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EXCLUSIVE: A Former Naval Officer Savagely Debunks the Conspiracies Surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Those of you who are familiar with my military background know that I have experience in looking for downed aircraft, and other things, lost at sea. Which is likely why some of you keep asking me for an opinion on the missing jetliner. Here you go:

For those of you not familiar with this, five days ago Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 with 239 passengers and crew onboard disappeared somewhere between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. So far no wreckage, no debris, no trace of the aircraft or the people have been found.

Malaysia 777

Weird, man, weird. I mean, it’s totally GOT to be alien space pirates or Langoliers or Dirty Dick Vadar, right?


I mean, right?

Yeah, look, Folks, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that based on my experience with this sort of thing, we can safely rule out alien abductions and inter-dimensional rifts in the space time continuum. And I have it on good authority that Cheney was home all night, nursing an acid stomach over Obama’s reluctance to invade Russia.

obama putin

Now, I suppose it’s just, just, vaguely possible that the missing aircraft is parked on a secret jungle runway in Sumatra or Cambodia (or Bangor, Maine), hidden under camouflage netting, with the passengers and crew secured in an underground prison and its mysterious cargo now in the hands of a heretofore unknown shadowy cabal of international criminals with a really cool and evil acronym for a name. But until the Queen gets a coded message demanding 36 Billion British Pounds in gold bullion to be hand delivered by Sean Connery himself, let’s just go ahead and label that Alternate Theory #1.


Most likely, and by “most likely” I mean the probability is approximately 99.999999999999%, the plane and its unfortunate passengers are scattered across a large portion of the seafloor under the Gulf of Thailand.


Yeah, okay, but why can’t they find the wreckage?

Because the ocean is a damned big place, vaster than you can imagine unless you’ve sailed across it (and, because I know you people, yes, I HAVE indeed sailed this part of the world, it’s vast, and complicated and dangerous). And even when you know exactly, and I mean EXACTLY, where to look, it’s still extremely difficult to find scattered bits of airplane or, to be blunt, scattered bits of people in the water. As a navy sailor, I’ve spent days searching for lost aircraft and airmen, and even if you think you know where the bird went down, the winds and the currents can spread the debris across hundreds or even thousands of miles of ocean in fairly short order.

No machine, no computer, can search this volume, you have to put human eyeballs on every inch of the search area. You have to inspect every item you come across – and the oceans of the world are FULL of flotsam, jetsam, debris, junk, trash, crap, bits, and pieces. Often neither the sea nor the weather cooperates, it is INCREDIBLY difficult to spot a item the size of a human being in the water, among the swells and the spray, even if you know exactly where to look – and the sea conditions in this part of the world are some of the worst, especially this time of year.

Yeah, but what about a fuel slick, we should be able to see that, right?

south china sea

Again, you just don’t understand how big the ocean is. A fuel slick from an airplane this size (assuming the fuel hit the sea in one mass and wasn’t vaporized into an aerosol by break-up of the aircraft at 30,000 feet) might cover, what? a square mile? Probably much less. A standard search area, a rectangle 50 miles wide by 200 miles say, along the airplane’s flight path might encompass TEN THOUSAND square miles – every inch of which has to be searched by the Mark 1 MOD 0 human eyeball. Starting to get the picture? We’re not talking thick heavy bunker oil.  High grade light fuel, like the kind burned in commercial jet turbines, evaporates quickly. Slicks are broken up by wave action and wind. And in heavy seas the sheen of oil on water is nearly impossible to spot. There’s a very finite amount of time for finding a fuel slick on the surface of the ocean, assuming that one even exists, that time is past for Flight 370.

Yeah, but how come they don’t know exactly where it is? Don’t we track all airplanes via radar?

No. And certainly not over the oceans between countries. Commercial Air Traffic Control radar systems don’t work the way you think they do, at least not exactly, and not all of the time. Why? Money mostly. Practicality as well. International cooperation. The limits and wide mix of technology. And etc. Note also that this isn’t North America, things are a bit different in Asian airspace. The plane was (probably) over water, between national air control regions.

Yeah, but what about military radars?


