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EXCLUSIVE: Girlfriend of CEO Whose Company Poisoned WV Water Plays the Victim While Enjoying Lavish Lifestyle

“I showered and brushed my teeth this morning and am just fine,” may seem like an odd justification for poisoning the water that supplies nine counties and over 300,000 people, but then again we need to remember the top right wing argument against global warming: ‘It was cold last Thursday.’ It is even less surprising when that logic comes from the girlfriend of the CEO of Freedom Industries. It becomes almost expected when that company has ties to the Koch Brothers.

For the past few days, some West Virginians have been experiencing the excitement that is third world living following the spill of a Freedom Industries chemical used to clean coal into the Elk River. Nine counties have been declared to be in a state of emergency after it was discovered that an unknown amount of methylcyclohexane methanol (MCHM) was leaking into the river at ground level-something that may have been happening for quite a while before it was discovered.

If the licorice-scented, tainted water is consumed or even touched it can lead to skin irritation, blistering, non-stop vomiting, eye irritation, and burning in one’s throat, American Water Company president Jeff McIntyre warned.

Some people have it tough. Though FEMA is trucking in 260,000 gallons of water, and out-of-area water companies have been chipping in as well, retailers can’t keep up with the demand created for clean water, which has prompted some to hire police protection for bottled water shipments in an effort to protect them from the Kanawha County residents, who seem to somehow be growing increasingly agitated with their inability to brush their teeth, shower, bathe, or even make a cup of coffee (though some would argue that bathing and brushing teeth is advisable, despite being told by multiple agencies to avoid doing just that).

No matter what though, if you ask company executives, that’s nothing compared to what they are going through! Freedom Industries President Gary Southern showed little concern for the plight of the company’s victims–saying that he “had a long day,” and that he wanted to “wrap things up,” apparently unaware that he caused more than a quarter of a million people to have a MUCH “longer” day than he could ever aspire to have. Ironically, as he attempted to evade the horde of journalists, he was sipping uncomfortably on a bottle of the small percentage of the water his company did not poison!


Social media strategist Kathy Stover-Kennedy, Freedom Industries CEO Dennis P. Farrell’s girlfriend spoke out on Facebook, saying that poor Denny has been receiving threats over his company’s lax, uncaring, and completely unfair treatment following the incident. She remarks on the backlash her beloved has received over his avoidance of publicly addressing the matter, saying that he “is not a spokesperson and has no desire to be.” She elaborates, indicating that he is too important to address such mundane matters as the poisoning of an entire population’s water supply himself in a Facebook post. Besides, according to her, there is no public danger for this “accidental” failure to identify what has been deemed a likely long-term leakage from a company tank.

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It must be so tough for them! Look at the suffering with which their lives are plagued! West Virginia, while you whine because of what her boyfriend’s company did to you and your loved ones just remember — they are the ones who have to think of it while they enjoy their fancy cars, nice house, in-ground pool (not that it’s much good this time of year) and all of the other amenities to which they have been accustomed. All of that wealth can not even hope to offset the guilt they feel for your situation. Pinky swear.

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All we can say is, boo hoo, it must be rough!

About John Prager

John Prager
John Prager is an unfortunate Liberal soul who lives uncomfortably in the middle of a Conservative hellscape and likes to refer to himself as an "island of reason in a sea of insanity." While he is not a fan of politicians, period, he has developed a deep-seated hatred for the bigotry, fear mongering, and lies of the Right Wing. John also works as a counselor at one of Barry Soetoro's FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator. John's life's aspiration is to rule the world with an iron fist, or find that sock he's been looking for. John can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
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  • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.anziulewicz Chuck Anziulewicz

    That licorice odor coming from our drinking water? That’s the smell of “American Exceptionalism.”

  • s greene

    LMAO that convertible Jaguar used to belong to me! When we had it in the car show she looked at her sugar daddy and said Quote “I want this car”. So yea she better get used to getting hand me downs after all the class action law suits they are facing, bankruptcy or not. I feel they need to freakin go to jail for poisoning our water! we are mountaineers we will prevail, I can live on bottled water and rain water for the rest of my life if I have to. but they need to pay for this! we need national support on this so that they cant go somewhere else and do this to someone else! their sister company was allowed to loan them 4 million dollars to keep the business going! really, we need to pass a more strict regulations. we need to get the powers to be to do the right thing and kick them out!

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  • http://facebook Bob

    Do U suppose loading up on regulation would be found to be more harmful then NO or very little regulation???? as under the Bush, years? and we all know the terrible result of those years without it! The worst, most dreadful, rescission in our history was the result. We who know, and lived through those times, will not be fooled again.

  • raye

    It was stated that he (the company) was given 1 million for the repairs and that the tank that leaked was known to need the repairs and the money was never used for the repairs..
    But, nice pool!

