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‘Christian’ Militia NOW Crowdfunding Obama’s Assassination On Facebook (Images)

Everest Wilhelmsen, the leader of Christian American Patriots Militia, said in November that he and his group of delusional Teabagging cretins have a “Second Amendment Authority” to murder President Obama. Wilhelmsen, in a November 19 Facebook posting, claimed that if President Obama did not willingly leave Washington D.C. he would be “dead within a month.”


When that didn’t pan out so well, Wilhelmsen expanded the scope of his threats to include anyone in Congress who supports Obama. “ THE REST OF YOU IN CONGRESS HAD BETTER PREPARE TO DIE…I DOUBT THAT YOUR FIRST CLASS HEALTH INSURANCE POLICIES, (i.e., your exclusion from Obamacare), WILL HELP YOU WITH DEATH AND/OR MULTIPLE GUN SHOT WOUNDS WHEN THE PEOPLE COME FOR YOU !!!” Wilhemsen posted on December 2.



In his Final Warning, Wilhelmsen named specific members of Congress who should fear his group, including “Joe Biden, John Kerry, Eric Holder, Chuck Hagel, Jeh Johnson,all the representatives and senators who were members of Congress in 2008 and 2012, all the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, and judges in other U.S. courts who have dismissed the many lawsuits filed by American citizens alleging that Obama is a foreign infiltrator usurping the Office of President, (i.e., usurping our Sovereignty),—committing fraud against the American People.

He adds, 


Well, that didn’t pan out so well–so Everest is trying a new approach to the “murder the black guy” thing: crowdsourcing, and he is doing it all wrong. Everest has started a new Facebook group aptly named REWARD FOR THE CAPTURE OF OBAMA, in his traditional ALLCAPS.

2-28-2014 4-59-00 PM

Thanks to generous bigots from across the country, Everest’s “Murder the President” drive is up to over $80,000 and counting–and Everest is posting their names publicly!

2-28-2014 4-54-13 PM


Everest’s current donor list includes 22 names, with the amounts they have pledged if the President is abducted or killed.

Total REWARD pledged is at $80,402.00.


To increase the REWARD click on “Pledge” seen in blue above. Then click on “Edit” in the upper right hand corner, add your name and the amount you are pledging. Finally, scroll down and “Save” the document.




I hereby acknowledge that Obama is NOT the President of the United States, but a foreign and domestic enemy who has usurped the Office of President during a time of war, that this makes him a spy and that he is levying war on the United States. I therefore pledge the amount I have put next to my name as a REWARD FOR THE CAPTURE OF OBAMA, DEAD OR ALIVE. My pledge will be given to the person or persons who capture Barack Hussein Obama II and permanently remove him from the White House and Washington DC.


I also acknowledge with my pledge that this REWARD is in accordance with my Natural God Given Right to defend myself, my family, the Constitution of the United States, and our posterity, as accounted for in the United States Declaration of Independence and supported by the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.

  1. Everest Wilhelmsen — $100.00
  2. Michael Taylor — $100.00
  3. Ernie Shaw — $100.00
  4. Beth Owens — $100.00
  5. James R. (Jim) Mines — $100.00
  6. Valerie Denny — $300.00
  7. Mark Kenny — $100.00
  8. Cliff Rideout — $50.00
  9. Dale Shackelford — $200.00
  10. DeAnna DeMarco — $100.00
  11. Randy Couch — $50.00
  12. Liam Clayton — $500.00
  13. Mike Staples — $1,302.00
  14. Tess Gardner — $100.00
  15. Tammy Wagner — $100.00
  16. Brian Derkacz — $200.00 and My Complete Loyalty (Unless I’m the one who collects the reward.)
  17. Jason Mullins — $500.00
  18. Candido J. Colon — $300.00
  19. Brian Lyman — $25,000.00
  20. Robert Price — $50,000 ($75,000 if Captured ALIVE with Hilary Clinton and put on trial for Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!)
  21. Alexander Loutsis — $1,000.00
  22. Joe Tschappat — $100.00

It is our opinion that the Secret Service needs to investigate each and every one of these people. If they are serious enough to offer money–AND put a name by the pledge–for the President’s abduction and murder.

About John Prager

John Prager
John Prager is an unfortunate Liberal soul who lives uncomfortably in the middle of a Conservative hellscape and likes to refer to himself as an "island of reason in a sea of insanity." While he is not a fan of politicians, period, he has developed a deep-seated hatred for the bigotry, fear mongering, and lies of the Right Wing. John also works as a counselor at one of Barry Soetoro's FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator. John's life's aspiration is to rule the world with an iron fist, or find that sock he's been looking for. John can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
  • destiny

    Unless people unite, talk is cheap.

  • DMoney

    Although I think this guy is an idiot and his comments should be ignored, the author of this article is almost just as bad of a human being by turning this into a racism issue. Everest clearly hates democrats of all nationalities and races, so I’m not sure why the author felt compelled to spin the story as a man wanting to “kill the black guy”. Ridiculousness on top of idiocy, thanks for wasting my time with this article.

  • Thom Paine

    Americans against the Tea Party? Why not Neo Bolshevik Cultural Marxist Scum? It it certainly more accurate. Especially in light of the fact that the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights has so little meaning for you! After all if you call people who do care to defend such “teabaggers”? You can or should expect us to reply in kind.

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  • Michael Kirchmann

    Give it up, fellow progressive intellectuals… these fanatic trolls have no redeeming qualities and will irritate humanity until they are tossed on the trash heap of useless participants in the on-going saga of life on Earth.

  • Michael Kirchmann

    Meh. Racist idiot, I have no more time for you.

  • paul fredine

    you’re as nuts as betty!!!! you both belong to the same tea party chapter???

  • Betty Clouse

    I’m not a Hillybilly and I own a Cattle Ranch, Logging Business and Lawncare & Landscaping Serv. also. I’m just sick and tired of liberals trying to shove their lieing crap down my throat. You are so right Obama needs to be impeached today but that will not happen. What you have said is 100% correct and the others are idoits liberals who are idiots whodo not want to listen to the truth!

    • CharlieAdamsInKY

      No, you’re not a hillbilly – hillbillies mostly still retain SOME semblance of honesty, unlike you TeaPubliKKKlan TRAITORS who lie through your godd*mned teeth and pretend to be “patriots” while advocating the overthrow of the United States. Every last one of you scum-sucking vermin needs to be dragged out into the streets and HANGED, and your stinking carcasses left hanging for the flies and the buzzards to clean up.

  • Jamie Krasnoo

    Wow, you guys are still talking about this? Jeepers, move on. Get a life. Nothing happened, Everest wasn’t arrested, they just let him run his mouth. His doesn’t even come close to venom and vitriol I hear from idiots like you guys. Seriously, can’t even have a conversation with loons like you. Do what your precious little whack job of a site “move on” says. Move on and crawl back under the rocks you came from. Ignorant blind fools.