Most military radar isn’t concerned with commercial air traffic on standard routes flying at 30,000+ feet. The skies are full of jetliners. Most just appear as a contact on a tracking scope, watched briefly as they trundle along in a straight line across the sky, and are then ignored. Military people are concerned with threats. Threats typically move in a ballistic trajectory, or a flat fast powered arc, or much closer to the surface. Military radar records might be helpful in figuring out what happened, but unless Flight 370 was behaving like a threat while passing through somebody’s radar envelope, it’s unlikely that anybody would notice or bother to identify it.

Also military people charged with defending their airspace don’t like showing people from other countries their radar systems, and for damned GOOD reasons, so it’s going to take some time to get those records. It’s going to be a while before a complete search those recordings can be done.

Yeah, but what about the ringing phones?

cell phone

You ever call a cell phone that was turned off? Sometimes it goes straight to voicemail, sometimes it rings. You ever call somebody, their phone rings and rings and rings and RINGS and then they FINALLY answer and you’re like, WTF Dude? And they’re like, What’s your problem, Bro, it only rang one time! You hear rings because the cellular network is looking for the phone and if the phone doesn’t respond immediately the network doesn’t know if the device is active, in an area of weak signal or limited connectivity or heavy congestion, roaming out of network, or turned off.

Some networks send you a ringtone while they look for the phone you’re calling so you don’t hang up. Other times you just get dead air. There’s no standard, even in heavily regulated North America, and sure as hell not across the various countries of Asia. Again, this isn’t some big conspiracy, this is how the various evolving patchwork cell phone systems work. The information is widely available and you can test it yourself. Claiming that “ringing” cell phones mean the plane is or was still intact just means that you’re ignorant of how the technology works.

Note: I read a couple of comments speculating that GPS and Cell Phone signals might penetrate water, at least a little bit, indicating the plane might be intact on the bottom of the sea. No. Hell no. Wrong wrong wrong. Take some science classes, wave physics for starters. GPS and cell phones operate above the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) portion of the Radio Frequency spectrum, those wavelengths do NOT, repeat do NOT, penetrate water. Period. Yes, Very Low (VLF) and Extremely Low (ELF) radio waves CAN penetrate water to a significant degree, but you’d need a cell phone the size of large refrigerator/freezer and an antenna MILES in length to use those freqs.

Yeah, but what about reports that the plane turned before losing contact?

That’s what experts are for. That’s what’s taking so long. Maybe the plane turned around, maybe it didn’t. Every single person on the planet in this information saturated age should damned well know by now that initial reports are going to be conflicting, contradictory, confused, and just plain wrong. This ISN’T some big conspiracy, it is unfortunately the nature of the situation, it’s perfectly normal and it happens all of the time and it always has and you know it. EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING who lives in the Information Age should understand in their bones that every Joe Shit The Ragman who comes along just might not know what the fuck he’s talking about, but that doesn’t stop him from getting on the TV or the Internet and speculating away. Conspiracy theories aren’t about the truth, they’re about the conspiracy theorist. Wait for the official word and for the sake of Dread Cthulhu, stop listening to TV pundits and World News Daily. News media HAS to fill up bandwidth, and they will with whatever drooling idiocy that comes along, that doesn’t mean any of it is true. Adjust your skepticism level accordingly.

Yeah, but a plane can’t just vanish, man, isn’t it WEIRD?

Don’t start in with the conspiracy theory nonsense again. It’s unusual nowadays, yes, especially for a large modern aircraft. But that doesn’t mean it has to be the plot of a Stephen King novel, or Ian Fleming for that matter. Planes have vanished before. It happens. It used to happen a lot. They fall into the sea or into the remote jungle and are lost. The world grows ever smaller, but it is still a vast, vast place, there’s plenty of dark holes beyond the reach of technology for things to drop into and get lost.

Yeah, so, but what about the horndog co-pilot and the passports and Obama’s role in all of this? Was it the CIA? NSA? Vladimir Putin? C’mon, what do you think happened, Man, what do you think HAPPENED?

