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Colorado TEApublican Threatens To Kill Democratic Lawmaker, Daughter

Here we go again, with another “isolated” incident of violent Tea Party threats against a liberal public official who is trying to reduce gun violence in her state.  Colorado’s state legislature adopted four gun-control measures earlier this month, two of which were sponsored by Representative Fields. One requires universal background checks on all firearms purchases in the state, and the other limits ammunition magazines to 8 rounds for handguns and 15 rounds for larger firearms.

Tea Party-type psycho Franklin Glenn Sain, 42, was arrested on Feb. 22 on charges of harassing Rep. Rhonda Fields (D) and unlawfully attempting to influence a public official. This sounds bad, but wait until you see what this degenerate Tea Party-type lunatic actually said and did.

In an email dated February 15th Sain said,

“Hopefully somebody Gifords [sic] both of your asses with a gun,”

referring to Representative Fields and her colleague, state Rep. Beth McCann (D).

KMGH-TV reported Sain denied being a racist in follow-up phone calls with authorities, despite his use of slurs against both Fields and President Barack Obama.   Investigators say Sain’s emails repeatedly refer to Fields, who is African American, with obscene and racist language and also use a racial slur to describe President Barack Obama, according to an arrest affidavit.

Sain threatened,

I guarantee there is not enough law enforcement, or military to stop an all out overthrow of this government if you or that (racial slur) President tries to take our guns.  Guarantee, we will make world war I and II look like child’s play, many will die…be prepared.

This is Tea Party rhetoric that one can read every day on numerous Tea Party websites, discussion forums and Facebook pages.

In an ironic twist, Sain is the chief operating officer at SofTec Solutions Inc., an information technology company that does work for the government and health care companies.  Also ironic, his name is “Sain.”

Sain admitted he had sent phone messages and emails using profanity and “racist names” to Fields, but added: “I didn’t threaten her,” he said in an arrest affidavit.

Denver’s KGMH Reports:

“According to the affidavit, police suspect Sain also sent Fields an anonymous letter that refers to the lawmaker with the same obscene, racist phrase repeatedly used in emails and phone messages that Sain admitted sending to the lawmaker. The letter also contains a reference to “30 round magazines” used in Sain’s emails.”

“I will keep my 30 round magazines. There will be blood! I’m coming for you (expletive),” states the letter, received at Fields’ Capitol office on Feb. 21.

The letter names Fields and her daughter and states, “Death to Both.”

According to KGMH other Colorado Democratic lawmakers have received similar violent and disgusting threats.  Democratic State Sen. Jessie Ulibarri told KGMH, “Over the course of this last week, I’ve received death threats. I’ve received rape threats against my 2 1/2-year-old daughter and other members of my family, because I’m standing up against gun violence.”

We know that’s how the Tea Party-types roll.  Americans Against the Tea Party is following the story and will report more information as it becomes available.

Here’s the video:


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
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  • JC

    Want to see some real gun control?
    Wait till Muslims start hoarding guns and ammo. Watch the TEAbaggers squirm for arms legislation then.

  • JC

    Please … don’t edit out (racial slur) from these comments. We all know what the word was and we all know what it means. If you want people to get a true sense of racism, say what it was … this is worse than the “n-word.”
    You want people to see exactly what kind of idiocy is on the fringe, don’t sugar-coat it.

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  • T Day

    There is a reason these characters are called “Teatards.”

    • Keith Hammond

      You guys will believe anything! Liberal Policies have never done anything positive for this country. Anything you touch you destroy. Examples: The school system, city governments, foreign policy, Race relations, entitlement programs, the American family, Colleges and universities, entertainment.

  • Rudy Gonzales

    Threats must be taken seriously! Police should be calles in to remove any and all guns from those with limited or infringed mental capability.

  • EgoSumLamia

    Can someone please explain to the idiots, not a single person is taking away their guns. Someone can use a gun to take away your family, friends and even you, but no one is taking your guns.
    The Teaparty GOP is nothing but the KKK, in suits.