    • paul fredine

      well said. like you, i can’t believe they’re still nattering on about this. i couldn’t believe it when i got a notification of a new comment after all these months.

  • TexasVetgal

    Murder is a bit much…Just arrest the fraud, by all accounts, he is guilty of identity theft, fraud, racketeering, larceny, forgery, in addition to many treasonous and illegal acts. Have the trials for his Treason, along with Congressmen and women who shirked their duty to vet this fraud and usurper. Which is inclusive of the entire Congress, with exception to a few who raised the spectre of his fake credentials. No one asked the socialist Marxist scumbag to come to America and try and destroy it.

    Our bureaucrats in the offices of the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and other federal law enforcement agencies should RE-READ their oaths. When they do, they can go arrest the scumbag n chief for the treasonous scoundrel that he is.

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” -Thomas Jefferson

    • paul fredine

      i’m only replying because i got a notification about this tired old story and all i can say is they sure do grow ’em dumb in texas. to still be pouting because obama won TWO terms only goes to show what a pouty little bigoted baby y’all are. get a grip. get a LIFE!!! hey, maybe if you’re lucky you can vote that idiot cruz into the white house, HAH!!! besides palin and ‘gomer’ gohmert, he’s probably one of the biggest jokes of the teapublcan idiocracy.

      • TexasVetgal

        You’re a liberal douchebag… Beat it commie scum. No one asked for your opinion.. Go back to dressing in your moms clothes in the basement, leave discussions to the adults.

        • paul fredine

          ooooo. commie scum! i’m SOOOOO devastated by your 1950’s name calling but i’m sure the ghost of joseph mc carthy is smiling down on you.

          • TexasVetgal

            I love McCarthy….He has been vindicated !

          • paul fredine

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! you’re dumber than i thought!!!!

          • destiny

            You are pond scum. Libs are bendovers.

          • http://facebook.com/paul.fredine paul fredine

            just got notified you replied to my comment……OF 8 MONTHS AGO!!!!! proving not only are they dumb in texas but SLOW READERS!! and, if you’re not a texan, destiny, you probably should be. you whine like one. now, crawl back in your hole. maybe i’ll hear from you in another 8 months. what an f’n joke! LOL!!

          • destiny

            I got bored and went online and saw your inane drivel.

          • http://facebook.com/paul.fredine paul fredine

            gee, only 2 MONTHS this time. you’re getting better. and inane to you because your ability to comprehend anything that isn’t fed to you by fox is extremely limited it’s about time you learn how to think rather than being told what to think.

          • destiny

            Quit whining. You are still insignificant.

    • Thom Paine

      Bravo! He should’ve been arrested long ago. Any who support his agenda are domestic enemies. (Any Republican, I.e. RINO who voted for the NDAA or the so called “Patriot Act” are also in criminals in gross violation of their oaths. And while I see crowdfunding his assassination for what it is ,(foolish) the failure of our so called representatives to hold him accountable under the law only inspires desperate action and rage which is fully justifiable in the face of undeniable criminality up to and including treason…

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  • TexasVetgal

    Ovomit should be tried and shot for treason and usurpation. Many in Congress deserve the same. I hope to see these vermin exectuted for their participation in usurping the presidency. Even if it means lone wolf assassin’s perform the function for our failed judiciary.
    Their complicity and complaceny regarding the violations of our laws should condemn them all to death. Damn them all to hell.

  • CharlieAdamsInKY

    You’re as big an imbecile and TRAITOR as Betty is. Both of you need to be hanging right alongside your TeaPubliKKKlan TREASON Party heroes.

    • TexasVetgal

      Treason ?….Who violates the Constitution with impunity ? OVOMIT.
      Who violates the rules of the senate and lies to the Amercian People…REID and DEMOCRAPS!
      Get a grip libterd!

      • paul fredine

        if even the slightest fraction of your blather were true, then the republican push to impeach him might have gone somewhere, but, NOOOOOO. just because in your deluded little mind you so want it to be true doesn’t make it so. you want ‘unconstitutional’? how about the rmnj’s attempts turn this country into a theocracy? now, go wash your hood. i’m sure you’ve got a cross-burning to attend.

      • CharlieAdamsInKY

        You are a LIAR and a TRAITOR. Don’t call yourself a “vet”, when you support high treason and the assassination of the sitting POTUS. Hanging is too damned good for you people.

        • TexasVetgal

          OBozO is a fraud and liar…you just cant wrap your tiny liberal brain around the truth.

          • CharlieAdamsInKY

            The TRUTH is that you TeaPubliKKKlanners are TRAITORS, a bunch of FAKE-“patriot” anti-American SUBVERSIVES clamoring for the overthrow of our legitimately elected government because you psychotic FREAKS couldn’t manage to win or STEAL another election. Every last one of TRAITORS deserve to be horsewhipped within an inch of your lives and then HANGED. We should be lining the streets with TRAITORS hanging like over-ripe fruits.

        • LateNightLarry

          Need to give them all the Osama Bin Laden treatment… Shoot their worthless @$$, then bury them at sea within a couple of hours…. Good riddance, but be sure to weight their worthless @$$es down with a ton of steel from the Twin Towers…

    • Betty Clouse

      What are you a nasty Democrate Liberal

      • CharlieAdamsInKY

        I am. Wanna do something about it, “Betty”? Maybe get one of your OTHER sockpuppets to step up and give it a try?

    • TexasVetgal

      Get out of your mom’s basement and out of her clothes. Liberal sack o shiiitt.

  • smb11

    Present your research, please. What are your sources? How about starting with a video of the elementary school children singing a spiritual replacing Jesus’ name with Obama’s. Where is this “steering committee”?

  • Betty Clouse

    All three of you have no brains and never fought in any war chickens. Obama is a nasty jihad muslim who loves Hamas and hates Israel what is that telling you. Next your homo Obama and Hamas will be coming after you three asses…run chickens!!

    • paul fredine

      oh, betty! i need to ask…”never fought in any war chickens.” what are war chickens?? never mind. can tell you never learned proper grammar or punctuation, so let me put it in a way you can understand:
      betty. you be ignant redneck teabagger who ain’t got no idee what you be talkin ’bout. now, go feed them war chickens you be talkin’ ’bout and go do your washin’. your robes and hoods needs washin’ afor the next cross-burnin’.

      • Betty Clouse

        You have to be the most stupid idiot ever. Means you are chicken shi* and never fought in a war of any kind. You are the person with no GRAMMAR MORON! Can’t even spell ignorant dumbass! Yeah you are a redneck who hasn’t even been to college and is trailer trash that has no brains and no education poor pathetic dummy like Obama your brother!!