  • Nona your business

    We’ll the hitch is crazy she a money digger and that shit is dangerous and hazardous anyone in there right mind would know that how much did Gary give his gold digger gf to say shit to defend his ass ?you all low life people Gary and his wife is, in the Thomas hospital as we speak !!! So don’t tell me anything ,

  • Michelle

    You stupid winch. My cousins 71/2 month old baby has chemical burns all over his body because it took you guys 7 hours to tell Wv that something was spilled into the Elk River ad she had given her baby a bath before anyone was aware of what happened! You disgust me lady!!!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/RussellPatrickDennisonIII Patrick Dennison

      Winch? Don’t you mean ‘Wench’?

  • Shelby

    Perhaps she should be out handing out all this water to the shut in’s and letting the dirty babies sleep on her fur coat. How pathetic, fed up in > #lincolnwv

  • Mandee

    First, this person is looking for sympathy where it is not deserved. Second, I believe that it was probably a good idea for the president of this company to hire a spokesperson, and any other public statements from the company or the company’s family members, whether they be on tv, in the paper, or…on facebook, should be accurate and ran by a lawyer first. Third, I absolutely do not believe that there was no harm done to people and/or the aquatic ecosystem. There is no way of knowing that right now…not possible at all. Fourth, lets define “accident” by utilizing an analogy. If I were to walk down a flight of stairs and fall, that would be an accident, right? What if I knew there were stairs there and I put a blindfold on and began walking? If I fell, would that be an accident?…or would I just be a completely irresponsible moron?

    • Bruno

      If you think we people of West Virginia need your sympathy bring your self here and test drink the water for us out of the tap of any house we pick and then tell me nothing happened and nothing is wrong with the water now how would you like it to happen at your house and I HOPE IT DOES,NT but watch what you talk about it might just happen some day.

      • https://www.facebook.com/Ogsters Aaron Aanerud

        Bruno, you may wish to reread Mandee’s post. It looks as though you misunderstood like… maybe all of it…

  • https://www.facebook.com/daniellemeltonNanie Danielle Melton

    This article pissed me off for couple if reasons but the biggest one is that dumb,uneeded comment about the “exciting” third world experience. Like,even if used sarcastically what is the point of that line??? Also,using their hard earned money against them is dumb,like “oh they have bought all these things over the period of a couple of years with money they work for,must have a hard life right now in this current situation!” Like,they’re previous purchases and this crisis are not connected AT ALL and its piss poor jounalism and sensationalist to tie this to the situation.

    • http://none Will Smith

      Obviously, you don’t understand the employment of sarcasm as a useful journalistic tool. I am under the impression that you didn’t really even understand what the article was saying, judging from your obtuse response. What the heck was YOUR point? Do you really know what constitutes “piss poor journalism”? Also, you might want to like, stop using the word ‘like’ as filler in your own sentences, not to mention your horrific spelling (Yes, that was also pointless sarcasm! Duh-huh!)

  • http://gravatar.com/soldier35009 Scott

    First off! This plant HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COAL, that was falsly reported by the mass media Liberal pundits!! Second, these people should pay for their lack of safety and causing so many to go with precious drinking water!!

  • Kevan Scott

    Just let the free market take care of it, Joy? Sure, considering this happened to these people thru no fault of their own, that sounds real good Joy. What a callous un-careing attitude you have! I would suggest that if you were in the position of not being able to use the water for anything but toilet flushing you would want the company at fault to be providing fresh water to you, FREE OF CHARGE! You Tea Bagging idiots care nothing for people at all, everything is in terms of money and profit to you people.!!! I hope you somehow can find some empathy for the people affected vy this spill and for the hardships they are having to endure, again, thru no fault of their own. Also for those who were actually sickend by thhe water. Oh, I know those people weren’t really sick, right It’s all a plot by Obama to force his Muslim socialist agenda on us, right? You people who claim Christianity and then make comments like Joy White just made make me sick and I feel dismay at how you all have bastardized the teachings of Christ to fit your hatefulness and intolerence!! I may still believe in the teachings of Christ but I no longer identify myself as Christian because you right wing neo-cons have made the word Christian to mean hate, intolerence and greed! You can take over the word Christian all you want but you’ll never take over the teachings of Christ insofar as it was JESUS himself who said love one another, care for one another, give when you see a need and, well, you get the idea. So, exactly how do those teachings match up with your comment Ms. White? Hint: They don’t!!!

    • Andy smith

      Well its obvious your not from WV. Point is those people don’t care about the people they’ve screwed over. I don’t really care for political crap but after scrolling through Google I came across this.I don’t need this article to point out the obvious. I didn’t see any Obama dictatorship in this article…Think your politically biases and just had to toot your own horn on some else page. By the way Ill send you some water from my tap two months later and you can give me your thoughts..

  • Globalwarmingisntreal

    I wonder how many of the people that went to the hospital did so to jump on the class-action lawsuit that is sure to come.

    • http://occupytheairwaves.wordpress.com occupytheairwaves

      Heartless Bastard Alert!

  • Globalwarmingisntreal

    Lol at the comment that the water will never be clean and 300,000 people will be homeless. That’s not playing the fear card at all. What a joke this whole page is. Worthless blog drivel from someone who just likes to stir the pot.

