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Domino’s Fires Employees After They Refuse to Work Below Minimum Wage

America’s purveyors of half-baked crust and under-cooked cheese are clearly not too thrilled about paying a fair wage to their employees.

In yet another shocking example of a corporate giant exploiting its workers, employees of a New York City Domino’s claim they were fired from their delivery jobs after complaining to management about unfair wages. According to CBS, Domino’s said the delivery drivers worked extended hours inside the restaurant, but still for less than minimum wage — and without tips. Following a meeting with management about the issue, 24 employees were terminated.  Currently, the employees receive $6.00 an hour plus tips just to scrape by.

Domino’s just added more fuel to the severely underpaid worker’s fire. Workers and advocacy groups are continually organizing protests and walkouts to demand a living wage and the right to unionize, which would protect them from examples like this one at Domino’s.  Assembly Member Gabriela Rosa said,

“The national fast food strikes have brought the industry’s systemic mistreatment of its workers into the national spotlight, and we will continue to build momentum, continue to organize, until every employee receives the living wage of $15 wage that he or she deserves.”

Rosa also claims they will protest every day until the workers are rehired.

Perhaps instead of higher wages, all the underpaid workers really need is to stop being so incredibly lazy and work more hours for free…especially if they can get them!  Also, it may be helpful to take the wise budgeting advice from the geniuses at McDonalds:

“Selling some of your unwanted possessions on eBay or Craigslist could bring in some quick cash.”

“Quit complaining. Stress hormones levels rise by 15% after 10 minutes of complaining.”

I can only imagine how stressful protesting to demand an actual living wage must be. It’s probably best to just keep to yourself and contemplate what unnecessary household items you no longer need, because surely you’ll be craigslisting soon.

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Howard Crane
  • John Carey

    It’s true after 4 good months the managersame said they have to add more drivers ,,they added 8 more ,,now everyone complaining ,,,I used to deliver 15 to 20 deliveries in a 7 or 8 hr work shift ,,it immediately dropped to 5 or 6 , ,and with the 0 toppers I made 5 dollars an hour several times now ,, min wage 725 ,,,,my car my insurance my risks ,,,thanks and I’ve been a 5 star driver since I started

  • nom anor

    I work in fast food. My franchise owner has a plaque hanging in the store that says just that store made a million in profit last year. He owns 6 such stores with 25 workers a piece. Why can’t I get more money to bust my butt for 40 hrs a week?

  • kat

    this article is complete bullshit! ive been working at dominos for 16 months now. i get 20 hours max every week, even if i ask for more they refuse because corporate is so uptight about “labor.” I started at $8 an hour, and after a year I only got a $.25 increase; talk about no appreciation. On top of this, the mangement is pathetic and shouldn’t even be considered management when all they do is bitch about how much they hate being there and the trash talking they do about the employees behind their backs. and the worst part of it all? there are no breaks. none. every saturday I work from 11am to nearly 10pm without any breaks. even after hours of standing on my feet, if i go into the back office to sit down, i get yelled at and called a lazy, irresponsible employee by both management and drivers, even though drivers get to sit in their cars during deliveries. yeah, this is fast food and your not going to be making a living, but when those who start at mcdonalds and are getting payed $10 an hour are telling people like me not to complain? go fuck yourself. you dont know what hard work is

    • http://www.onlinewebgoddess.com cjmarley

      I don’t understand why you are bad at this article? It supports everything you just said.

    • http://twitter.com/puddytat231 Andrew Vincent (@puddytat231)

      Since you are worth more, I’m sure you’ll find an employer that will pay you what you are worth. Then you won’t have to bitch and do a lousy job to “get even” with your employer.

      Enjoy the remainder of your miserable life …………………………… or change your outlook.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/fugahlee ‘Fugahlee Jenkins’

    Can someone please point me to all of these “real jobs” you speak of? Last I checked it was easier to get an abortion in Texas than it was to find a job ANYWHERE!