        • paul fredine

          (the sound you hear is me laughing) oh, betty! first of all, it took you a week to respond? what’s the matter, couldn’t find someone to read my post to you? and still can’t punctuate, i see
          anyway, i understood every word you wrote. you however have no clue when it comes to understanding when someone is being sarcastic and totally mocking you and your post. for you to claim i am the ignorant one just goes to prove my point. you, my dear, are the ‘ig’nant redneck teabagger’ i originally accused you of being.
          now, if you have trouble understanding this, i’m sure you can find someone who has had more ‘edumacation’ than you who is able to tell you what those horrible words mean. words like ‘sarcastic’. oh, and ‘punctuate’…obviously one you don’t understand.

          • Betty Clouse

            Any you are the ignorant dumbass who is a Obama lover who is a liar and has so many scandals and counting. Evidentally you are a muslim lover and homosexual lover also. Pathetic person you are don’t waste my time on you again. You are pathetically braindead!!

          • paul fredine

            OMG!!!! last time it took you a week to respond to my comment. this time it tool you TWO MONTHS!!!! but i see you STILL haven’t learned how to punctuate. that must be great for someone who “own(s) a Cattle Ranch [no need to capitalize unless it’s a proper name of a business], Logging Business [see note on capitalization] and Lawncare and Landscaping Service [see previous notes on….well, you get where i’m going]”. that being said, that does not preclude you from being a ‘hillbilly’. dolly parton is a self-professed and proud ‘hillbilly’ and one could say she’s rather successful. but one thing you can say about dolly, she’s not stupid. you, on the other hand…….

          • Betty Clouse

            No you are the number one idiot of the stupid liberals that wants to tell us what to do…no hell way! I’m not a hillbilly you dumbass. Far as Dolly Parton you have never ever met her I have you ignorant moran. You say lots of crap with no backup on what you say is true. Yes she lived up in the mountains and I have not and don’t claim to be. I was born into a wealthy family in the country with lots of land so shut up you ignorant idiot. I’m sucessful myself and could careless about anyone else’s fortune. You robably don’t own anyting but a bicycle since your all mouth about country stars and what they got….. who cares! You are so ignorant you like to make fun of people when you yourself are so illeterate and don’t even know how to run a business I bet…poor thing he is unsocial and a little wimp..since you want to get nasty. If you make another riduclous statement on here to show your ignorance I will block your stupid mouth. Your mother evidentally didn’t teach you any manners or anything else!
            Have a lousy day!! I’m having a great one going shopping for a new Nissan Maxima or Cadillac STS whichever strikes my fancy. I own now a Chevrolet Impala LTS Sports Sedan love it but time to change again use to own a Cadillac STS just not sure what to get.

          • paul fredine

            someone who has to brag about what they have and what they can afford is surely someone very insecure in who they are and bases their self-worth on material things. and, if as you say, you were born wealthy, you again in your posts show that money can’t provide someone with intellect.

          • Betty Clouse

            What you have nothing..poor boy! Yes I like my stuff you would too if you could afford anything dumb butt!! Oh yes I’m very smart dummy you are not. Bet you never attended college monkey!! I did and got 2 degrees haha. Show you know nothing as usual just a smartass wants people to think is smart and probably you are uneducated wimp!! Are you a guy, woman, gay, transgender, lesbian…showing with a female picture…you are so pathetic which are you Pauline or Paul….?? Oh insecure NO WAY. Will be traveling this weekend by Jet and having fun where you going to the park on your bicycle liberal who loves Obama and all his nast deeds. He wants to take our guns away no way in hell, I have a permit to carry, IRS scandal, Fast & Furious Scandal & Eric Holder his partner in crime, Homosexual rights disgusting perverts, Benghazi, Solyndra & FEDS, Mexican illegals and other nasty immigrants flooding our border with his help and 12 or more in all scandals and more not mentioned. When us Repubs take over we going to kick obammy rear end to the curb and party for a month.

          • paul fredine

            i’m confused by two things here. you say you have two degrees but it appears you can’t spell and STILL don’t know how to use punctuation. but then, a post under ‘guest’ which is word for word one you already posted but includes proper spellings AND punctuation? what gives??? how many of you are there or did you have a proofreader come along to correct what you are incapable of doing on your own?
            once more, ‘I”VE GOT…”, “I HAVE…”, ‘I CAN AFFORD…”. does everything boil down to money for you? it goes along with the fact that you admit to being a selfish, self-centered republican where everything boils down to being about moneymoneymoney, mememe. i may not have what you supposedly have, but i can live with myself simply being a decent person. i see nothing but a very bitter person. i pity you.
            as far as my profile picture….if it had been of my cat would you be asking if i was a cat? your’s is a silhouette. are you just an outline or a shadow? btw, it’s a picture of a woman screaming because halloween is coming, if it’s really any of your concern.

          • CharlieAdamsInKY

            Well, then, you better get yer little “Civil War” started, you scum-sucking treasonous son of a b*tch. Let’s see how quick you scum get your little treason movement stomped into the mud this time – and THIS time, we’ll stomp it so deep, Jesus Christ himself couldn’t resurrect it.

          • Betty Clouse

            What you have nothing..poor boy! Yes I like my stuff you would too if you could afford anything dumb butt!! Oh yes I’m very smart dummy you are not. Bet you never attended college monkey!! I did and got 2 degrees haha. Show you know nothing as usual just a smartass wants people to think is smart and probably you are uneducated wimp!! Are you a guy, woman, gay, transgender, lesbian…showing with a female picture…you are so pathetic which are you Pauline or Paul….??
            Oh insecure NO WAY. Will be traveling this weekend by Jet and having fun where you going to the park on your bicycle. Liberal who loves Obama and all his nasty deeds. He wants to take our guns away no way in hell, I have a permit to carry. He can just shut the heck up because TN is just fine with our guns. Obama your lover head leader in the IRS scandal, fast & furious Scandal & Eric Holder his partner in crime, his so called homosexual rights disgusting perverts, Benghazi, Solyndra & FEDS, mexican diseased & murders, rapist, illegals and other nasty diseased immigrants flooding our border with Obama’s plan to bring millions and more millions in her I hope they take your job since you have no problem with them if you love your Obammy. There are 12 scandals and more not mentioned. When us Republicans take over we going to kick obammy rear end to the curb and party for a month.

          • Betty Clouse

            Oh forgot to add your stupid Obama’s bunch of crap Obamacare & Common Core per Obama a bunch of sadistic crap and lies all rolled into one. He is a communist and a jihad muslim that makes him a liar and a communist muslim liar to Americans!!

