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Enter the Terrifying Mind of a Gun Nut Willing to Use His BABY as a Shield

Ever wonder what the world is like through the eyes of an Open Carry activist who takes a loaded weapon into a Kroger supermarket with a baby in his arms, like Tyler here? Wonder no more, but know going in that it’s a scary and dark place.

For instance, here’s how he would deal with immigrant children fleeing from violence:

GUN DOWN the illegal immigrants as they cross and they'll get the message.

Tyler himself just had a child. And while his family is not fleeing from violence. Tyler firmly believes that he needs guns to protect his child from the dark and evil government — including the nefarious post office, since that’s a government agency. But he probably hates that too, since he hates the government. Here, he explains how it’s a matter of “self-reliance versus dependence:”


I don’t have the heart to tell him that he depends on the government everyday to keep him alive, and without doctors and the government boards that license them, he probably would have been an infant mortality statistic.

And you’ll love this: on his Facebook page he posted a Confederate Flag — because nothing says “self-reliance” like an economic system built around dependency on a huge class of slaves.

What’s more, a possible family member explained:

“I am a firm supporter of slavery, except I don’t want to use blacks…I want to use liberals and those with skewed world views. Seems like a win-win situation to me.”

He also discussed why he’s using his baby as a shield:


It only sounds stupid because it is stupid, but he doesn’t recognize that, so it isn’t worth belaboring the point.

And here we have him discussing why he “needs” an AR-15; because you “need” an iPhone:


You need a phone to get a job, yes. And you need a job to make money, and you need money to survive. And since you can probably find a nice used iPhone at a good cost, you might as well. What did you need the AR-15 for again? Because the United States was founded on the “principle of liberty?” From where I’m setting, the notion of “needing money to survive” doesn’t look like liberty to me. It looks like a re-flavored form of slavery.

After bragging on Facebook about his Open Carry actions in Kroger while carrying his infant, other gun owners tore into him for it:

Yeah, um….no. My husband and I are gun owners. Please, please, don’t be on our side. You are an embarrassment and are doing so much harm to your “cause”. If the Second Amendment is ever repealed, you can look to yourself and others like you as the root cause.

Another individual, named “Linda,” wrote:

I don’t like guns but I do support the constitution and your right to have them. However, I would like to know what is going to happen to that baby if you need to shoot at someone, Tyler Lance Craddock? Is he there to be a human shield, to deafen or something else? If someone shoots at you, he would be the first one shot and if you shoot back he would be deafened. I wonder if his Mother has thought about any of that?

Open Carry Texas responded with the remark, “proving an armed society is a polite society” — which is demonstrably false. There is a difference between “polite” and “scared.” That they can’t tell the difference is in and of itself terrifying.

He’s also using his infant as a tool for the purpose of “rubbing it in the faces” of Moms Demand Action:

 i usually have my wife push him. this was specifically for the women at moms demand action to rub it in their faces that kroger told them to back off (hence I’m smiling and my AR is strapped to my back) every other time my baby is in our stroller with my wife

I’m thinking that I’ll be avoiding Kroger for the foreseeable future.

h/t Liberland

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Josh is a writer, author, blogger, and freelancer with a Bachelor's degree who lives in the buckle of the Rust Belt.
  • Colonel Klunk

    He is as dumb as a box full of dog crap.

  • SlimTim0707

    How do you divuldge him using his baby as a human shield from what he said?

  • Recoloniser

    “I usually have my wife push him”. I am beginning to see a pattern here.

  • patriot_act

    Since so many people like to post this stuff under their real name, why fuzz them out?

  • Sloppo

    Gun control was used very effectively to carry out the genocide known as the “holodomor” (the hunger) between the years 1932 and 1933. Soviet communists under the direction of Stalin’s Jewish brother-in-law Lazar Kaganovich implemented a sensible gun registration program. Then they implemented a sensible gun control program and confiscated all the registered weapons. Then they confiscated the food and millions starved. The number of dead victims is usually estimated to be between 5 and 14 million. The Soviet government blamed the deaths on “famine”, but they may have exported a quarter ton of wheat for each victim of starvation, and they exported butter too. They don’t talk about it much in the media and they never have, but this genocide probably has a lot to do with the reason Ukraine doesn’t want to be annexed by Russia despite the fact that they are basically the same ethnic people with many cultural and religious things in common.

    A large percentage of US military personnel who know how to run all that equipment might not want to follow orders to murder their own people. If you were a military person, would you follow orders to do such things? I hope not.

    • J. Fischer

      What does the religion of Stalin’s brother law have to do with his participation in that crime? Oh, right: you believe Jews are evil.

      You apparently think that the President has the same power as a dictator. If ANY President gave a clearly illegal order, he’d be under arrest before he finished speaking — or as soon as people knew he wasn’t kidding. Which is as it should be.

      • Sloppo

        You should probably ask similar questions when people like Abraham Foxman talk about the ethnicity of people who died in Germany’s prison camps during the second world war.

        Regarding your second paragraph, I suggest that you might want to spend some time studing the content of the numerous “Executive Orders” generated by our president and those presidents which preceded him.

        • J. Fischer

          Bad analogy. Stalin was trying to cement control over Russia, and destroyed the agricultural base. The Holocaust was all about fantasies of racial purity.