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  • Bradford

    What hard-hitting journalism! Gag. Develop a skill that’s in demand and get a real job. Whether that’s a university education, trade school, or work experience, there still are real opportunities out there. Most people who are stuck in these jobs don’t believe they can get a better life, or don’t want it unless it’s handed to them.

    I worked at Dominos (and a few other pizza places) and I made good money on tips. I helped inside when I wasn’t driving. So, I was like these poor people who made below minimum wage, however I made more than even the managers some nights after tips. We still have enough of a free market that these people can find jobs. But it’s apparently more worth their time pursuing an unheard-of 100% increase in salary. If that salary were to be granted, there would be fewer people employed and the cost of goods would increase. The idea that there’s some infinitely untapped reserve of wealth that we just need to take is so incredibly immature.I have no faith in humanity these days.

    • Bob

      Get stuffed. These workers are being screwed. The fact that you’ve been there and still have no compassion speaks volumes. Your the kind of guy Domino’s wants in management.

      • Caitlin

        In my area we make 4 dollars an hour. Nothing justifies this degree of avarice. Plus we aren’t allowed to wear our own jackets to work, no matter how cold it gets. You’re expected to buy the company’s jacket which can cost from 20-50 dollars out of your meager wages. And they can be meager. Last week it was eight degrees outside and I still wasn’t allowed to wear a jacket since I hadn’t bought the company jacket. So I was expected by my employer to run around with nothing to protect myself from the cold to make my deliveries. I made less than thirty dollars that night. Also! If the customer wants change when they pay for their pizzas, the delivery driver is expected to give it to them from their own pocket. You’re giving away your own personal money so your boss doesn’t have to take the hit! You’re giving away money, this is what I always thought having a pimp would feel like! This is a part-time job, so I don’t have a ton of left over cash between bills and what I pay for gas, since the rate for compensation is a lousey 23 cents to the gallon! Most people get literally twice that, so it would make sense that I wouldn’t want to spend what I’ve got left over from my miserly pay check on clothes that I would only use for this job. Ontop of all this, you’re expected to pay out of pocket any clothes that you need to meet the stringent dress cod e that has changes, no joke, at least once every two months. Those changes are suspiciously geared to make it so that you have to pay money to the company for basic creature comforts such as warmth. It’s bad enough that dominos marks up its products by a literal 90 percent, but when it moves so that it tries to wring money from the very employees that allow this company to function… lets just say that I’m in the process of trying to secure myself a new job as fast as possible

        the next time you order pizza PLEASE remember that your delivery driver does not get any of the delivery fee. More than likely they make 23 cents to the gallon and make four dollars an hour. These people are COUNTING on your generosity to make end meet. Ontop of that gas is expensive and we aren’t really compensated like we should be. If you don’t think you can cut tipping three dollars or more, pick the pizza up yourself.

    • Someone

      Develop a skill and get a real job? Okay. Sure. But how do you survive while you’re doing so? I had to work my way through college and guess what! I worked at dominos. They were one of very few companies in the area that could give me a reasonable amount of hours around my class schedule as I was taking 6 classes a semester. They pay next to nothing and make you feel like dirt. “yes, while you’re inside making less than minimum wage, please stand on the top of a ladder and scrub the ceiling, it seems there has been a bit of grease building up, oh, the ladder isn’t sturdy and you have to stand on the actual top with the warning about falling? That’s fine, you’ll live, they just put that there so you cant sue.” oh, and working an 18+ hour shift with no actual break because dominos doesn’t give breaks is totally cool. I know I have no right to complain because I could have gone out and found another job, but I needed a job I could work mostly nights as I was in class all day “developing a skill”.

      I’m glad your delivery area allowed you to make enough in tips, but some places drivers are lucky if they leave with $10 in their pocket. Do I think a 100% increase is even remotely feasible? No. But for the amount of things these people do for their franchisees $6 an hour is ridiculous and being fired for speaking up is absurd.