          • cjmarley

            “.. are so illeterate”
            I think you might mean “are so illiterate”. Literacy includes spelling correctly.

        • Michael Kirchmann

          Well, Betty Clouse, I have fought in Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, elsewhere (undisclosed), and the Middle East; was twice wounded in combat, and have a fruit salad that would choke a (small) horse, and I say you are full of BS on Obama. I am far from satisfied with Obama’s presidency, but unlike you I have a fully functioning brain. You are simply whacked out with this crap about Obama.

          • Betty Clouse

            Hooray you fought so has my family, Marines, Army, Navy & Air Force. They are not brain dead like you are! You are a liberal nut job who is a crazy has hell! Obama is a liar, thief, corrupt and has more scandals than you can count on one hand. Like Fast & Furious, FEDS, IRS, Homosexual, Benghazi, Solyndra & Holder perjury and more! Last time I counted a dozen or more and list keeps growing. Just like he will no stop all flights coming from those sick Ebola infested countries! Maybe you are one of the nasty evil people?, wanting to take our guns away…you know do away with our 2nd amendment Per constitution…you know what that is don’t you. Like hell Oabma is going to member of NRA and have a permit right to CARRY! Guess you disagree with that one, Evidentally you are one sick white person yourself who agrees with all of Obammys sick evil scandals and could careless about Americans. He only cares for jihad muslims period not you moron!! The Democrats have become the name of tyranny and evilness. Have a lousy day with your buddy in crime Obama and his nasty dems.

          • Michael Kirchmann

            Wow! All of that? LOL. No problem, I actually like fruitcakes.

    • destiny

      Also, Betty, they will realize the truth when their jobs are all filled by the illegals and refugees he is planting all over the country right now and paying the employers to hire those people rather than legit USA citizens. The treaty TPP will export more jobs.

  • jqanderson1

    Sent to the DOJ.

    • destiny

      You are being sent to the DOJ? You are going to be sent to hell.

  • Bill Grant

    When will these idiots realize that if Obama really were actually the dictator-in-disquise that they claim him to be, then they, Boehner, McConnell, Palin, and all the other whack jobs would have “disappeared” in the night by now? I mean, if he really is a communist/socialist dictator, then he really sucks at it.

  • http://lawyersforwarriors.blogspot.com/ rewinn

    How much do you wanna better that 3 or 4 of those names ARE the Secret Service, collecting intel?

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  • Lee

    USA FREEDOM FOR SALE 1.5 MILLION VETS DIED FOR NOTHING! Military, Citizens Invisible Darpa Micro-Implanted And Don’t Know It From Computer! Not a physical Rfid Micro! I am target micro implanted under wifi surveillance as a terrorist in the Land Of The Free! I’m Lee Lee563 at ykcwb.com. I said US was going down 3 years ago (freedom of speech)at Virtuagirl.com message boards, Howard said Obama implanted me! Raymond and millionaire Democrats sell out USA freedom and privacy for 2 million or a year. US military, police and Gov officials without their knowledge are Darpa micro right retina eye implanted and silently monitored for security and surveillance by these retarded agencies. Darpa micro implanting all foreign countries! You Have A USA Darpa 666 Slave Micro In You Now! Sorry Military & Vets Gov. Selling Out US Freedom For-2 Million A Year!

    Urgent This Is Truth You Getting A 666 Demonic Darpa Adv. Alien Tech. Micro Program Implanted Now! Thousands Of Covert Gov. Agencies.
    Obama’s Agents Invisibly Micro-Implant all US Citizens and Target Obama Haters, Christians and Republicans!

    Howard William Raymond said Obama’s Darpa Gov. is offering me 1 million for my freedom of speech, not to post Darpa USA Micro Implantation of USA In God We Trust! Howard Diablo Jr. hates God and everybody! He and agents install a Darpa Invisible Adv. Alien Tech. micro program not a real rfid chip in your right eye retina from your computer and beileve it or not forms an invisible cell phone connection and an invisible cam that can view you at any angle, record, harass or wifi torture one. They use a CA. Jay Leno Comedy Club Wifi Torture Program! This is no joke believe me! I am a victim of covert US Gov. microwave experimentation and Howard Raymond’s love for money selling the US Citizens freedom and sex, he said because that is what he does for good billionaire living!

    US Military and Antichrist haters target Obama’s #1 Wifi expert Howard Diablo Raymond Jr. 72785 Skyward Way, Palm Desert, CA 92260, or 72310 Blue Ridge Ct., Palm Desert. CA. 92260. They put one in me and you, put one in them! Raymond Stated Darpa Top Secret Microwave Weapons Used In Persian Gulf War, Obama Shooting Down Alien Spacecraft For US Technology. Howard said the J Leno gets 100 million a year for wifi tower leases across USA to implant citizens-Land Of The Free! You probably already have your silent invisible micro right retina eye implant program like a chip, I do!
    Raymond said Darpa Obama won’t take them out the micros are for war and security not demonic mind control and wifi torture like he does!

    • https://www.facebook.com/candace.marley68 Candace Marley

      Awesome joke Lee!

    • paul fredine

      omg! the crazy!!! someone call the little men with the butterfly nets!!! definitely needs his meds checked. not strong enough!!

  • adnil17

    Why are you providing a forum for this deluded man to proclaim his seditious insanity? Why are the responders treating his lunacy as though it merits discussion? His views lack a basis in reason, his arguments are nonsensical and yet he has been given a platform from which he can proclaim his ridiculous agenda.

    • https://www.facebook.com/candace.marley68 Candace Marley

      Freedom of speech my dear. Most of us respect it even when others don’t give us the same respect in return.

  • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie

    Simply putting American or Patriots in the name doesn’t make them a TEA Party group. Furthermore it doesn’t make a group part of the TEA Party if you say it is or choose to link them to the TEA Party because that is what you think the group embodies. TEA Party members aren’t just Republicans, they’re Democrats too. Now that that is dispensed with I can get on to how Everest is a complete moron and the Secret Service should be on him like white on rice. While some members of the TEA Party have called for the impeachment of Obama, not one has called for his assassination. Everest apparently has and I condemn it. Threats like this shouldn’t be taken lightly. Also, AATP should be fair and publish known TEA Party leaders condemnations. Everest’s group is not a TEA Party group, there’s no mention of it in their about blurb. This type of speech does not embody the TEA Party principals.

    • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

      Did anyone make that claim?

      • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie

        Yes, John, YOU did.

        “Everest Wilhelmsen, the leader of Christian American Patriots Militia, said in November that he and his group of delusional Teabagging cretins”

        This comment is an attempt to link this group to the TEA Party. Calling TEA Party members racist, bigots and other terms that are untrue is not only unfair but disingenuous. I would like to see you acknowledge that disagreeing with Obama doesn’t make you a bigot or a racist. However I don’t see you rebuking comments calling TEA Party members bigots or racist.

        • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

          Yes, there are a number of Tea Partiers in his group–the majority, in fact. They are not exclusively a Tea Party group. There are “nonpartisans,” “independents,” Libertarians, “Libertarians,” etc. They all have the same beliefs and goals, though. Since they use different labels in an effort to make the Tea Party seem more diverse than it actually is, I can’t rightfully call it a Tea Party exclusive group. “Teabagging” was used as a general term to describe a shared political ideology.

        • Bill Roberts

          They absolutely are teabaggers!!! If the teabaggers were able to cut spending as much as they’re calling for and they got their way on just some of their demands everyone knows it would completely destroy our economy. The rest of us don’t believe the teabaggers are that stupid so we must try to understand what their real motives are!!…… The only thing that makes sense is that they’re racist

          • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie

            Bill, do you have any proof that cutting spending would destroy the economy? I’ve got proof that it would help, just look at history. When we had a balanced budget during the Clinton years, thanks to a Republican named Newt Gingrich, our economy went through the roof. Shocking, I know. Your reason and accusation of racism is simply a bullying tactic to avoid the argument.

            Watch this, I think Pat here has hit the nail on the head for most of the people who tow the party line on this site and scream and point at Conservatives as racist with no proof other than that of their own opinion. People like you always perpetuate that minorities constantly need special handling and help instead of actually treating them as equals. Keeping them in this perpetual state is racist in itself.


            Like Pat says, nobody wears racist better than people like you.

          • https://www.facebook.com/candace.marley68 Candace Marley

            Jamie…you’re referring to a time period when we weren’t dealing with an obstructionist congress.

            And if you are unable to see some of the racism coming from that side then you are living in a vacuum. I don’t call anyone racists until they show they are and I’ve seen PLENTY of it coming from the tea party. But I’m not one to call the entire party racist. I’m quite sure there are liberal racists too. But what I’ve noticed is that if you call out a TP for being racist they just turn around and call the person who called them out on it a racist just for recognizing the racism. I’m capable of recognizing racism…does that make me a racist?

          • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie

            Candace, what racism is coming from the Tea Party? Give examples of when it happened. Everyone is capable of recognizing racism and that’s not the argument. So don’t change the subject. Democrats get away with calling the Tea Party and Conservatives racist for the evils that they themselves have actually done. You all like to think you’re all about equality and fairness, but you can’t force fairness without being unfair to others. Democrats project their own sentiments on the Tea Party so they can get away with their own bigotry, and that includes you. If you want people to pull their weight, you’re a racist. If you want fiscal responsibility, you’re racist. If you expect minorities to be an equal part of society, you’re a racist. If you treat minorities as equals, you’re a racist.

            As for your comment about Congress being obstructionist. You think cooperation is when Republicans lay down, step out of the way and go “to the back of the bus” as Obama wants them to do. Newsflash! That’s not how it works! If something comes up that Republicans/Conservatives/Anyone with common sense think is bad for the country. Not only is it their right to try to stop it, it’s their DUTY as Americans. You guys claim that you’re the party of openness and tolerance, but you’re only that way when people agree with you. When they don’t, you try to destroy them instead of having a dialogue, because you want to force your ideology on others.

          • http://gravatar.com/fortystitches484 Michael Kirchmann

            The problem with the Tea Party is they believe their own lies. All of them, collectively, are not worth a bucket of spit when it comes to safe-guarding the foundations of our democracy.

          • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie

            The problem with people like you is that you don’t realize the hypocrisy you create. You call everything the Tea Party does a lie, yet you offer no proof, no example, nothing. You have no clue, not an ounce. The only thing you offer is hatred for those who disagree with you. You’re a disgrace as an American. Your openness, is a lie. Your tolerance, is a lie. You substitute a hateful opinion as fact. You think keeping people on welfare is a good thing, it’s not, it’s a cruel gimmick and a bribe for votes. Eventually other peoples money run out. You refuse to do the math, but you think with your emotions and not logic, and that will be your downfall. Welfare is a disincentive to work when people are kept on it too long. What happens when the money runs out? You blame others for what you have done and take no responsibility. When it all goes down. I’ll be just fine, as I’ll be self sufficient. THAT is what being an American is. THAT is the American dream. NOT being dependent on and a slave to the government.

    • http://ofthehighest.wordpress.com ofthehighest

      Jamie, I have not called for the assassination of Obama, but for his CAPTURE. I have made it very clear that if Obama violently opposes his capture that he may be killed as a matter of self defense. Because the chain of command within the government has been totally corrupted, (i.e., no one in the government has even attempted to arrest Obama for his usurpation of the Office of President and other willful violations and the alienation of our Constitution, every American now has the Natural God Given Authority to remove Obama from the White House.

      • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

        I would suggest you take a look back through your own writings. If nothing else, many of them have been preserved for posterity here.

        • https://www.facebook.com/john.magin John Magin

          Fools don’t think these things through. If even attempting to “capture” the President, that presupposes some kind of armed backup. Walk onto the White House lawn sporting weapons and you will be cut down like any other terrorist-assasin, or at the very least beaten to the ground and carted off like Squeeky From and John Hinkley. Both are still in mental institutions btw. Attempt to make some kind of ludicrous arrest and you will be laughed at and the Secret Service detail will kindly escort you out. Your God-given right is not entitled to acts of incitement to violence or treason. Had you actually read the Constitution, you would know that there are measures in place for removal of the Chief Executive, and have been exercised a handful of times over the past 236 years. Odds are against you, tea baggers.
          Put the crack pipe down and get off the computer.

          • http://ofthehighest.wordpress.com ofthehighest

            John Magen, the facts reveal that Obama is not “the Chief Executive,” so he cannot lawfully be impeached by the House of Representatives. The lawful way to remove Obama is by arrest, but the present chain of command in this government is refusing to do so. Therefore, the militia, including any individual in the militia, has lawful authority under the right to a defense and the 2nd Amendment to capture and remove Obama. If Obama chooses to violently oppose his capture (arrest), then he risks his life because each individual in the militia not only has a right to his/her defense, but a duty to defend the Constitution of the United States (the Republic).

          • https://www.facebook.com/candace.marley68 Candace Marley

            I’m am still waiting for that SOLID proof that he is not our “legitimate” POTUS. No one has been able to provide that yet.

          • http://gravatar.com/fortystitches484 Michael Kirchmann

            Oh, what a tangled web we weave… this man does not need prison; a padded cell, yes.

