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Duck Dynasty is Fake! And That’s a Fact, Jack! (Video)

Comedian Dusty Smith shared some interesting news with the world! Apparently, if you have been enjoying the lifestyles of the Ducking idiots on A&E, you have been fooled! What you thought were semi-rugged, backwoods hillbilly types whose brains have been so irrevocably damaged by paint huffing that they have chosen to make devices designed to get ducks horny for a living…are really just a bunch of khaki and bullsh*t yuppies.

The Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil has recently been taken off of the show indefinitely following some “Hate For Jesus” remarks he made, in which he suggested that the whole of the LGBT community is an abomination to God. Predictably, every single right wing media outlet, politicians, and pretty well every single person in America who finds themselves unable to count to three without starting over at least twice has jumped on the Phil Robertson bandwagon.

What these imbeciles fail to realize is that the Duck Dynasty crew is not the “apple pie, America, and JESUS” inbreds that they assumed their heroes to be. In fact, photographic evidence has surfaced that shows the makers of avian sex toys in their true form.

Take Jep, for instance. This is what he looks like now:

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It may surprise you to know that before Duck Dynasty, Jep looked a teensy bit different. How different? This is Jep before Duck Dynasty:


Jase Robertson is no different! This is what he looks like now:


Seemingly for no better reason than to portray someone who almost surely has had an inappropriate relationship with at least one close family member, Jase’s appearance has been drastically altered from before adopting his new persona and look. This, believe it or not, is Jase.


But what about Willie? Surely he would not sell out his appearance for the boatload of money that catering to the Blaze crowd promises! Willie is legit! Just look at him!


Unfortunately, it’s true. Even Willie gave in to the lure of fame. Previously, he drew upon the power of the Gap to energize his brightly-frosted hair.


And of course the family photo:


Do they really run a duck call business? Yes! but that seems to be as far as the truth stretches. Are they really the ultra-wholesome, selectively devout faux-Christian family they claim to be? Probably.

One thing is for sure, though. The look that they rely on to “sell” the show is completely, unequivocally false.

Feel free to take a look at the CultofDusty’s take on these yuppies-turned-hillbillies:


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  • Watchbroker

    So much hate in this article. They have more money and have been infinitely more successful than the knucklehead who wrote this wah wah article. Keep on trucking Robertsons.

  • Joe Mitchell Jr.

    When Phil, The Duck Comander founder, had an endorsement deal with Browning(long before the show) it was in the contract that he could NOT alter his apparence as that is what they were paying for. I to sport a beard close shaven until Sept. 1 then grow it out till end of Jan. for duck season. Been doing it 25 years now so alot longer than the show has been around. I met Phil when he put on a duck calling seminar in 1985 at one of the first LouisianaSportsmen Shows at the La. Superdome and bought a call from him that he sold after the seminar. Guess what? He had a beadr but not as long as nowadays. That is their signature look as Duck Comanders and has been in hunting videos back in the ’90s.

  • Laura Tortorice

    What a stupid article….do you mean to tell me that the writer of this piece thinks that ANY reality show is REAL? I’ve got news for you….TV is for entertainment, and apparently a LOT of people are entertained by this show. This “phoniness” can be said about ANY TV reality show and anyone that thinks they are REAL has a problem distinguishing fantasy from reality.

  • RobinBrownHayes

    Wow you people are nitwits! The Robertsons are exactly like they are on tv. These photos were taken years ago and that’s how you dress when having photos taken at the beach. Keep living in your “tolerant”, little worlds!

  • Ken Wiens

    Phil was right on about what the Bible teaches. Jesus believed the Hebrew Scriptures: Genesis states one man, one woman makes a marriage. This filthy mouthed fellow blowing off steam is the only one totally wrong, totally misinformed. Worthless to listen too. He is blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other.

  • Steven Holbrook

    I think it shows exactly what is wrong with this country that you self absorbed, liberal pricks have got to start an organization like AATP to call attention to things ‘you think’ are false. Like we care, TV is for entertainment, try and grasp that concept. What is even more sad, is you morons voted for this BS in the whitehouse and all this liberal (anti-American) crap and telling everyone it would make our country better. Well don’t look now but you have egg all over your face, and please enjoy your leaders last few days in office, we’re getting ready to clean house, and if your liberal asses get in the way, you’ll be swept out with the rest of the trash.

  • Philip J Membury

    What a revelation. A group of people re-invented themselves. If I had a dime for every celebrity entity that HAD to do that to be successful……….

  • Christina Dunn

    One you are right it doesn’t say the word gay in the bible. But it does say aman shall not lay with another man and a woman shall not lay with another woman… but god made man and woman and said be fruitful and multiply.. and that’s a fact Jack!! So the word gay is not in there well that’s probably because the people of this lifetime made that word but I am pretty sure what god is saying is the same as those who are gay do right!! And know I don’t believe they are fack look at the photos they are so old they where young just starting there family’s and they all had there beards long before the show even aired and they have lived that life for a long time so before you go calling someone fake just remember everyone changes their looks as they age so just because ever clean shaven and now they got beards doesn’t mean they’re fake I mean look at them they look like they just got out of high school go back and look it real videos and photos long before they even go on TV and you will see they look just as they do now and they also have not changed their way even the people of Louisiana have said that’s exactly how they’ve always been and that’s a fact jack

  • 1911HeadBanger

    Hahahahahahahahahaha….. I love it when you whinny ass LibTards have a thorn in your side. You just can’t stand it that a family of Christians and Conservatives has a hit TV show and it’s all in fun. It gives us no greater pleasure that to see you little

  • Bignevermo

    The bible says divorce is wrong and that marrying after a divorce is an abomination too right? SMFH!

  • Bignevermo

    Values? Values to disparage an entire class of people… didnt Jesus in John an many chapters call for you to love your brother and neighbors as yourself?

  • ArthurFrayne

    In other words Phil is a coward who won’t man up to his bigotry – he blames the bible. “Believer’s” don’t get to ‘pick and chose’ which sins they will abide by. The bible also condems shell-fish eating – why isn’t he going off half-cocked about Red Lobster? Because that religious belief doesn’t mesh with his inherent bigotry.

    • Brad

      Your ignorance of the difference between the dietary laws given specifically to Israel and those given to all people is noted and expected. Sorry.

  • sonoitabear

    “people are more interested in their opinions than yours.”

    Translation, “yeah, us cousin-marriers would rather have the fantasy than the truth”…

  • Charlie3

    To those that say this isn’t true because the pictures are old so they have no relevance, I say, “How old is the Bible?” Does it’s age diminish it’s relevance?

    • emissouri

      No fake is still fake.

    • Lori Alayne Weber Miller

      Pretty old. right along with the bible quote that Phil was quoted as saying that was him “hating on gays” Also You may not be aware of a redneck tradition that has you growing out your beard etc for hunting season. Just because a person sports a beard part of the year and shaves if off for tropical vacations which i would expect the beach pictures were from. does not indicate disingenuousness… anymore than a bunch of rednecks shaved, coiffed and dressed in a suit and tails at a family wedding is disingenuous/ beards shave Der der der

      1 Corinthians 6:8-10New International Version (NIV)

      8 Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, and you do this to your brothers and sisters. 9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

  • Charlie3

    You have been bamboozled beyond redemption.

  • Zach Cage

    While homosexuality is not something I agree with, where in the bible does it say homosexuality is wrong? And do not give a fake scripture, show us/me where it says specifically and definitively that being a homosexual is wrong. And sodom and gomorrah does not count, because that encompassed MANY perverse things….not homosexuality.

    • Brad

      These should suffice.

      Leviticus 18:22
      Leviticus 20:13
      1 Corinthians 6:9-10
      Romans 1:26-28

  • kjones

    John, I enjoyed your article. I despise these rednecks…..fake as they are and I hate to see the level of deception used to sell their “calls” – I turn the channel anytime I see them on….thanks for some great entertainment..

  • Sheila Alexander

    Um yeah, they openly talk about “before the hair” on the show. It’s not a secret that they used to not have beards. So this article proves what exactly?

  • http://bigmouthcowboy.wordpress.com Big Mouth Cowboy

    I wonder if you moronic lib pensmen every go back and revisit the crap you release to the free world and think, “damn, was I stupid that day or just an ignorant bat turd when I crapped this stuff out…”? You think you’re so clever, right? So freekin’ intelligent that us common redneck country punks can’t cut through the garbage you spew? Well, dumb nuts, you crapped this out in Dec ’13 (that’s shorthand for 2013…) and it looks to me that you’re dumber than a gnats ass to make such stupid and inaccurate (that’s fancy for ‘untrue/false’) comments. The pictures you used in your post are JUST A FEW YEARS OLD! Did you figure? Do you have any pictures of you from 10 years ago (wait…what am I saying..of course you do! You’re a pathetic narcissist (look it up…) so your basement/instagram is probably full of selfies..)..but I digress. The pics are old, your diatribe is old, your ignorant left-wing bent is old, and you write (and look-can you even GROW a beard..?) like a 19 year old wannabe journalist who spends way too much time watching videos from The Knot on his iPhone. Be a big boy and write something truthful. This garbage smells.

    • http://aattp.org/author/john-prager/ John Prager

      I'[m a bad example. I look pretty much the same.