  • TexasJournalist

    First off, I will state I chose a profession that doesn’t ever pay a ton of money – community journalist. I started off making $8 an hour. Now 10 years later (and a degree) I’m contract salary with no benefits. If you break down my pay to an hourly wage I make about $16.67 an hour. For the most part I live pay check to pay check. While I agree the minimum wage is not something you want to try and live off of, I also don’t think fast food workers should make $15 an hour. It’s a domino effect. You raise minimum wage that much then I demand a pay raise, then the people making $50k a year want more money and it drives everyone’s “want” up along with the costs of goods – gas, groceries, etc. Yes, these workers need to make more money, but I think a $15 minimum wage is too much. Oh, and a second disclaimer – I live in Texas, and I understand the cost of living is lower here than other parts of the country and jades my perspective of how much money is needed to get by. Just my two cents.

  • CJ

    I don’t know what restaurant you work for I did a lot of work as a server and we always had to do “drudge work” right along with everyone else. And I never got to sit idle except for break. I still got spider veins up and down my legs from all that supposedly “idle work”.

  • https://www.facebook.com/tim.buun.7 Tim Buun

    1. I work in a restaurant, and I know this, that tipped employees, if business is decent,and they do their job correctly,take home more than an hourly employee by a good margin.
    2. People still tip delivery people, maybe not as much as they used to, but they still do.
    3. When you work at a fast food restaurant, you are not an employee of Domino’s, McDonalds Burger King, orSubway. You are an employee of a franchisee, who must pay high franchise fees to the corporation. So no matter how much the corporation makes it does not mean the owner has the money to pay them higher wages.
    4. Lastly tipped employees do not want to help their fellow employees, who they probably make more money than, do some of the drudge work, maybe an hour or two a shift. Do they expect the company to pay them to sit idle and be paid their 6.00 dollars an hour, or are they wanting to say to their fellow workers,I got my money suckers see ya.

    • http://gravatar.com/thefakekraid FakeKraid

      1. Hasty generalization – you work in only one restaurant and do not know anything about conditions in other restaurants
      2. Unfounded assumption in need of scientific data
      3. Meaningless excuse; if a franchise can’t afford to pay employees it should go out of business and be replaced by a franchise that can. Employees shouldn’t suffer for poor business decisions on the part of management.
      4. Irrelevant point that has nothing to do with the issue of sub-poverty wages

      Yeah, so basically you said absolutely nothing of value or interest. Thanks for sharing, bro.

      • http://twitter.com/puddytat231 Andrew Vincent (@puddytat231)

        What are sub poverty wages? Are those paid to sub skilled employees? Sub attitude employees?

        “If a franchise can’t afford to pay employees it should go out of business”. Sounds like a new law that will drive then out of business and their employees will lose they low paying but experience gaining jobs. You will make a good politician creating victim voters.

    • Danii88

      For one I worked at a Domino’s and I made min. wage plus tips and honestly it wasn’t enough. I did most of the grudge work there. Did the dish’s cleaned the store made the box’s took delivery’s took orders on the phone and so on. Tips alone only covered about a quarter of the wear and tear on your own personal vehicle and not to mention the gas isn’t cheap. And then to be able to pay rent and insurance and utilities. I barely ever had enough money to buy groceries each week. Let alone customers did not tip the way they should. More then half your customers in one night would not tip at all literally. I would take a 25min delivery to someone and not get tipped. And I was the fastest long distance driver they had. On top of that Domino’s could care less about their employees. Our manager hinted at us to basically break laws in driving. You would get hurt at work and he would not care. He got mad that someone cut their hand wide open on a knife in the sink because someone threw it in the soapy water instead off on the side. The shift leader sent him to the hospital and our manager got mad and gave them warnings. Shit I got followed by a customer on a delivery where he followed me to a house and blocked me in just because he wanted my number and when i wouldn’t give it to him he got mad if it wasn’t for people being outside I don’t even know what would of happened. Well my manager couldn’t seem to understand why I no longer felt safe delivering after dark anymore. Considering it is against the rules in the hand book to carry pepper spray or anything that could be considered a weapon. If they saw you had pepper spray or what not you were fired on the spot. They are a joke. So why don;t you try working there before you pass judgement.

