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Cop in Idaho Caught on Tape Shooting Service Dog (Disturbing Video)

An Idaho cop has been placed on administrative leave following his decision to gun down a man with Parkinsons’ service dog on Saturday. Officer Tarek Hassani was responding a report of a dog at large when he says the dog became aggressive with him, leading to Hassani firing his .45 at the animal and allowing the dog to die suffering. However owner Rick Clubb, locals, and nearly anyone else who has seen the video disagree.

As Hassani exited his vehicle, both of owner Tarek Hassani’s dogs began doing what was natural: barking. Hassani claims that the black Labrador attempted to bite him but the officer’s dash cam shows the dog repeatedly backing away, even after Hassani takes aggressive action toward the canine.  Despite the officer’s repeated attempts to kick the animal, it simply backed away and continued to bark.

The dog’s clearly nonagressive actions did not matter to Hassani as he nonchalantly put a bullet in Filer resident Rick Clubb’s companion. While the owner was in violation of leash laws, as he allowed his dogs to run free for a bit, the dashcam footage reveals that his decision to respond, before anything else, with deadly force was likely due to his own nervousness around dogs.

After gunning down the animal, Hassani begins to yell at the owner, claiming that he “just shot [the] dog because it tried to bite [him].” When challenged on that point by the owner, Hassani began to yell at the man. With a noticeably nervous tone in his voice (and offering unprofessional and unhelpful side effects while inaccurately narrating the situation), Hassani speaks purely in hypotheticals: The dog might bite him. He might have to go to the emergency room. Hassani revealed that his decision was influenced by the fact that at one point, a dog bit him.

After it was all said and done, apparently after deciding that the man has not suffered enough at his hands, Hassani informed him he would be cited for violations of leash laws.

Many area residents have called the police station, demanding that Hassani be terminated. Since Monday, about sixty residents have called to express displeasure with, as resident Ryan Magnelli put it, “a police officer running around being a cowboy.” Magnelli, like Clubb, feels that the officer had other options.  “Why didn’t he just pepper spray the dog?”

Another resident has started a Facebook page called “Officer Hassani Get Out Of Filer, Idaho,” which gathered 3,000 “likes” in under 24 hours. That number is currently approaching 7,000. Residents plan a rally at 6 p.m. on Wednesday asking that Hassani not  serve in their town anymore.

Filer Police Chief Tim Reeves defends Hassani’s actions. “It got to the point where he felt that the dog was too much of a danger, and it was aggressing him too much, and he decided that he didn’t want to get bit, and for his own safety shot the dog and put it down, he said.  “The officer does not have to get bit before he could defend himself against the dog.”

All six of the town’s police officers respond to dog calls, as Filer does not have a dedicated animal control officer, though no answer has been given as to the nature of the training officers receive with regard to handling a dog who is simply attempting to scare away what it perceives as an intruder.

The top video below is a news report on the incident.  On the bottom is the full dashcam video.  PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THE BOTTOM VIDEO IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO SEE THIS MAN COLDLY SLAUGHTER AN ANIMAL.



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  • Donnie Atkins

    Just another trigger happy cop. The damn dog was wagging his tail ! The dog was protecting his property like dogs do! I am sure that car had a loud speaker that he could have called the man outside to safely get the dog inside! He was a coward! Is that what this police dept does on every dog call they get…just shoot the dogs? I hope no one ever calls them for kids outside being loud!

    • CJ

      Don’t disagree on the trigger happy comment. However, I’d like to point out that a wagging tale does not always mean a dog was happy…it can also be a sign of fear and aggression. Different kinds of wags. But aside from that…the cop took wrong ctions in my opinion.

  • https://www.facebook.com/colin.cote.96 Colin Cote

    This idiot cop was the aggressor. Screaming and kicking at the dog for several minutes getting it all worked up. There was no justification in his actions at all. His overly dramatic self justification for shooting the animal wreaks of mental illness and he should not be allowed to carry a weapon much less be a police officer.

