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Deranged Bigot Scott Lively Says Gays Should ‘Submit To Anti-Gay Therapy Or Be Put In Jail’ (Audio)

There’s your garden, run-of-the-mill anti-gay bigot who screams and cries because freedom of speech doesn’t guarantee freedom from criticism, and then there’s men like Scott Lively, who takes it a step further and helps legislators in foreign countries draft legislation that do real harm to gay people.

It turns out that (unsurprisingly), he’d like to see harmful legislation here in the United States, too. The author of the Pink Swastika: Because Academic Integrity Is Overrated, told the Editor-at-large of Huffington Post Gay Voice that he would like a world where gay people either submit to anti-gay therapy — which has been proven, over and over again, not to work — or be thrown in jail. Because it’s not just enough to squelch people who disagree with you, you have to throw them in jail for doing something you don’t like. He went on to add that he was, “disappointed” with what happened in Uganda, because they focused more on punishment and less on, “prevention.”


While anti-gay hatred is justified under the obvious auspices of religion, Lively claims it’s not, and when asked if he can name at least five non-religious anti-gay bigots who are prominent Americans, Lively didn’t, for fear of subjecting them to, “gay bullying.”

Anyone want to bet they’re not real?

Lively also sat down with the editor to discuss his campaign for Governor of Massachusetts. He’s hoping to “advance a biblical worldview in an arena that hasn’t heard that in a while.” He believes that, with larger numbers of people than ever supporting their gay and lesbian neighbors, there will be a “Christian revival” and a counter revolution against Gay Rights. He also says that the Southern States will rise up and rebel against the Federal Supremacy Clause.

Because it worked the last time they tried, right folks?

h/t The New Civil Rights Movement 



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  • Kurt Steinbach

    Did this idiot, who is running for Governor, or thinks he is, in a state with a huge Roman Catholic population, many of whom get it? Did he just say that the South will rise again? I’m in a good mood tonight, all things considered, so I will just laugh at this April Fool, and yes, I will laugh at him the rest of the year, too, Patricia…. The anti-LGBT fools are losing. They know they are losing, and they are getting desperate. While I think it may be a long time before gay bashing and beating disappears, it is a crime. What’s more, it’s a hate crime, so when these idiot pigs spread their hate and claim as authority, a 2000 year old book of fairy tales from a Jew who never mentioned the word homosexual, I can only, as a Reformed Jew and a lifelong liberal, laugh. When they try to get serious like the WBC and picket or attack, I call the cops and stand in their way. If they want to get physical, it’s all in a good cause. I know that I’m defending what is right and people who have done know wrong against those who are Un-American, Unpatriotic, cruel, and thoroughly inhumane. I am a U.S. Navy Veteran from the 1990s, and I have seen firsthand the damage these people can do when we don’t stop them. They get a head full of steam, and conduct witch hunts and beatings. They are losing because the people of the United States have decided that it is thoroughly unholy and not god like to hate or force hate on others. The American people will not allow their poison anymore. When they cross the line, we will stand against them, with reason, logic, and a pair of handcuffs for the haters, beaters, and bullies. It is important to expose this kind of political detritus for the crap that it is. The Tea Party and their hate filled ways and ideas are becoming less popular as time goes on. They are becoming less and less relevant, especially as they trumpet their hatred ever louder. Thank you, you anti-gay idiots for showing the people of this country how easy it is to go too far. For you have so nauseated the American people, that you have caused even normally calm and cool-headed people like our President to go on the offensive; call you out, and openly stand against you. Your rhetoric has been so over the top that you are headed the way people though Hitler would actually go in the mid-1930s, to irrelevancy. We will celebrate your demise and the demise of your party with a party of our own. This celebration is a part of every gay pride parade, and though I am not LGBTQ, I do celebrate with those who are LGBTQ because they are some of my best friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Some of them are known to me as LGBTQ, and some are not known to me. It matters not. If they wanted me to know, they would have told me, and if it really mattered to me one way or the other, I would have asked….

  • Damien Beaulieu

    Again another ignorant bigot who is not educated regarding science, biology, and human sexuality. People are born gay. People are gay from birth. It is hardwired in the brain, the same way heterosexuality develops biologically. It is normal and natural in the human species that a percentage of the population is born gay. A larger percentage is naturally bisexual. That is normal for humans. That is the normal biological human sexuality range. Education is the key to combat ignorance.