          • http://gravatar.com/fortystitches484 Michael Kirchmann

            Don’t hold your breath waiting for a factual and legitimate response. At best you can expect cherry-picked blurbs and misinterpreted quotes providing ‘proof’ of this idiots claims.

          • https://www.facebook.com/john.magin John Magin

            “John Magen, the facts reveal that Obama is not “the Chief Executive,” so he cannot lawfully be impeached by the House of Representatives. The lawful way to remove Obama is by arrest, but the present chain of command in this government is refusing to do so. Therefore, the militia, including any individual in the militia, has lawful authority under the right to a defense and the 2nd Amendment to capture and remove Obama. If Obama chooses to violently oppose his capture (arrest), then he risks his life because each individual in the militia not only has a right to his/her defense, but a duty to defend the Constitution of the United States (the Republic).”

            Spelling is clearly not the Teahadist’s strong suit. My name is clearly spelled out in black and white. OTH uses Wilhelmsen’s pic , and yet calls for the armed revolt against the President. Then back peddles and calls for his “capture”. Calls his Office invalid, even after BHO being voted in by an overwhelming popular and electoral majority. So clearly, a tiny minority of whiny bitches are in the right and 65 million people are wrong.

            Please re-read “We now have the authority to shoot Obama, i.e. kill him”. That’s murder and assassination. You associate with EW, either you are him, a fictional Facebook construct troll or you are in league with him. You are no patriot to the the laws and rules of the Republic-perhaps your own skewed version of a log cabin Unabomber one, but not to the United States. I pity you, especially when you are alone in the prison showers and no guards around to hear your cries. Please die in an unmarked prison grave you twisted old fool.

        • http://ofthehighest.wordpress.com ofthehighest

          John Prager, please be more specific. Where in my “own writings” do you believe that I have called for the assassination of Obama?

          • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager
          • http://ofthehighest.wordpress.com ofthehighest

            John, in the “example” you posted above I do not call for the assassination for Obama. What I did was simply inform the American People of their authority under the law, i.e., my opinion of what the law permits. Explaining the law to the American People is covered under my First Amendment Right (Freedom of Speech). You might wish to also take note of the following:

            18 USC Sections 242, 242
            42 USC Sections 1983, 1985, 1986

            Violation of civil rights UNDER COLOR OF LAW.

      • paul fredine

        by “only” advocating his capture, you are still promoting an act of treason or sedition. in my book you are not a patriot. you, sir (and believe me using that word is not a sign of respect, but they’d never print what i’d prefer to call you), are a traitor and a disgrace to what this country and the majority of it’s citizens stand for.

        • http://ofthehighest.wordpress.com ofthehighest

          Paul, it is not the majority of citizens that rule our nation. It is the Constitutional rule of law that rules. Advocating the capture of Obama is in accordance with the rule of law. It is not treason to defend oneself, one’s family, our Constitution, and the nation from an enemy of the United States. As for “sedition,” Obama is not the government.

          • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

            Are you seriously arguing for direct democracy by means of violent overthrow? (and you HAVE stated “dead or alive” among other things.)

          • paul fredine

            so “higher”, you would intend to invalidate the “will of the majority”since that’s what the vote indicated in order to introduce the “will” of a small group as “the law of the land”. if you don’t like obama, for whatever reasons you have, you can go right ahead and express your displeasure. but don’t try to couch your blatant advocacy of a government overthrow on a constitutional basis. no matter what your delusional mind tells you, you are not the majority. you do not speak for most of us. you are, for the most part, a pathetic whiner still upset that you couldn’t keep obama out of the white house, haven’t been able to get your way through bullying and now resort to outright threats. time and history will show you for what you truly are, and believe me, patriot will have nothing to do with it

          • http://ofthehighest.wordpress.com ofthehighest

            John and Paul, the United States is a Constitutional Republic. If you have ever said or heard the Pledge of Allegiance you would remember the words “I pledge allegiance to the Flag and to the Republic for which it stands.” A Republic protects the minorities in society, the smallest minority being the individual, each one having his/her human rights. These human rights are accounted for in the united States Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Paul, you are advocating mob rule. The majority cannot lawfully abuse the rights of individuals. In any case Obama is ineligible to assume the Office of President and because the American votes were not informed by Congress (although Congress knew he was ineligible), fraud was committed against the American People. Obama’s ineligibility and Congress’ and Chief Justice John Robert’s refusal to inform the American voters of his ineligibility in fact reveal that there was no election, but that Congress and Chief Justice John Roberts appointed Obama to the Office of President. To make matters even worse numerous others who have sworn to support and defend our Constitutionhave been conspiring with Congress and John Roberts to support and defend Obama — all of them usurping the Office of President and committing treason.

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  • jimmy torwich

    Arrest and Life in Prison without Possibility of Parole for all these moron Idiot bigots.

  • http://www.liberalkitty.com/ Crystal Stephens

    I discovered tonight that a member of the MO Tea Party is a member of this group and lives in my town. His name is Don Carnes. He is in the list of members of the Christian American Patriots group on facebook…and he is also a top member of the MO Tea Party. Not that I am surprised but I think this shows the mindset of the teabaggers in Congress. These people are nuts.

  • http://twitter.com/blkHUSSEINpearl jelly HUSSEIN bean (@blkHUSSEINpearl)

    It’s people like this POS Everest that sometime I wish PBO were the dictator they claim he is, so people like Everest would be taken out back, blindfolded and shot for treason and domestic terrorism

    • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie

      So, you would rather have a dictator than be lead by a President who follows the Constitution and protects your right to dissent? Remember, with dictators you don’t know when they’re going to turn on you, take you out back, blindfolded and shot for not only treason but what ever else is on their mind.

  • http://www.liberalkitty.com/ Crystal Stephens

    All of the links for this idiot and his follower stating exactly what they intend are in my notes

  • Jules

    I have been reporting the Facebook page for the past 3 days and was told it does not go against FB rules!!! How can it not??

    • Alex

      It takes like a million dam reports before FB will do something….

  • http://gravatar.com/fortystitches484 Michael Kirchmann

    How very Christian of you.. a rabid pack of ignorant raving fools. Get a freaking life.

  • https://plus.google.com/105995054176380031602 Robert Rock

    Just report to the Secret Service and report both his personal page and both groups for credible threats of violence. I think the Secret Service will pay this man a visit with a quickness as well as every person who pledged money. I’d love to see some of these right wing whackos go to jail. I made a personal phone call to the Secret Service just a few minutes ago. Everyone else needs to do the same.

  • https://www.facebook.com/robpriceincalifornia Robert Price

    “I suggest everyone do as I did and bombard this moron with friend requests and then pledge a ridiculous amour of money. After all he his enough of a dip shit to give EVERYONE editing rights to the pledge page: Here is how I edited it:


    Ok. Let’s put a stop to this idiocy right now. It has gone on a little too long, though it is heartening to see that there are less than 100 followers.