    • Charlie3

      The Bible is 2,000 or so years old. Does that mean it is no longer relevant? Most folks just look older in pictures as the years progress. Very few evolve (or in this case devolve) into totally different characters. The Robertson family have decided to play fictional characters to make more money because they are consumed by greed. The long hair, the beards and the camo are all costumes for fictional characters playing to a demographic of the dimwitted, the bigoted, the paranoid and the senile. The show is a sitcom aimed at the weak minded, and in your case, it seems to have worked

  • brandon southerland

    First, homosexuality is an abomination to god. Second the robertsons have shared their past and previous appearance to america. Way before this dork had a chance to, and Phil Robertson has never been a yuppie he’s as real as it gets. The robertsons have accomplished more in one day then you will ever in your stupid life , and there’s a difference in rednecks and inbreds yuppie. Country people are what America and this world needs. Phil Robertson ought to be our next president. People like you are why the good lord will be coming back soon and you ain’t gonna turn people away from the robertsons with this junk your only gonna put more behind them and I don’t buy duck dynasty merchandise, I buy duck commander cause a&e are just a bunch of god forgetting morons like you .I pray the good lord will have mercy on you cause I wouldnt.

    • Touchet

      I’ll pray for you instead. May god let his light into your heart, so that you may love your fellow humans.

    • http://www.jump-njackflash.com Jack Leary

      As I looked at your pictures of the “duck boys” it became very apparent…….the pictures are way before the TV sShow. If you like I can send you a picture of me in my 20’s and I only have a mustache. I’m now 67 and have a full beard. I’m I fake too?? The picture of Willy I liked best…his kids look to be about 5 to 7 years old, on the show their teenagers and going to collage, Would you consider that FAKE, people grow up and , I know this will set you back, but they “change”. I think you must work for main stream media like ABC, CBS< NBC, you just don't report the truth or you belittle the truth to make it hurtful. I maybe a redneck, but at least i'm not a dumb ass………………………………….

      • AATTP

        “…on the show their teenagers and going to collage…”

        No, but we’d consider this part of your sentence hysterically ironic.

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  • Brenden

    Phill was not actually cussing it was a set up

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  • Estelle Sweet

    I’m with Dusty Smith…never liked the show even before that…I find people that revel in stupid really annoying.

    • https://www.facebook.com/mark.javorka Mark Javorka

      IDK Dusty, Maybe they should be more like you ? a beard wearing, foul mouthed, can’t get through one sentence without saying Mother-Fucker ?
      Nevermind the gay thing… who cares ?

      Every reality show on TV is fake… including Bill Maher’s HBO Series and Michael Moore’s Non Movies hahahahahahaha!

      ( no one could be that angry or wrong)

      The point is like you started off saying and then quickly fell off the K-Y cliff, If you don’t like what your watching on Idiot box turn the channel stupid.
      Nothing says “we are done with this” than no rating… just ask Bill Maher or MSNBC

      • http://twitter.com/anoynamouse random mouse (@anoynamouse)

        How do you find “fake” with Bill Maher (or I guess you would say John Stewart too) show…they are not reality shows but editorial parody? What is so “fake” about pointing out fakes and commenting on them?

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  • Char G

    The fact that someone would spend this much time trying to discredit the Robertson family just because they disagree with their way of life tells me that the author has WAY too much time on his hands. How silly is this?
    Fact: They have never hidden the fact that all the boys went to college and started their own lives/families as “beardless yuppies”.
    Fact: Phil Robertson has stated numerous times “on the show” that they are yuppies.
    Fact: (IF anyone was paying attention) The “big shots” at A&E were the only ones trying to portray these people as backwoods, inbred, camo wearing rednecks.
    Fact: The Robertsons have said in SEVERAL interviews that the beards and camo are props to reenact stories of their lives. A&E thought it would give their stories more credibility and make them more interesting.
    Fact: The Robertsons are a god fearing, bible thumping, Jesus loving REAL family. They do not hide the fact that each of them “came to Jesus” in their own way and for their own reasons. NONE of which are secrets. Just google Duck Dynasty or Robertsons and you can read every single interview or glean their backstory in one simple search.
    Your story is just one more of the “I hate religion and tea bagger/conservative/republican views”, hate filled and bias attempts at getting others to see your point of view. How sad your life must be that you can’t see the good in others…. only your own resentful bitterness toward those who have a little more than you do.

    • Bob Cull

      So it’s a “fact” that the only reason they grew the beards is because mean old A&E made them do it, Char? I find that interesting — the show first aired in March of 2012 and they were all already heavily hirsute.

      It has been five years since I stopped trimming my beard for any purpose other than shaping it and Phil’s is two or three inches longer than mine, are you telling me that it took over five years from the time they were approached about doing the show and the time that it actually went into production?

      I’m smarter than the Robertsons and their mindless followers, I know better, they are doing and saying nothing because they are required to by the evil entertainment company, they are doing it for the money and the sense of power it gives them to have mindless minions hanging on their every word, no matter how stupid and hateful it may be.

  • Angela

    I think he needs to read the interview! Phil never said he hated homosexuals, he said “I love all humanity.” He quoted the Bible and said he believes in it. You can believe the Bible and love all people. It’s taught as “love the sinner, not the sin”.
    Being rich is not a sin! There is a difference between being rich and being greedy, you do not even have to be rich to be greedy.

    • mike

      The writer doesn’t care,, its a pro gay , knock Duck Dynasty thing,, nothing you could say would change their mind.

    • Dustan

      You can’t compare such things to bestiality and then contradict yourself later on by saying you don’t judge gay people. If you COULD however, I would say that I love all people and don’t judge anyone but I think you’re F#cking moron!

      Also, there wasn’t really anything pro-gay about this article. The truth of the matter is, these Bible thumpers are deceivers and that’s something the Bible speaks out against FAR more than homosexuality.

      I swear, most Constitution toting conservatives have no clue what the Constitution says! And most Bible thumping conservatives don’t even know what the Bible says until they Google it! I’m a REAL Christian who knows what the Bible says without having to Google it.

    • http://gravatar.com/marthavlinn Martha Linn

      Homosexuality is not a sin.

      • annette

        It is an abomination…well, that is worse than a sin, so you choose your poison.

        • MaryKnox Perry

          First, I do not watch the show. I do not hunt or eat meat. I’m not a church member either. But I do not think the point should be is homosexuality a sin or not. I believe the point is, “Does a person have a right to say what they believe?” I ask the question, Does an American have that right? I may not agree with anything that this family portrays on television. But I do believe that they have a right to believe what they want. And if we do not agree, we have a right to NOT watch their show. As the daughter of a civil rights attorney from the deep South, I know the fastest way to alienate people is to take away their rights. And after that, it doesn’t matter how right your cause is…NO ONE IS HEARING YOU ANY LONGER.

    • http://twitter.com/anoynamouse random mouse (@anoynamouse)

      I think those are your words and not the “big guy upstairs”…I know the modern conservative christian thing todo is to show a reason for wealth is written in the bible, but you may want to re-read if you believe in the mumbojumbo:

      I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, “Who then can be saved?” Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

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  • dawn

    I don’t care what he says I like the robertsons im still goin to watch them I have all there dvd and glasses so eat that so don’t be mad because no one likes u and there making money if u wasn’t so rude maybe people would like u dumb ass

    • http://www.facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

      Uh, what?

  • Angela

    I sure hope their ratings went town. These hillbillies made me sick to my stomach before Phil said those horrible remarks about the LGBT He can not judge who goes to Heaven. If he reads closerr the bible says love one another because God loves everyone. Greed is a sin and didn’t they demand more money this 2nd season? Yes they did. They just have different sins than others. We all sin. So lets hold up our bibles and say it, greedy people are an abomination and will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Morons.

    • mike

      Wha? Phil didn’t say anything bad ? or horrible? your way too sensitive.

      • Stephanie

        so you think bestially is nothing horrible I shake my head at stupidity like this I can’t wait for God to come back one day and sort you idiots out. But I guess to each there own I just feel bad that God has to see such stupidity

  • http://aol.com Donna James

    You are so right about that pick & choose thing Capt

  • steven douglas

    So, I guess you are okay with Hollyweird stars like Roy Harold Scherer, Jr. or Georgios Panayiotou or Reginald Dwight changing their names to Rock Hudson, George Michael, or Elton John.

    Shocking how a “reality show” would stoop to having people who were acting out as characters other than themselves, just shocking….

    Go back in your closet.

  • ajmrowland

    Wow, the hate here from all sides directed at all commenters…..not even gonna bother.

    • mike

      Looks like someones mad that Phil Won and the LBGT lost, lol

      • http://www.facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

        Phil didn’t “win.” Duck Dynasty has taken a massive ratings hit.

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  • BooBoo

    Let me guess you’re wearing a Cotton/Poly blend. Or wear two different fabrics at the same time.
    You eat Lobster, Clams, Oysters, Ham, Bacon, Pork Chops, Sausage, etc
    You have slaves from neighboring nations.
    You’ve sold you daughter into slavery..to a neighboring nation.
    You eat a hamburger and drink a milkshake together.
    Plus over 625 more.

    All of the other abominations are not to be followed, with the exceptions regarding gays.

    • http://aattp.com Todd

      love this^^

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  • Larry

    It is interesting how the majority posting on this blog use profanity, have pimarily baseless points, and are focusing on one show on television to attack as a result of the personal comments of one of the shows personalities. Guess what folks? Television shows are put on television to make money. Shocker I know to many of the uneducated or little socialist sheep minds on this forum.. It is amazing how ignorant all of you are coming across. Then again, seeing the quality of writing in thia article (lol), it shouldn’t be surprising that those reading the article are ignorant and mindless drones..

