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Conservative Hack Slams Hillary Clinton — Might Not Actually Know Who She Is

Maybe someone should sit columnist and editor of National Review, the conservative American magazine, Rich Lowry down and explain to him that if he uses up all his nonsensical and idiotic comments about Hillary Clinton right now, he won’t have any left when and if she actually runs for president in 2016. They should also at the same time explain that nothing makes you look more scared of a political opponent than criticizing them in ways that literally do not make any logical sense whatsoever. Over the weekend on Meet the PressLowry did exactly that.

While discussing former Secretary of State Clinton’s potential 2016 run for the White House, Lowry told the show’s host, David Gregory, that, “Well, Republicans aren’t going to have anyone with this kind of resume, but I think although Hillary has quite the resume, I’m not sure she has much substantive accomplishment to back it up, certainly as secretary of state.” It’s statements like this that make us question whether Lowry actually believes what he’s saying, or if he’s playing the part of a conservative pundit a la Stephen Colbert.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Hillary’s, the simple fact that she’s a Yale-educated lawyer, former Senator and Secretary of State are accomplishments in and of themselves. Sometimes someone’s CV is in and of itself a listing of accomplishments — clearly not so much for Lowery, but that doesn’t mean the paradigm doesn’t still hold true. You could even make a somewhat cogent argument that being Bill Clinton’s First Lady not just in Arkansas but of the United States was a massive accomplishment because in both cases she helped craft Clinton’s image as a slick politician who must still have a heart of gold to keep his wife by her side…or if you’re a bitter and jaded Republican — she’s a power-hungry politician who only stuck by Bill to further her own career. Even if that tripe held water, you could still then justifiably call her tenure as First Lady an accomplishment, because clearly getting Bill into the Oval Office was a shared goal for the two of them.

Rich Lowry should be ashamed of himself. Oh, not for demagogueing Hillary Clinton baselessly. He’s been doing that and will continue to do so forever and ever. No, he should be ashamed for making such a colossally inaccurate statement, and one that is debunked by Madam Secretary Clinton’s very resume. If this is the kind of critique the right is going to level at her in 2016, they are going to be just as upset with the results then as they were in 1992, 1996, 2008 and 20012.

(And 2000, but who’s counting? Obviously not Floridian votes.)

Watch Lowry’s jaw-droppingly silly statement here:

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    Fresh faces?! Fresh voices?! Which Republican party would that be? Certainly not the one that I know!

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