    Lets let all regulation in and see how soon everyone is jobless/homeless. Oh wait, we’ll have 370 weeks of unemployment to create jobs since we’ll be able to turn the thermostat up and buy a few more groceries; at least according to Barry.

    • s greene

      for the idiot who made the statement that 300,000 people will be homeless, you are assuming that because we live in WV we will be homeless? How the hell do you figure that? A lot of us are doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Teachers, and soldiers, we are no close to being “Homeless”because of a water issue? Jesus Were you born yesterday or what? Have you ever heard of well water?

  • Kelly King

    The picture of the man in the grass skirt and sea shell bra isnt Denny ….. it’s his Dad. Denny isn’t “an old man” getting “some young chick”. Denny is in his late 50’s and Kathy is closer in age to him than you think.The man on the float in the pool is not Denny either …… just some random guy or friend of his. The “in ground pool” is at a rented vacation home and really isn’t that large or impressive …… we all go on vacations and rent beach houses with pools. Big deal. And the BMW ? …… again ….. big deal. I live in an apartment complex of less that 30 apartments and there are 2 Mercedes parked here and owned by apartment dwellers. Are they excessively rich?? I doubt it. He may have some money …….. but he’s not a Rockefeller. Not defending him or downplaying the terrible water accident ……. but this “journalist” didn’t do a very good job of convincing me that Denny is living much more “high on the hog” than most of you, including the journalist that wrote this. Let us see your vacation pictures John Prager. Do you have a pool?

    • http://none Will Smith

      Sorry Kelly, that’s not a BMW. It’s a Jag. Just sayin’ ………..

      • sgreene

        yea it is a jaguar and It used to belong to me Kelly, when she saw it, she looked at Her big sugar daddy and said “I want this car” my husband was taken back of her snobbiness, its obvious as to why shes with this “Big catch” lol. and you are wrong Denny is in his 60s she is 48. she is a nasty, conceited gold digger. BTW she needs to get used to the hand me downs.

    • http://gravatar.com/goss65026 goss65026

      You are right, she must be at least mid 20s to 30s and he is clearly 50 or over. To think we had accused him of cradle robbing and her of gold digging. I’m sure it’s healthy for those children in the picture to be around those creepy old men who still party somehow. Don’t worry I know Denny and Kathy too and they are good people, not total degenerates who are undeserving of their status in life at all. Kathy is never hanging around the bar/yacht club trying to drink herself into a perma coma so that she can stagger home and mount that bloated carcass that calls himself Denny on occasion. On other occasion’s Denny has never pranced around in that hula skirt, or any other skirt for that matter calling himself “Penny” and asking young often underage girls if they would like some “Penny Candy?”. Never, and anybody who claims otherwise must not have received that gag order from their attorney, yet.

  • http://gravatar.com/markmyers1958 Mark Myers

    Gee..why aren’t the republicans telling WV to use their guns and bibles to get fresh water, since they are so dead set against government regulations.

    • Chuck Good

      We do use our guns so stay away Mark!

  • Mr. Me

    How dare she have a tiny swimming pool and dress up on Halloween!!

  • Grim Reaper

    Make her and her useless boyfriend drink the water!

  • Improbability Overdrive

    Give every one of these fat cat b@stards lots of bottles of Dasani water CEO McSlurp and then tell them it is the water they contaminated. I guarantee that every single one of them will force emesis and rush to the closest hospital. It doesn’t even have to be. I really wish the reporter had told that CEO that he was drinking the contaminated water just to capture his reaction and let the people know just how much they are lying about it being safe.

  • lisa

    First off, someone should punch her right square in her mouth> just for being ignorant. Second I do not live in WV, but was born there and have many family members who live there and I am praying that nothing happens to them. My heart is saddened by the disregard for humanity. Third, he doesn’t want to be a spokesperson. LMAO what kind of lame ass CEO is he? He deserves such a pathetic gold-digger of a girlfriend. I say she should take him for whatever she can get and then not talk about it either…lol Karma will take care of them both.

  • Thomas

    Well, he obviously bought and paid for the girlfriend. At least she’s loyal, and can talk and stuff.

  • Kevan Scott

    Mr. Ash, Stop the trolling please! You’re making yourself look bad here. So this article is just trash? That we, whoever “we” are, would also spend our money just as lavishly and callously as the above mentioned idiots? I doubt that as I didn’t inherit Daddys money and sit around with my buddies and discuss how to further screw over the poor and middle class. No, Mr. Ash, generally what you are accusing others here of is what you, yourself are. Happy trolling, tell the folks at brightbart.idiots hi for me, that is, right after you tell them how you failed so miserably in your trolling of the aattp.org site. Most of the regular commentators here are much too smart for your IQ of 10 What’s that you say? 30? That you’re so proud of having a IQ of 30.

    • Bill Ash

      Sorry to disappoint you, oh smart one, but I am not paid to be here trolling. I live in WV and have family affected by the crisis. I don’t think the right wing folks really care what you have to say. Gosh, you’re angry.

