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Watch Cops Threaten To Arrest People Feeding The Homeless In North Carolina!

Just what the holy living hell is going on in North Carolina? Some issues are just not political in nature — and feeding the homeless should be one of those issues. I’m not saying that this story has any direct political ties, but it certainly seems like a story you’d only hear coming out of a state that’s trying to roll back civil rights and women’s rights a few decades, and that’s precisely what North Carolina is going through right now. First the state’s Republicans pushed through a Draconian new anti-abortion law attached to a motorcycle safety bill. Then they passed a new voter ID law aimed at keeping young and minority voters — people who shockingly wind-up voting for Democrats — and their Republican governor signed it into law.

And now to top it all off, feeding the homeless without a permit is an arrestable offense in North Carolina.

You honestly cannot make this stuff up if you tried. Love Wins Ministries, headed by Reverend Hugh Hollowell, has been handing out free food to the homeless citizens of Raleigh, North Carolina for the last six years. When people speak really harshly of religious organizations, they’re certainly not speaking about LWM, who got around a local ordinance about being permitted to distribute food by way of what Rev. Hollowell says was “good working relationship with the Raleigh Police Department.” Someone at the RPD or another seat of influence has decided that the days of feeding the hungry and homeless are over in Raleigh though.

This past weekend, as LWM set up their distribution point, they were approached by members of the police department and told Hollowell and his volunteer staff that if they attempted to feed the hungry, they’d be arrested on site. The cost of the permit is $1,600 per weekend which is clearly too much for a small non-profit group to withstand. So thanks to the efforts of some sociopath or another, the approximately seventy homeless people who would have gotten a hot breakfast sandwich this weekend were turned-away.

You know, it strikes me that you just can’t win with some people. Why do I get the feeling that the same asshole who decided to blow the whistle on LWM’s charity would moan and kvetch about taxpayers being asked to foot the bill for these hot meals? So which is it, North Carolina conservatives? Do you want your churches doing the heavy-lifting, or would you like to pay the bill? Oh that’s right, there’s a third option — letting homeless people starve. I mean hey, it could be considered a stimulus program for the area’s morgues and mortuaries, right? Silly me! I forgot how much conservatives hate stimulus too.

Before I get too ahead of myself, because it very easily could have been a liberal Democrat who decided enough with the feeding the homeless without permits — oh who the hell am I kidding? If there was any political motivation behind this move, can there be any doubt where it came from? Again, I’m not assigning political motivation to this story, but what do you expect when there’s a clear attempt by the right-wing to codify as much apathy and disregard for the suffering and needy in their state as is happening in North Carolina and elsewhere?

Why don’t we ask ourselves why exactly a church or any other charity organization would have to pay extra money to feed the homeless — a service to the taxpayers? As long as the food is prepared to sanitation and health standards, why should we expect those willing to go the extra mile to go two more miles more? It’s just insane to me that in this day and age anyone would have a problem with a church feeding the homeless. Isn’t that why we have taken such a hands-off approach with church charities in the first place?

It would be one thing if the church in question was asking for tax deductible status and handing out pro-Democrat leaflets with their hot meals. That simply isn’t the case here. What’s at stake in this story is the moral fiber of the American people. An extra tax on a charity foundation just seems cruel, especially when the stated goal of the charity in question is as altruistic as feeding those without food.

Stay classy, Raleigh city council.

Watch the video here:

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James is in his thirties and gets really passionately angry about politics. Sometimes that anger foments into diatribes, and sometimes those diatribes are comical. Other times, they are not. For more of James's work check out his blog, ThePoliticalGarbageChute.com.
  • http://gravatar.com/johnf4303 JohnF (Boulder, Co)

    First they’ll cite code and private or public property. then when you get a site, they’ll cite certification by inspectors of all food prep and handling.
    But they’ll deny that it’s efforts to drive homeless out.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jezebelj.ferrentino Jezebelj Ferrentino

    Even the christians jesus fed the hungry… just saying.

  • ProfessorV

    There are two groups being affected by this ouster from the park: Love Wins (they give out biscuits and coffee) and Human Beans Together (hot meals). I was with HBT Sunday morning when the police arrived. They let us finish serving with the permission of the lot’s owner but it’s clear we can’t go back there next week. (They have liability concerns.)

    We have gotten word that we will be able to return to the park next week (yes I think the attention played a big role) but this isn’t over. The City Council has called a special meeting for Wednesday to discuss our groups and our future ability to feed the poor.

    Some quick facts about Raleigh and NC: There are no “soup kitchens” for the poor on the weekends – we’re it; the Salvation Army that used to let us use their space closed and moved a few miles away – where the poor aren’t; the NC legislature spent this last session cutting unemployment benefits and SNAP programs; …. and the last fact…. we aren’t giving up!