I have no idea. Could be any number of things. Again, that’s what experts are for, let them do their jobs. Sooner or later, the plane or its wreckage will be found, eventually we’ll know the reason why. Mechanical failure, accident, weather, human error, terrorists, or even time-travelling kidnappers from a dystopian future. Sooner or later, you’ll know. Yes, it’s hell on the families who wait for news of the their loved ones, but hysteria, wild speculation by the media, and conspiracy theories from the internet sure as hell aren’t helping.

This isn’t CSI or an episode of 24, sometimes you don’t get answers in 60 minutes with time out for piss breaks and a snack. Deal with it.


About Jim Wright

Jim Wright
Jim Wright is a retired US Navy Chief Warrant Officer and freelance writer. He lives in Alaska where he watches American politics in a perpetual state of amused disgust. He's been called the Tool of Satan, but he prefers the title: Satan's Designated Driver. He is the mind behind Stonekettle Station. You can email him at [email protected] You can follow him on Twitter @stonekettle, or you can join the boisterous bunch he hosts on Facebook at Facebook/Stonekettle. Remember to bring brownies and mind the white cat, he bites. Hard.
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  • Ghee Rice

    A good article. If this was a hijack, I don’t think the Government has a hand in it. Do you think hijack is some child’s play ? This is unprecedented and must have left the officials from the aviation, air force and police baffled, as much as we are now. How often do we encounter crisis of this nature on our land? I only see communication breakdown and nothing else. Our men are trained to face a sea of armed men or hostiles, not a sea of media with “attack questions”. Never mind, a PR person should be able to mend this in no time.

    And what are all these questions on why the military taking time at releasing military data to US, China. You can’t expect military information to be released to any countries just like that. There must be a set of protocols to be followed. Are we all well versed in military protocol here ? Let the men do their job !

    The only dent to this whole thing was the comedy show by the “bomoh and his comrades. Some sick joke in bad taste.

    So give our men in uniform our ultimate support. If you think you can make a difference, then by all means, inspire your kids to join the force. If you think you could do a better job at safeguarding our country’s sovereignty, if you feel you have a responsibility towards our country, if you have the age, then by all means, go ahead and join the force.

    Take India for example. Their citizens talk greatly about their men in uniform. The citizens never tolerate ill talks about their country by anyone. They are very defensive of it and I have witnessed this first hand. They are not intimidated by the other giant forces of the world. For the many men/women in uniforms, it’s not a profession there, it’s an honor to be able to serve the nation and they are revered.

    So give our men in uniform the due respect as we stand united backing them during this trying time !

  • BRAD

    wow this guys smart and smarmy. I really want to be bedazzled by a detailed analysis of 911 and building 7 and the Pentagon etc. Because if anyone can debunk crazy conspiracies ,this guy sure paints it as though he’s up there with the best….
    now lets party…????!!!!

  • Yoku


  • http://gravatar.com/jzenic jonsen

    It was hijacked. fool.

  • volrath77

    Wow. Even with the explanation, people still jump to their own conclusions…and after reading some of the posts here, I think some of my brain cells died.

    Must. Find. Aspirin…

  • http://k0ks3nw4i.blogspot.com k0k s3n w4i

    Well, it seemed that the comms were switched off and the transponders were switched off shortly after. I think in light of these new info, hijacking or pilot malfeasance has to be put squarely back on the table.


  • vicoilsteems

    Doesnt THE Black Box Flight Recorder Give Off Signals For It To Be Located?

  • http://gravatar.com/roblimo roblimo

    What about all the time members of the Saudi Royal Family have been spending in Roswell? Between them and their alien buddies we have no idea how many dimensions that plane may have crossed by now. At least 3, though, from what I have heard. Keep your heads up!

  • zul

    Easy…to slove this problem….1. GO BACK TO LOOK MH370 Service Log….look for every item that have been service…look for transponder and Blackbox….I mean Blackbox….ok…then you know…anyway thats my teori…go back to the root if can see the future…May Allah Show the way…amin

  • http://@ Osama bama

    Ok since Americans could do alot of shit with technology like how they claim they Could in their frigging Hollywood movies, lets see how much help they could render the poor Malaysians in resolving this crisis.

