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Colbert Destroys IRS Tea Party Scrutiny Conspiracy Theories (Video)

The Colbert Report destroyed the conspiracy theories around the IRS scrutiny of Tea Party groups.  He brought to light, once again, that these groups who were targeted were all 501(c)4′s.  That should sound familiar because Stephen Colbert also created his own 501(c)4 modeled after Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS. Colbert, in an on-air interview with his lawyer, discussed how the 501(c)4 could be used to fund the 501(c)3 with a string of anonymous money that resembled more of a money-laundering scam than a business model (I also let my feelings on the matter be known before even researching the conspiracy).  Yet it was and is still legal thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United ruling, and as Stephen points out in the IRS memos… Colbert’s Super PAC SSH was directly targeted as well by the use of his motto, “Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow” by singling out organizations who alluded that they would “make America a better place to live.”

No, Conservatives weren’t the only people targeted.  The Tea Party is desperately toeing the line of conspiracy scandals in an attempt to avoid financial realities.

Watch the video, courtesy of Comedy Central:

The Colbert Report



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  1. Philip D. Hernandez

    Aha! So it wasn’t just Tea Party Tories… (can’t call ‘em “patriots”). Actually, I want to see all those phony “tax-exempts” get scrutinized, no matter what their political persuasion.

  2. Bob, Can you point me to the article you mentioned? I’d like to show it to a “friend”.

  3. Would be a more effective article if you proofread it…memo’s, eluded, towing…ouch.

  4. I was uncertain how I felt about it when I first heard that ONLY Tea Party organizations were targeted, only because it was not immediately reported that about 300 were looked at and that only about 75 were right wing groups. Why was that fact suppressed in the beginning. When I came across an article this morning telling the whole story I shared it on another forum where those who generally agree with my opinions received the news with a positive response. What amazed me was the total lack of response on the part of the people on the far right. They said NOTHING in response to my post but continued to scream that the President had to be impeached now because he had misused the IRS to target his “enemies.” I saw Colbert’s show where he was walked through the steps to take the money from his PAC and effectively make it disappear and decided at that time that it was obvious why these entities were created in law. There is no question in my mind but what the intent from the start was to create a vehicle for converting money to personal use and avoid any taxation or paper trail to show where it came from, in other words a way to hide BRIBERY.

    • I think that was “75%” to be fair to the numbers. But yeah… if a ton of 501(c)4′s get filed which involve changing America for the better as a blanket statement with no specifics… it’s sort of obviously going to be political even though it isn’t supposed to be allowed.

    • AHA! I got it now… so you were right with the 75 and not 75%, but those were targeted at Tea Party and Patriot keywords. As far as overall Conservatives vs. non-political…well… none of them should have been political.

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