  • Skip

    That is exactly right. Even worse is most Domino’s stores pay much more than minimum wage.

  • JOE


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  • https://plus.google.com/110886055041501268904 Jeff Schuknecht

    Ken G,

    I have a job that pays $18/hr and have no college education. So screw you, too!!

  • LAM

    You do know that a college education is no guarantee of a living wage nor a career, right? You do know that young graduates have one of the highest rates of unemployment, don’t you? I mean, you must’ve read the five or so studies that report just that.

    Why would you post such an uneducated comment when you obviously have no knowledge on the subject at all?

  • Ken G.

    You want a job paying $15 per hour? Go get a college education.

    Why should a company pay you $15 when you have no marketable skills and no education?

    • James Walker

      Spend all those big bucks your making on a college degree. What planet do you live on? Not everyone can afford to go to college but that doesn’t mean that the taxpayers should have to subsidize fast foods cheap wages.

    • Nevervotesrepublican

      LOL…Is that what a 120,000 dollars in college education get you, 15 dollars an hour. I wouldn’t get out of bed for less than 15 dollars an hour. Before you reply how I am a bum, I am 50 and never collected a dime in unemployment or any assistance and I doubt you could say the same.

      • Zack Neshevich

        120k for 15 an hour job? maybe if you’re going to harvard for general arts. what does not collecting unemployment have to do with being a bum? if anything, it makes you a sucker – you paid for it and didn’t use it

        • Nevervotesrepublican

          Do you have any comprehension skills????

        • MarieBlue

          You haven’t been to college recently, have you? A single class at an accredited college in Florida. NOT a state school, not private, just a little used-to-be community college, costs close to $400 *per 3 credit hour class*, not including books, supplies, ID, enrollment/application, or parking fees..

          • MarieBlue

            Oh- and that’s not counting the fact that even “entry level” positions now say “2yr degree required” plus experience. They want to give out jobs making $23k/yr *IF* you have a 2yr degree and 2+ years “relevant” experience.

      • Skip


    • Corryjh

      It’s pretty simple, really. If employee compensation had kept up with the growth in productivity from the 70’s to now, as it did with productivity from 50’s to 70’s, the minimum wage would be around $23 an hour. But workers are willing to settle for “a living wage” of $15.

    • Laurel

      A lot of people with college degrees, even master’s degrees, are working for less than $15/hour all over the country. And that’s without any “benefits” (i.e. sick days, health care, vacation). They are not jobs. They are hourly labor for very little money. The economy is sick and cannot sustain having so many people living in real poverty.

    • PlacidAir

      Why? Because those workers are doing the labor that allows the business to exist. Without them and their hard work, there would BE no business to pay them.

    • Caro

      Do you really think everyone is privileged enough to be able to just “get an education” Ken G?

  • http://AATP.com KP

    Never buy anything from Dominos and the owner will change his tune immediately. It’s the only thing the greedy understand.

    • Skip

      Yep. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Kyle Layser

    This article says they do an don’t make tips. Which one is it? Plus guys, NY’s Minimum Wage appears to be $7.25.

    • https://www.facebook.com/qunitaronnoco Kevin Michael O’Connor

      What don’t you understand? While driving they make tips.The manager used them as inside help…Who do not make tips…but paid them their driving wage…Which is against the law.

    • http://theliteratewaitress.wordpress.com Kimberly

      I work in the service industry and NY’s minimum wage does not apply to restaurant employees. We make ~$2.13/hr (depending on the state) as it is assumed we make most of our money through tips. I am sure these guys are in the same boat. In theory, we’re supposed to make federal minimum wage if we don’t make the equivalent in tips, but good luck trying to prove that and keep your job. To have them do non-tipping work at that rate is slave labor in the most economically stratified city in the country. Shameful.