    • http://Colinogriffin.com Colin

      Not sure this post was worth reading…technology is not an American phenomenon…

  • http://www.fusionbrand.com brandconsultantasia

    Sir, with all due respect the most recent reports would suggest there has indeed been a cover up especially now that we’re being told the aircraft was heading west and not east, possibly above the range of all civilian radar and most military radar which probably explains the confusing and conflicting messages coming out of Malaysia, China and the US.

    There have been multiple security breaches across borders and until they are analysed by the governments involved and their strategic partners, we the mere mortals will be led a merry dance of information and misinformation.

    Strategically this is a tragedy, tactically we’re paying the price for who we vote for. The truth will come out eventually, probably!

    • https://www.facebook.com/smallplasticman Damon Arial

      It’s beginning to look like one of the pilots was likely involved. Not sure how our votes, unless you’re talking about Malaysian votes, fit into your narrative though. That is, unless you attempted to blame someone who was elected in the U.S. for this.

    • desertfox

      I wouldn’t say cover up. It is not uncommon for bureaucracies in that part of the world to be a lot less coordinated. The left hand wouldn’t know what the right hand is doing. I am not surprised that military radar pictures are not overlayed with civilian radar for all sorts of red tape reasons.

  • https://plus.google.com/112859081593357729179 Rasiah Hamid

    Great article to read…points to ponder…

  • hak55

    Did the missing MH370 aircraft fly to Australia? Ok everybody, let’s look for it there!


  • captain america

    Yes you might have debunks some of the so called conspirscy theory…but why didnt you touch on air plane black box? Its has an underwater tracking beacon in it…the ocean is a vast area but we are not living in dark ages, we have modern high tech tracking system, and they should be able to pick up the signal from a down plane and fyi the backup battery in the black box can last 30days and no black was ever u recovered until sep 11 was the first time…you are just misguiding us to make us belief that in this modern age we only use naked eye to scour the vast sea for a missing plane?then my friend I have no idea how you become a navel officer. Just a library we have a pc with indexing for us to search a book in a vast sea of books and you are telling me with still searching thing throgh pysically looking at area one by one really baffles me…just my two cents. Cheers.

    • bak

      I believe when someone asks a question they should ask themselvea wether they know what they are asking about. First. Havent you heard enough that we could not find the black box and so far only GOD knows why. Second. Hes a naval officer. When he says look it means looking with all appropriate means available including radars and sonars. He doesnt have to explain every single thing. Its tiring. We are living in a modern hi tech but there are still no cure for aids except bullshit internet info. And thats the truth. And speculations from social media will not help the hell the families are going through.

      • captain america

        The puspose of a black box is to track the location of the crash site / missing plane and to retrieve all relavant data from it to find out what haplen to the plane. All other information can be irrelavant but black box is one of the crucial piece to the puzzle. It is Installed on the plane for the purpose of tracking a missing plane in a vast area of map. It is use for the sake of helping to find a needle in a hay stack and if you think this black box which is a non destruble box by explosion can go missing without a trace and feel it is not a crucial piece of evidence of foul play that spiral into a bunch of conspiracy theory then my friend you are ignorant enough to be a fool of your own belief. Certain conspiracy theory can be discounted with facts right off the bat but a black box with no distress tracking beacon activated I find it strange. Go back to search all air crash investigation and see if it is true that no black box have ever gone unrecovered until sep 11. You might want to go youtube to look at the video sep 11 loose change to have a new perspective into all this conspiracy theory.

        • InZ

          Have you ever read on France airliner drop into the ocean? ow long it took to find the high-tech black box? 2 fcuking years fyi, and you still ask like it is easy to track it?

      • captain america

        Just fyi hightech does not mean or translate to greater medical advancement. It just mean technological advancement…please know the difference.

        • http://Colinogriffin.com Colin

          It most certainly does pertain to medicine…seriously? Wow.

    • Dns

      The black box, if it’s underwater, it’s range is only about 2 nautical miles. It emits a ping, not a radio wave. You need a sonar equipment to detect it. In a big open sea, 2 miles is really a needle in a haystack.