    • Abian (aka Abner) Bhattacharya. Legal name is Anirban Bhattacharya

      Damien Beaulieu: Using animals as a guide to how people should behave is a bad idea. Cannibalism is also found among animals so natural argument is poor. Homosexual/lesbian conduct is bad for health as smoking is and needs to be marginalized like smoking is. Gays and lesbians are a group based on behavior and thus should have the same rights as adults who use tobacco. They must abolish sex change maimings.

      Never have I heard straights blame childhood sex abuse for reasons a man has sex with a woman and fathers children with her. Yet sometimes have heard gays and lesbians say childhood sex abuse is reason they do same sex behaviors.Those denying link between childhood sex abuse and adult gay/lesbian behaviors are usually gay, lesbian or a sympathizer. Sex abuse in youth can cause people to behave in ways. It’s not controversial to talk of nightmares, suicides, bed wetting often a result of sex abuse in youth.

      Yet when 1 talks gay/lesbian behaviors in adulthood because they learned this sexual behavior by being repeatedly molested, then gays with politically safe psychologists complain. The politically correct psychologists who deny this know it’s possible for a boy to turn out gay as a result of childhood sex abuse, yet deny what they know is true. Of course, not all who are sexually abused in youth become gay in adulthood-but the risk is higher. Only those who are dishonest or deluded deny it. While they have not conclusively proven same sex behaviors are genes-if that is true, it would be same as alcoholic gene. There are people who become alcoholics because they learn becoming drunkards by seeing this, emulating and getting addicted. Then some people are alcoholics because they have alcoholic gene. Homofobia is telling truths, theories and speculations which offend homosexual groups.

  • Eleanor Earley

    And he should have to submit to therapy regarding shoving Seniors, poor, middle class and those different than him or go to jail and have to serve in general population.

  • Abian (aka Abner) Bhattacharya. Legal name is Anirban Bhattacharya

    study which though needs to be replicated links smoking to homosexuality in adulthood http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/10582504/Smoking-increases-chances-of-child-being-homosexual-in-adulthood.html

    In 2011, I had suggested the link between a woman smoking during pregnancy and the increased risk of the baby turning out homosexual, Transexuals (mutilated homosexuals/lesbians) in adulthood, so this study is nothing new. Smoking during pregnancy is bad for health. Yes, there needs to be replicated or repeat studies but it wouldn’t surprise me. If 1 is exposed to other air and H2O pollutants in addition to smoking during pregnancy then that could cause deformities including possibly homosexuality. But yes, more studies need to be done to replicate this but it wouldn’t surprise if indeed it’s true. If a woman smokes while pregnant, that incr. risk of baby being deformed by the drugs and sexual deformity where a kid does homosexual/lesbian conduct in adulthood is possible. We know that childhood sex abuse raises risk of a kid doing homosexual/lesbian conduct in adulthood.

    Saw replies to this on other sites, predictably comments such as ‘homofobia’ and condemning it as pseudo-science. Homofobia is telling truths, theories and speculations which offend homosexual groups. Truth with homosexuality is any ideas, speculations and truths which offend homosexuals is condemned as homofobia as there’s ideology on this. While they have not conclusively proven homosexuality/lesbianism is inborn genes, homosexual groups often use this theory as definite by saying how they are born this way-which possibly can be the case for some but more studies are needed. But when facts are raised about the link between childhood sex abuse and a kid doing homosexual and lesbian activities in adutlhood, homosexual groups often get offended, condemn it as homofobia. Any facts which show homosexuality/lesbianism to be bad and put negative views on this is condemned. Yes, the theory between a woman smoking during pregnancy and the unborn baby doing homosexual/lesbian conduct in adulthood is not proven and replicated or repeat studies must be done. But the main reason homosexual and lesbian groups are offended by this theory is because it puts homosexuality negatively by suggesting it is the result of something bad-smoking.