  • Stephen B.

    $15 is ridiculous for anybody working in fast food, its not hard to press a few buttons, swipe a debit card and run around heating premaid food. And who cares if you deal with unfriendly people, that’s life you’ll find people like that everywhere you go. I have to deal with news crews and ordinary people trying to catch me doing something wrong on a daily basis working for Los Angeles….so should I get a raise to.

    • http://honorableintent.wordpress.com Peneme

      $15 dollars is simply what is considered, right now, to be a minimum livable wage, based on a variety of normal expenditures. Our society requires from us a number of expenses, and we are conditioned to see less than that as “normal”. Ever heard your parents complain about gas prices, and remembering when they were much cheaper? It’s called inflation, and it causes prices (and, subsequently, the living wage) to go up in dollar value over time. An increase in pay (for essentially everyone) is required, and the reason why companies are recording record profits is because the whole time we’ve been dealing with this economic crisis, inflation has been steadily increases prices, while the minimum wage has been stuck since ’09. Inflation is a gradual process, but it increases prices at a moment-to-moment basis.

      If minimum wage and employee wages were increased, while that may seem to cut into company profits (and it would certainly do so for a short time), it would also increase individual spending money. If people can live off of their job, they can afford to buy things from other places. It increases cash flow, leading to the companies raking in more money than they are shelling out, still. It’s not going to hurt businesses to raise the minimum wage level to something livable, though they certainly want us to believe it will.

      “Adults over the age of 20 make up 88 percent of all workers who would receive a raise if the federal minimum wage were raised to $10.10 per hour, according to an analysis of Census data by the Economic Policy Institute. The median worker age is close to 40 for home health care workers, one of the nation’s top-growth low-wage occupations.” So, while it may be “easy to push a button, it would seem that the job market, right now, requires that a large amount of adults work in this menial job. You know what other job is fairly easy (depending on where you work within said establishment) and used to pay poorly? Factory jobs, and now they pay fairly well. That’s because last time workers did something like this, it caused factory jobs to become a normalized-income job,

      Also, whatever your likely upper-middle class lifestyle has led you to believe about fast food workers “having it easy”, they in no way do. They constantly have to do two or more jobs at once, being required to clean, fry food (on six or more fryers, plus two or more vats of grease to deep fry), deal with customers, and run a drive-through, all while remembering who ordered what in an incredibly fast-paced environment is highly stressful. I know this because I live with one, and he lets me know exactly how stressful it is in no uncertain terms. On top of that, he has college and has to support himself; please, tell me exactly how easy it is to balance those things.

      While you may think you know what you’re talking about, with your snide comments, there are several saying about not knowing people until you’ve been in their position for a reason. The average human cannot accurately judge someone unless they have been subjected to the same or incredibly similar stimuli. That said, I work at a deli for somewhere around 40 hrs per week, and while the job is incredibly rewarding, I would love to make more so I can actually think about going into college (without massive debt) sometime before ten years have passed (based on my current projections at saving one hundred dollars of my income per week).

      • http://honorableintent.wordpress.com Peneme

        For example, I make a projected 224.14 per week, based on taxation rates, pay rate, and hours worked. After expenses, that is reduced to 74.14 per week, and, after food costs (assuming I eat the cheapest I can, and bare minimum to stay alive), 49.14. That’s about fifty dollars of spending money; and, II’ll be able to go to college (having the requisite $60,000) in twenty years. Oh, and that’s not even assuming an expensive school, or getting anything past a bachelor’s degree. And I don’t currently pay for my own insurance, for a vehicle or vehicular insurance, nor for a house or family, and I make slightly over minimum wage (7.80) and work around 36 hours per week.