  • CJ


    • suz houchen

      The narrator is annoying. Can’t stand the video. I turned it off. Scripture is really true, like it or not. Scripture says a lot about the homosexual lifestyle. This guy cannot discern scripture either. Christians do not hate gays, they merely are trying to warn them and others of the deception lest they continue in or be drawn in to thinking this lifestyle is normal. We live in a day where black is white, darkness is light and wrong is right. However–the liberal belief is only TEMPORARY. Jesus will be back and I am so glad I am on His side.

      • CJ

        It is your right to believe as you wish. But it is also the right of homosexuals to not be preached at and called hateful names by religious zealots (not saying you are one). Homosexuals are already very aware of what the Christians believe and do not need y’all to constantly remind them. But there are Christians who want to constantly get in their face with their religious beliefs.

        • cheese

          Agreed! Just as there are MANY LGBT idiots that get in the face of everyone to flaunt their lifestyle. If there weren’t taunting people with their perversion (as some see it) then the other side probably wouldn’t react so harshly. This issue is a double edge sword, with idiots on both sides. To label this as only the responsibility of the religious people is absurd!

      • http://gravatar.com/nycbesttrainer nycbesttrainer

        scripture is NOT true. its at best stories(some) based loosely on fact mixed with opinion and then translated and transcribed 100’s of times over with the meaning changed every time. Ever play telephone as a kid? by the time it got to the 7th person the origianl message was completly misconstrued.

        • Stephanie

          Finally! someone that gets what I am saying half the people I know think that God wrote the bible look at it does it say God no it says King Jame’s version or whatever the version is now.

      • nothingmusic42

        when will Jesus be back? he told his followers it would be within their lifetimes, yet here we are 2000 years later, having to put up with a bunch of morons who are happy in their ignorance because JESUS!

        • Joshua Johnson

          Actually he said no one but the father knows when that will be.

          • petedcurtis

            How very convenient…

          • https://www.facebook.com/joshua.johnson.7399 Joshua Johnson

            Of course you remain skeptical, but I just thought you might want to let fact enter into the argument for once.

      • Emma

        I really wish you and your “Christian” friends would stop trying to save us from a “lifestyle” which seems to exist only in your fevered imaginations.

      • Capt Willy

        So…..scripture dictates a LOT of things, and just about every Christian follows only a small few. I assume, that if you follow scripture, that you eat Kosher, don’t wear clothes of mixed materials, you don’t eat pork, you follow the Sabbath…bullshit. Most Christians pick and choose what they want to follow. If you decide that being gay is the only law in Leviticus you think is important, then your faith is lost.

      • https://www.facebook.com/Torrent29 Eric Adams

        In all honesty, you’re not really on the ‘side’ of jesus. As you forget most of his important teachings and cherry pick the ones you like and dont like. But you suffer from pride, you THINK so surely that you’re on the right side, you never once stopped and asked yourself if you were. And because of that you are most assuredly NOT on the right side. You cower behind bible verses, at a book… interpreted by humans over time, that has lost its true meaning, and more importantly you dont look at the wonder and splendor that may actually be the truer message of your ‘god’ . Why? Because you want your god to be a small god, and your religion to remain small.

  • fuck u

    THIS GUY is calling somebody a D-Bag? WOW! i couldnt even listen to it all cuz he was so annoying!

  • https://www.facebook.com/bryan.farris Bryan Farris

    What??? Really??? Oh my goodness, who would have thought that the stuff they put on these reality tv shows are drummed up to draw in viewers. I mean I could have swore every single thing we saw on these reality tv shows was 100% accurate and not at all exaggerated. Man, thank you for this ground breaking investigation. Without amazing and brilliant investigation like this, I think the majority of us would have just walked around assuming all these shows that flood the tv networks now are 100% factual. Thank you for clearing this up for us.

    • http://gravatar.com/nycbesttrainer nycbesttrainer

      it may be obvious to you its all a put-on but the mindless millions of minions need to be faced with the reality. it needs to be said over and over so they wake up from the fairy tale they fight so vehemtly for.

    • Stephanie

      If you pay attention what he’s saying he doesn’t give a crap about the show he’s saying that Phil is saying all this BS when in-fact he’s living a reality life. But apparently your not smart to realize this Bryan

  • https://www.facebook.com/janie.goss Janie Garbo Goss

    So what I take away from all of this is that the “outraged” right is defending a character on a fake reality show, and you’ll continue to defend him until the next “outrage” pops up. Idiots

  • http://www.duckdynastyfake.com Web Fraud Squad

    It’s a proven fake: http://www.duckdynastyfake.com

  • BJo

    Guess what? I’m lesbian and I’m still going to watch the show. Bc I don’t let everything people control my life. It’s like who cares I’m never going to meet the guy and he is funny as shit on TV.

    • PussyEater

      Yeah finally a lesbian!!!! Someone I have something is common with. We love Duck Dynasty. I have no clue what so many people get so involved in the boob tube. Sports and such. I mean are you loosing sleep, money or a show or team loosing? Get a freaking life. spend time with you family, kids, or pleasure yourself I do not care. But please get a life.

  • jay cunningham

    so anyone who watches the show knows that they have already showed these pics on the show. the person who made this obviously doesn’t watch the show.

  • Matt

    Well first off people like it or not those pictures if they are even close to them are over 10 yrs old look at willies kids so young and the show is when they are about 15.

  • John Dotson

    I’m one of those swing voters who’s on the fence about the next election, I was leaning democrat by watching the left freak out about this Duck Dynasty deal has pushed back to the right. So they once were clean cut? You need to get over yourself what a pathetic and desperate attempt to discredit a person who was simply stating his beliefs. I think those of you on the left should take note of this man’s dignity and integrity.

    • https://plus.google.com/106725113275626340646 LetsRide Hettinger

      I am a liberal and he has a right to say what he speaks, A and E also has there rights and I think thats what most liberals truly believe, its the ones on the right who are wrong saying A and E doesn’t have the right to dicipline or let these guys go, it is within there rights, if the Duck dudes want to spout there jibberish so be it, do it on there own show, most all shows have clauses with there personnel reguarding this kind of behavior,

      • CJ

        Problem is the one’s who are screaming that his freedom of speech has been infringed upon obviously have not read the 1st amendment very recently.

        • http://jaaxelson.wordpress.com jaaxelson

          it’s a television show. they don’t own the show. they don’t own the network … they’re employees. if they are representing the show or the network they have responsibilities to represent their employers the way they want to be represented. THAT has nothing to do with “free speech”. IF they want to start their own show that they own… or some kind of publication or website … they can say ANYTHING they want. THAT is free speech. But as long as they are cashing someone else’s checks their speech comes with responsibilities.

          why is this so hard to understand for so many?

          • Janet weber

            Best post yet. Logic and reality! Yah!

    • https://www.facebook.com/janie.goss Janie Garbo Goss

      You’re basing your vote on the Duck Dynasty fake controversy? That’s pretty pathetic.

      • Jared

        Read “I’ve always been a GOTPer but want to pretend it’s the liberals that have pushed me back to the right.”

  • Onecanuck

    I don’t watch the show, and I followed a link from Facebook to this article. But I did notice that this opinion piece was filled with anger and ad hominem attacks on the characters (and people of right-wing influence) of the show. Your position would be more influential if your community would not ad insult to your argument. The statement, “every single person in America who finds themselves unable to count to three without starting over at least twice has jumped on the Phil Robertson bandwagon.” does nothing but damage any support you may be looking for. Just an observation.

    • Judy Johnson

      All you have to do is read some of their books. They have these very same pictures in the books. They are not trying to fake anything. That was then; this is now.

  • Johnnykeys

    Left, Right…Dem, Rep…DEVIDE AND CONCOUR! It’s a stupid tv show and look how much hate it brings. Sad.

    • TweeBee

      Oh look….a libertarian that can’t spell.

      • http://gravatar.com/sighornybeaver sighornybeaver

        A Libertarian WHO can’t spell, and you aren’t doing too well either

        • Eric

          Actually, “that” is also correct. You, however, should have put a comma between “well” and “either.” No comma is necessary after “spell.”

          • https://www.facebook.com/danniel.siegrist Danniel Siegrist

            Grammar Nazis.

      • Father Aidan Blake

        that’s a cheap shot-that show has brought a lot of hate. Anyone who thinks blacks were more happy before the civil rights movement is working in a vacuum that seems to cater to Jim Crow type of theology.
        As a black catholic monk//priest, I think some one’s mispelling is less worrisome then someone quoting a bible verse for their own means. The bible also states that fathers should stone their daughters if they are not virgins at the time of their wedding.

        • Marty

          If this guy would have read the interview, he would know that the point was that many Blacks were happier then, despite their problems, simply because they had faith. Any person, regardless of race, who survived the Depression will make the exact same point about themselves. And if any of what the “father” said about himself wasn’t a lie; he’d know that the New Testament did away with the Old Law.

          • eddie powell

            Jesus say that He was here to full the laws of old, not to change it. Don’t never get into discussions with any about their spiritual interpretations. One will say that all these statements regrading the feelings of Blacks under the Old Jim Crow really makes one that actually lived it laugh. True singing was reliable tested outlet for the misery ,but being silent was following the golden rule. One learned at a very early age, real or imaged, the physical violence Whites were allowed to get away with for voicing the smallest of concerns of inequality hardships.These days under the “New Jim Crow”, the offsprings of some of the same use their justice system to do the same as their forefathers did. Using the same “golden rule of silence” to survive worked then as it may work now. Keep your mouth shut and let the inequality speak for itself one was continuously told during those days and times. It worked. Unfortunately just one problem with that silence mindset these days and times. The young Black male/female mindset on equality for all are so small these days, generally speaking, they are little or no more to be found at all. Hence, silence may well turn to be our sure fatal downfall. Lastly, having a Black POTUS has changed nothing concerning that.

