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Dear Sarah Palin: The ‘Race War’ DHS Guy Called Obama a ‘Mulatto Fa**ot’ — So They Aren’t Exactly Buddies

On Friday night’s show, Greta VanSustern brought on fellow air head Sarah Palin to show us once more how much bull two empty heads can sling in a five-minute segment. The topic was Ayo Kimathi, an employee in a unit of DHS who procures weapons, ammunition, handcuffs etc. for ICE, he is listed as a small business specialist there.

Kimathi is also apparently the owner of a website called War on the Horizon, a militant black supremacist site which advocates for the extermination of all whites and says that blacks should be preparing for a race war that is inevitable. It is a detestable site filled with hatred for all things not black and no one is going to defend a federal employee who claims to have the right to run it while still remaining on the government payroll.

Palin attempted to place all of the blame for this man’s position at DHS on the president, implying that if he didn’t hire him directly it was still his policies that created the environment where a person such as Kimathi could be hired in the first place.  She also made a big deal about the fact that he had received prior approval to operate the site.  While that is technically true,what she neglected to say was that when he asked for approval he told his supervisor that he wanted to run a site called WOH and that it would be a site dedicated to entertainment and would be selling videos of concerts and lectures.  So while Palin and VanSustern bemoan the fact that someone at DHS approved this travesty they are leaving out the very important fact that they did not know that this is what they were approving.

Interestingly, Palin forgot to mention that, as seen in the video below, Kimathi has referred to President Obama as a “mulatto fa**ot.”  Not exactly the actions of a bestie.


I appreciate the comedic relief value of having the likes of Palin around to say something silly when a chuckle is needed, she really should stop pulling things to hang on the president out of her nether regions. You can be assured that had Mittens won last fall she would not be laying the blame for a relatively low-level DHS employee’s inexcusable actions at his feet as she has with Obama — in fact, she would most likely have been defending him saying that the man was already in place when he was elected. It’s time for her and the rest of the crowd of babbling propagandists at Faux News stopped trying to blame everything since the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby on President Obama.

Watch the video of Palin here, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

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  • http://timewarner sbstarlite

    Please don’t confuse dear sarah with facts. They go right through her vacuous head.

  • pauln2901

    Difficult to decide who has the most bat shit crazy, axe murderer, psychopathic stare?

    Ok, Palin wins!!


  • https://www.facebook.com/michael.kirchmann.961 Michael Kirchmann

    All of these frantic and obsessive tantrums by the Tea Party and their gutless Republican followers are coming to a head. It cannot be long now before their destructive actions make it completely clear to the citizenry that a vote for any Republican is a vote against all that has ever been good about this country. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

    • Bob Cull

      I think you are 100% right, Michael. Look at the abysmal approval rating of the Congressional Teapubs, true, the Congress in general has a high disapproval rating but when it is broken down, the Teapubs were, the last time I checked, 11 points below the Democrats. I live in a very red area of the blue state of NY and I am hearing a lot of negative talk about the damage the Teapubs are doing to the country and their party from my very conservative friends and neighbors.

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