        Assuming the minimum wage is increased to nine dollars per hour, I can afford to save a bit more. Same expenses, with a projected weekly pay of 258.70. That isn’t much of an increase, but it is certainly something. After increasing my savings amount (so I can afford the $60,000 for college), I can go to college in ten years, and have a weekly spending limit of 33.70

        Now, if I were making what is considered a living wage, $15 per hour, I’d make about 431.50 per week. This lets me increase my savings so that I can go to college in four years, and my weekly spending money is 56.50.

        Now, I don’t even pay for insurance (yet) or for a car or house (I pay rent). If I have these difficulties with money, imagine what it is for someone with a child, or for someone with a car, or both. Add insurance to that and it is a wonder they can even survive in this world.

        There is a reason it is called the minimum living wage.

        • https://www.facebook.com/kevin.ray.739 Kevin Ray

          You rock. Well said.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jacob.robinson.336 Jacob Robinson

      you sir evidently dont know that Domino’s pizza’s are not pre-made in fact all the dough is hand pressed to the order. Pizza Hut on the other hand has pre-made food and yes I know this is true as I myself have worked for both companies

    • CJ

      Gee…I don’t know…how much are you making now?

    • John C

      Stephen If you don’t know what you are talking about you shouldn’t open your mouth. I work for a fast food company and there is no food that is already made that we just heat up. We cook everything. And there is a lot more to just cooking the food and tapping a few buttons on the register that we do. Like cleaning up after people like you.

  • SR

    The author of this article is clearly an idiot. New York’s minimum wage for tipped employees is $5 an hour. They were being paid $6. Having worked in Delivery for 8 years; rest assured they aren’t “scraping by”. If you can afford weed you aren’t broke.

    • http://honorableintent.wordpress.com Peneme

      While you are certainly correct, there’s a clear line between regular tipped employees and drivers. When you are a waiter/waitress, you are normally expected to be tipped. That type of thought process doesn’t apply to delivery men nowadays. Did you know you used to tip the mailman/lady? That doesn’t happen anymore.

      Also, anyone can spend their money inefficiently. My friend’s dad, prior to his early demise, made $1600 per month. His wasteful spending left them with nearly none of it, month after month. My friend, with the same normal expenses, makes $600 per month, and lives with just a little extra to spend on other things. Wasteful spending can and will occur in any and every tax bracket.

      Finally, it’s been determined recently that the minimum “livable” wage (based on insurance costs, average pricing on housing/apartments per month, vehicle costs, food costs, and so on) is $12/hr, provided you don’t have kids. If you do, then it’s more like $15/hr. And that is a baseline minimum. These people were paid half of what is considered “livable”, and they were told to deal with it, while the company in charge records their massive profit margin. And then, for requesting at least minimum wage, they were fired.

      It’s always bothered me how paying certain employees pre-factors in how much money in tips they are projected to make. It’s like paying someone a dollar less per hour and instead giving them a couple of lottery tickets, because that will probably give them about the amount they would have made anyways.

    • http://gravatar.com/jejakaselalu Jack

      Minimum wage is 7.25 in NY

  • Chris

    They should not pay them less than minimum wage. That said, I also do not think flipping hamburgers is a job worth $15.00 an hour. I have worked fast food in my youth so I know the perils of this kind of work. This is why I found a better job. Fast food should not be a career. One thing to keep in mind is that many of the Unions have a 2 to 3 times the minimum wage cause in their contracts. So you raise the minimum wage to $15 and now you have taken a $16 to $18 dollar an hour job and made it a $32 to $36, an hour job instantly at the very minimum. So that truck driver delivering the product to the store is costing more. All that has to be added to the overhead cost.

    • http://twitter.com/Klutzz27 Klutzz (@Klutzz27)

      You speak as if finding another job is as easy as finding a starbucks…

    • shimon

      Depends on the union….. I made more take home pay STARTING at WALMART in Wyoming (min wage of 7.25) than UFCW contract at safeway in california (min wage was $8) after 19 nickel and dime raises

      even accounting for less taxes in wyoming if Union contracts were as good as you say that would not be possible

  • Wendy A

    The sidebar encouraging me to share this article covers the story so I can’t read it.