  • Wilma

    BOO HOO HOO Poor Kathy and Denny. Take a jump in the Kanawha River and take a nice long swim and be exposed to this water. Call me in a few years after the exposure has had time to take effect. My husband is battling cancer and nodules on his lungs among other health issues from working in water contaminated water at his job with a chemical very similar to this. So stop being condenscending.

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  • Dave Harris

    This company, Freedom, took over a used and nearly used up tank farm. Improvements were minimal. The previous company and Freedom likely made their business decisions not to improve the property due to the unusual and unusually high taxes on improvements. These taxes have caused many companies in WV to move elsewhere or not do basic improvement repairs to their properties. This tax alone has cost many West Virginian’s jobs, injuries and lives. The governor and other politicians scream someone must be held responsible, meaning any one but them and the real reason things like this spill happen.

    • PlacidAir

      Blaming this on taxes is ridiculous — it’s greed, not taxes. They wanted to line their own pockets more, rather than do the right thing. No sympathy for people who don’t want to support the infrastructure and services which allow them to thrive.

      • Dave Harris

        Of course corporate greed is a definitive factor in this mess. However a business is not a public service company. They exist to make money and some are very greedy, but the B&O tax structure in WV is the primary reason that many needed improvements do not get done. Most companies do what is minimally required by law to maintain a passing safety requirement. In general they do improvements only when it is fiscally the only alternative. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that Freedom will soon file for bankruptcy, close the doors and move on under a different name. Speaking of greed however, it is a shark feeding feast for lawyers in Charleston with many legal teams coming from far away for a chance at the big pie. By the way I am a West Virginian living near Charleston

        • Frank

          That’s a great way of thinking of things. If they bought the company and knew it needed repairs they should have looked at the cost and taxes are a part of doing business. when they looked at the cost annalist they decided to proceed and not do repairs that makes it 100% their own fault. you don’t buy a business and not know the cost of doing it including taxes and repairs needed. if it was too high he shouldn’t have made the purchase in the first place.

  • NA Osborne

    I live and work in the area that is under the ‘Do not use’ warning because of the chemical spill. However, last night I walk in Kmart and there are stacks & stacks of bottled water and no one in line to get them either. The restaurants in Saint Albans (nearby that gets its water from another source) had lines but no different than a Friday or Saturday night at a popular restaurant. First day or two there were lines for water. However there are many water stations offering free water. So don’t exaggerate the shortage of bottled water when there no longer is one. I do not defend or excuse any of the company officials behavior or statements. I believe there was gross negligence by company and the company needs to be held liable. However, what is the point of your story? Are you writing about the CEO’s wife or mistress girlfriend or what? Because the story has wife in the title but you are focused on a girlfriend, whom from your story at least does not appear to be employed by the company. So who cares what she says or thinks?
    Who cares how the man spends his salary? Maybe she will come visit him when he is in prison, maybe not, either way, it isn’t news.
    FEMA has responded as well as state and local government and West Virginia citizens, at least the ones born & raised here, from what I can tell have helped their neighbor and have checked on the elderly during this crisis.

    Don’t let the number of registered Democrats in the State fool you, the majority are conservative people with conservative values regardless of how they are registered as voters….Now if that seems out of place and irrelevant, ask yourself what relevance does your comments about Republican views on global warming have on the current water crisis???

    • joy white

      I don’t get the point of this story either. What I do understand is this type of environmental accident is exactly what happens when we vote for less regulations. I disagree with FEMA stepping in with the socialist approach of giving everyone free water. I disagree with stores using the socialist police department to “protect” them from crowds wanting water. Let the free market clean up this mess without any help from the tax payers.

      • P`tar

        You may have a point. Since this company poisoned the water, it should be paying for replacement water. You broke, you bought it. I won’t agree that anyone or business can avail themselves police protection, especially during an emergency. Nor would I like to return to the days of private police forces, of which WV has quite a history.

    • sgreene

      the people of WV are not looking at it being a political party issue, we are pulling together as a state and helping one another. I don’t give two flying flip flops if D or R or I is next to their name. I too am was in the “Red Zone” and was affected by this, and I saw people coming together to help one another. That’s how it should be, I feel their should be jail time for those responsible and more strict regulations in place. I say if you want to see how it really is, I welcome you to come to our state and see for yourself. and Ill be on the front porch handing out bottled water.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Tommy.Fox.yeah.that.one Tommy Fox

    I have NO sympathy for a CEO who let repairs go since 2008 by some accounts. Don’t tell us that they are good people. You aren’t a good person if you hold lives in your hands, as they do and let something like this happen due to negligence. That isn’t an accident, that is greed.

    Second, can some one tell me, is it even possible to ever clean this up? Because to my mind it isn’t fixable to the degree that people can ever drink from that water, or bath/shower. Which means, and this is the whammy, which means suddenly there are 300,000 people who’s homes are now worthless AND they are going to have to move. Right??