    • Juliet

      Agreed on him upsetting the dogs. He could have found another way to handle the situation.

      (Now to grammar nitpick: you meant ‘reeks’.)

  • https://www.facebook.com/randy.howarth.7 Randy Howarth

    I would have asked the officer to put his weapon down or step away from the property until someone can come to relieve him then lock the door. He is armed and dangerous, and is not demonstrating proper judgment with a deadly weapon.

  • J Long

    Service dogs don’t run loose in front yards. Kids ride bikes and walk across the yards. Someone was worried enough to call the police and complain. I would have shot the damn dog too!

    • https://www.facebook.com/jay.merrick Jay Merrick

      You are heartless. Any kids would most likely have known the dogs. Someone calling to complain about a dog in someones yard is an ass. What is wrong with you?

  • CJ

    You know…the tea partiers keep screaming that Obama is creating a police state in our country. But these actions have nothing at all to do with Obama. Another example of abuse at the hands of officers (this time TSA officers) is this: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/tsa-makes-cancer-victim-cry-announcing-and-inspecting-his-adult-diaper

    Sad, sad nation we’ve become.

  • Jim

    Piece of shit will probably go on disability for trauma now, because you know he felt bad shooting the dog after he tried to kick it.

  • Kevan Scott

    Fire this sad excuse for a cop! Although the man was at fault for not having the dog on a leash, the unjustified shooting by the cop is disturbing. For the chief to say it was in light of the video shows that cops think they’re above us and once again, justice will not be done.

  • CJ

    I understand the fear of the officer. My daughter was bit by a rottweiler when she was young. Is it not allowed for an officer to get someone’s phone number so he could call them to ask the owner for the dogs to be taken inside? Is it not allowed for pepper spray to be used? Do the officers receive any training on handling aggressive dogs since they do not have an animal control officer? And since there is no animal control why isn’t at least one officer given the tools that animal control officers use to handle aggressive dogs…like a Ketch-All Pole? Why was only the black dog shot and not the yellow dog who was also acting in the same manner? Animal control officers do not just shoot a dog…they have tools and training to handle them…so too should at least one officer in their area since they do not have an animal control officer. Could it because the black dog reminded him of the one who bit him previously and the yellow dog did not? I wish the dash-cam just a wider view of the events.

    I don’t agree with the use of shooting an animal as being the first choice. I’ve seen many dogs who will get close and bark at you but never get close enough to bite. Usually that’s more fear than it is aggression. Aggressive dogs usually don’t hesitate to bite. We had one once upon a time ago. He had bit several people. He was not taken away from us because in each instance it was a person the dog was not familiar with coming in the door without one of us opening the door for them. And it once bit my ex’s grandmother when she walked into the yard in the dark so he didn’t recognize her. But any other circumstances he was not in the least bit aggressive. He just wanted to protect his family (and the local animal control are the ones that made that determination based on the information given by the person bitten). A part of me wonders if the person who made the call about the dogs is one of the people protesting the handling of the situation because I’m sure that the dog being killed was not what they intended to happen.

  • http://none marc fried

    I just sent this to the Filer, Id Chief of police: the shooting of animals/pets by police
    because the officer is mentally, emotionally and forensically psychlogically challenged has got to stop. There are plenty of ways to stop an animal before pulling out your gun and shooting it. Shooting should be the last option – not the first!!!

    Sorry Chief – after viewing this video online I would have to say if that
    was my dog and your officer shot him I would have killed that officer.
    Your response isn’t any better. He could have used a taser or shot
    not to kill – if an officer reaches for his gun first then he hasn’t been
    trained to analyze the situation fast enough. Shooting first and asking
    questions later is not a strategy nor defense.That’s your departments
    problem. This person is not qualified to be a police officer – you and
    your department dropped the ball. Again, after viewing this video clip,
    if this had been my dog there/you would have (had) been at least one
    dead pig…and probably more as I would have killed anyone else
    (police) you sent to respond.Frankly I would respond as you did …

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