  • Lugius

    The Domino’s workers should get in contact with the Workers Solidarity Alliance in New York. Last year they helped out the General Transport Workers Association in Australia to win back pay that was owing to Domino’s delivery drivers. Domino’s had to pay up $590,000 to their drivers after protest across Australia and the International Day of Action organised in 49 cities in over 15 countries around the world by the International Workers Association.
    Check out: http://workersolidarity.org/

  • Christopher Cox

    Not sure why people who, as far as I’ve observed, only work half they time they’re in uniform think they “deserve” $15/hr. General Motors starts new hires on the assembly line at less than that, and they’re unionized. You want $15/hr, got get a real job. And quit saying that McDonald’s or Wendy’s or whomever is who pays you. There’s a 90% chance it’s a franchisee who’s all but an indentured servant to McDonald’s. I got news for you, the entire fast food industry could be automated and there would be no need for people at all. And then what are you going to do?

    • AATTP

      What an apropos last name you have.

    • CJ

      How is serving people too lazy to cook for themselves not a real job? Working fast food is miserable. You can’t be lazy doing it and keep your job. You’re treated like crap by management and customers alike. I’ve worked better paying jobs that didn’t have half the stress that fast food employment did when I worked in them. I swore after the last one I’d never do it again…and I haven’t. I refuse to allow myself to be treated like that again. And why I always thank whoever is serving me because it’s a thankless job prone to abuse by those whom they are serving.

    • Graham

      “And then what are you going to do?”
      Boycott them.

  • Chill

    $15 dollars an hour? Are you kidding me? Dominos is cheap pizza. We al enjoy it and we all enjoy its low prices. If they paid their employees $15 an hour the price of pizza would double if not triple. I’m sorry you didnt finish high school but you can either get a new job or deal with it. I started at 6.75 an hour and we didnt get tips. I do however agree that they shouldn’t pay under min wage but like I said. Work somewhere else.

    • Rodney

      Prices would double/triple?There have been numerous studies that they can absorb the costs and make a little less from their record profits. There was another study that they could double wages and the price of a big mac would only go up .68.

      Either way, I would like to see these companies boasting record profits pay their employees than abusing the safety net system and force employees to reply on government aid.

      • https://www.facebook.com/MsBFu Barbara Fuentes

        “Work somewhere else.” ‘Cos there are jobs around every corner, right? I’ll just walk down to the store and get one–be back before dinner.


    • https://www.facebook.com/robert.nordgren.5 Robert Nordgren

      Prices would go up maybe 10-15cents at the most all this NONSENSE of doubling and tripling is scare tactics by the extreme right wingers. why can we say it is scare tactics? other countries with much much higher min wages and the price difference between US price and the price in other countries are only a few cents.

      The price difference on a big mac have been between 6 CENTS up to 70 cents difference between USA and Australia over the last 2 years. And here is the funny thing that will bust the extreme right wing agenda to bits and pieces. they have almost 15 dollars MIN WAGE. So explain how the price will triple again unless you admit USA companies have to much GREED in them outside of that nothing indicated more than a few cents increases

      • http://twitter.com/cairsten C Nelson (@cairsten)

        I heartily agree, except the Aussie minimum wage is HIGHER. For an adult part-timer at a fast food restaurant, minimum wage in Victoria is $17.98 AUD. And yet I haven’t noticed a dearth of Subways, KFCs, Pizza Hut, or McDonald’s either here in Melbourne, and the prices *aren’t* that different from the US. They can pay a living wage and make profits; they *choose* not to.