    • JC

      Gotta tell ya, Ego … somebody WILL be taking this TEA-tard’s guns away. He is facing some felonies. Those usually come with loss of 2nd Amendment rights upon conviction.

  • BuckRimfire

    Wow. As a recreational shooter and owner of a handgun with a 15 round magazine, I hope this guy goes to PRISON! Sweet irony: if he’s convicted of a felony, he won’t be able to buy ANY guns!

    somewhat OT: If you want to be really annoyed, Google “oath keeper.”

    • Leota Scott

      Doesn’t matter all those gun nuts will sell him guns illegally that’s why they are fighting gun regulation.

  • Ross Aimer

    Sick cowards like these animals are precisely the ones who should never be allowed to own a gun!

  • Ace

    This is what falls out of the thick lather the Teapublicans have whipped up. Expect more.

  • Lee

    So – is he the good guy with the gun, or the bad guy? Its so hard to tell these days…

  • David

    You need to boycott his company. There is no way that fool would keep info private if he cold destroy someone with it. Maybe a hacker first strike is in order.

    • Jim To

      He appears to be no longer with SofTec. No surprise, would you want the negative publicity of having this guy working for you?

  • Blumuze

    People who openly and loudly declare their paranoid fantasies about Liberals coming for their guns, and then beat their chests about how they’re going to waste anyone who tries it are, IMO, delusional children not yet capable of the kind of rational thinking that would define a responsible person, much less a responsible gun owner. What’s ironic is that the very fear and anger that motivates these people should also disqualify them from gun ownership, but doesn’t, and that the 2nd amendment, which guarantees their right to hoard and worship guns, does absolutely nothing to guarantee they won’t one day go nuts and use them on everyone else.

  • James

    This guy, and the mob of others like him are simply criminal wannabes. They are racist, terrorist, bullies. Their talk is treasonous and almost justifies the passage of the NDAA. If people like this continue to procreate I could see the day when marshal law is needed. Since I oppose both marshal law and the NDAA, I hope that these people are brought to face justice before they give justification to the government to crack down. They are a self-fullfilling prophesy. The really sad thing is the number of legislators, at both the federal and state level who cuddle up with these monsters. These extremists probably only make up less than 1% of our citizenry, but they have far too much influence, both in the media and government. Fomenting sedition is illegal and this loser should be prosecuted and incarcerated.

    • James

      Here’s the link to softec’s Facebook page, where they admit to being shocked about this unacceptable behavior. Hopefully they will insure their own security from this nut job and then cut ties with him.


    • Maryanna

      The NDAA is the defense budget. Only a small part of it has anything to do with detention of citizens and that part has been blown out of proportion and misrepresented beyond recognition. Saying you’re “against the NDAA” is saying that you’re against the entire defense budget that keeps the troops fed and paid. Please be more specific about your objections.

  • john

    This utter moron is still in jail isn’t he? He’s lost his firearms hasn’t he? His accounts have been frozen haven’t they? This SOB needs to be the example. I hope he loses everything.

  • Dede

    Bullies with guns, making blood threats, are the reason we need restrictions on gun ownership.

  • http://www.digitalextrememediagroup.com/ William Imhoff

    Wow its getting crazy!

  • Rich

    Shame, shame on you. All this without a conviction or link to tea party people. Ginning up hatred with hatred is journalism of the most putrid kind.

    • kk

      Ok, so you just whine but don’t offer up your own link? I actually agree that this article was one sided. If you have another opinion, please, post it.

  • Scott

    But there ARE enough law enforcement officials and military to stop you and your fellow morons from taking down any government, local, state, or federal…and I look forward to counting your corpse among the idiots who try to do so.It’s interesting how these TEApublicans first reach for a violent response to any legal effort to make people safer. Why are they so afraid of anyone who doesn’t think as crazy as they do? How can they live in fear all the time? Living cowardly is a lousy way to exist.

