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Constitution-Loving GOP’er Wants The Christian Bible To Be Louisiana’s Official State Book!

In another example of red states pushing to have their own little theocracy, apparently a politician wants to declare an official “state book.” Can you guess what that book is?

How do we know this? Associated Press reporter Melinda Deslatte fired off a tweet yesterday, letting us all know the glorious news:

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 6.27.52 PM

Yup, GOP Louisiana Rep. Thomas Carmody want the Bible to be his state’s “official” symbolic text. The mullahs in Iran and the clerics in Afghanistan would be proud of his efforts.

h/t: FreakOutNation

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Sky Palma
Sky Palma lives in Los Angeles and has been writing about politics, current events and religion for over a decade. He's also the head editor and founder of deadstate.org.
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  • Todd Morton

    BTW Sky Palma, Louisiana is considered a BLUE state. Not red. Dems have run it for decades. Jindal -R has been the exception. Pennsylvania has a R governor as well, but it has been blue for decades also. Just thought you might be interested in adding credibility to your report.

    • D. King

      Hah! Todd, I don’t know where you’re getting your opinions, but they don’t match reality. Jindal is indeed a Republican–so are the state Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate. Search “Red State Blue State” and you’ll see a glaring red band through the south, including Louisiana. Both the state governing bodies are strongly Republican–59 vs 44 in the case of the House (with 2 Independents), and 26 vs 13 in the case of the Senate.

      There, I’ve done your work for you, and THAT’S the fact, Jack.

  • radpat_USA

    Have these morons been promised virgins after they die?

  • Monty
  • Todd Morton

    How about some reference to where Rep. Carmody spoke this non-sense so we can contact his office and confront it? I don'[t know who this Melinda DePlatte is. Is she trustworthy? Why not source where this was said? We’re supposed to contact the Rep’s office and say, “I heard somebody tweeted this about what the Rep. said…” ??

  • whit sibley

    I know this guy! He is a nice person, but from an uber-Catholic family. He attempted to have the street that runs beside his house (Anniston Ave) named after Pope John Paul II. The road also runs beside St. Joseph Church in Shreveport, the church his family attends. That idea didn’t float, so they put up a sign next to the church that says that block of the street is dedicated to John Paul. You can see the sign on Google street view. If you look for Patton and Anniston in Shreveport, it is there. There is a tree limb in front of it, but when you pass the branch, it is clearly visible on the right side of Anniston, facing NW. What a trip, shoving your faith down the throats of others. A school teacher at Eden Gardens in Shreveport is being investigated for teaching creationism, and a school in Zwolle LA has pictures of Jesus in the hallways, runs bible verses on their scrolling sign out front, and told a Buddhist student his religion is stupid, and he should find a new school that caters to Asians! Come to think of it, that bible may be a good choice for the official fiction book of LA.

  • http://AATTP David D.

    The Bible has never had any legal or scientific validity. To base state law on scripture is foolish and illegal. Now that we live in a post-Christian age, the Bible is even less relevant. If ignorant southern white legislators revere the Bible so much, then just take it home and read it in bed but don’t bother inserting it in our civil statutes. It does not belong there. Are these people so desperate and angry they are willing to subvert our democracy? Desperation has consequences that are usually not pleasant.

  • http://none Mary

    I think it is? pathetic. Theocracies really do not work well. Why would anyone want to live in the Stone Age?

  • http://jade4142.wordpress.com jade4142

    I’ve seen so many posts about what the Tea party and the GOP are doing to destroy America and I’ve felt their hand in my own life; I list SNAP. I am the kind of person they are targeting with their hate. I can’t go back to work so I should starve to death. Police officers rape girls in the official cars. Police officers beat entirely innocent people to death, or shoot them and they are not charged. Brutality and hatred rule America today. This is not my America. This place scares me half to death. I had handicapped plates on my car and a squatter in an outbuilding. I called the Sheriffs department and asked them to boot him. First of all, he wasn’t there; you ladies who live alone imagine these things. Then, I was bothering them with this tale of mine. And then, my handicapped plates had drawn him to my property, screaming victim. They finally booted him and weren’t even embarrassed to find him there after denying he was, and telling me I was imagining it.

    In the world I grew up in, police officers tipped their hats to ladies and smiled warmly at gentlemen. They always had suckers and candies in their pockets for the children. They came to our schools and told us not to talk to strangers and to always tell our parents and our teachers if anything seemed wrong.

    My parents voted for men they trusted, and always left the voting buildings holding hands, smiling, and saying to each other, “I just cancelled your vote.” Mom was a Democrat and Dad was a Republican. They argued about politics but it was usually over the pot of coffee Mom made and the dense chocolate cake with thick chocolate frosting my father betimes picked up at the local bakery. It wasn’t that Mom couldn’t bake one, but at least this one she didn’t have to back.

    What happened to that world? Where did our safety go? Tea was a beverage ladies drank at their gentle gatherings in the afternoon. A party was something a child started looking forward to about a month before his or her birthday.

    There was no hate in Washington or brutality in the police. How did those get there? What were we doing? Why didn’t we stop it before it got here?

  • Cathy

    How about making the Constitution of the United States the “state book”?

  • D. King

    Representative Carmody–whip out that copy of the Constitution you have in your back pocket, and read it. Study it. It’s a great plan, so why do you want to circumvent it?

  • https://www.facebook.com/laurie.neufeld.79 Laurie Neufeld

    The Rapture just cannot happen soon enough.

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