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  • sparrowlake

    think you forgot what happens MOST of the time…


  • sparrowlake

    So the take here is that growing a beard makes them a fake? More like permanent makeup. Doesn’t really change a thing but their looks for a TV show. Guess for liberals looks are everything

    • tom

      Looks like conservatives are stupid enough to believe these clowns

      • Maggie

        I don’t care about Phil. I just want to hook up with Jase! Hotttttttttttt!

      • Maggie

        Yep? I’m a believer in Jase Robertson. Phil , maybe not so much.

    • nishikaze

      They portray themselves as back-woods hillbillies that happen to be millionaires. It isn’t really about there looks, its about who they really are vs how they really are on this REALITY show. Not very real.

      • bigz

        they are paid actors on a scripted reality show. the producers dictate how they “act”. all of the information on their real lives was an open book since the show began. this is not some hidden secret about them . I guess some people would be surprised that the Beverly hillbillies weren’t really hillbillies.

    • Barney Muldoon

      Try putting just a little more thought into it.

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  • http://gravatar.com/escottjones escottjones

    Sandie I would recommend you read “Pure Grace”


    • Tesselator

      This article by John Prager and video that gets linked to this is interesting.

      Lots of curse words aside the points he makes are interesting to me. But not for the reasons one might at first think after watching the video.

      He bases his entire rant on two proposals:

      1) The Robinson’s participate successfully in the US economy, and,
      2) They’re actors on a show who play characters which are different than what each is like in real life.

      Wait what? Yeah, that which we all know about every single show on TV except maybe a Talk-Show or the occasional dry documentary is the case here. OMG!!! Actors play rolls? What? Who knew… I thought all TV shows were real. Well, I guess some people really are that dumb – I mean look at all the gossip about real life Stargates existing or Grey aliens from the X-Files hiding out at Area 52.

      So, I think that video is interesting in that people who can’t think for themselves even to the point of understanding TV, are likely to believe anything that guy just said. The only legitimate point I heard from him was the bit about how TV portrayals of southern men are not representative and are typically silly. Jed Clampet, Granny and Elly-May, or the Robertson clan – take your pick, it’s true of both and both are classified as “Comedy Entertainment” shows. Normal people will know we’re supposed to watch it, be entertained by it, maybe take a casual life-lesson or examine a moral or two from it but that it’s of course only a show. Somehow this all escapes CultOfDusty the proclaimed Atheist commentator and John Prager tho. Maybe he’s one of them who really are THAT dumb… Or… maybe he just hopes you are?

      On top of all that Lee Stranahan here:
      did some honest research and points out that the Robinson’s were looking the same for some time before the show started. Anyone can get on youtube and see a whole bunch of behind the scenes footage of Duck Dynasty and the men who create it.

      Here’s Uncle Si making a commercial:
      Here’s Willie hamming it up a little in a typical day at work:
      Here’s Jase in an interview saying what he’s about:
      Along with all the typical bloopers that pretty much every comedy show releases. Etc. and so on…

      • Hadrill


      • https://www.facebook.com/flibberdy.gibbet Flibberdy Gibbet

        yeah … except for the part where they’re ‘acting’ (roles). Do you even realize that you’re standing in support of a guy who advocates marrying girls off before they’re legally adults because their inability to think for themselves makes them better wives? Tsk Tsk…

        • Maggie

          They will never have to crawl on their hands and knees for a government hand out. ‘Nuffield said.

      • nishikaze

        One problem, they weren’t supposed to be actors. This a ‘reality’ tv show, but yet again it shows the myth of ‘reality’ tv. The point is people are rallying behind a man that may not even really exist.

      • Cheri Remily

        What you are saying is true but this show is ‘reality’. Now intelligent people know there is no such thing, however there are those who think that ‘reality’ means real. So when a ‘actor’ like Phil states hate speech on TV, these people think it is ‘real’. Not just a ploy by A&E and DD to create publicity and make more money. Now, you have to realize is that the people who are the target market for DD are people who think just like the people these ‘actors’ portray on TV. These people are not real actors or entertainers. They are not stars of any sort, they are merely more money grubbing whores who bring out the worst in people. This is not entertainment at all.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/SandraVistaKlag Sandie May

    So Phil, are you saying Miss K is unclean and so are your daughter In laws? I mean live it all the way or realize you need to stop picking the things you like the most and using them to make it seem like you live by the Bible! TBH I knew you were all fakes but I didn’t know you were a bunch of hypocritical snakes!

    Leviticus 15:19-24

    “When a woman has a discharge, and the discharge in her body is blood, she shall be in her menstrual impurity for seven days, and whoever touches her shall be unclean until the evening. And everything on which she lies during her menstrual impurity shall be unclean. Everything also on which she sits shall be unclean. And whoever touches her bed shall wash his clothes and bathe himself in water and be unclean until the evening. And whoever touches anything on which she sits shall wash his clothes and bathe himself in water and be unclean until the evening. Whether it is the bed or anything on which she sits, when he touches it he shall be unclean until the evening.

    • Kelly

      Maybe that was before pads and tampons?

  • https://www.facebook.com/edwin.panugan1 Edwin Panugan

    Why is everybody making it a big deal? Don’t watch it if you don’t like it. Stop the “hate” thing going on.

    • Mary Mckinney


  • Shawn

    So I am clean shaven and wear a suit and tie to work, but don’t shave and wear camo when I am hunting. Guess that makes me a “sell out” too.

    • nishikaze

      Do you have a ‘reality’ show making a living off your appearance?

    • Cheri Remily

      Shawn, are you going on TV portraying yourself to be something you are not? No, you are apparently dressing appropriately for the occasion. However it goes deeper than how they dress, it is what they portray on TV as their ‘real life’ when in fact it’s probably as far from their real life as you can imagine. Oh, they probably feel that way in real life but dressed as ‘backwood folk’ on a show gives them the means to come right out and say how they feel because us Southerners are all inbred, ignorant, bigots, right.

  • https://plus.google.com/104538803932085560527 Michelle Goodfleisch

    You rocked my socks with that post.

  • https://plus.google.com/104538803932085560527 Michelle Goodfleisch

    Well-said. Who woulnd’t follow simple scripts, grow hillbilly beards, etc, to honor a contract which pulls in millions per month? These people are entertainers, and that’s what they get paid to do – entertain. How can people _not_ grasp how these actors DON’T just get in front of a camera– unscripted, un-makeup’d, as true genuine articles of themselves–and out entertain everyone with such ease? Why is this “disturbing” information just now occurring to people? The issue doesn’t lie on the shoulders of these obvious actors – it lies within the under-stimulated lives of simple-minded reality TV show viewers.

  • Hadrill

    These pictures are nothing new… go to duck commander web site… All TV shows are scripted to a degree if not all the way… silly people…liberals are funny people so are conservatives… welcome to the Divided States of America. mean while in Washington DC.. they ALL are selling us out and raping our country and we the divided people argue about this crap… Shame on America no wonder we are the laughing stock of the world. they look at us and say… Give us your money and fk you very much Death to America.

  • http://www.hehejjddd.com Grank

    You sound like a c++k blowing idiot…

  • Jenny

    This is nothing that they were trying to hide. They have shown many of these pictures on the show. You do not have to agree with everyone’s ways. You can still be compassionate towards someone without agreeing with their lifestyle.

  • Jesse

    So those pictures are from over 8 years ago. It is not like they can just grow thier beards and hair out like that in a year so your point that it is fake is just stupid.

    • Lawrence Basford

      They have gone on record themselves as saying the beards were grown in preparation for selling the Duck Dynasty show to a network.

  • CJ

    Why should they change it? It was already scheduled into their programming.

  • Chew on this

    i can’t help but wonder would everyone react this way if a muslim had said the same exact words? i seriously doubt that anyone would get all up in arms about it. they would probably just say oh he just expressing his views and nothing more. does the gay community know that christians don’t execute gays but muslims do? goes to show how screwed up our country is

    • Larry

      You’re a moron with no precedence to even make a claim like that.

    • Mark

      Funny, because I’ve seen several replies and comments from self-describe muslims stating that Phil was wrong. Granted, it could be many of them were from America and the other couple mentioned being from England. Not sure if that makes the point any less valid. Not sure if you were trying to speak on Muslims living in a strict Muslim, like Afghanistan or not, but I can say if you were, you’d know people wouldn’t defend it.

    • Bob Cull

      You are unbelievably ignorant, Chew On This! Intolerance is intolerance no matter who it comes from. You also know nothing of Islam. A “Christian” extremist is no better than an Islamic extremist, neither is practicing his professed religion.

      There is no persecution of Christians in this country as much as you would like to feel persecuted. The fact is that it is the “Christians” who would persecute anyone who does not follow their religion in exactly the “right” way. Newsflash: you intolerant bigots are not practicing Christianity any more than the Islamic extremist is practicing Islam.

      • Chris

        Thank you Bob. Well said.

    • JoePenn

      As goofy as this whole ‘controversy’ is, you comment has to be the dumbest, most inane and ignorant (and blind….and many other things) comment I’ve heard about THIS topic or..really…anything under the sun.

