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DEAD SILENCE From the Tea Party on the Fact that 10% of American Companies Don’t Pay Any Taxes

Analysis of the companies listed on Standard and Poor’s Index finds that 37 corporations, one in nine, don’t pay any taxes at all.

Some even enjoy a negative liability.

However, there are profitable companies, with excellent accountants, that paid a 0% tax rate.

Yes, General Motors, that would be you. And in regards to the bailout from the American taxpayers, you’re welcome.

Oh and Verizon, you’re on the list. Can you hear taxpayers now?

Companies banking money offshore has become such a huge problem that Congress finally noticed. In 2014, with cooperation from Switzerland and the Cayman Islands, the government will be going after folks trying to swindle the IRS.

Apple Corporation found a loophole in Ireland’s tax laws that allowed the company to shelter $100 billion dollars, not pay a penny in taxes as a result.

The cost of sending American money to vacation in Cayman accounts costs the United States $300 billion…annually.

What is fascinating and perhaps surprising to some, is that most of the tax dodging is done by individuals, not corporations.

Yes Mitt Romney that includes you.

True patriots, who love their country, pay their taxes.


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Barbara Friedland
I am a marketing/sales expert who has worked in all media for every type of agency. In a previous life and career, I received a fellowship from the The Johns Hopkins University to earn a Master's Degree in Public Policy. I have worked in Maryland politics- all three levels. I love pilates, spinning, reading and writing. Just finished writing my first novel.
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  • lorax

    The way this is presented is way too misleading. At least qualify it by saying 10% of companies on the S&P 500…

    • mike

      I may be wrong, but doesn’t the first line of the story say that?

  • mike

    Well, according to the SCOTUS corporations are people too, and according to romney, 47% of people don’t pay taxes, so it is obvious that the corporations are under represented and we need to cut taxes on big business to bring them into line.

  • http://CenturyLink(previouslyQuest Regina Tollfeldt

    What is so galling as that all these companies are forcing we the people to pay for their lack of
    duty to the country with whom they are doing their business. They are giving us the privilege
    of paying through the nose supporting their employees, who are forced to receive welfare services paid by we the people for their wealth production! People like Romney who call us
    moochers when it is he and his ilk who are the real moochers. How we ever got into this predicament is beyond me — but we are there and we are still actively buying their products.
    I get so incensed that I want to start punching people like Romney, et al !!!!!! We apparently
    still have voters who do not realize exactly what is going on behind the scenes by our politicians and until we all band together this scamming of we the people will continue.

  • Juliet

    Tax code needs revision for the modern era. I’m not sure just what needs to be done, but it should not take a team of accountants to determine what taxes a corporation can pay (or get out of paying). Things have changed since the first income tax code, and all we’ve done is add this and that and the other thing, creating an unwieldy mess.

  • https://www.facebook.com/michael.kirchmann.961 Michael Kirchmann

    Tax time is right around the corner, again. A copy of this should be sent to the IRS by every tax-paying citizen. Now, that’s what I would call Citizens United.

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