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Congress Leaves Town Denying 300,000 U.S. Vets Unemployment Relief, Funds Israeli Military Instead

Congress is headed to vacation, and for millions of unemployed Americans, 300,000 of which are veterans, this is devastating news.

Congress bolted out of D.C. today without passing an emergency extension on unemployment benefits, meaning for millions of Americans out of work, their unemployment checks will stop coming when they reach the federal limit. The extensions were in place to continue to help those unemployed while jobs are still scarce.

Yet last December the GOP lead house refused to vote, ending the funding. Since then, Democrats have battled to pass these extensions while the GOP has continued to block any effort to vote.

The GOP put some heavy measures on the table to be met to extend such benefits, and the democrats agreed to every single one of them as they understood the importance of passing these extensions before heading off to another vacation break.

Still, the GOP blocked the vote, choosing ideology over American families.

It would appear the GOP is putting on a show claiming to want to help Americans, yet when the demands are met, they switch gears and still refuse to take up the issue.

While millions of families will be losing their only source of income while they look for jobs in a struggling economy, Congress did decide to pass one spending measure: a bill that will send another $225 million to support the Israeli military as they continue to devastate Palestine in the current ongoing conflict.

So while Congress was unable to agree to spending to help Americans here at home who are struggling to find work, they can go to bed hungry knowing that at least our government cares enough to fund the Israeli war machine.

Once again proving the GOP war hawks put war funding and pandering to our allies over helping the very people who often help put them in office.

h/t Huffington Post

About Dan Arel

Dan Arel is an independent journalist and author of Parenting Without God: How to Raise Moral, Ethical and Intelligent Children, Free From Religious Dogma. You can follow Dan on Twitter @danarel
  • samwolf78

    I’m sure you’re not aware of this because it sounds like you only watch FAUX NOISE but your incredibly wrong. Every recent piece of legislation that could help Veterans has been overwhelmingly supported by Democrats and completely undermined by Republicants. And Obama has issued far fewer executive orders than Bush ever did. All of this is common knowledge and easily found online.

  • Mack Pooh

    Wow!! The ignorance is thriving here. Ironic, the same ones who claim to be “veterans” are taking up sides based on manipulated thought and theory. That idiotic womb reject, YOU call president and/or Commander in Chief has intentionally, and without remorse of any type, defied both family and patriotic values, giving the global network of deviants and terrorists, unlimited access to America. While all of you were “bitchin and moanin” about the “NON-SCANDAL” at the VA and the fellow veterans being killed, abused and lied to, his wife, you know, the fraudulent first lady,that two legged trash can was more concerned about hashtagging ” bring our girls home”, and that was for 200 nigerian girls kidnapped by boko haram, the muslim tunnel worshippers of islam… or terrorists. Oh wait a sec, the same first lady who said her first and most important cause would be to fight for “our veterans”. Nope, not once…
    But hey, as veterans (alleged), you travel into the tunnel, worshipping its potential end. Is it that light or obama’s ass.
    Unemployment for veterans is fully funded on different levels. Both civilian, on state level and unemployability through the VA.
    You whine about Israel getting hundreds of millions of dollars, yet, without understanding the global consequence of obama’s failed policies. His domestic policy is a pathetic joke. Need I mention his foreign policy?
    However, we have one thing in common. I too, am not a supporter of the Tea Party. Unlike other idiotic and so-called Americans, I don’t hyphenate myself or jump on a bandwagon. I am a republican.
    Retired after 24 years, my Soldiers and I gave a lot more than most.
    Democrats are confirmed supporters of islam and illegals. Dems support anti American efgorts to defy free speach. Hey wait a sec, wasn’t therr some “non scandal at the IRS? Four dead Americans in Benghazi? These damn Non Scandals are annoying…
    So, allow me to clue you in:
    Terrorists. Obama. Islam. Illegals. Muslims.
    and the difference is??
    Gather some intellectual whatsoevers and think oitside the tunnel. Otherwise, lesve yoir name at the nearest mosque….

    • Dave

      Very well said, thank you for your service to our great county. As a veteran myself I do not understand how anyone who honorably served in the US military could ever vote for any of the America hating demoncrats.

  • Dave

    And the Senate passed which bill to help? The House alone did not pass the funding for Israhell alone the blame is not just on the GOP but the deomoncrats as well……

    • tomw

      This is a liberal rag site. On one hand they complain there are no ,jobs and on the other hand, they say we need more immigrants to fill all those non jobs.

  • http://www.booksbyoliver.com/ PennState93

    RINOs and democrats want our vote in November after this criminal act?

    I’m voting for all 3rd party candidates in November as my protest to both political parties.

    • samwolf78

      I’m sorry to say it but your wasting your vote. With a few minor exceptions that never make a difference independents never get elected. I understand your frustration but you are better off voting for whichever of the main two is closest to your values.

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  • smb11

    Prior to 1948, there was no Israel. For thousands of years, the land currently occupied by Israel and the Palestinian territories has been changing hands.
    To hope for and work for a lasting resolution that will end the violence is neither anti-Israel nor anti-Palestinian.

  • Solomon Rutzky

    I used to think that AATP was doing a great job of presenting the liberal side of things by doing less editorializing than conservatives that you are rallying against. But lately it seems like you (at least a few authors) are inching more and more to presenting opinion disguised as information. Maybe it has always been that way and I just never noticed it before, but this article is one of several recently that is fairly blatant in pushing an anti-Israel message. The GOP weren’t going to pass the extensions no matter what. Why even bring Israel into this? If you don’t agree with Israel, fine. If you don’t want the US giving aid to Israel, fine. But that is a separate issue and hence a separate article. By combining them here, especially with such a disingenuous and misleading title, you are implying that Israel got money that should have gone to our Vets. While I completely agree that our Vets should be taken care of 100% and am appalled at the lack of support for the VA from the GOP, there was money there for both. What you are doing here is trying to pit people against Israel by implying that the big bad Israelis took money out of the hands of our Vets, which is not what happened according to this same article. This is dishonest and unethical.

    • Robert Kennedy

      This is the equivalent of an Op-Ed page. Of course there are opinions stated. If you want wrong opinions check out something like 1776, NewsMax or Fox News.

  • Deborah Dietz

    These traitors shame us all daily. We tolerate them and PAY them. WHY?

  • Dean Davidson

    Dear GOP Congress,
    I’ m a Vet. I vote. Three guesses on who I vote for in November and the first two don’t count. When the GOP claims they care about veterans they are LIARS. They only care about the Defense Contractors that steal our tax money and pay them bribes. And the Tea Party is just a Bunch of USEFUL IDIOTS to the 1% plutocrats

    • Scooby154

      I agree

    • samwolf78

      Damn right brother. I’m a VET and I vote Democrat.

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