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  • Kevan Scott

    Of course the Tea Party narrative is that workers are lazy and that corporations like Domino’s are paying out too much already. Raise the minimum wage to a living wage for the common people? Heck no, that could cut into upper management’s bonus’s next year. Can’t have that as it’s the 1% who really drives the economy not us egg and hammers.

  • Psykoduck

    Hmm, billions in profits but if they raise wages they HAVE to raise the price. They’ll raise the price, but not wages. What if they tacked on an extra 2 cents to every item they sold? What if workers start at minimum but get raises quickly so that after a year they actually make a semi decent wage? That way they can retain their skilled employees, the “kids working summer jobs” won’t cost them more than usual, everybody can win. The management aren’t idiots, they know this stuff, they just want to be the only ones that win.

  • Gerry

    I’ve already cut back eating out at fast food establishments. My paycheck doesn’t go as far as it used to. Couple that with the prospect of Obamacare taking a bigger bite out of my paycheck next year and I’ll have to cut back even more. Then they’ll have to raise prices on top of that? Yep, I’d probably quit going altogether simply because I won’t have the money to do so.

    • https://www.facebook.com/raeann.thomas1 Raeann Thomas

      Proof that obamacare is costing you more?

      • Bradford

        You’re really asking for that? If you’re young and healthy (can’t tell from your pic) then it will cost you big time. I mean, if you’re in a wheelchair or diseased then yeah, it might cost you less.

        • Denjiro

          Failing to see any proof posted their Bradford.

        • Caro

          Yea, let’s not trust someone who refers to chronically ill people and disabled people as “diseased”.

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  • Dave

    After 4 years of stress I told my franchisee to take his job and stick it up his ass! Domino’s abuses it’s employees worse than any company in America. Sue me Steve Chiodo. Go for it, biotch!

    • Bradford

      Why would you work fast food for 4 years? Surely you could get a better job than that in that amount of time?

      • Janie

        I’m from the upper middle class and I understand that jobs are hard to come by and the poorer someone is the less options they have. How disconnected from reality do you have to be to blame the poor for their poverty?

  • Dave

    HOOORRAAYYY!!!!! Right? NO single act nor act of hundreds or even thousands will make corporations change their tune. McDonalds said that it would have to raise hamburgers 50 cents to cover paying people $15 an hour and they didn’t think that anyone would pay that for one of their burgers………HAVE YOU SEEN THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO GO TO THOSE FAT FARM BUILDINGS????????? Of course they’ll continue to buy and buy even more. Congress is a loss until Jan 2015, the masses won’t do anything except complain and then continue to patron these businesses. The planet is doomed, it is as it was guided to be.

    • Clay

      Sen Elizabeth Warren had top economists at a Senatorial hearing on this matter. McDonald’s is lying. An average of a cent per dollar raise in prices (just over 1%) is all that is necessary to raise employee’s wages to that level. This whole ‘it will cause a feedback loop and destabilize the economy!’ crap is BS issued by corporations who want to use such a rise in wages as an excuse to pry even more profit out of the American people. So basically McDonald’s is saying ‘If we have to pay a living wage we are going to charge the consumer 50 times the price it costs us to actually pay them that wage’.

      • Janet Weber

        Thanks for the facts. That what we all need.

      • Bill

        Incorrect, Clay. Top economists never testified to this. Newspapers reported this a bit prematurely. Your “supposed testimony” is based on a paper from “researchers at University of Kansas” which actually proved to be an undergraduate paper from a business major. This paper has been explained as a bit “flawed” in numerous channels both by business reporters and academics because the labor cost increase, by doubling minimum wage, was applied to the workforce “at McDonalds.” That is not the workforce at the restaurants which are predominantly franchise-owned. As a result, it mis-stated the increase in costs incurred by simply doubling labor costs at the headquarters. Forbes even had to print a correction to the original article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2013/07/30/how-much-would-a-big-mac-cost-if-mcdonalds-workers-were-paid-15-per-hour/

    • Renee

      So that’s why they could afford a luxury jet?

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