    • Bruno

      To answer your question I have been told there is no info on this chemical by a lab tech and they are just grabbing at straws so to speek to find a solution to satisfy the public and I wish these people that think they are human< quit commenting on our situation until they go thru it their self , It is apparent that no one cares about our problems especially the owner of the company and his woman since they have so much money why should they , Money in this world buys anything including freedom it has been proved , you just have to ask yourself can you live with what you have done evidently they can if they have no sole and just a wallet which seems to be todays norm for the rich someday they will find out their is a HELL and a HEAVEN and it will to late for them.

  • Darwin

    Really buried the lead on this story, launching into non sequiturs and other irrelevant arguments. The story needs telling, but linking it to irrelevant things weakens your argument. Focus on -this- story, rather than dredging up personal bugbears, and you’ll have a superior piece in the future.

    And before I get called a plant, yes I am a West Virginia citizen, no I do not live in an affected area, yes I have friends that live there, yes I acknowledge the spill is hazardous to life and limb, no the Koch brothers are not the source of all evil any more than George Soros is, yes I believe that the people responsible deserve jailtime all the way to the top, no I do not think they will because corporate personhood was created specifically to protect ‘top men’, and finally, yes keep a good thought for the people along the Elk River who have had to endure a lack of water to clean with and the horrifying smell coming from the local waterways.

  • http://www.udtknwme.com udtknwme

    As a resident of WV, though not of the nine affected counties, I can absolutely understand the lack of sympathy and media coverage.

    We have done this to ourselves. Our residents have, in majority, been voiciferous opponents of any rule, law, or legislation that seeks to control business. More obsessed with “them gays getting married” and “tree huggers takin’ our jobs,” they chose paychecks at any cost.

    And this is a cost, a steep cost. Human health, human life. But life is cheap in WV, a key reason that exploitive businesses eye WV as a land of opportunity. A depressed economy and families well used to burrying loved ones decades ahead of life expectancy, for any number of reasons, long-term planning is knowing this weekend what you are doing next weekend. Or hope to, if you are still alive.

    To ask this populace to look toward the future with any perspective of what unregulated, wild west, anything goes business practices will do, is met with a collective “that ain’t my problem.”

    So no, seeing 300,000 people get what they and their fellow state residents clamour for, is not a heart wrenching tale of woe to media. And media would most certainly not want to alienate their “dont tread on my business rights” message with the truthful realities of what happens when we put business interests ahead of common sense.

    • https://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

      I would certainly consider the plight of WVians to be a “tale of woe”.

      It’s really damn easy for you (who presumably has a safe, stable job, food on the table, etc) to look down your nose at people who don’t have those luxuries in any certain way. If YOU were in their predicament, how would YOU vote? Be honest.

      It’s easy to be an “armchair activist” and slam other people for their lack of ideological purity. It’s another thing entirely to be a person who has to live in the REAL world, which sometimes unfortunately means compromise.

      And yes, I’ll even admit to it. I ABHOR Wal Mart. Hate it with a firey passion. I do, however, shop there on certain items (such as my insulin) because I LITERALLY cannot afford to purchase them elsewhere.

  • Bill Ash

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. I agree they are not handling things right, but this article exaggerates it. Those pictures are not current. There isn’t anything wrong with making money and spending it on the lifestyle you desire (you all would do the same if you had it) but how he handles this crisis is obviously something he hasn’t given much thought to. My guess is they had no crisis plan. This left wing article is crap though, you all are a bunch of haters. Grow up and earn your own money and leave everyone else alone. People make mistakes, try forgiving them.

    • http://gravatar.com/hankydub hankydubs

      You think you are defending this person, but you are doing an awful job of it. “My guess is they had no crisis plan.” Don’t say that, stupid.

    • dianne

      Bill, I agree. This was a stupid article. If you have money, you should be able to spend it anyway you want. If you own a business, especially one that transports chemicals, you make safety a #1 priority which in no way, shape or form Mr. Farrell did. Bill did you smell our water, I did it’s nauseating. Did you shower and brush your teeth in it. i did simply because it took them 30+ hours to report the leak. Forgive them I don’t think so. I hope the man rots in hell for what he did to 300,000 thousand of us, and Kathy, if I were you I would pack my bags and git while the gittins good because after WV gets done with him there will be nothin left, especially his money.

      • AATTP

        We’re not upset because he’s rich, but rather because A. his girlfriend is an insensitive twit and B. he became wealthy by working for an unscrupulous company which just poisoned 300,000 people’s water because they prioritize profits over safety.

  • J.T.

    Maybe I missed something, but I read where “poor Denny” this and “poor Denny” that . I didn’t see anywhere that “poor Denny” or his girlfriend actually apologized to the people of West Virginia for the “accident” or the inconvenience that it caused everyone. She said she brushed her teeth this morning and she’s fine. That’s great , for her, it doesn’t erase the fears that have been put into the minds of the “little people”. Poetic justice would be that she gets sick from brushing her teeth, and ends up in the same E R with the common folk.