  • Abian (aka Abner) Bhattacharya. Legal name is Anirban Bhattacharya

    You can be secular as I am and see the harms of homosexual and lesbian behavior as you can see the harms of tobacco use. Behavior including sexual behavior can be learned.Homosexual/lesbian conduct is bad for health as smoking is and needs to be marginalized like smoking is.They must abolish sex change maimings. With homosexuality, if 2 knowing and willing adults want to do gay/lesbian conduct but not tell others what to think, then it’s their life. link between childhood sex abuse and adult homosexuality/lesbianism is old science and nothing new. It doesn’t take an expert to know that sex abuse in youth can mess up the mind and cause people to behave in ways they normally wouldn’t. With what mental health experts say on homosexuality, Mainstream psychology/medicine is not to be trusted on gay/lesbian topic and too many people accept what is said w/o challenging or having doubts. You can pay experts to say things which agree with gay/lesbian agenda and that is has happened with psychology/medicine since 1973-experts can say things to support gay agenda or any agenda.

    Truth with homosexuality is any ideas, speculations and truths which offend homosexual groups is condemned as homophobia as there’s alot of ideology on this. With repair therapy for homosexuals/lesbians. Repair therapy for gays and lesbians who want to be straight must be available just as repair therapy must be available for a drug junky who wants to become clean. Yes, proof burden is on repair therapists, but if you aren’t going to have repair therapy for homsexuality/lesbianism, then you may as well not have repair therapy for drug junkyism or drunkardism, because it often fails.Finally, sex change maimings which is mutilating some1 to make them fake members of opposite sex is comparable to trying to make a man a fake animal because he thinks he is an animal trapped in a human body. Most feminists are not speaking against this. 1 would hope that feminists would oppose the mutilation that happened to Chastity Sun Bono as feminists have spoken against Female Genital Mutilation which happens in some nations. Transexuals are mutilations which no Dr. should take part in, yet most feminists are not condemning this female genital and breast mutilation as what happened to Chastity S. Bono where her healthy breasts were mutilated, dangerous hormone shots and her genitals mutilated.

    • https://www.facebook.com/skip.moreland.5 Skip Moreland

      Oh goody the cut and paster is back. Hey you missed a few articles that could have used your hate and anger. So who died and made you boss of everyone else to tell us how to live? Cause, I certainly (along with many others) didn’t make you boss to tell the rest of us what to do. So too bad if you don’t like it.

    • JFischer

      You obviously have problems accepting that sexuality is not as simple as ‘man is man; woman is woman.’ Reality is never as neat and tidy as we would like.

      There’s no ‘curing’ gay. There really are gays who don’t want to be gay, and THEY ARE STILL GAY.

      I hope your family never, ever, has any member who is anything less than heterosexual, straight-up, male or female — especially any children you (may) have. I hope this for the sake of others in your family, given your abhorrence of anything else.

      • Abian (aka Abner) Bhattacharya. Legal name is Anirban Bhattacharya

        though I know it will offend. Even if orientation doesn’t change, it’s best for gays/lesbians to be celibate just as it’s best for a person with tobacco orientation not to smoke. Behavior including sexual behavior can be learned. If a boy is homosexually raped repeatedly, it’s more likely he will do gay conduct in adulthood because sex abuse damaged his mind and caused him to behave in ways he wouldn’t. If the boy had not been molested, then it’s less likely he would do gay conduct in adulthood.

        statement 97% of pedophiles are straight. 97% # is wrong because it defines a person who has same sex behaviors as straight. Gerald (Jerry) A. Sandusky is a gay pedophile because he did homosexual relations with young boys though he was also married to a woman. The priests who molest young boys are gay pedophiles. If a man has sex with little girls only, then he is a straight pedophile. Rush H. Limbaugh’s right when he said Jerry A. Sandusky is gay-a gay pedophile and columnist Patrick J. Buchanan condemns who he calls gay priests who molest young boys. Those priests are again gay pedophiles, pederasts or homolesters. So there are many homosexual pedophiles such as the gay priests, Jerry A. Sandusky.

  • Patricia A. Corcoran

    This man will never be governor of Massachusetts. The republicans held their state convention a few weeks ago and nominated Charlie Baker as their candidate. Another candidate (I don’t know if it was this guy or another person) failed to get 15% (by a small margin) so he is unable to be on the ballot. There will be no republican primary this September. You need to investigate Charlie Baker’s choice for his Lt. Gov. I can’t remember her name something like Karen Politio – she is anti-gay and either supports or was part of the “kill the gays” law in Uganda.

  • paul fredine

    i wish i could say he’s an april fool but, unfortunately, he’s an idiot every day of the year. if only ignorance and hatred were jailable offenses….

    • Michelle Slabodkin

      If only!

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