    • http://gravatar.com/escottjones escottjones

      Good Point Chew on this…I am appalled for how all non-Muslims are treated in Islamic countries. Things keeping this way and we will be subject Sharia Law.

      • AATTP

    • Kathy

      Typical Tea Party/far right response!!

    • PaleBlue

      More like, if a Muslim had been fired for saying something similar, would all the same people be outraged that his “free speech” had been violated? Which in either case, it has not been?

  • Julies Pitts

    The phony Duckers are not unlike the phony Right Wing Christians with their two page bible Page 1. Hate gay people. Page 2. Fight Abortion – The end…, VOTE FOR ME!

    • http://gravatar.com/escottjones escottjones

      A true Christian knows God Loves Everyone and if a person follows the teaching of Jesus Christ they know to love one another. John 13:34-35
      “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

      • https://www.facebook.com/christopher.petrocine Christopher Aaron Petrocine

        Jesus Christ never said the Quote “I love you” in the bible. He kinda tries to say it, John 13:34 but doesn’t actually manage it.

        • Lebowski

          The book of John the Beloved says Jesus did show love, the greatest kind of love, and that he said that he loved his friends.
          In fact, the whole point of the Gospels is to preach love, so if you missed it, you might want to reread it and realize that you missed the entire point of Jesus coming to Earth.

          “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

          “Love one another as I have loved you.” John 13:34

          “He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.” 1 John 4:8

          “Faith, hope, love, live these three, but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

          Incidentally, the book of Corinthians is the one misquoted by Phil. It does not discuss being gay, it discusses sexual immorality, especially prostitution, which was a main industry in the city of Corinth, and the debauchery is why Paul of Tarsus stayed there the longest of all of his visits. The Corinthians made their money selling their bodies to sailors as they were a major crossroads.
          Phil does not know the history of the story that he misquotes, because if he did, he would realize that he condemns himself as a “reviler”, someone who spews hatred on others. It’s sinful, according to Paul who never met Jesus and who lived three generations after Jesus left Earth.

          Please Christians, read your Bible. It’s got some good stuff in it.
          The stuff in the Law of Moses? Not so much, which is why we don’t stone children to death for disobeying their parents, and why we don’t kill victims of rape and women who menstruate, and people who eat shellfish and pork, and why we don’t kill people who have sex on the Sabbath. We don’t do as Moses did, raid other tribes and kill “everything that moves” or murder children of competing tribes or sell women into the sex trade. The Laws of Moses were and are BARBARIC and CRUEL and not based in fact. The Bible gets a lot of things just plain wrong.
          We live in the age of science, and some can’t handle it because it flies in the face of the myths that they have been told are reality.
          Phil is one of those hate filled, science hating morons who has to look down on someone to feel better about himself. He’s doing this for attention and money. His god is MONEY. He’s a reviler, idolater (money), an admitted adulterer, a “false prophet”, a hateful bigot, a racist, and a promoter of statutory rape.
          Why would anyone have anything to do with him?
          He’s going straight to Hell.

    • Kayla

      This is ridiculous. Christians do not hate gay people. Just because a christian does not agree with a gay lifestyle doesn’t mean they hate the person who lives it. Christians hating gays is a term that gay people began to use not christians. I can’t help but notice that when christians stand together for a belief we are automatically labeled as only having two beliefs that we made up. Get over yourself.

      • http://gravatar.com/escottjones escottjones

        Right On Kayla,

      • Cheri Remily

        Yes, it does when groups like the Family Research Council have a hand in shaping legislation in Uganda. Or even shaping our own US legislation. When NC states that it will demand to be a ‘Christian’ state. When the Christian right demands to stick its fingers into politics on who can or cannot marry or receive spousal benefits. You don’t agree with their life style, who made you ‘God’ over how other people live? It amazes me how some Christians do not understand the new Pope, but I’ve always said if Jesus came to walk among you all the holier than thou Christians would string him up while praying to him.

  • https://www.facebook.com/dbmadison Donna Britt Madison

    Phil Robertson’s right to free speech was not violated. We all have the right to say pretty much anything we want without fear of being arrested, even dumb stuff. At the same time, our employers have the right to fire us if they don’t agree with what we say or how we represent them. AMC made a business decision. Now, I know that Fox News knows what our constitutional rights are and whether or not they are being violated. So, the question is why is Fox perpetuating this myth.

    • https://www.facebook.com/raejeanne.nilsen RaeJeanne Nilsen

      Well, hmm, I am basically a democrat, so I guess a republican employer can fire me. I think it is ok to get fired if I am representing my employer as a democrat, but not personally expressing my democratic leanings outside of the office or wherever I work. But let’s say everything you said is true. By the same token, viewers have the right to boycott A&E and express displeasure with GLAAD. If it is a business decision, time will tell if their decision profits their business. I have never watched “Duck” but for a minute or two. I am also pro marriage equality and equal rights for gays. I believe in treating people the way you would want to be treated. What I am tired of is the scheme of trying to destroy people for stating an honest opinion, especially one paraphrased from the New Testament. And especially when a person further states that they love everyone and treat people with respect. I am just against vindictive behavior. I find it funny that the show may be a spoof. I have a wait and see attitude. Who knows, maybe this whole thing (the “scandal”) is scripted.

      • Clumsy Ninja

        Yes, in some states your employer can fire you for that. It’s called “employment at will.” You can be fired for anything, no reason necessary. Over the weekend a stupid PR woman got fired from IAC for tweeting something terribly racist.

        No one is “destroying” that guy. He has a very lucrative business.

    • http://gravatar.com/darthfadar darthfadar

      A&E is so pure, highly principled that Duck Dynasty to be shown in a Christmas week marathon to teach Phil Robertson a lesson! A&E is still gladly making $ off the show & love all this free advertising for the show.

  • Heather

    So it turns out the show is more a sitcom then reality,,, I enjoy the show and it makes me laugh,,, you can tell it is scripted anyways I don’t think they would be this funny in real life.

  • Guvnah

    Is anyone with the intelligence to talk surprised that “reality” shows are not pure reality? This is an entertainment show, and at least partly scripted, because that’s what passes for reality on TV.

  • Smith

    These photos have been shown on the show idiot.

    • http://gravatar.com/laleeturner laleeturner

      Exactly! LMAO!!!!!!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/maryandroymckinney Mary Henderson Mckinney

      True. We all look different then we use to. I LOVE THE SHOW…………….M Y FAMILY LOVES THE SHOW.

  • http://gravatar.com/kfagan42 Keith

    I don’t know why everyone is up in arms about Phil Robertson’s freedom of speech?
    No one is stopping him from thinking or saying what he wants!
    It’s just that A&E also has the right to freedom of speech, and what they want to say on their own network. They own the network!

  • tim

    Why thank you mr obvious for that insight , all reallity shows are fake in some degree , you think after spending 39 days ( survivor) woman wouldnt have hairy arm pits and legs , but nobody wants to see that either lol

  • Sean Hannity

    If you’re not a White Christian heterosexual conservative you don’t belong in the United States, get out and move to some communist atheist faggot country. Praise Jesus!

    • Willow

      …..lol…..I am sure this is said “tongue in cheek” at leastI hope so…..

    • JoePenn

      Now that’s funny – thanks Mr. Hannity.

    • http://gravatar.com/escottjones escottjones

      This was NOT said Tongue in cheek but it was also NOT said by Sean Hannity but rather by some leftwing nut job trying to further widen the divide in our country.

      • https://www.facebook.com/janie.goss Janie Garbo Goss

        Are you serious? That isn’t really Sean Hannity? Really??? Sheesh, sometimes the ignorance of rightwing nut jobs beyond belief.

  • RB

    Regardless of who the DD folks really are or were the point remains that one guy cleaned himself up from a past life, found a new moral compass and parlayed it into a few bucks with his family. He read a list of “sins” from the bible and now a lot of liberal minded folks are choosing to vilify him? I guess that liberals are only liberal with liberals. A&E will either reinstate him or the show goes to another channel. DD wins either way. End of story!

    • Fred steadman

      And he is so righteous that his products are mad in communist china, in sweat shops….


      • Tif

        love it! I absolutely love your reply…. I never could understand this almost cult -like love this family is being shown, how can you show such adoration towards a family that has shown themselves to be so wiling to put their name on any product?, and namely those products made in communist countries in terrible conditions.Where the worker is probably is in a sweatshop. If people only cared about their personal liberties the way this do for these individuals, what scares me is the rage these supporters are expressing. Also, I think phil is a millionaire, and is privately contracted with AE, his 1st amendment rights are not being restricted, he is a celebrity of A.E. He chose to make such statements, and if he wishes he can continue to make many more, not through AE but im sure other enterprises. Instead, of worrying about him and his family, how about we worry about bringing manufacturing back to America, and one way you can do that is to support local merchandisers, so stop with products made in china, like the ones for duck dynasty. Don’t make this a left/right issue, because paradigm created to keep you concentrated on petty issues, like hating each other.

  • https://plus.google.com/105710050643917879923 Mary K. Mennenga

    So glad I never started watching the show, A&E should do whatever they feel is best for them. I’m didn’t like or agree with what he said, he has the right to say whatever he wants. However A&E has him under contract if he chooses not to follow it they can do whatever they want.

  • gene

    If you wanna disagree then disagree. Why the venomous verbage. Can’t you get your point across without the hate?

    • Sean Hannity

      I hate queers like God wants me too.