          Do you meet all the criteria of ‘human who is worth living’? Are you of Germanic/Norse ancestry, with blue or grey eyes and blonde hair, with a straight, narrow nose and thin lips? Celtic ancestors might be allowed (if they weren’t Catholic), but none of those Mediterranean types.

          Or are you a racist because you might have a brownish ancestor?

  • kbdevo1962

    Oh Great ! Yet ANOTHER Sovereign Citizen whack job with a Alex Jones complex ,a gun and an ax to grind. This is example A as to WHY home schooling can be a VERY bad idea. This bigoted imbecile is not only a one track mind with a gun. But is definitely among the anti social ,anti government anti anything but Me and MY gun crowd. He is delusional enough , that I am sure we will be reading about him doing something really idiotic in the near future.

  • J. Fischer

    Only examples he has are for totalitarian governments. Like most gun nuts, he imagines that an armed patriotic German would have taken out Hitler in time to stop the rise of the Reich. After all, it’s not as if Hitler spoke to the fears and uncertainties of the German people, leveraged existing beliefs in Aryan superiority, and put a new coat of paint on anti-Semitism: in gunland, Hitler came out of nowhere and somehow, magically, imposed his will on the nation.

    • Sloppo

      If the subject interests you, you might want to go to the “Assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler” Wikipedia entry and read about more than 25 documented attempts by patriotic Germans to take Hitler out.

      • J. Fischer

        I know there were those who tried to assassinate Hitler. They plainly didn’t need guns for this.

        Now, please tell me how the President could compel the military forces of this country to obey illegal orders, without claiming he has the ability to control minds with his lizard powers.

        • Sloppo

          Barry’s regime can compel people to follow illegal orders by forcing high ranking military people who follow the law with people who follow his orders and by appointing judges who follow his agendas. It has been a very long time since the federal government actually followed the constitution. The tenth amendment died in the “Civil War”.

          • J. Fischer

            How can he force the Joint Chiefs to do anything? They’re the ones who control the military.

            When Andrew Jackson (and numerous whites) wanted to remove the Cherokee from their land, the Supreme Court told him not to. He told the court, essentially, to suck it. Since the military brass agreed with him, they were more than willing to cooperate in the wholesale eviction and incarceration of people from their property.

            As I said, if ANY President gave a blatantly unlawful order, there’s no way for him to enforce it without others also breaking the law. It doesn’t matter how many judges he appoints, or who he puts where. No member of the American military is required to obey unlawful orders.

  • Laurie Neufeld

    The truly disturbing thing is, if there ever is a ruling for CPS to take the child away from such a poisonous atmosphere, this guy or his wife will probably put a bullet in the kid, to “save” their baby from the FEMA camps – probably a murder/suicide pact.

  • Kim Serrahn

    So I guess that those people who say they don’t like the government will be giving up their social security when they get old. MORE FOR ME.

    • J. Fischer

      Nope. As far as they’re concerned, they EARNED their Social Security (unlike the rest of us).

  • content generating machine.

    And his kid will be another right wingnut.

  • Sloppo

    Governments have murdered an estimated one hundred million of their own citizens who were enjoying the security afforded by sensible gun control. Without gun control, those many genocides would have been much more difficult if not impossible. Gun control works.

    • Batman in Arkham

      Funny how the arrow in your icon is actually pointing left…

      • ZexyZek

        Because left is the right way to go.
        At least that’s what I think it’s pointing out.

    • J. Fischer

      And then we have those places where everybody’s armed, and they’re killing each other. So much for guns automatically making everything safe.

      • Sloppo

        The Second Amendment with a limited government works well in a society of civilized people with ethnic and cultural similarities like the US used to be before 1965. As the US transitions into a multi-ethnic collection of incompatible 3rd-world factions, a totalitarian police state may become the only kind of government that will work for us like it is in many Islamic and black African countries.

        • J. Fischer

          So you think the U.S. was such a wonderful place before the Civil Rights movement? Ask the relatives of blacks murdered for being alive in the presence of white women. Ask the women who couldn’t have bank accounts.

          It was only great for white males.

          • Sloppo

            I was not referring to the “Civil Rights Act”. I was actually referring to the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. Before that, we allowed immigration which matched our existing demographics. After it, we began to favor 3rd world immigrants, many of which appear to be incompatible with our civilization.

          • J. Fischer

            When Irish fled the Potato Famine, they were demonized. When people came from Eastern Europe in the early 20th Century, they were vilified as incompatible with the nation’s ideals and alarmists insisted that they would weaken us with their Eastern European-ness. These were white people.

            Just admit that you don’t like people darker than white paper bags and be done with it.

  • Chuck

    I already know we’re f*#%ed, why do I keep reading these things to confirm it?

  • Batman in Arkham

    Actually, yes, I do need an iPhone, which is why I saved up and got one. Some of the apps on iOS are required for my job, and I need to be able to work from literally anywhere.

    • J. Fischer

      For many people, their phones are probably their only means of going online for ANYTHING. Some pay-as-you-go plans are far more cost-effective than a full cable/internet/landline package.

  • ZexyZek

    This dude reminds me of the thing that comes out of the TV in the music video for Aphex Twin’s “Come To Daddy”.
    It’s bad enough I have to deal with the average crazy gun nut almost all the time, but this dude’s practically king of the gun nuts.
    And what really surprises me is that the guy has a wife.

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