  • Bb

    Spot on with everything you’ve pointed out here. However it does not explain why do we get so many conflicting information? Were there 5 passengers who bought their tickets and never boarded the plane? This was the info given but later dismissed by another authority. When was the last transponder signal? Was it at 1:20am and if so, why did the authorities claim 2:40am earlier? Somebody said there was an air turn-back and then later denied he said that. All these misleading, inaccurate then later recalled information are what’s fuelling the conspiracy theorist.

    • bak

      As I remember ALL authorities involved never missed the word possibility. It is the media that twist things around. Well thats what media are for making things more complicated. Even worst being impatient and sheer dumb on asking questions that leads to bad perception towards the government

    • bak

      As I again remember he said there is a POSSIBILITY of an air turn back. Media got too excited have neglected the word POSSIBILITY that he mentioned. Media oh media

  • kak long nor

    Thank you for enlightening us!

  • Cookie

    Suppose it did fly on for 4 hours and landed in an uninhabited place (land). That would explain the phones ringing.

  • shue

    tq sir for the explanation…but some negative thinker people will keep blaming on Malaysia govt even the found the black box…what ever they hear or see they will think the opposite….they try their very best to not believe what Malaysia govt said…to them..whatever finding or evidence present by Malaysia govt is a setup…been planned…complot…hidden agenda….etc…

  • anonmalaysia

    Below is a theory from an undisclosed source. There’s no intention to offend any party, but if you still find it too controversial and offensive, kindly leave a message and this post will be immediately removed.

    It was a hijack by Uighur extremists that took place just after 45 minutes into the flight. Pilots attempted to turn back, released of fuel as a trace, and even managed to make distress and mayday calls before the cockpit door was breached.
    However due to lack of experience in handling such event, airport control tower could only confirm what was actually happening until they received the first tip off by the hijackers themselves at approximately 2.40am.

    As soon as this news was brought up to Chinese administration by Malaysia’s leader, it was quickly agreed that China will step in and take control of the situation and that by no means this incident shall ever be publicized as this may compromised China’s position in handling the negotiation. The cover up would then prompted Malaysia’s government to gather and eliminate all the vital records, data and information.

    As the plane was flying towards Xinjiang, it was then intercepted and forced by China Air Force to land somewhere in Nanning to begin the negotiation. The Uighurs counted on MAS to have made public announcement on the incident as they thought they could rely on a Muslim country not to betray them.

    Anyhow, as expected not long after, the negotiation falls apart, and the terrorists were forced to surrender and exit the plane. They were convinced that with international press and journalists around, there’s no way that their lives would be spared as long as they have not harm any of the innocent lives on the plane.
    What they did not know was the entire landing location was staged. Soldiers were disguised as reporters and journalists.

    Due to impatience of the military general in charge, the shots were fired before even making sure of the identification of the terrorists. However, the real extremists did not die, as they outsmarted the military by only sending out some passengers out of the plane. The real extremists that were still in the plane, knowingly that they had little or no chance of walking out alive, in the depths of despair they then released out the cyanide gasses from their canisters. By the time that the smog was visible at the doorway, most of the passengers had already inhaled. Even though some managed to rush out of the plane, they had all become unconscious. What happens next need no further description.

    In all tragedy, it is a crisis too important to be left for waste. China has been evidently taken advantage of this situation to place their warships and air forces around South China Sea & Straits of Malacca, it all seem likely to be a preparation for an imminent war all in the name of search and rescue.

    The point of this theory, is to explore the possibility of a big scale cover up. And it is not impossible, that is with the joint effort by China, Malaysia, Vietnam and even the States.

    • Melia C.

      I think you should start on that novel, asap and leave actual theorizing/investigating to the pros.

    • jacq

      Mr…the ways you wrote this articles, are you one of the terrorist? You sound so real…kind of known what’s happen to them in detail. .. anyway, you are really good writer..if you are not one of them. God, please soften the heart of those who is involved also heal their hurts…knowing that we are just humans and not God. Let the innocent back home and let God be God..don’t let your own hand filled with blood and take over others sins..not worthy.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

      Half-assed “theories” from “undisclosed sources” don’t carry much weight with sane, intelligent people.