      • https://www.facebook.com/deanna.molina2 Deanna Molina

        Sean God says hate the sin and love all mankind. Hate is not showing love as we are directed by God. Judging is not for us, we can not throw the stone of judgement only God has the right, being without sin.

      • http://gravatar.com/escottjones escottjones

        You are a Fake

  • Suzan

    Your a dumbass!!

    • jrhen4


    • Travis


    • Ben Pommer

      I believe the sentiment you were going for is “You’re a dumbass.”

    • Lebowski

      The grammatically correct statement is “You’re a dumb ass.”
      “Dumbass” is not a word.

  • https://www.facebook.com/james.lester.182 James Lester

    they have never hid the fact they didn’t have beards before the show started.second he has a right to his opinon just like you do.smack down,,lol.you couldn’t smack down a 6 year old retard with walking problems let alone one of these guys.go back to your cave.

  • JTek

    I love how some people think quoting the bible is hateful. oh ya and giving an eye witness account of the distant past is as well hateful… lol…

    • Lebowski

      The book of Genesis is not an “eyewitness account”, and there are many hateful statements in the Bible that can be quoted, especially from the Law of Moses.
      In case you haven’t read your Bible, and by your statement that seems clear, the books I’m referring to for the Mosaic Law are the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

      Moses murdered children in large numbers and sold female children as young as three to the sex trade for profit.
      There is a passage that talks about how to beat your slaves, and how to beat your wife.
      It’s called “the rule of thumb”. Look it up.

      “How blessed will be the one who seizes and dashes your little ones against the rock,” (Psalm 137:9). ”

      There’s a WHOLE lot of hate in the Bible.
      Sadism, slavery, murder. Joy at infanticide.
      Not a bland history lesson.

  • http://gravatar.com/bendrr Mike

    Thanks for being such an example of tolerance dude.

  • http://gravatar.com/johnbgood52 johnbgood52

    I don’t agree with Robertson, but he has the right to speak what passes for his mind. However, the folks who are trying to turn this incident into a First Amendment issue need to dust off their few remaining brain cells and brush up on their Constitutional law. The First Amendment only protects you from government censorship (and that protection is not unlimited). It does *not* protect you from being fired if you make remarks in a public forum that your employer(s) feel reflect badly on them. Whether I agree with A&E’s actions or not, they, like Robertson, are within their rights.

    • JTek

      true, however the civil rights act of 1964 covers that… in responding to the question by quoting the bible he was exercising his freedom of religion and is therefore covered by EEOC regulation and the civil rights act of 1964…

      • bennyboy

        Well except that he DID NOT quote the bible. he spewed his interpretation of what the bible says and stated it as fact. Nowhere did he quote chapter and verse. it was opinion.

        • Holli

          PR also took the scripture out of context which is not surprising because many so-called Christians do that when paraphrasing scripture.

      • Dave

        Take a peak at any entertainment contract. It ensures that a company can dismiss an employee that brings the company into disrepute – that being defined by the company. If he thinks it’s illegal, sue the company.

    • RandyNMI

      Freedom of Speech: The legal means to say almost anything you want. Meaning that as private citizens, we’re allowed to say nearly anything (with a few exceptions of course) that we want without fear of legal prosecution for it. Freedom of speech does not mean we can say anything we want without ramifications for what we say from our peers or employers. Thats what the law says!

  • Kevin mccann

    Your an idiot these are pics from 15 yrs ago. We all look different from the 90’s. Moron.
    Get your story straight. And that’s a fact jack- ass!!!!

    • tracy

      The word is “You’re”… “You’re an idiot.” It is a mash up of the words “you” and “are”….You’re. “Your” is possessive. such as; ” TV turns your brain to mush.”

    • Karen

      And you’re an idiot just based on your basic misuse of grammar.

  • Tonya

    Phil Robertson and his family made there millions way before the show ever aired. Seems these rednecks are smarter than anyone wants to give them credit for. If a 67 year old man wants to voice his opinion then it is his right. The pictures you have supposedly unearthed have been shown on the tv show so no surprise there. My ten year old nephew can do better investigating reporting than this. As for them counting,Im sure they can count their millions they have made.

  • https://www.facebook.com/david.k.wilson.33 David K Wilson

    No news here. I have seen these and similar pics already.. Its entertainment! Pss try to learn to express your views without using the word imbecile or stupid or moron etc etc. The personal attacks get old and only show you have no valid point to make.

  • https://www.facebook.com/tlurin.amon T’lurin Oth Amon

    These replies? Proof that Americans love their fake-assed bullshit! Truth don’t stand a chance with this derp-level defense! Yuppies don’t become hillbillies, unless those Yuppies figure out a way to cash in on the ‘Reality TV’ craze. Shovel in the shit with a touch of ‘truth’ and you derps can’t get enough. Enjoy your ‘another man’s trash’ because that’s what this show is and what the people in it are. Jerry Springer Syndrome, anyone? Also, I don’t have to have watched a single episode (I haven’t and I won’t) to know that its shit because it a derptastic favorite of the Derptocracy :D

    Admit it, you people think that shit is 100% true. Yes you do. Don’t lie, you believe it, lol!

    • Lynn

      You’re right on!

  • sue

    I can’t even watch your stupid video, cause your voice is just too fookin annoying Get a real job.

  • Pingback: Duck Dynasty - Page 8()

  • DWT

    wow look at the comments on here. They willing follow a false messiah! WILLINGLY! I think I know now the TRUE meaning of what Jesus preached. I am not deceived.

    • https://plus.google.com/110169928754455398451 Rico Porter

      yea they will just like the lie to their kids and portrait jesus as a white man when he clearly was a man of color but hey its Hi-Story to tell it the way they want lol. yea he said things were way better during the jim crow era lol you cant hear blacks bad talk whites from the other bathrooms lol meaning whites only use. well lets speak on what went on during that era. Blacks were enslaved, women white or black were products, cook, clean give us some ass, have babies and shut the hell up. and he is right in a way because as soon as women became apart of mans conversations the country has went to shit. so if you agree with some then you agree with all.

      • Barb Silvestro

        pssst. Jesus was not a man of color, he was a Jew. Semetic. So not white as in pink skinned, more brown as in Israeli. This is not about a black thing. lol.
        Its not even about a Jew or a Jesus thing.

        It’s about these pics are 15years old, these guys are millionaires, its a TV SHOW for crying out loud. He can say whatever the hell he wants to say. He believes homosexuality is a sin. So what. So does more than half the world. He has the right to say that out loud.
        The world should go back to worrying bout the fact that we have homeless kids in america, vets with no benefits, the government will shut down again in about a month… there are things to talk about. Not this.

  • Wendy

    Wow! They knew A&E was going to offer them this show how many years ago so they started growing their beards just for the show. That’s an even better show they’re psychic duck hunters. Why is it your mission to just try to find something against it. You couldn’t so you had to grasp at that. pathetic.

    • http://gravatar.com/shawnkelly1170 Pets to Go

      Because it’s Disney… A formula.. and I’m mentioning Disney because they have mastered the art of designed entertainment. Like the tastebuds on your tongue, variations of senses at different intervals will keep you wanting more!

      • http://gravatar.com/shawnkelly1170 Pets to Go

        They have a focus group to get the perception of a certain region of the population.. And they weigh the sterotypes of those groups and then they find out what is missing in the market of entertainment. If the media and entertainment is filled with one flavor they look to change up the mass media consumption with an up and comming trend, or they make the trend. Then they consult pr, art departments, and writers to create an entertaining venue. But they have a formula, many formulas… that is why they have pilots, to see if their formulas are and will work. Duck Dynasty was in the works because it was a niche needed to be filled.

  • http://gravatar.com/shawnkelly1170 Pets to Go

    I wouldn’t be surprised if DD hasn’t hired one of the popular internet PR firms popping up to do damage control. These firms have an army of individuals that frequent message boards and counter any negative publicity that their clients might be getting. DD is a sham and even if it’s all staged they breed intolerance. The show is duck disney except a wild hair got up the butt of the patriarch caused him to run his not-so-intelligent mouth. He probably wasn”t getting his fair share of funds and the party involved might happened to be Gay, as is the case with a lot of entertainment individuals and he just spitefully showed his ass.

  • Lauren

    This is a poor attack on a show that actually showed some morals with some humor on the side. Everyone is well aware of how these men looked before the show, but this is a poor attempt to belittle these men. I suppose in a small minded world, many are unaware of other ability to change… and physical appearance is the easiest way! We are guilty of being a chameleon when it comes to following trends with our styles and wardrobes. Good for them for making their own trend – bringing out camo and beards. Better than other trends we’ve seen on “reality” shows (i.e. Jersey Shore).

    • Laurie

      Thank you , Lauren!! Ditto and yeah John Prager!

    • http://gravatar.com/johnnyasia Johnny Asia

      “No one in this world, so far as I know – and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me – has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.” – H. L. Mencken

      (September 12, 1880 – January 29, 1956) was an American journalist, essayist, magazine editor, satirist, critic of American life and culture


    • Edith A. Robbins

      Everyone is NOT “well aware of how these men looked before” and the whole idea that they should have to look like backwoods rednecks to make the show work is the point of the article really. The whole show is a FAKE. Just like so many of the other so called Reality shows which are about as REAL as the face on Joan Rivers!

      • JTek

        anyone that watches the show is aware. these pics have been on the show before… I would imagine everyone looked different in high school college and a bit after that then what they do now… and anyone with any brains takes anything they see on tv or the internet with a grain of salt…

    • Art

      Why anyone would invest time in front of a TV to watch this drivel, is beyond me. There is no real moral message and little if any humor. It’s all about the dollar, and the millions they have made at viewers expense. The last laugh is theirs. Cancel all these so called reality shows, reality they aren’t.