  • http://facebook Jennifer Post

    The facts remain. No regulation, no accountability. That caused this catastrophe. We can argue petty details, but people are suffering due to a complete lack of regulation and accountability. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick of corporations and businesses trampling over the American people and then leaving us in the dust. I am even sicker that we ALLOWED this. People were duped by the politicians who walk hand in hand with these corporations. They suck us dry and hide their money off-shore, they pay no taxes, they have no care for ANYTHING but their own profit and meanwhile we sink lower and lower. These kinds of accidents while continue, particularly in places where they have voted in politicians who stand behind these corporations. Many say that’s their problem, but there are people suffering here. We argue and snipe at each other and people are suffering because of NO regulation and NO accountability! This is appalling.

    • Mark

      First, TX reaped the reward of lax regulation and now WV is reaping the same reward. The irony is that neither state’s populations understand how their voting patterns bite them in the ass.

      • Bruno

        Im a resident of Kanawha county West Virginia and we do realize the voting out of crooked politicians but it seems they have it figured out also and it,s always a family member that,s on the ballot and no one knows it till long after the election is over like most swap one crook for another it,s a never ending cycle crook to crook and they keep it in the family yo keep the money rolling in their pocket,s , seem,s like the vote for some reason goes in theur favor you figure it out.

  • johnson

    7,500 gallons doesn’t seem like a small amount.

  • Affected area

    It’s not hating because he’s rich, it’s hating because “the fines are cheaper to pay than the repair to the retaining wall.” There have been photographs taken of the retaining wall that was supposed to be replaced or fixed in early 2013. New photos were taken early yesterday that show whole pieces of said retaining wall that would have kept the chemical out of the river in total disrepair allowing the chemical to go under and through the wall. Fines were issues but like many other incidents that have happened here in WV the fine is cheaper than paying for the repair. What has happened legally is criminal negligence. The timeline on reporting the leak took approximately 8 hours although it is supposed to be reported within 15 min. The DEP was contacted by more than a few people that lived in the area going back as far as tuesday. The company is stating that the tanks were checked daily and no leak was found. The WV DEP had supposedly checked and couldn’t find anything either but noted the smell. The people going to the ER for eye and throat irritation puts a nail in the coffin of the Freedom industries timeline because people were seeking treatment on Tuesday but the spill was not reported officially until Thursday. This also falls on the heads of WV American Water for not following federal mandate and having a plan in place for any above or below ground chemical storage facility within a 10 mile radius.

    We shouldn’t have to live with all these companies that would rather pay a fine then sacrifice and pay the cost for a fix. Remember the massey coal mine collapse? They were paying the fines instead of fixing the problems and were sited over and over again. Reported to the state they had fixed the problems but didn’t and the inspectors over looked a lot of things? It killed people. West Virginia is known for cheap labor for dangerous jobs with no carbon taxes and lacks regulations. This is what’s inevitably going to happen again and again.

    I don’t side one way or the other but we have to start doing something.

  • Kevan Scott

    I just love all you that are defending this company and saying well, it’s not so bad. As John said it’s hazardous but not lethal. What’s the difference? Hazardous can still kill you as evidenced above with the girl who drank then showered in the polluted water. Luckily, I’ve not heard too many stories about things like this-yet. Those of you defending the company or saying things aren’t so bad are just being the trained sheepole that Faux News wants you to be. It is disgusting, too! Would suggest that if you really think it’s not so bad then go live there for the next few weeks and drink up all the water from the tap that you want, oh, and be sure to take a nice steaming hot shower too for max effect, just be sure to leave your last will and testament in order. Sigh.

  • Denny fatrell

    U r wrong

  • cindy

    Maybe they both should have to stay in Charleston the entire time until the water is clean again without any help except the same help west Virginia residents get. I bet they change their tune really fast with no showers food or clean clothes.

  • Sherry Smith

    Look at her, then look at him. I’m sure it was love at first sight! He is a old fool, trying to look better with a much younger woman on his arm. Also pretty sure that his money has nothing to do with their love. These people should me made to drink a couple gallons of the contaminated water and then we can test them, like they do to innocent animals!

  • Tony Johnson

    Did my heart good to see the response from this arrogant B!t<H. The wealthy could care less about the people they have to step on or the community that surrounds the plants they operate. The retaining wall was know to be ineffective and was ignored by this company, so that is itself proof of the matter. I have been able to take care of my family thus far and have the survival skills to keep doing so. Just keep in mind, people like her are the first to die in a disaster situation. Because they're to stupid to know how to take care of themselves. you can bet this much, by the time this is said and done, they will pay the price in one form or another. The law suits that will come of this are going to be a good start!

  • Just me

    This article is ridiculous, do you actually think that the people in WV live like the one photo that you posted. This article is nothing but liberal garbage..

    • AATTP

      All the photos are of the Freedom Industries CEO and his girlfriend.