  • diwant

    by the same analogy as well, in this era of information, planes just can’t just vanished without trail

    • Dns

      We really have such faith in this “Information Age” don’t we? Even when experts tell us that radar are finite instruments, we just have trouble believing them because, things are so… advanced these days. Perhaps we might be wrong.

  • nexus4wmc

    I do agree to a certain degree. Asking factors that creates these conspiracy theories are 1) if the plane had time to turn around then why no mayday calls. 2) last transponder signal was at 1:20am why did the authorities claim 2:40am. 3) if it was catastrophic then the plane can’t turn westwards. 4) a Japanese plane contacted mh370 between these times so it couldn’t have turned. 5) claims and denials that the plane flew for another 4 hours.

  • Fay Yusof

    Much thanks to you Jim for taking the pains to pen this piece, hope it knocks some sense into the heads of the conspiracy theorists. Then again, there’s no telling what will they think of next *@.@

  • juliejuliana

    Thanks for the explanation…just bring them home safely..

  • Vijay Victoria

    I like your statement Sir… ” Conspiracy theories aren’t about the truth, they’re about the conspiracy theorist.”… Rightly said

  • one


  • Ibrahim

    Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! But whatever happened, I pray so hard that they aren’t dead. I don’t care what happened just… God, don’t let them die! Just bring them home safely.

    • Qamar Wahie

      ameen ameen ya Rabb..

      • Cardoman Flint

        Can we stop all this praying to a non-existent “god”. It’s a waste of time and trivializes the suffering of the victims.

        • N

          Just because you dont believe in god,doesnt meant its the same for others. Idiot.

  • https://www.facebook.com/hanibal.lecterz Hanibal Lecterz

    An informative article sir…so far the best I’ve read since the last 7 days…

  • Saadah

    Arthi…the coconut thing is not by the government… its these spotlight hungry ‘witch doctors’ or bomohs as we call them here…attention seeking. We Muslims are just as angry and disgusted that they’re doing such ridiculous things at such a time..

    • James

      You really think you can walk into KLIA with 3 guys pulling off stunts like this during crisis moment and not get away with it? Are you really that naive?

      • Saadah

        They would if it was what an involved family member wants and arrange for. FYI this practice is against islamic beliefs.

  • alexa

    Thank you Jim for your explanation.. Juz don understand why foreigners that ive heard from seems to b more supportive and understanding than my fellow mates from malaysia..

    • https://www.facebook.com/jane.whiteman.37 Milk Dundee

      That’s because you live in a extremely corrupted regime for decades to the point that even if the government is telling the truth, it’s citizens have zero confidence in what they have been told.

      • Jay Putra

        Spot on sir!

      • Fathi Ridzuan Ahmad Fauzi

        Typical Western racist and condescending comments! Extremely corrupted???? Is that why Malaysia is so developed that it has the most secure passport security in the world? That we have the tallest twin towers in the world? That 3 million immigrants swim across dangerous seas to work here? That we are the first country in the world that implemented cyber laws? I don’t support many of the government policies, but to call the country extremely corrupted is not only insulting but typical western arrogance.

        • Zara

          Agreed, thank you for the comment.

        • http://www.fusionbrand.com brandconsultantasia

          Fathi, if you read the online news coming out of Malaysia and look at the number of Malaysians who voted for the opposition in the last Federal election it would seem there are quite a few Malaysians who think their government has some issues.

          • mr.kenter

            Thats 1 half , what about the other half who disagrees… Sure theres issues but heck what countries does not?

      • https://www.facebook.com/wongyeowsoon Ys Wong

        Very well said Mike

      • charmaine

        well we are not stupid just too tolerant…..

        The government is not telling anything btw….therein lies the problem

  • kates17371

    I really like all the information you gave. I have no idea about anything I’m about to ask about, it’s just a question so please excuse me if it’s super stupid. What about any type of technology in the water. Are there buoys that detect wave patterns or displacement that could have been disrupted by plane impact? Or what about the movement that might have happened when the plane hit the sea floor? Would that make any significant data on a seismogram? Again, I have no clue about these things, so if a plane wouldn’t make any noticeable changes these devices, I understand. I just don’t know how they work.

