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Crazy Pastor: Navy Yard Shooting Is A Sign Of The End Times!

Matthew Hagee, Executive Pastor of the Cornerstone Church which was founded by his father and partner, John Hagee in 1975 is no stranger to outrageous pronouncements. He has in the past said that, “People who are educated cannot look at two men married and say that that’s right,” and that the DOMA ruling was a sign that “the rapture of the church is about to occur.”

This week on his online show Hagee Hotline he announced that the shootings at the Navy Yard is a sign that the “End Times” are upon us. Using some extremely convoluted logic he arrives at the conclusion that the signs of the end of the world and the “Second Coming” are all around us and on the front page of our newspapers, and that Aaron Alexis’ mental breakdown this past Monday is just another link in the chain of evidence that proves we are indeed in the “End Times.”

He begins by speaking of the situation in Syria pointing out that in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus said that there would be “wars and rumors of wars” and saying that there is a war already going on there and that last week there was a “rumor” that we might be going to war there as well.

Where to start? When in recent knowledge can we say that there have not been “wars and rumors of wars?” That is pretty much the norm, somewhere in the world there is a war and somewhere there will be another brewing, in other words “rumors of war.” This is once again the age old practice of organized religions to maintain control over the flock by proving that the prophesies in their Bible are coming true and that Jesus will soon arrive for the second time. As many times as it has been done the faithful fall for it every time and don’t even demand an explanation when they say, “Oops, made a slight miscalculation, we’ll get back to you when we’ve run the computer models again to let you know the correct date.”

He then goes on to quote the passage that says Jesus said there would be lawlessness saying, “Yesterday an armed gunman (is there any other kind of gunman?) whether he be a disgruntled employee, whether he be mentally deranged, regardless of his motive, he lawlessly took guns into a workplace and lawlessly killed 12 co-workers and injured dozens of others.” Could he have killed them in a lawful manner?

Where has Hagee been living? Does he truly believe that this is an anomaly, something that is so rarely seen that it is remarkable? Sadly it is not unusual and it is really not all that remarkable even though it is tragic. Once again though this is not by any stretch of the imagination the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy, it is wishful thinking.

These prophesies have been around for thousands of years and for thousands of years we have had people such as Hagee around telling us that the end is imminent and that we should all be preparing to meet the big man. Another thing that has been around for thousands of years is the repeated failures of their predictions to come true. This is largely because like Hagee all of the men making these dire predictions were forcing current events to fit the prophesy, not because they “miscalculated” but because they were just making it up as they went.

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  • http://gravatar.com/mookiemu mookiemu

    Sad! These people are salivating for the end of times! :(

  • Drew

    They have been saying this since as far as I can remember. Remember that oldie, “Eve of Destruction?”

  • Kenneth Johnson

    Sad that a lot of people donate to keep stirring this kind of cancer growing. Too many who will believe anything told them by a “preacher wannabees”. Maybe that is why membership is falling.

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