  • https://www.facebook.com/robert.scalzi Robert Scalzi

    I just did some follow up and apparently the breakfast sandwich and coffee giveaways are back on – the Pastor who leads this whole thing has spoken w/ the mayor – whom claimed ignorance, and the city council, whom
    both have given tacit approval of the weekend giveaways !!!

    • Greg

      Pardon my cynicism, but might not the bad publicity have been a factor?

  • https://www.facebook.com/wendi.speigle Wendi Speigle

    they want to take away food stamps, now they wont let us donate to feed people? what the hell is this country coming to for gods sake…? REPUBLICANS IN OFFICE. vote them the f out.

    • mind it

      Last I checked Nancy McFarlane was the mayor of Raleigh. She is independent, but she ran with the endorsement of the local Democratic Party. Not to mention we have a democrat in the white house as well. Just saying.

      • Penny Wells

        Does that mean that the thousands of people living in tent cities during Bush White House was his fault…oh yeah, actually it was

    • Bob Cull

      It’s all part of the plan to cure all of society’s ills, Wendi. Don’t you know, the poor and disadvantaged are the CAUSE of everything that is wrong with this country? Once they are all gone, by starvation and denial of medical care, this country will once again be the Utopia that today’s robber barons (the Koch Bros.) dream of. They won’t have to even look at those disgusting and lazy poor people. After all if they weren’t so lazy they would be successful. Wouldn’t they?

      • Patricia Anderson

        Sarcasm is right on the money with your comment Mr.Cull

      • Marie Finn

        I was thinking the same thoughts, Mr.Cull!

  • Dave

    This is actually the coming norm for big cities to try and get homeless out. In Indianapolis it has started as well, the soup kitchens have all but shutdown, there are no homeless shelters and the places that cater to women with small children are running on empty because of no more funding. I love my repugnantcon governor, would love to love him all the way to the porn*** porn* if I wouldn’t get in trouble for it. (statement censored because the NSA has enough on their plate at this time)

    • http://Drudge Bob Gray

      San Francisdo has been pulling this type stunt for about 10 years. They specifically target Christian groups who do not take money from the City.

  • http://greenstatehydroponics.weebly.com/ John

    Republicans have siad that charities should be taking care of hungry and needy people, not government, and when they do they go after them too. Let’s face it. Republicans are just assholes who hate people who have not, and they want them all to die so they don’t have to be reminded that homeless people and hungry people and the rise of charities is a sure sign that our capitalist, free market economy is failing it’s people.

  • CJ

    It’s such a contradiction though in that I’ve seen many TP’s state to let the charities/churches tend to the poor…not the government. But then when those charities/churches try to help the poor…they get told they can’t. It’s frightening though to see our poor treated that way. I was in their place before. Think of how many of those are vets! And any of us could end up in that position due to circumstances we didn’t expect. A good example is the widowed. Many were have been left with nothing upon their spouses death and have had to rely on assistance of one form or another to get them back on their feet. Imagine that happening to a vet’s widow and no more assistance to help her?

  • https://www.facebook.com/jason.esteves1 Jason Esteves

    We had a similar incident here in liberal Middletown, Ct. A group was blocked from giving out free food because it hadn’t been made in a certified kitchen.

    • Marie Finn

      I have seen homeless people eating out of garbage cans, and the cities are worrying about certified kitchens!

  • Bill Wallace

    And many years ago NYC government was handing out one way bus tickets to NJ to solve their welfare problem..

  • Greg

    There is an individual in my city who runs a religious-based project for the poor and homeless who has been fighting a virtual WAR with our City Council and Chamber of Commerce for over a decade now. No matter what project he tries to start, people (mostly associated with major city politicians or the Chamber) show up and raise hell with public hearings, newspaper letter to the editor floods, etc. They have in the past even gone so far as to go to Federal Court to stop his group from helping the indigent.

    To be fair, they’ve been trying to run out everybody else too. All the soup kitchens, free clinics, and downtown welfare hotels have been targeted at one time or another, citing “property values”, “crime”, and “public safety” concerns. If they had their wish, all the programs and facilities to help the poor (esp the homeless) would be either shut down or relocated to the City limits (as much as 10 miles away from the downtown area where the indigent actually ARE.

    • Duane

      Greg: It sounds like you’re talking about Ann Arbor.

      • Greg

        Nope. Missouri. Doesn’t surprise me to hear that it’s happening in MI too though.

        The guy here is a bit of a maverick. The believes in direct aid on the ground, rather than the “networks” and “committees” most of the other charities are part of that seem to spend most of their time sitting around in meetings and conferences talking about helping and doing precious little helping.

        And most of the ministries (and state agencies too) will make you feel like a bug when you ask for help. I know people who (for example) applied for help at the Salvation army who left feeling like they’d just been Inquisitioned. I know someone who applied for some assistance through churches (after being sent to them by a state worker) who was told “Well, if you were a member and paying tithes we might have been able to help you…”

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