  • tomasss

    Nice disinformation. Hope you got paid well.

    • Imran Said

      Which part was disinformation? If there were elements of disinformation, could you please point it out so that we can double check on those points. Its better, I think, than just making the claim without backing it up or actually pointing out the flaws…

    • Mel Irish

      That word. I don’t think it means what you think it means. Tom”asss” is right.

      For disinformation to happen, there would have to be information in the post. It would be false information, but there still HAS TO BE information. That’s kind of the definition.

      Nowhere in this post does it posit what the truth is. It does not claim to know the truth, and therefore cannot obfuscate the truth behind lies. All this post says is “Hold your horses and be rational fucking human beings for a while”. Advising caution and advising against leaping to conclusions isn’t disinformation. Advising the public to “wait and see” isn’t disinformation. At worst it is overcautiousness, and at best it is rationality.

  • Orang Lama


  • Azri Abdullah

    As a Malaysian … I wish more people would read this article and GET A CLUE !!

  • Leann

    Thank you for your article. Finally I’ve read something written brilliantly on MH370!

  • joanna

    Thank you so much! I knw a lot of people are exasperated. . Wanting to knw what happened. . But things are not as easy as it seems… we all need to let the experts do it.. for sure the passengers are on their mind and they are doing all they can! Thank you again!

    • http://facebook V

      The ‘experts’ were saying for days that the plane had been giving off signals for hours after it’s last ‘contact’ with ATC Malaysia. This was consistently denied by the Malaysian Government- saying that these reports were incorrect. Now they are acknowledging these reports and confirming that the actual last contact from satellite was 5 hours after last ‘verbal’ contact from the plane and they are indeed redirecting the search (to the areas of the world fairly well known for terrorism). Read into that what you will. In my opinion just this simple fact (apart from all the other FACTS that have been ignored) speak for themselves. The truth will out in the end and a lot of people will have a lot of explaining to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Azreen


  • Fiz

    yo, that image with 2 biters a plane and a fat man, what scene is that from?

  • http://Facebook Rob

    If fisherman can be found in the middle of the ocean via an epirb, how does a 250 million $ plane not have one or shouldn’t the black box give out a signal??

  • Aizil Azrin Saadon

    It is good to know that someone who has very good experiences in this kind of situation could make a brilliant explanation. I hope that my fellow Malaysians would read this to enlighten them that Malaysian government ( and all countries that assisted the SAR ) did and will do their best in finding the plane. Thank you Jim….

  • SD

    I’ve read few articles by foreign bloggers that said the same thing as you did however as a Malaysian, I still want to thank you for taking time writing this.

  • http://www.symphonyoflove.net/blog BK

    Indeed … just this morning I was pondering on about the world may seem a small place but it is still vast to be looking for an airplane; it’s not like look for a float in a pool. Thanks a lot for the enlightening write up.

  • http://gravatar.com/politicalamity9 Politicalamity9

    i like this part …
    “This isn’t CSI or an episode of 24, sometimes you don’t get answers in 60 minutes with time out for piss breaks and a snack. Deal with it.”

    Thats what happening in the minds of lots of people nowadays…thinking that things can be solved in an hour.

    • hatta

      100% agreed..!!

  • Alizea Geminia

    Thank you thank you for this article!
    so tired of people throwing 1001 conspiracy theories & what not every hour & think the search & rescue mission is actually NOT AS TOUGH as what the authorities are telling them

  • erwin dani

    Thank you sir…nailed it on the dot…I’m sharing this article so that people will understand the gravity of the issue…some people just don’t bother to educate themselves before shooting off on the internet…and we thank you for your countries assistance in the search…#prayformh370…

  • Sir Acid

    Outstanding job. Thanks for a dose of reality, but unfortunately, the conspiracy wackos will just laugh this off.