    • William

      These are the same nut-cases that claim to be Christians,and if your not with them,your against them.I,for one,am against them and willing to die to keep REAL americans alive and safe.I took an oath once to do just that,these cowards never served anyone or anything but themselves and their irrational,idiotic intentions.

  • War Criminal Bush

    Hire the mentally handicapped, elect a Teabagger.

  • Joe Heathen

    Mr. Sain’s name has been deleted from the Sof-Tec Solutions WEB page. His full bio is here:

    Mr. Frank Sain has been the Chief Operating Officer of SoftTec Solutions Inc. since September 2011 and served as its Executive Vice President of Operations & Business Development. A results-oriented executive with over 20 years’ experience delivering complex technical business solutions aligned to clients’ missions, strategic initiatives, budgets and mandates, Mr. Sain is responsible for all corporate activities of the company. Mr. Sain has both business development and project management experience for enterprise-level professional services for federal government clients. Most recently, he was the Director of IT Solutions for Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). While at SAIC, he held a variety of positions and was strategic in capturing and winning over $200M with such clients as the Intelligence Support Command (INSCOM), National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), and United States Army Pacific (USARPAC). He served on Active duty in the US Army from 1988 to 1998, specializing in Intel and Intelligence Applications. He received his Bachelors of Science in Technical Management from Wayland Baptist University in Plainview Texas and Master’s in Business Administration from Regis University in Denver.

    • D.smith

      Well educated and connected. But sounds as if he has either lost his mind or he is showing his true self! We have all noticed the fear induced craziness taking over this country, perpetuated by the NRA and others. It’s sad really.

      • D.

        Well educated and connected. Coming from a religious school in the Bible Noose for his BS degree…as well as a for-profit/online college for his “Masters”…he is connected with the same loons with Focus on the Family…but well educated he is not.

  • Michael

    Ok, so why isn’t this lunatic arrested and jailed for threatening THREE elected officials???

    • Nancy Reese

      He’s been released on bail. And his attorneys are concerned that he is being bullied by the government for exercising his ‘First Amendment Rights’! And that’s not a joke.

  • Dan Stevens

    huhuhhuhhuh,,,huhh Glen Sain…in the membrane…

  • Terri

    Racist,selfloathing,humanity hating.Simply PROVES the need for sane gun control.No sanity showing with this individual

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  • Tom

    That is a stupid piece of legislation that if passed will do nothing to address the underlying causes of violence which are primarily social and economic inequity and lack of opportunity. Basically the bill promotes the status quo while accomplishing nothing else.

  • matt

    Let me ask you this: Why would you prefer criminals to have the ability to out-gun law-abiding citizens? Criminals will still have their 30-round magazines, but the average American will not.

    • Marni

      REALLY????? “Law abiding citizen”? Is that what you call somebody who threatens to rape a 2 year old? Is that what you call somebody who threatens public officials? “Law Abiding”? Grow the f**k up!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

        Miss the point much, Marni? That isn’t what the man said at all. What he did say was that criminals won’t obey the law and relinquish their high capacity magazines. Only law abiding citizens will, which will put them at a disadvantage should they ever be forced to defend themselves against said criminals. He may be right or wrong about that, and you’re not obligated to agree with him, but don’t put words in his mouth. We’re supposed to be the smart, sane side, remember?

    • William Carr

      Let me ask you this: why are you a coward ?

      My 12 Gauge is quite capable of killing any five attackers, and unlike your junk AR-15 Assault Rifles it is MORE deadly at medium range.

      You REALLY expect to be attacked by hordes of criminals wielding Assault Rifles ?

      Do what VP Biden suggested. Get a shotgun.

    • Joe Heathen

      Matt: Mr. Cain has demonstrated criminal intent. Therefore, he should be stripped of all of his weapons and ammunition. He certainly had the legislators out-gunned and only a criminal would do that, right. Poor tea baggers just don’t fit it anywhere. No relaxation, no relief from looking over both shoulders, and no intellect.