      • Tim

        Just me is obviously a right wingnut. You can’t blame him for lacking comprhension skills. That line of thinking leads you to havng a narrow, linear mindset.

        • Bill Ash

          Haha! That’s what you’re doing– being narrow minded by that very statement. HELLO POT. Oh, and learn how to spell comprehension if you’re going to use it to talk smack.

    • owen

      Wow…just wow. Are you really that unobservant?

  • Andrea

    Don’t hate on him because he’s rich. Accidents happen, I’m sure he didn’t wake up thinking “I’m gonna go poison 9 counties today.” It doesn’t matter if he stands up and takes responsibility, we know it was his company. What we need to worry about is getting this problem resolved and making our water clean again!

    • june

      Apparently that tank has needed replaced as far back as 2008. Look at the track records these people have. Shady on so many levels. How can you defend them? If they filed bancruptcy to avoid paying taxes what do you think they are going to do to avoid taking responsibility for this?

  • Ruth Anne

    You know she loves him for his great mind. And he loves her because she’s well-read.

  • JD

    I don’t care who he is, you take resposibility for your company’s actions.

  • Kyle T

    Damn its not like the guy intentinially poisoned the Kanawha river, it does suck bad but there are A LOT worse chemicals that could accidently leak into the river and they are also right beside the river at institute and charleston. Chemicals that could kill you in one sip of water. I’m not happy about this my family is expected but nothing comes good out of pointing fingers. I don’t know this CEO guy but I’m sure he’s doing as best he can to get the problem fixed. The best thing we can all do is stand together and help each other out as best as possible until the water gets back to normal. 

    • Kyle T

      Family is affected**

    • Marc Hutton

      Live in Charleston do you Kyle? Have family there? Well look jackass I am from there and I DO have family there. Also being a PhD chemist and a certified HazMat tech I know far more about it than you could even dream about. The fact is that not only did the the storage tank fail but the containment dike also failed. One is a possible accident, two is without a doubt criminal neglect. This SOB is going to go to prison because current laws DO hold him personally responsible as it should be.

      • Kevin Kelly

        Marc,I hope your right!

    • Lo

      I’m sure that your family is not affected or you wouldn’t be so blazay about it. My family and friends are and it’s not easy for any of them. This company needs to step up and provide water and facilities to shower and wash clothes to everyone. I don’t want to hear feel sorry for me from these people.

    • sgreene

      at Marc I just fell in LOVE with your statement! yes he needs to answer to the fact that these tanks weren’t inspected for over 20 ys! that is his responsibility as a CEO! he needs jail time! regulations or not the right thing to do was to keep a routine inspections. he was irresponsible at that point and intentionally took the risk by being lazy and cutting corners on his responsibilities! and as far as him helping to get things “Back to Normal” Kyle, I say filing for bankruptcy is not “helping” or getting things back to normal, thats a sign of running from his accountability. People are so ignorant about WV especially the ones that never been here. We are a state, Not western part of Virginia. We are educated,(I am a medical professional with a four year degree) and we do have prosperous honest people here, not all of us are bare foot pregnant, toothless, poor people. No one deserves to go through what our people has endured. but this I will say We are more apt to overcome this situation than anyone else because we are strong! I challenge any one of you to switch me places for a week, then you can pass judgment on our anger!

  • http://gravatar.com/kathygiven kathygiven

    That’s because Denny Farrell and Gary Southern are not the same people!

  • CrystalK

    Thanks for this. It’s time these rich whiney shmucks are put in their place.

  • Cosmo

    Umm, I don’t know who the old man is in the pictures above, but that is not the same Gary Southern from the press conference on the news.


    • AATTP

      He’s the CEO. The guy at the press conference was the president.

      • Cosmo

        My mistake! Sorry!

  • Kathy

    Can you please pass along that my friend is currently fighting for her life from poisoning from drinking/cooking, showering, etc.
    from her mother’s facebook page.
    “Well here we go my daughter Melissa has been sick since Thursday evening before we knew of the water was bad she drank a big glass of the water took a really hot steamy shower and washed her dishes ever since then she has been sick I have tried and tried to get her to go to hospital well guess where we are at Thomas hospital she is being admitted her lungs has been effected by this and she is very sick so if you are spitting up a pink clear foamy liquid from your lungs then please go get checked please pray for her she is having trouble breathing also they said effected her more because of the steamy shower love you all stay safe”

    • AATTP

      We’ll pass that along to the author.

    • http://www.facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

      That’s awful! I’ll keep her in my thoughts.

    • Stephanie

      If that is true, my prayers are with her!!
      But I would be SHOCKED. This material is not hazardous. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the “powers that be” don’t even require the tanker carrying this chemical to have a hazardous sticker. I personally know 2 people who have had this chemical directly on their skin with no reaction. So, forgive me for not believing everything I read on Facebook/the internet!

      • http://www.facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

        It’s not DEADLY except in large amounts. It IS hazardous though.

      • https://plus.google.com/105746447063572004650 Mig Crowe

        At least 4 people have been admitted to the hospital, so it appears what you read is true. It is hazardous, and it is affecting people.

