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Deranged Tea Partier: Marriage Equality is a Marxist Scheme to Bring on the ‘New World Order’ (Video)

In his speech to homophobic hate-group the National Organization for Marriage, Dr Ben Carson went full conspiracy-theorist nutcase as he explained how the liberal plot to allow gays to get married was really part of a Marxist push for a “New World Order”.  He also opened with a story about refusing to take a paternity test and compared the LGBT community to a mathematician insisting 2+2=5.

Skipping past the oddly out-of-place paternity tale, Carson’s first notable bit of crazy is when he says he likens “the new gay marriage crowd to a new group of mathematicians that say 2+2 is 5″.  Whereas Carson and his “traditionalist” Tea Partiers insist it’s always been 4.


Carson’s skewed stance on the topic is a bit hard to even piece together.  He says he’s fine letting the pro-gay crowd do what they like, but yet he’s still clearly against letting them get married.  Those two ideas are utterly contradictory.  He also claims that the LGBT community is forcing their beliefs on him, but I can’t even imagine anyone sent him an invitation to their wedding much less forced him to participate.  How is a gay couple getting married in any way affecting Dr Carson?!

But backwards analogies are the least crazy part of Ben Carson’s speech.  Carson mentions the writer Cleon Skousen, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who wrote about how communists are planning to subvert the US government back in the 1950s.  Completely on board Skousen’s 50-year-old crazy train, Carson actually brings up Neo-Marxists and their dream of a “New World Order”, claiming that the liberal push for equality is in fact an attempt to destroy American families and take over the government.


I didn’t even realize Neo-Marxism was still a thing, much less was trying to overturn the government.  Pushing for equal rights is perhaps the worst world domination strategy I’ve ever heard, and I’ve watched quite a few Bond movies.

What is perhaps more disturbing than all of the insanity spilling out of Dr Carson’s mouth is the realization that the NOM chose this man as their keynote speaker.  Check out the entire speech if you dare.

h/t: RightWingWatch.

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About David Kloss

David Kloss
David is a writer, feminist, and LGBT ally. He has a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing, and when not freelancing or debating politics spends much of his time writing speculative and surreal fiction.
  • Andrew Long

    ho-hum….another religious right holy man telling us about their book of revelations.
    I find it so sad that people believe these myths, but then, to each his own.

  • kurtsteinbach

    Carson says he’s fine letting the pro-gay crowd do what they like, but yet he’s still clearly against letting them get married. Two totally contradictory ideas. Carson and his Christian Conservative nutjob buddies are the ones insisting 2+2=5, just like Bush did. Please stop giving this quack free publicity…. My Uncle’s a retired doctor, and talks all the time about “Doctor” Carson and all the people he refuses to help. Apparently Carson took the Hypocritical Oath that says only help people who can pay millions of dollars up front, you know, rich people only. Carson does not take insurance, not Prudential or Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, not now and not ever. You must pay him directly before he will even give a Consult. What a POS!

    • George M Melby

      That’s why I say, the mere fact that he’s a M.D. scares the hell out of me!

  • Lee

    Just a huckster on a constant book/publicity tour. The paid voices that take paychecks from API/Koch/Halliburton etc are simply offering product to an unserved demographic. Just milking it, really. Smart business plan. It crosses the line, however, when delusional people get too riled up by false stories and have violent meltdowns.

  • Susie Sotar

    Another black man who found his way off the welfare plantation is denigrated by the left. Good job as plantation overseer David.

    • Skip Moreland

      Yes, because bashing and hating gays is very profitable in the conservative world. One only has to say I hate gays and conservatives are drooling over them and throwing money.

      • Susie Sotar

        Before we go any farther Skippy you’ll have to give us the quote from Dr. Carson that says “I hate gays”. If you can’t the conversation is over.

        • Valk-Orion Yoder

          Their you go Susie good work.

        • Skip Moreland

          They deleted my 1st comment, but the answer is easy, he opened his mouth and nothing but BS came out. Just like all the other haters and bigots.
          When you talk out of both sides of the mouth like he did in 1st saying he has nothing against gays having freedom and then follows with they can’t have freedom because it is all a marxist plot to take over the world, he shows his hate and that he is a complete whack job like most conservatives are. Like you Sutard

          • Susie Sotar

            So you can’t show us that he said that he hates gays. Got it! You have appointed yourself the final interpreter of things that other people say. Got it! Maybe he said that you need brain surgery and the rest of us just didn’t see or hear it. Got it?