      • CJ

        Exactly. I only watch one of those type of shows…The amazing race…not so much because it’s a reality show…it’s cause that it looks like a damned fun thing to do. :-)

      • https://www.facebook.com/edwin.panugan1 Edwin Panugan

        You always have the choice not to watch it. You don’t have to cancel the show because some people might like it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/j2ccini888dontstopbelieving Jimmy Buccini

    Old news… sorry.

  • Darren

    They covered all of this in the book and on the show, and even had some of these pictures in them haha…. pretty big failure on the “breaking news” eh

    • Chris

      Book? What book? You think their fans can read??

  • https://www.facebook.com/tiffany.r.williams.14 Tiffany Rae Williams

    Dumb……Ridiculous anyone can see there is no resemblance of either the family out there wives get a life whoever posted this and if you don’t like theropinion then speak your own but posting lies are mischievous and wrong

    • CJ

      You must be blind. It’s easy to make the comparison and see that is them. Of course there are some differences. For one: beards change facial features somewhat (which is why men trying to hide from the law are known to grow beards). And second: those pictures are over 10 years old. I certainly don’t look like a did 10 years ago let alone from when I was in high school. But noses and eyes don’t change that much. And they do match. Now is everything the guy said dead on? Who knows really? It’s reality tv….which is fake as hell.

    • bayhuntr

      Ok, what is it? You are saying it’s not true, the guy above (Darren) is saying it isn’t news, because they “even had some of the pictures in them (the shows)

    • JTek

      Tiffany Rae Williams: it is them these pics have been on the show before… most of the pics are late teens early adult. everyone changes over time…

  • Justice

    How does this author get published??? What a mindless article!

  • Tyler

    This writer is a fucking moron who is simply trying to tear this family down.

    • http://www.facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

      I think they are doing a pretty good job of that themselves. I’m just laughing at their self-destruction ;)

      • http://gravatar.com/escottjones Scottcottjonesc

        Self destruction? The Robinsons posted record earnings this month as a result of the Left creating a contrived PC scandal. Record earnings all thanks to the LGBT…its a beautiful thing!

    • Edith A. Robbins

      Evidently Tyler is the moron if he can’t see that these pictures are of the guys on the show and it is NOT a reality show at all. But millions of people are duped by these so called Reality shows every day. That is why I do not watch any of them. If that is what you call entertainment, you need a reality check yourself.

      • Chris

        So who is the real moron, the moron or the fools who follow the moron??

  • brandon ward

    As Christians we should all stand together, as our rights as Christians are continually diminishing. when a fellow brother or sister is in a position to make a stand we should back them. that’s the problem with this country. our founding principals are diminishing therefore our country is going down hill. as Christian we should back Robertson..because what he said is true. If you are a homosexual you are not following gods plan for you. and as for the “born again” Christians, the only way to attain eternal salvation is to accept the fact jesus Christ, gods only son, was born in a manger, and died on the cross for our sins..and we must confess we are sinners and ask him to come into our life, and spend eternity with him

    • CJ

      #1 – Christians rights are in no way being diminished. Explain to me EXACTLY how they are. Give me a list that is more than just personal opinion.
      #2 – Exactly how are our country’s founding principles diminishing?

    • ndjinn

      In no way are Christians rights being diminished in this country. Saying it, don’t make it so.

    • https://www.facebook.com/elaine.roth1 Elaine Roth

      Brandon, As I said in my comment, there are Fundamentalist (Conservative) Christians but they are not the only Christians. I am a member of the United Church of Christ which is descended from the Pilgrims. Some of the history of the church is as follows: 1785 First ordained African American pastor, 1853 First woman pastor, 1972 First ordination of openly gay minister, 2005 Recognition of marriage equality. You, Brandon, can believe as you will but I don’t think that I am less of a Christian than you are because I do not condemn gays. I believe that God loves everyone.

    • Bob Cull

      Why is it that you people all seem to have this need to feel persecuted, Brandon? You have lost no rights of any kind, it is you who want to take the rights from others. This is not and never has been a “Christian nation.” You cry that your religious freedom has been eroded because we will not allow you to force your religion on others. You do not respect the rights of those who choose to be free from religion and many of us are sick of being told that we don’t have that right.

  • John Gary

    lmao honestly this article is poorly written and showing pictures of when they were Younger of course as you get older people make changes I doubt they grew a beard just for a show LMAO. I am a Fan of the show but guess what I’m Atheist didn’t see that coming did you XD everyone is entitled to their faith and opinion he was ask a question and he anwsered it why is this still an issue. I firmly believe Gay’s or Lesbian’s should be treated equal their people just like you and me their a human beings. Everyone points a finger but no one tries to solve the problem.

    • Will

      You’re kidding right? Actors gain 10 ‘ s even 100 pounds for roles.

      • Raymond Hamlett

        So, Mr. Gary, you may be LYAO while these guys are laughing all the way to the bank with their millions. I would grow a beard for that and I suspect you would, too.

    • Bob Cull

      Actually, John it doesn’t appear as if he was asked a question. I wrote our first article on this and read the entire GQ article for research on it and the tone of Magary’s write up of the comments in question seem to suggest that Robertson made the remarks without being asked how he felt about the subject.

      He doesn’t get a pass on making judgmental comments on others and at the same time say that things he has done are in the past and no one gets to bring them up. He nearly killed a man and his wife in Arkansas and wants to shrug it off because he’s “not like that anymore” at the same time passing judgement on gays.

      That does not fly! He made the choice to get drunk and beat those people, no one ever chose to be born gay, they just were and can no more change that fact than they can change the color of their eyes.

      He’s a jerk, plain and simple and does not deserve any more respect than he gives to others.

      • https://www.facebook.com/raejeanne.nilsen RaeJeanne Nilsen

        I read the article also. He was asked to list examples of sin. He did not shrug his previous actions off. His wife gave virtually all of their savings to the couple to settle out of court. He was “reborn” and forgiven of past sins. Although humanity cannot, God can forgive any sin.

        • Mark

          He admittedly stated he shrugged it off when he was asked if he repented for it. He stated he didn’t feel the need to drudge it up, being it was in his past, his old self. So, he’s passing judgment on all the other sinners and how they have to repent so the world will be a better place, but then turns around and said he didn’t need to, seriously? Giving money to someone to keep someone from pressing charges against your husband is not the same thing as the person whom committed a sin having repented for his sin. He didn’t do the paying off, his wife did, he skipped town. He didn’t repent, as he admitted. He never did any penance for his sin. He is a hypocrite, because he is claiming repentance is one of the two ways the world would be a better place. In his mind, only the true sinners have to do that. He’s above it.

    • Dyad

      People grow beards for acting roles all the time.

      • http://gravatar.com/johnbgood52 johnbgood52

        And that’s the point. They’re acting. Like all “reality” shows, DD is about as real as Pamela Anderson’s boobs.

  • Amanda

    If you enjoy their entertainment, then their goal has been met. You found some great family pics (they’ve been out there since day 1). You forgot to mention the College Football, and NFL careers of some too. Perhaps you’re being a little judgemental yourself… are you really who you say you are? They are even smarter for finding an image that has grown their call business and merchandise sales in a way that their “real” (As you call it) persona would not have. MARKETING you genious!

    • https://www.facebook.com/nik.matt Nik Matt


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  • https://www.facebook.com/kieth.brackett Kieth Brackett

    I’m a liberal non-christian pro-lgbt heterosexual and I also happened to have actually read the article in GQ and anyone who says that Phil’s comments were “Hate for Jesus” like this author falsely claims is a moron.

  • http://facebook sotamis

    Can we get back to bringing Congress back out of the dark ages please. This thread is going to do nothing to make our lives any better. We have corporations and billionaires avoiding trillions in taxes while using up your tax dollars to make their billions. Making the middle class nothing more than a blast from the past. The poor are hanging on by their fingernails and all congress is offering them is a manicure. Both parties are hell bent to get us into our next war even though the previous two are still smoldering. What Dusty believes, says or morphs to or from will do nothing to rectify these situations. Please bring it back to reality, American lives depend on it.

    • CJ

      ::Gasp!:: Could this whole thing be the conservatives way of directing attention away from their corporate pandering and efforts to destroy our country’s safety nets for the poor?

      (and before you conservatives on here attack me for it…I’m just making a sarcastic joke as compared to the constant remarks that this, that, and the other is just a distraction from _______ (enter current controversial issues).

      • Carmen

        Actually the senate passed the NDAA again. Why fight for any of these rights if you can just be detained indefinitely without a trial? Rights won’t mean anything when your rotting somewhere because they don’t need to prove you guilty anymore.

        • AATTP

          How many times has an American citizen been thrown in jail without being charged?

        • Bob Cull

          Oh no — the NDAA has been passed again?! Say it isn’t so! The NDAA has been around for decades, genius, it is not something new and it takes no ones rights away in any form, it is actually a funding bill.

  • https://www.facebook.com/elaine.roth1 Elaine Roth

    Dusty, I liked your comments but would you please quit lumping all Christians together. The Christians who watch Duck Dynasty and are defending the stars of the show are, in my opinion, members of the Christian right or in other words the “born again” Christians or in my father’s words (please forgive me) the “holy rollers” not main stream Christians. So could you please qualify your comments? Thank you.