    Frankly I am surprised that it has taken someone this long to put this farce to an end.

    As for the delusional lunatic who started this inanity:



    Not only is Everest Wilhelmsen delusional and sad, but he clearly doesn’t understand how the internet works. Just because someone pledges money, doesn’t mean they will actually pay? Did you really believe people were going to pay tens of thousands of dollars for your idiotic grasp for attention?

    Did you also think it was a good idea to give the general public editing access to your pledge site?

    And for the people who took this seriously and were actually going to pay money, I suggest you invest in Prozac and a GED class.

    Robert Price”

  • http://ofthehighest.wordpress.com ofthehighest

    The REWARD FOR CAPTURE OF OBAMA and REWARD FOR CAPTURE OF CLINTON are not acts of sedition, nor encouraging anyone to “murder”. I suggest all who have commented on this article look at the truth (facts): Obama has dual nationality and usurped the Office of President during a time of war. That fact does make him a spy. As for Hillary Clinton, she is one of his co-conspirators and has covered for him from the first day he started campaigning. Neither of them are elected representatives or officials of the people. If you care at all for our nation, you would join all of us who are seeking Obama’s removal from the White House. If you are so eager to accuse someone of “murder,” you should be focusing your attention on Obama and Clinton.

    • http://www.johnprager.com John Prager

      Wait…you said to look at facts and present fiction in their stead? Shameful, Everest!

      • http://ofthehighest.wordpress.com ofthehighest

        John, what do you find to be “fiction”? Afford me a chance to defend myself. You do believe in a person being innocent until proven guilty, don’t you?

        • http://www.johnprager.com John Prager

          OK, please–sell us on why Barack Obama deserves to be abducted or killed, then.

          • http://ofthehighest.wordpress.com ofthehighest

            John, what did you find to be “fiction”? I have posted in this article many reasons why Obama should be removed from the White House, and will be posting more. What in my article thus far do you find to be “fiction”? Facts are important to me, so if you can show where I do not have facts I will remove what you can verify to not be fact.

          • paul fredine

            we’re waiting. prove your “facts”. and no links to what would be obviously biased conspiracy sights. but, then again, you can’t because you would never believe anything that would not fully support you delusions. and naturally you’ll say the same thing about me because you can’t believe that anyone could actually have an open mind….a concept totally foreign to you. i’d feel pity for you, but it’s not worth the effort. and with those words, i have decided….neither are you. goodbye. you are definitely the weakest link.

          • https://www.facebook.com/john.magin John Magin

            Ofthehighest is a loony who has been spoon fed lies by single-source propagandists and supposed Constitutional scholars. What he fails to realize is that kidnapping or capture of a Federal employee, (at minimum an assault) carries a minimum seven year sentence. I recall one clown strolling into a Federal office attempting to make a “citizen’s arrest” right after BHO was elected. Fool didn’t realize a CA requires the perp to be there, and involved in the act for it to be any kind of valid. Go back to Fox Snooze, gramps and keep the yelling at your TV to a minimum before your neighbors call the cops on you for disturbing the peace.

          • http://thunderinthepost.wordpress.com Shifflett

            I’m usually not one for politically charged theater, but this is a full-frontal display of derangement at it’s absolute finest. I’m just saying.

    • https://www.facebook.com/candace.marley68 Candace Marley

      The truth as presented by who? Faux news? The tea party? YOU?Show me cold hard facts. Put a piece of paper in my hand and prove to me that what you call is truth is indeed facts. You and I both know you cannot do it. To call any of you loons patriots are misnomers. I truly pity all of you who find yourself disappointed at the end of Obama’s term and find this country is still standing without the implosion y’all have been claiming will happen in the past 5 yrs but we have yet to see.occur.

    • http://gravatar.com/tvanderm tvanderm


      “Obama has dual nationality and usurped the Office of President during a time of war.”

      Got proof of this?

      “As for Hillary Clinton, she is one of his co-conspirators and has covered for him from the first day he started campaigning.”

      Yeah, which is why he ran against him in the Democratic primaries. Seriously, did you not follow any politics in the past 5 or 6 years?

      “Neither of them are elected representatives or officials of the people.”

      Actually Clinton was a Senator in 2008 until she became the Secretary of State. And Obama was elected as Illinois State Senator, then a US Senator from Illinois, and then elected as POTUS TWICE! He won both the popular vote and electoral vote handily. In both 2008 and 2012, the election was called for him before midnight!

    • Chrysoprase

      OK, I get it, you’re some clown pretending to be that other clown. As deranged as that other clown is, I find it hard to believe that anybody would string together such a sequence of equivocations and non sequiturs if it wasn’t in an attempt to satirize.

    • https://www.facebook.com/MichaelJamesWebster Michael Webster

      The legitimate election of Obama is some kind of “usurpation” to these paranoid delusional traitors, but they never raised an eyebrow at the two illegitimate elections of George W Bush, the most incompetent and disasterous American president in history.

    • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie

      Um, Everest. In the article above there’s a section with names of individuals and the words within the pledge. If you can supply the original link where the pledge is so I can see for myself what is written there that would be appreciated. Here in the article I see words that say “DEAD OR ALIVE”. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a threat against the President’s life. If you didn’t put that there and John edited it to say that then we have a problem. Though I’m not a fan of John’s apparent hostility towards conservatives I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he didn’t change it till proven otherwise.

    • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie

      I found the link and post myself. John did not edit the text shown in the article. This is a bona fide threat against the President. This is unacceptable and I vehemently condemn your actions sir.

  • Shawn Crippen

    Really, Gary? And who might that be?

    • paul fredine

      i wanted to ask the same thing. to whom is he referring?

  • larry beshears

    People can call themselves Christians, but the Bible calls many liars! “Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.”
    ~ 1 John 4:20-21

  • WIWoman

    I am all in favor of using taxpayer dollars to build a special kind of prison to house these people. I hate my governor, but I would never disrespect the office or talk about assassinating him. I hated that Bush was our president for another four years but I did not wish that bumble head dead or call for his assasination. I think a poll needs to be taken that shows how many times Obama has been threatened in comparasion to any other president. That way we can shove it in the face of those that claim racism no longer exists in America.

  • radpat_USA

    Can we only hope the next American military invasion and occupation takes place in that massive void of nothingness found between the ears of elements of those claiming allegiance to the Tea Party?

  • Kenneth Williams

    Sir I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution and the people of the United States against all foes foreign or domestic.
    You sir should run.
    He is the president of the United States. I will protect and defend him as well.
    Turn yourself in that’s the only way to keep safe.
    If something happens to the president or any of the people on the list. You will find yourself in a lot of pain. It won’t be fast for you. Remember run.