  • William Leavenworth

    What these Tea Party cretins don’t realize is that there are millions of us out here who voted for Obama, who have firearms, military training, and hunting experience, and who will exterminate the Tea Party in a few days, down to the last twitching yahoo, if they try anything stupid or treasonous.

  • Helen Hevener

    What is the general person’s IQ that is in the tea party??? This is sick and disgusting and should not be tolerated. That’s why there has to be more gun control because people go stupid- and cant be trusted!!!! The Tea Party is managing to kill their whole party off one by one- like shooting your foot off one toe at a time!!!

  • tortillarat

    Because nothing says family values and Christian morals like starting worldwide bloodbaths and raping 2 1/2 year old girls.

  • Dr. Jack Griffin

    Of course racists never think they’re being racist. They think they’re just “telling it like it is.” Ditto for sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, etc., etc., etc.

    • yippeskippee

      You are correct! They never think they are racist because they say hi to that black person at the grocery store. And then say they have black friends. But call elected officials the N word! But they didnt really mean it

  • blues_ken

    Hopefully the least that will happen to him is losing his job. A felony conviction would be sweet.

  • Brian

    How to cause the Tea Party to self-implode – Elect a non-white in to office.

    • Steve

      Brian, your tense is wrong. The TEA Party exists because we did elect a non-white to the highest office in the land. The racism came first, the stupidity and violence followed.

    • Peter Casta

      they also can self-implode more easily, drop a paper with the word SOCIALISM and you will see them running!

  • David Weiser

    This insane Teapsycho makes a banner case for all current gun control campaigns.

  • sonny


    • Doug Franklin

      …and they will arrest them after they kill someone? Not good enough.

  • Perry

    This is the type of Teapublican moron laws should be aimed at. He may not necessarily be legally insane or mentally unbalanced but he should not be allowed to possess guns. This should serve as an example to the NRA about why guns should be more tightly controlled.

  • Jesus Gerardo

    Its not about taking guns from anyone. Its about not letting anymore get out there. I heard a policeman say, “As a police officer I have to qualify every year while in uniform. As a retired policemen if I want to carry a weapon I have to qualify every 2 years.
    But any person can go get a handgun and a permit for CCW and all the have to do is take a class thats 3 hours long!!”
    3 hours! Is it just me or is there something wrong with that?

  • Monica

    They simply continue to prove that we are on the right course.

  • phil

    “I’m not racist. I just don’t like nporn*s” that is the mindset of many teapublicans. They don’t like being called out for being racists, but one thing is sure. Not all teapublicans are racists but pretty much all racists are teapublicans.

  • Edward J. Belanger

    And these folks are WONDERING why the SANE among us WANT to take away their dangerous toys? I believe that the Constitution would remove them from this character because he is demonstrating that HE is criminally insane and NOT entitled to 2nd amendment benefits. He HAS committed a Felony (threatening the life of TWO U.S. Congresswomen AND the President of the U.S.) or two or even three. Accordingly he is not entitled again to 2nd amendment protections. Felons AND the criminally insane do NOT have the Constitutional right to bear arms. he needs to be picked up and put into a safe place where he can’t hurt himself or anyone else, and kept there until he can adequately demonstrate that he is NOT a danger to civil society.

    • Phil

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • E

      felon yes but I caution on lightly using mental illness. I don’t think he is (unless you want to say being a Teapartiers is a sign of illness…jury is out on that…). I think he has his full faculty and is just another racist that is angry about POTUS not being white. This is a hateful person and he shouldn’t have access to a gun. What he has done is a terroristic threat.

    • rayb-baby

      ” …..where he can’t hurt himself….. ” I couldn’t care less if he hurts himself. That’ll get him off the streets. And while he’s at it, let him pay for his own health care

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