        My husband has worked with this chemical, and told me if the Red Cross asked me to go down to help that I cannot. I have asthma, and could easily be affected.

      • https://plus.google.com/105746447063572004650 Mig Crowe

        Here’s an update, Stephanie, on that “harmless” chemical.

        “The New York Times reported Saturday that at least 122 people have gone to local hospitals complaining of nausea, vomiting, and skin and eye irritation.”

        Just to clarify, this was not originally on the Internet or Facebook. It was in the New York Times.

      • https://www.facebook.com/jay.merrick Jay Merrick

        You do realize that having it on your skin is much different then inhaling it while showering or drinking it right?

      • dianne

        I have been told that the fumes are toxic. Also, as an experiment, I filled a glass of water from the tap and lit it with a lighter, so I can tell you it is flamable.

  • Kevan Scott

    What do you expect? These people are obviously much more important and smarter than the thousands of people i West Virginia and America. They obviously deserve our respect, admiration and complete disdain. Better than you me or the hundreds of thousands in W. Virginia? Hardly. Deserve our respect? For what, inheriting Daddy’s money? No, disdain works quite well I think. A perp walk would be nice too but doubt that because they have the protection of Tomlin, Mansion and the other politicians they’ve managed to buy off with Daddys money. The girlfriend is a brainless twit too!

  • http://twitter.com/paulzink Paul Zink (@paulzink)

    John, for the sake of credibility, you need to tighten up this post a little.

    1) When sharing (e.g. to Twitter via bit.ly), the headline comes up as “wife of CEO” rather than “girlfriend”, so check that out.

    2) The company responsible for the spill is not a “coal company” per se, but a supplier of chemicals to the coal mining industry; and…

    3) Freedom Industries is not a Koch property, but just one vendor to a company that’s a subsidiary of a company itself owned by Koch Industries. Since every blogger under the sun is saying this and that is controlled by the Koch brothers, the accusation is losing its force somewhat. I’d just skip it: this company has enough clear negligence on its plate that muddying the waters with a fourth-hand Koch connection just dilutes focus on the real f**k ups.

  • Juliet

    That picture of him in the stocks should be prophetic. Sadly, it won’t be.

  • https://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

    The bimbo has her FB page locked down so you have to be “friended” to post on it.

  • WVprog

    You forgot to post the picture of her well! She isn’t concerned about the water because SHE doesn’t use it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/william.kosinar William Kosinar

    It’s good to know she has friends on FB ! REad more comments there to see just how delusional some people are… https://www.facebook.com/kathy.stoverkennedy Katherine Ice: Listen Im just glad I got to know the both of you personally. People who talk havent gotten a clue what you both are going thru. I stand beside u both and if someone says a bad word I swear Im hitting them w a poolstick and soldering their mouth shut! Love ya both
    Yesterday at 11:35am via mobile · 1 Chad Miller Your right kathy!!! If it wasnt for the media and ignorant ppl makin retarded statements it wouldnt be half this big. Those of us who wrk around chemicals every day know whats goin on, And for those of u who dont U HAVE NOOOOOOO CLUE WHATS BEEN IN THE WATER UR DRINKIN.. Thoughts and prayers kathy and denny!!!!
    January 10 at 1:21pm via mobile · 1 Kathy Stover-Kennedy: People react without knowing all the facts and then the media comes in and blows it up b/c there is nothing else news worthy at the moment!
    January 10 at 12:59pm · 2

  • alan musil

    I was trained in the military to take care of yourself and fellow people.you should be ready for a plush life,”like clean water”,to end with gas,electrical, and other problems happening.i have had to drink water out of a river and “load it up with Clorox to live.I hope you do not trust the Government with your life.we have become soft and giveme generation.if water smells like l shit you better boil it and clorox too.

  • T’omm J’Onzz

    didn’t we go thru this before with BP’s Tony “I want my life back” Hayward?

  • https://plus.google.com/116262571801122943980 Ron Williams

    First of all what is a Social Media Strategist? Secondly, after reading what this woman posted, I will never believe a Company Spokesperson again. She sounds like the Theater Critic at Fords Theater telling everyone how good the play was.

  • http://gravatar.com/aliencraft aliencraft

    “Bring him close to the hearth and let his fat melt before he perishes.”
    Then douse him with some of that special river water.

  • http://twitter.com/vampricyoda Fez Guy (@vampricyoda)

    Let’s find a moderately offensive posting by a CEO’s wife. Then proceed to make an utterly biased posting about it and including photos from the person’s facebook. Which, for the record, Rep or Dem. I’m pretty sure most of us have photos in the pool, or at a costume party.

    The “writer” of these piece is the “Fox News” of liberal media. Utterly biased and taking images completely out of context to force his points.

    • https://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

      What Right-wing organization paid you to say that, Fez?

  • D. King

    I suppose we’re expected to be surprised that he’s wearing that American flag swim suit? Pretty much tells all, doesn’t it?

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