    • https://www.facebook.com/EmperorofMattopia Matthew Hickey

      You know what? he should n’t do that. As long as sane Christians do not stand up to the whackanoodles, then you share the responsibility.

    • Heffe Wilcox

      You are still a mindless fool who believes in a fake God. Religion is the poisonous roots from which fundamentalists grow. You can’t get rid of the fundamentalists; you can get rid of all of the fundamentalists today but more will just grow for the poison of religion tomorrow. So yes you Christians are lumped together. You both drink from the same poisonous plant, they just drink a little more.

      • https://www.facebook.com/elaine.roth1 Elaine Roth

        Heffe, I see that you have have picked the religion of AntiReligion. That is your right but I believe that we can all be tolerant of one another which means I am not a fundamentalist who judges people but one who loves and sees the value of all humans.

  • Mike

    Why is this man so angry?

  • glenn gerbino

    They never claimed to be 60 minutes, did they?

  • Donna Cummings

    I ave oh w I hold a Masters degree and I can count past three and I stand with Phil. What he stated is in the Bible and that’s a fact Jack.

    • http://mepoo.com Me

      I ave oh w I Hold a Masters Degree… Just not in English !

    • Bobbie Jo Justice

      The babble, er bible also says you’re supposed to murder everyone who works on the sabbath and that woman have to marry their rapists.

    • https://plus.google.com/118083497829957101881 Scott McKenzie

      That degree of yours isn’t in English, is it?

    • https://www.facebook.com/darrylvonrokk Darryl Huff

      After seeing your spelling, I would like to test that “Count Past 3″ theory on you!

    • Satan

      Donna GOD IS FAKE!! your a fucking sheeple

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  • hellbent

    What’s the difference in exsposing half truths and suppressing a women right to choosewhats best for her body, or making it difficult for minorities to vote. Nothing. The far right believes for someone to have an opinion that veiws differently than them to be a form of oppression. This is not the case he clearly state you are free to think how you want, but don’t contradict yourself, especially if your past is not 100% accurate of your description of yourself in the present. I do not understand why people just assume cause it’s called reality t.v. that is exactly that, cause assure you it’s not. What baffles me further is the support thrown behind false idols such as these for being less than truthfull, but we will attack the guy being passionate/irate and say he is oppressing one freedom of thought and expression. Way to go ‘murica

  • al

    It is television. Everything, including most of the news (opinionated), is to some extent fake. I bet even some of the stuff on the internet is fake.

  • AL

    If you seen me 15 yrs. ago you would say im a fake too probably but if you dont like the show don effin watch it simple as that also what is your first amendment right dude can say what he wants just cuz he didnt wear a beard ten yrs ago who cares get a life ppl

  • KS

    Here’s some truth… Yuppie much? He’d rather go duck hunting than have a career in yuppie football. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/12/20/terry-bradshaw-duck-dynasty-s-robertson-guy-kept-me-bench-two-years

  • Cynthia Clark

    That’s not a ‘typical’ Christian response. I’m a Christian, I was taught to love everyone. Christ, himself, preached love. Anyone who doesn’t know that never read the Bible’s second half, The New Testament. Lumping ALL Christians together as haters is ignorant and unfair. Just for the record, I’ve never seen the show. I think old Uncle Phil is a moron for what he said.

  • Brian

    So, the left perceives hate and answers with actual hate. While this isn’t shocking, it’s still disappointing. I don’t believe that family has a hateful bone in their bodies, they merely think differently than you. But that’s what’s threatening, isn’t it?
    I find it fascinating that the left – the most tolerant among us, I’m told – feels the need to shut up every person in public life that expresses views that differ from the liberal norm. I suppose because cowards like the ones at A&E usually quickly comply.
    All this is just an observation coming from a very non-religious mostly libertarian person who disagrees with Phil Robertson.

    • CJ

      I for one do not hate him. I don’t agree with what he said but I do not hate hi for it. Nor do I feel the need to shut him up from expressing his views. That is our constitutional right. But the constitution does not prohibit and employer from taking action against said speech. It only guarantees that the government will not interfere with free speech. I’m all for him being allowed to express his opinions…as well as I am allowed to express my opinion on his opinion. Of course there are those who condemn him for his words…and others condemn A&E for their reaction to his words. Even they are not stopping him from speaking his opinions…they do not want their network associated with those opinions and they have that right. There is most likely a clause somewhere in all that fine print for their contract that states something to the affect that those who are within their employ or contracted refrain from such controversial undertakings that may affect the image of the company. Many company’s out there actually have that in their employment contracts. And they reserve the right to suspend or fire an employee who violates that clause. So in actuality…both side were well within their rights to their actions.

    • David

      Yeah Brian, hopefully us Liberals can learn not to not tear people down because they “think differently” than us, just like you conservatives let the Dixie Chicks’ harmless comment about George W Bush dismantle their career. What happened there? They were saying what they believed, right? So the real truth in the minds of conservatives is there should be no fallout from “free speech” as long as it aligns with what they believe. The article below states it perfectly:

      “The reaction was swift, brutal and ongoing. It included stations boycotting the group and fans burning their CDs. Regardless of whether one agreed with her views, the unofficial blacklisting, which continues to this day, was a ridiculously knee-jerk overreaction in a format that wraps itself in jingoistic patriotism often defined in one very narrow, conservative way with little tolerance for opposing views.”

      Yeah, what they said. Get a clue. #hypocrites


    • https://www.facebook.com/kenny.williams.547 Kenny Williams

      Only a fool or Tea Bagger would think reality shows were actually real.

      • http://twitter.com/whittierte whittierte (@whittierte)

        Only a US hating self loathing white leftist would believe most of Obama’s claimed past and whatever comes out of his mouth is real.

        • https://www.facebook.com/marcpierce Marcus Pierce

          How many times have you copy/pasted that witty reply?

    • http://mikebeasley.com beasley

      Keep trying to spin it Sparky. You guys’ little theory, that if someone is a hater and libs don’t like haters, making the libs haters themselves……idiotic. You are in the minority. The minority has been running the country since the inception of the Tea Party. Your way is over bubba. Welcome to the future.

    • https://www.facebook.com/DalionNeilHeart Christopher Neil Young

      He spoke his mind, and society replied. He said hateful things, and now he has to face the consequences. I fail to see how ignoring hatred makes it go away. It’s the same type of arguments used by morons who thing the Sochi Games should still go on, despite the hatred and similarities to a growing Nazi regime so many years ago. Hatred shouldn’t be ignored, it should be shunned and punished.

    • Bobbie Jo Justice

      The “christians” and the gop only believe in free speech if it aligns with their beliefs.

      sarah palin — “Free speech is an endangered species. Those ‘intolerants’ hatin’ and taking on the Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us.”

      however, when the dixie chicks used their free speech rights against george bush, well then, The Dixie Chicks’ recorded music and performances were boycotted by many in their country music audience. And they were certainly protested and called all those awful things (“traitors,” “Dixie sluts,” etc.) by many in the public as well as the radio broadcast media.

      the conservatives and the gop, doing what they do best, being the poster children for hypocrisy.

      • Mariss716

        Sarah Palin sure wanted Martin Bashir silenced when he made explicit what he thought of her comparing the national debt to slavery.

  • pdawg119

    Duck Dynasty, like most other reality TV shows are more fake than the WWE

  • spoofer

    Dusty obviously doesn’t see the big picture in all this, religion or gender preference aside..

  • https://www.facebook.com/betsy.warren.33 Betsy Warren

    Okay, I don’t agree with what Phil said, and I do think the show is pretty fake. However, you can NOT use 5 to 10 year old pictures taken of A&E’s own site as proof the SHOW is fake. The pictures were taken long before the show existed. Willy’s family? That would be John Luke, who looks about 6 or so in this picture. The kid is driving now. You want to tell me you NEVER changed your appearance in 10 years? Bull. Proof the show is fake is in their merchandising money hungry attitude, despite biblical tenants that money is not to be chased after. It’s in the fact that statements like Phil made fly in the face of the whole god is love thing. Do real research next time instead of dragging up old family photos and insulting the snot out of people, because frankly Mr. Author, it makes you no better than Phil!

    • CJ

      Those photos don’t quite fall in line with his little diatribe about working in the fields with the blacks. Can’t say I’ve ever seen that many well dressed yuppies out there picking cotton or tobacco. But taht aside…how likely is that a WHOLE family is going to change their appearances like that? One…yes. Two…possibly. But all of them? Pfttt. Yea right. I’ve heard comments on how did those backwoods guys snag such beautiful women…well now we know. They weren’t backwoods when those women met them.

      • Dale Williams

        Showing your ignorance of the family and show in your comments

    • https://www.facebook.com/koreen.eads Koreen Eads

      i agree with Cj..sure we all change over the years..but this drastically?..and the whole family?..no..they are manufactured and packaged and sold..like all other “reality” stars..if someone enjoys the show more power to them..i hear its good…but anyone that thinks they are legit after seeing these photos is delusional..

  • https://www.facebook.com/flibberdy.gibbet Flibberdy Gibbet


  • KurtB

    Hell hath no fury like a Liberal scorned.
    Lighten up Libs; you’re just creating more sympathy for the guy while displaying your own intolerance.

    • babe

      Yeah that is why he ain’t ever coming back. Nice try though Sparky.

    • ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©

      Try a quick review of the comments above, KurtB.

      I’d say hell hath no fury like a right-winger when his idols are exposed.

  • Spend

    So what is your point. FOOL

  • CJ

    Not a little irate is he? LOL

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