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Drunk Armed Racists Spark Shootout at Waffle House, Kill Black Cop (Video)

After an exchange of bullets early Saturday morning, off-duty police officer Kevin Jordan was left dead and the man who shot Jordan left in critical condition, shot by Jordan’s brother.

Jordan was working an overnight shift as security at a Waffle House restaurant in Griffith, Georgia, when two men and a woman caused a disturbance around 2:30 a.m., according to Griffin Police Lt. Mike Richardson. Jordan intervened, but the conflict escalated, and the woman, identified as Chantell Mixon, began a physical altercation. According to Cleveland.com:

Jordan was attempting to arrest Mixon when one of the men, Michael Bowman, fired at the officer’s back, Richardson said. Police believe Jordan was shot five times. At least one bullet penetrated the bulletproof vest Jordan was wearing, Richardson said.

Jordan’s brother, Raymond Jordan, had come to the restaurant to visit and fired his weapon, striking Bowman, Richardson said. Raymond Jordan has a valid permit in Georgia, he said. It is not known how many times Bowman was hit or whether he has an attorney.

Raymond Jordan told Atlanta’s Channel 2 that “the only regret I have is that I didn’t kill him.”

Raymond claimed that Bowman, Mixon, and the the other man, Taylor, used racial slurs against Officer Jordan, who was a former Marine and had been a police officer with the county for four years. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has taken the case, and Richardson said that the police planned to file felony murder charges against Bowman and Mixon, in addition to an obstruction charge against Mixon.

Officer Jordan is survived by his family,  which includes his seven children.

You can watch the report below:

h/t FOX11

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  • Dragon

    I am socked that I haven’t seen anyone dissing the dead officer since it seems most of the stories we seen have been about bad cops and people calling for the heads of all the officers who live.

    back to the topic, I wish this didn’t happen but thats what happens when you let gun to be owned by anyone and everyone.

  • Steven Tilmon

    All this in a country based on racism, w/an overabundance of guns & a society who just loves their alcohol……what could go wrong here???

  • Gunther

    John, you can’t go down fighting, if someone got the drop on you already for example a sniper has his/her sights on you and you have no clue that he/she is in your area.

    Respect for the cop and his family? Tell that to the families whose members were killed by the police with no legal justification for doing so and the police have no remorse for doing so – “just doing their job.”

  • http://twitter.com/DryerBuzz Yalanda P. Lattimore (@DryerBuzz)

    why they include officers photo with these cop killers #mediaapartheid

  • hockeymonster

    Shoot him in the back. Coward!!!
    He waited for that opportunity to shoot him from behind. Now go join you’re other racist skinheads in jail for the rest of your life. And we tax payers will foot the bill. I say if you want the wild west back let’s bring back hanging in the center of town. Hang the bastard.

  • John

    To some of your shorts smart ass answers are not helpful or appropriate at this time. Maybe have a well-thought-out, intelligent, productive, comment would be a lot more productive. Think about what you were saying and how you are saying it before you speak. You certainly have the right to your opinion and I wouldn’t want to take that away. Allow people to grieve before attacking with your political views. I don’t like the gun violence anymore than you do. But there’s no simple answer. Guns are never going to go away, especially when it comes to people who have them illegally and are looking to commit crimes and programs. Yes it is risky to fight back, but sometimes that your only choice. I’d rather die fighting back, then what a scumbag shoot me himself. When it comes to innocent bystanders that’s also a risk. Proper training is essential to help people make this critical decisions appropriately.

  • John

    This was a police officer doing his job. He was killed by a piece of trash. His brother was lucky enough to have a gun the back him up. The shooter. Police officers killed almost every day in this country. They are killed by guns, reckless drivers, and various other things. Canceled weapon permits are not a perfect solution. But it’s definitely better than having nothing. I have had to close calls from Fugs while traveling across country. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time minding my own business in broad daylight. Luckily I didn’t have to pull the trigger, but without that gun I probably would’ve been murdered by the thugs. For most of us caring concealed weapons it’s a last resort and were honest law-abiding citizens. The system doesn’t always work and those are sometimes the ones we hear about. There are lots of cases were canceled weapons of saves peoples lives. To the person who use the word a whole, wait till you get a situation where there’s no police around and a couple Scumbags want to rough you up or worse yet kill you for your wallet. Even if you cooperate give it up. Fugs don’t worry about innocent bystanders and they can kill a lot of people row quick. I brother be surrounded with law-abiding citizens with handguns especially ones have training in the background. I was told by an officer that most police officers on the forces Support canceled weapons permits for citizens. Please officers will tell you they’re not there to protect you. You’re pretty much on your own most of the time and they show up after the fact. It’s a violent world and that’s unfortunate. In the end most of you need to show respect for the please officer who has fallen and his family. He left behind a wife and seven children. That’s what counts and what it boils down to. This is not time for some of you to express your political views in a nasty way. Show some respect for this officer and his family. No disrespect intended to you, just something for you think about.

