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Colbert Exposes Nestlé’s Disturbing Desire To Privatize Water (Video)

In this incredible clip, Stephen Colbert brings attention to a Nestlé chairman’s chilling comments about water not being a human right, but a commodity that should be privatized.

From an article we wrote a few weeks ago:

Nestlé’s 68-year-old former CEO and current Chairman, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, says he wants to privatize the water supply because people have a sense of entitlement that causes them to waste copious amounts of water.  That all sounds well and good until you realize that, as the #1 seller of water in the world, 8% of Nestlé’s 2011 sales were from bottled water.

Watch Colbert’s take on it, courtesy of Comedy Central:


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  • dan

    if you go and watch THAT interview, plus others with the ceo, he’s not saying that at all. he’s saying that yes, everyone should have the right to the essential water life takes, like hydration, and hygiene, but other stuff like watering your law or washing your car should not be free.

  • http://www.nmadore.com Nancy Madore


  • Dave

    I think I’m grateful to have a well. They offered us the opportunity to hook up when they were running the line. The cost was $60 a foot of your road frontage so being 218 feet across would be 13K now whatever the cost to come back 300 feet to the house plus hookup, no price figured out and now throw a water bill in, and the chemicals they add and than would probably have to upgrade my septic tank, extra pressure would mean more wasted water. Almost forgot you also pay a sewer charge. He is the guy who wants water all to himself, just imagine if got a monopoly on toilet paper, need that as much as you do water

  • http://www.facebook.com/carolyn.r.goyda Carolyn Rose Goyda

    Bayer pharma too – one of the reasons i was targeted in st louis county was exposing the secret sale of the county water to a hidden sub of Bayer who lowered standards and added more chems and replaced workers with contract folks instead .. they shut off my water when i reported the info via Paul Harvey

  • Jcomp

    You got companies fracking and polluting the water – that’s a good sign that Nestle can corner the market. One has to wonder if there’s some huge scheme here? In fact I’m pretty sure. The only way to stop these crazy CEOs is to stop buying.

  • Shanadeen Begay

    He can’t since many Tribes own water rights.

  • Captain All Powerful

    Nestlé’s current Chairman, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe should concern himself with his own infinite “sense of entitlement” and not project it upon the rest of us.

    The man is absolutely mad–as are many, if not most, CEOS today.

    • StarseedGem

      So true Mr All Powerfull ;-) I think it should be WE THE PEOPLE who regain all of our rights and power in today’s society….The way it has been in the past with insane corporate psychopaths running the world HAS TO STOP.. and will stop…. If it does not, we will run our entire planet and all it’s people and animals into the ground.


  • http://www.facebook.com/geraldine.mcbarker Geraldine McBarker

    I think it isn’t you or me or teenage girls who are wasting water – check out the water permanently RUINED by fracking. I can’t even think of all the other industries that waste water millions of tons a day!

  • http://gravatar.com/jdkurson Russell Kurson

    Here in San Francisco, we have Hetch Hetchy. A natural supply of mountain water high in the Sierra Mountains. I personally, do not buy bottled water, ever. This arrogant president of Nestle needs to be taken down a couple of pegs. Perhaps I will stop buying Nestle products altogether.

    • Rick Kitchen

      Yeah, water derived by flooding a pristine mountain valley.

  • Bob Cull

    The amount you pay at the tap is minimal, Vast. Compared to the price of bottled water it is about as close to “free” as you’re going to get. In Boston you would pay $0.005 per gallon for tap water. What brand of bottled water can you buy at that price?

    An even more important fact has nothing to do with price. Testing has proven that many of the most expensive brands of bottled water often have a higher bacteria count than ordinary tap water, MUCH higher.

  • http://twitter.com/DBerryEVillage Danny Berry (@DBerryEVillage)

    Remember what happened in Bolivia when Bechtel tried a stunt like this?

  • http://www.facebook.com/darrylhadfield Darryl Hadfield

    a) You have no rights, you have privileges that you may retain if you maintain your responsibilities;
    b) This is nothing a business can do, it would require governmental intervention, and Tea Party and Libertarian types will tell you that as well;
    c) Anyone who thinks that a naturally occurring resource should be “privatized” needs their head examined. Sorta like those asshats who tried to have rainbarrel water collection outlawed (and in some cases, were successful).

  • David Bradley

    I think people need water like this guy needs air. Let me take total control of his air supply, and we’ll see how fast he changes his mind.

    • james

      no doubt some idiot in thie world if they could charge money for people breathing air they would. im sure again some idiot would make it sound like we are over entitled to air and waste it all the time. if that were the case a few would have since been arrested for being an oxygen thief and we should start at the very top as most of them would be guilty of that offense for coming up with alot of nonsense.

    • StarseedGem


  • http://www.facebook.com/lancecoach Lance Webster

    People seem to forget you can’t live more than a week without water…or liquid that is mostly water. So, Nestle want’s complete and total control of peoples’ lives. Dumb idea. Tea Party will probably go for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mel.h.sr Mel Haun Sr

    I think the LAST thing we need to do is let Nestle control anything. I don’t purchase anything they have touched.. Buy up the water rights… I think not.

  • Bob Cull

    Every time I try to tell a Teapub or “libertarian” that business cannot be allowed free reign they insist that they will always do the right thing if just left alone because it is good for business. How then do they explain this idiot making the absurd claim that we do not have the RIGHT to have access to water?

    • Vast

      Because we have too many idiots trying to tell us what we can and can’t do – because they know what’s best for us – we already pay for water as it is – either the water company or water manufacturers – yeah, we have the option to capture rain water or lake/stream/spring water – but that option has always been there – yet still we pay for purified water – either through tap or bottle

      • barloot

        Vast, your wrong. Private ownership of water is slavery at it’s most basic. And you don’t pay for water in your house you pay for the infrastructure needed and needed to be maintained to get water to your house. This nestle fool is talking about all water, essentially all water that is not rain or snow.

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