  • http://gravatar.com/cashique cashique

    Hi Jim,

    Ok, let me point you to the images released by Chinese Satellite. If there was a remote possibility that the images was the wreckage, don’t you think that it would take days, even weeks to go through the entire area where the images were taken, maybe even send down submarines to look at the ocean floor before just brushing it aside by saying ‘we went to the location and found nothing there’ in under 24 hours?

  • Tala

    They probably crashed on an island where the survivors are being chases by a polar bear.jo

  • Angeline Tung

    Thanks you for writing this!

  • http://techtikus.com techtikus

    Good article, answered a lot of my own misconceptions which I duly refrain from sharing out with others. The Like button can cause unnecessary havoc at times.

    I’m going to share your article and hope that their brains can process your explanations and hopefully be a little bit more educated too and bit by bit prevent themselves from spreading wrong information.

  • arthi

    Can you explain the use of the Malaysian government using coconuts in an airport?!?! That’s what the people are pissed about. If my family member as lost at sea and the “officials” were using a coconut as part of their effort on a carpet I would want to actually consider how culturally sensitive they are to those that are on the flight- not Muslim and trusting their good work

    • Joseph

      First of all, the guy is not a Malaysian official. He is a bomoh which is a Malay Shaman. He initially claimed he was invited by a top leader of the country, when pressed however, he couldn’t name the leader, and now he says he is work on his own volitional.

      The man is a publicity hound. Some nut shows up with coconuts and bamboo sticks makes an unsubstantiated claim that he was invited by a “top leader”, and suddenly it’s the Malaysian government that is using coconuts?! Really?! How gullible, can you be?

      Also, it’s shamanism, what does it have to do with the Islamic religion?

      • http://twitter.com/phyrdawoosh Firdaus Noor (@phyrdawoosh)

        Thanks joseph for the great explanation!

      • iskandar bahari

        fuck u… he was allowed to carry out his crap….wanna know why? coz 90% of the malay society believe in this shit n accept it eventho the holy quran clearly states of its syirik-ness. These hypocrites only started to sway the moment people started complaining…. its widely practice in Malaysia every fucking time for almost every damn thing, even when ur opening a simple shop n malays got the cheek to deny.

    • Nadia

      That’s not the work of the Malaysian Government. The crazy mental shaman just pop up out of nowhere trying to get his 10 minutes of fame, and boy it works! Just brush him aside, don’t give him any more attention he doesn’t deserve.

    • Naizatul

      Just to let u know.. Those ppl using coconuts are not malaysian government officials… They are what we call here in Msia as “BOMOH” a.k.a shaman.. And if u ask me, they’re a bunch of attention seekers. FYI, the rituals are also forbidden in islamic teachings as we shall depends solely in the help of the Almighty & not some coconuts or carpet etc..for that matter…

    • John Jones

      The so called witch doctor that used coconuts in the airport to “search” for the plane was not from Malaysian government. I am a Malaysian and his acts were a disgrace to Malaysian and we do not condone such act.

      Malaysian minister has asked the authorities to prevent such thing from occurring again.


    • Another Malaysian

      I know information gets clouded all the time but this time I cannot refrain myself from commenting. It has nothing to do with Malaysian Govt nor Islam. I’m not a muslim BTW.

    • whateverlah

      Arthi……the Malaysian government did not send the jokers to the airport to make the government a laughing stock of the whole world. These jokers just want cheap publicity in the media and internet to sell their “services” or become “famous”

      • Kevin Wong

        Without the approval of the MAHB or KLIA authority, do you think the jokers were able to perform the magic show inside?
        Get your facts and add up the equation.

  • Razali.Ishak

    Awesome !!!

  • http://novenator.wordpress.com novenator

    Thank you Jim for setting the record straight here.

  • Cyndi

    Awesome article!!!

  • http://gravatar.com/kfunk937 kfunk937

    Brilliant write. You nailed it. I hope to see more, on any topic.

  • http://irishconnell.wordpress.com irishconnell

    so why can’t people live in reality

    • Nina

      Good Article. Makes sense. It has been a week. And it’s really sad.

      • elizabeth

        There is a underground runway in Sri Lanka run by LTTE members. Why not search Sri Lanka. The name of the airport is Andrathipurare airport…Try all possibilities

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