  • Harry Henry

    Isn’t this exciting?! Any little kiddies around to witness this NRA madness over their mouse pancakes? Well, at least they didn’t get hit in the name of the carbved in stone 2nd amendment. (Whose Constitution is this anyway. I thought it belonged to ALL of us. The NRA seems to have appropriated it for their own use.)

  • https://www.facebook.com/thomas.rich.395 Thomas Rich

    The only saving grace in this fiasco is the cop killer did not get away.

  • B2S

    The answer, obviously, is more guns.

    • Thomas Rich

      Between 5 people, I count 3 guns. One for the cop, one of the cop killer, one for the officers brother. There may have been more, the story does not mention

    • Matt

      Well of course. If Jordan had his gun, he would be fi– wait, what? He was a cop and Marine vet? Huh………………………. BENGHAZI!!

      • http://www.thethirdcell.com Anthony D’Egidio

        Matt – Benghazi? Not one of your finest moments. What’s the correlation? Absolutely nothing just like the Republican investigations. Absolutely nothing!

        • Perry

          Benghazi is the standard diversion tactic.

    • Don

      The answer to everything is more guns…

  • https://www.facebook.com/mark.lysle1 Mark Lysle

    I live in the town where it happened, it’s “Griffin,” not “Griffith,”

    And none of us here in Griffin appreciate the racist comments everywhere, nor do we appreciate the usual political nonsense. Keep your biased opinions to yourselves and let this town mourn our loss.

  • Eugene

    It’s a good thing his brother had a gun or the shooter would have been able to have gotten away. If everyone open carries then the criminals are less likely to discharge their weapons because of fear of getting shot from retaliation from other concerning citizens.

    • Mikey j

      yeah, riiiiiiight

    • Comicus

      Bowman shot an armed, uniformed police officer in the back to prevent his friend from being arrested. Police officers in uniform open carry. They even have a badge and handcuffs to arrest criminals. Tell us how a gun would have been a deterrent again.

    • Kenji

      “Concerning citizens” is the right thing to call them.

  • Comicus

    I wonder if this is what they mean by “good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns”?

    • GandalfTheWhatever

      Well…..it’s white guys with guns killing black guys with guns.

      So, for the Republican perspective, yes. Yes, it is.

  • https://plus.google.com/112307447225385420521 Read More

    Looks like the good guy with the gun couldn’t save himself. Take note, you gun-loving a-holes.

  • http://hygron50.wordpress.com hygron50

    Did this hit the national news ???

  • Perry

    So we have to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally disturbed and now racists. How do we test for that?

  • jkarov

    Golly gee, another gun incident in a restaurant? Should be a Tea party poster for the 2016 elections

    These idiot killers write their own life sentences by insisting on carrying loaded guns everywhere, and solving conflict with deadly force

  • Eleanor Earley

    This is terrible. Some high priced lawyer will get them off with a slap on the wrist and the officer’s brother will be made the bad guy. Racists are everywhere in Georgia.

  • http://gravatar.com/h4x354x0r h4x354x0r

    How many times will these incidents have to happen, before people are forced to admit that maybe “guns everywhere with everyone” might not actually improve safety?

  • Gunther

    It also proves that alcohol while having a gun on you is a deadly combination.

  • J

    See! If only a responsible gun owner had been there he would have not been shot! Oh wait… Still got shot? Could have accidentally shot other people in the confusion you say?

  • kitcumbie

    These sort of people must be removed from our society. Removed permanently.

    • Thomas Rich

      They will get life in prison or the death penalty

  • http://rrjgeniblog.wordpress.com rrjgeni

    Now we know why gun toting racists shouldn’t be allowed in Waffle Houses or any other eating establishment.

    • http://aviewfromthemountain.wordpress.com/ Jerry Stephen™

      Gun toting racists shouldn’t be allowed in America, period. Hell, unarmed racists aren’t desirable at all, come to think of it.

      • http://twitter.com/CAmeateater I love NUTS (@CAmeateater)

        sadly gun toting racists run many states in America. SADDER EVEN is that most of America “claims” they want gun legislation, BUT no city, no state, anywhere in this country….can 1% show up to protest the nonsense of gun violence! AMERICANS ARE FAILING THEMSELVES because they are too cozy sitting eating popcorn as they watch the nexts massacre. UNTIL they are directly affected, America will not leave their hands they are sitting on.

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