Annette Bosworth who was complaining of government overreach when they fined her clinic for not paying their employees, and having CNAs doing the duties of licensed RNs?

  • http://yahoo.com joel hackbart

    Being a progressive, it is rare when I disagree with AATTP writers. I do here. I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HER WHATSOEVER!!!!!

  • Ominous

    She and anyone else on either side of the aisle, deserves any legal remedy that they have coming to them. Doesn’t matter if it is a female or male.. something like this they should be disqualified permanently from ever running again. The only way to clean up some of the politics is to start with their criminal record. We cannot depend on the voters to ascertain what these people had done in the past, but we can depend upon the FEC and other Federal agencies to investigate when someone takes out papers to run.

    No matter which side does it or even whom.. people should be outraged that this kind of thing can happen..

    Here we are the United States who has tried to help other countries over the decades to come up with a similar election process.. and we cannot even do it for ourselves.

  • https://www.facebook.com/michael.matthews.752861 Michael Eric Matthews

    Where did she go medical school? The Cayman Islands?

  • David Bell

    Wow, she doesn’t look bat guano crazy. I mean, with someone like Sara Palin you can tell because there’s a twitch in the eyes, but this person looks so normal.

  • Eleanor Earley

    Karma is a bitch.

  • https://www.facebook.com/hypocrisy9871 Steven Cool

    From the, about the author section:

    “I enjoy writing, reading, politics, television, film, music, sports, history, pop culture and ridiculing ignorance, intolerance, and idiotic ideology.”

    From the Story about the candidate:

    “First, on Tuesday night, the Teabagging Republican candidate lost her bid to become the next U.S. Senator from South Dakota.”

    Insulting someone is generally considered as being intolerant. Had a Republican called a Democrat woman a name, it would have been labeled the “Republicans war on women”, but I guess this doesn’t apply when you’re not a Republican and you’re calling a Republican woman a name. In my opinion, you completely killed the validity of your story by stooping to this level, and you’re a school teacher. I sure am glad my kids are not being taught in your classroom.

    • https://plus.google.com/113986462111063617169 Tony Marcus

      Mr. Cool….is your objection to the word “teabagging”? While it strikes me as just as silly to call a tea party person a “eabagger”as it is for GOP members to say the “Democrat” party, I don’t see how either is an insult. If Dr. Bosworth is NOT in fact a tea party partisan, then saying she is would be a lie, but that doesn’t seem to be your contention. Care to clarify?

    • http://facebook Paul

      Where was the insult? That he called her republican?? Yep, that would piss me off too…

      • http://facebook Paul


      • https://www.facebook.com/hypocrisy9871 Steven Cool

        Such a well thought out response. Bravo!!!

    • Perry

      Steven, you seem to be extremely thin skinned if you think “teabagging” is an insult. I prefer Teapublican myself but it’s still pretty much the same thing. When do you think you’ll get upset about Teapublican morons referring to Democrats as communists, Marxists and much worse? Give us a break over your sensitive ego.

      • https://www.facebook.com/hypocrisy9871 Steven Cool

        You clearly have me confused with a Republican. Fact of the matter is, I can’t stand political parties at all, especially Democrats and Republicans. I just don’t see the point in calling people names to make a point. Democrats do claim to be the party of compassion and tolerance, yet they can’t make a comment about a Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, etc without calling them names. How is that compassionate or tolerant. Why can’t you just disagree without the name calling?

        I just happened to read the article and then the about the author section and noticed the contradiction and pointed it out. Simple as that. Don’t claim to be tolerant and then hurl insults at people.

        Now, when I clicked on the reply button to reply to your comment, the following pops up, “WHAT DO YOU THINK? PLEASE NOTE: AATTP HAS A NO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR COMMENTS CONTAINING RACISM, PERSONAL ATTACKS, VULGARITY, PROFANITY OR THREATS.” Isn’t calling people names, a personal attack? How about we grow up and start acting like adults. The term teabagging means – to place one’s scrotum in the mouth of (one’s sexual partner). Is this not considered profanity or vulgar? How about enforcing your very own policy and remove your article.

        • http://yahoo.com joel hackbart

          I not sure if it’s more sickening or more laughable when a clear far righty claims he is an “independent” or “not a republican” but then carries out a far right rant. It is quite a common tactic on these pages from you and many others. Like the ridiculous FAUX slogan “fair and balanced” this tactic is a cheap attempt to somehow intimidate readers into believing extreme far right views are really moderate or “objective.” Well, it didn’t work.
          I have never heard of your definition of teabagger This version below is what came up on goggle. You’re version is not even close. Common sense would dictate that the version below is how it is intended here.

          1 [tee-bag-er] Show IPA

          noun ( often initial capital letter )
          Slang: Usually Disparaging and Offensive . a member of the tea party, a conservative political movement in the U.S.


          so called because the Tea Party asked Americans to mail tea bags to Washington as a protest in April 2009

          Next, you clearly don’t understand a liberals view on compassion and tolerance. We DO have great tolerance in terms of freedom of religion, ones skin color, sex, income status, age. sexual orientation, nationality, ECT We do NOT tolerate bigotry, hatred, and IN THIS CASE CRIME!!!!!! We DO have compassion for the sick, the homeless, those discriminated against, the unemployed, ECT. We do NOT have compassion for or tolerate the tea party because the tea party has the EXACT OPPOSITE VIEW on the subject!!!!!!!

          Finally, no one that claims to not be republican would be trying to cry victim on behalf of someone who was just charged with a felony crime! She was labeled a teabagger.[ by the above definition she is just that] and that somehow exonerates her? GMAB

    • https://www.facebook.com/george.nestico George Nestico

      OOO Mr Cool I’ll bet you were the guy they put in right field as a kid, because your comment is out in right field, the war on women is not at all about name calling SMH, now uneducated people with juvenile minds would think that, as would uneducated juvenile minds would see your definition of a Teabagger (your Faux No News Viewer) SMH and yet you request we act like Adults (PRICELESS) No Mr Cool lol, A women’s right to choose, equal pay for women, women having to give birth to a rapist baby, and then allow the rapist visitation rights, voting down the violence against women’s bill, denying women access to birth control as part of their health insurance, ( that little pill prevents far more than just stopping pregnancy”s for women ) claiming it goes against their religion, but in their same insurance policy allowing men access to Viagra and that little snip snip, every day we as Americans are loosing our rights, and your big issue is name calling SMH absolutely priceless.

  • Bob K

    Good for you, Marty. It’s a rare thing when a Republican attorney general does the right thing when politics is involved. But I figure he was for her opponent and he’s not actually doing the right thing for a legitimate reason. I apologize if I’m wrong. It’s just so out of the normal Republican standards.

  • Martha

    It’s refreshing when Karma pays a visit so soon after the deeds are done. Karma is usually disappointingly slow to respond.

  • http://gravatar.com/sallyinmi sallyinmi

    How did Palin miss endorsing this one?

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