          • kurtsteinbach

            Use the few brains you were born with that you have left, you idiot, and Google Dr. Ben Carson and anti-gay rant. I did. There’s lots of stuff including praises of Carson’s and other’s anti-LGBT rants from Beitbart, WND, Fox, and the Washington Times. From the other side, you sometimes get condemnations of those same bigoted rants, but the bigoted comments of Right Wing Conservatives is out there and it is easily accessible for people to find. Stop being obtuse and feigning no knowledge because we all know here at AATTP, Susie how stupid and dishonest you and Hooper are about your bigotry….

          • Skip Moreland

            Susie, why does a man like that talk out of both sides of his mouth? If he really was for freedom and equality, you put no disclaimers on it. The fact that he puts disclaimers only on gays show the hate. The rest of us recognize that. Only the apologizers for bigots and haters don’t get it or refuse to acknowledge what they say.
            Yes one can easily learn to interpret the talk of haters. It is not difficult, it is when they speak and then go but for these people what I am saying doesn’t apply. So as soon as he said freedom and equality for everyone and then qualified it to but not for gays, it is a clear sign.
            A person who truly wishes for freedom and equality for all, doesn’t then start by saying not for those people. It is how we use to talk about black people. It was fine for the rest of us, but not for them. And a man like this should recognize the fact that he wouldn’t have his rights today w/o the people who refused to accept those exclusions. He would still be listening to people who would say freedom and equality for everyone, but not for him.
            And that is the difference between a bigot like you and the rest of us, we don’t exclude people. Got it? Talk about needing brain surgery, you need one.

          • George M Melby

            What scares me the most is the bastard is a M.D. We can ignore his religious/political stupidity. It’s a lot different when this jackalope wields a scalpel, Hooper!!

    • Rev. Tom

      In case you missed this in your local paper;

      • Susie Sotar

        MIssed what Revvie?

  • labman57

    Carson is simply the latest member of the tea-chugging political wannabe club, a cadre of hyperbole-ranting wingnuts who ignorantly toss out loaded terms such as fascist, Marxist, socialist, and communist in order to draw the media spotlight and foment fear and hatred against the Obama administration.

  • Eleanor Earley

    It is you teabaggers/repugs who are trying to bring on the New World Order. Just go look in the mirror you pieces of trash.

    • Hooper

      Isn’t liberalism lovely? One can only assume that you are calling the former Director of Pediatric Surgery at Johns Hopkins a :”piece of trash” because you can’t stand the idea of a black man wielding a knife.

      • Rev. Tom

        Is racism the best comment you can come up with? Her comment had nothing to do with racism and in fact the comment was about teabaggers and republiCONs who happen to be mostly white and not about this one double talking idiot. Notice that he refers to Liberty and Justice for ALL, it is just that he does not support that for homosexuals. In the second video he refers to one nation and American unity but it is the teabaggers and CONservatives that want to keep equality from being allowed for all people. It is not that gay people are pushing for something that heterosexuals are allowed to do, there would be no added benefit that is being given to someone simply by being allowed to legally get married to another legally consenting adult without being discriminated against because of the gender of the two persons. Actually the US Constitution is supposed to protect the free exercise of religion and there are religions that accept and support the marriage of two consenting adults without gender discrimination which includes performing and supporting same gender marriage so to prohibit same gender marriage is unconstitutional, it violates the rights of the couple to be married if they are of one of such religions and it violates the ministers rights of free exercise by denying them their right to exercise their duties in accordance with their faith and religion. It is the teabaggers and republiCONs who are pushing to change the very foundation of the US by violating the US Constitution by defining who has free exercise rights based on their narrow mindedness. Nobody is requiring others to be married to a same gender partner or requiring any clergy to solemnize a marriage that violates their faith. In order to complete the required legal documentation for the marriage, it must be signed by the clergy member and there is no law that can be enforced that requires someone to sign their name to complete the contract so any argument that someone uses to claim anyone is being forced or required to provide such service is wrong. There are those who will try to refer to other cases of a baker, florist or photographer that were required to provide services but if such service required a written and signed contract, that is a loophole that could have been used to avoid service as a private business, no signature no completed contract. Now if the person completing the contract is a government worker and a signature is required on documentation that is different because it is part of the job requirement and their refusal to sign based on their religious beliefs is a choice that makes them unfit to fulfill the position. If they accept the position, they accept the requirement to fulfill the duties of the position which would include the required signature if all other requirements are met.
        BTW the comment above referred to “pieces of trash” which is plural so your racist comment narrowing it to one individual does not even make sense. Try to wait until you have more than two cells in your grey matter working at the same time before you reply to comments.

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