    • https://www.facebook.com/john.magin John Magin

      look at it this way, the FBI now has a list of conspirators. Offering 25-50k for a “hit” is sure enough way to spend time in the Federal Pen. Just shows you how stupid Cons are. Law abiders, lol. THey should change their stolen slogan “Molon Labe” to “Moron Label”

  • http://www.liberalkitty.com/ Crystal Stephens

    Now they have a Reward for Hilary Clinton as well http://ofthehighest.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/reward-for-capture-of-clinton/

  • http://twitter.com/youfoundthecard We Are Legion (@youfoundthecard)

    What I find interesting is that when you check out the group on FB, one of the members liset is Meteor Blades from DailyKOS. He was apparently added by an admin named Richard Cranium. Makes me wonder.

    • http://www.johnprager.com John Prager

      I’ve personally spoken to the Secret Service regarding him. He’s real.

    • https://www.facebook.com/john.magin John Magin

      Unleash the goats!

  • L.Goodall

    You must excuse me I at first thought this was some sort of twisted joke, though not funny. Never the less a joke.
    but as I understand this post it is not a fabrication or the ramblings of someone in dire need of psychiatric help.
    that being said I have a question. Why is this person not in jail? Why are the people supporting this idiot not in jail. The persons who gave money for the express purpose of offering a reward for the murder of the President of the United States. Why are they not behind bars?
    I don’t get it. I’ve always been under the impression that all one needed to do was to publicly or in private among “so called friends” make a veiled threat against an elected official and you would be paid a visit by law enforcement.
    And this is the President and Vice President along with the Congress?
    I’m confused.

    • http://nostolencatpictures.wordpress.com jimgramze

      I think any sort of reaction would be the proof some of these idiots need to justify their “cause.” As the first black president, Obama is in a rather unique position. It must be horribly difficult for him and because of this and other situations and the way he keeps a calm and steady demeanor I respect him all the more. I’d personally go ballistic, Obama stays the course. I assume he is exercising wisdom in laying off these idiots and the Secret Service is on high alert and keeping tabs on these people.

  • Elizabeth

    Does anyone else find it hilarious that this guy has made himself a GIANT target amidst times when drone strikes on civilians are legal? I agree that Obama needs to step down and not return to office and his policies be dismissed, but this is definitely the wrong way to go about it. There are so many easier ways to go about this that doesn’t involve threatening others or your own life (because it is a fact that any assassination attempt is suicide on the part of the assassin).

    • https://www.facebook.com/christopher.wyskowski Christopher Wyskowski

      Not legal, or done. Did Fox tell you this bs?

  • https://www.facebook.com/garycarlyle Gary Carlyle Cook

    Obama has been complicit in the murder of at least one young American. Returning violence isnt right but nor is it a surprise.

    • https://www.facebook.com/craig.johnston.5496 Craig Johnston

      How many did W Bush and his crew kill? What of the Iraqis? 2 illegitimate wars based on lies. And don’t forget about the dozen embassy attacks during his presidency (when it was unpatriotic to go against the administration).

      This is nothing short of sedition (conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.) The Sedition act of 1918 forbade the use of “disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language” about the United States government, its flag, or its armed forces or that caused others to view the American government or its institutions with contempt. Those convicted under the act generally received sentences of imprisonment for 5 to 20 years.

      These people are breaking our laws. They are not patriots.

    • http://www.liberalkitty.com/ Crystal Stephens

      Let me guess..Benghazi? Will you get over it. Start being concerned about the people dying on American soil because of Republican policies

      • CerebralCyclist


      • Nullifidian

        Crystal, I believe the reference is to the 16-year-old son of Anwar al-Awlaki, Abdulrahman, a U.S. citizen born in Denver and killed for no other reason than it was feared that he would want to avenge his father’s death, which was another extrajudicial killing of an American citizen since the father was born in Las Cruces.

        I have to say that I’m worried about the president being invested with the ability to arbitrarily kill people, much less U.S. citizens, based on nothing more than his say-so and their relatedness to other people that the president has had murdered at his discretion. And I worry about this regardless of which wing of America’s permanent one-party government he claims allegiance to.

        • John McGonagle

          I love how Tea Party “patriots” love to defend this kid like he was an angel sent from heaven, when in fact, he was plotting to murder us on our own soil. If you seriously think the US government is coming to kill you and “we” need to do something about it, then I’m sure there was at least one person who would have agreed with you. His name was Timothy McVeigh. Do you not see the glaring similarities in what McVeigh believed in and what the tea party believes and stands for?

          • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie


            It’s funny how you can come up with a way to connect Timothy McVeigh and the TEA Party. Your association is so far out in left field it’s laughable. Timothy McVeigh’s actions stemmed from his anger of how the Branch Davidians were treated. His actions and mental state over the months spun out of control, culminating with the bombing. That’s a far cry from what the TEA Party stands for. Unlike the Occupy movement, TEA Party rallies never ended in riots, destruction of property, arrests, or the blockade of streets.

          • Nullifidian

            I love how Tea Party “patriots” love to defend this kid like he was an angel sent from heaven, when in fact, he was plotting to murder us on our own soil.

            I love how people assume that anyone who criticizes Obama even for the crime of murder is automatically a teabagger.

            I’d also remind you that there is no evidence that Abdulrahman al-Awlaki was “plotting to murder us on our own soil”. You remember “evidence”, don’t you? It’s that thing that liberals demanded when Bush was locking up people in Gitmo and Bagram A. F. B. without benefit of charge or trial and pushing the idea that Hussein had WMDs, but which they promptly forgot about when Obama was elected.

            I don’t think the government is out to kill me, but it is out to kill lots of other people using means it knows full well will generate lots of “collateral damage” (as if “Oops!” is ever a defense against war crimes), and it doesn’t even brook killing people who are U. S. citizens without charge or trial first.

            If the Tea Party sounds like McVeigh, I think it would be fair to say that you sound like Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Rumsfeld with your rhetoric about 16-year-olds “plotting to murder us on our own soil” and implicitly how we should let our fear of this outcome trump due process and every other Constitutional protection. I fear the neocons much more than I fear another McVeigh—he killed fewer people.

          • Nullifidian

            Jamie, at Occupy, the riots were instigated by the police, and you don’t need to fear getting arrested as long as you’re carrying water for the bosses, which is precisely what the Tea Party does every day of its astroturfed existence.

          • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie

            Null, explain to me how the riots were instigated by the police? What? By simply being there? That’s their job, TO BE THERE. Occupy protesters “occupied” private land by force, becoming a nuisance. The protestors were told told to disperse and they didn’t. The police, doing their jobs, got them out. The occupy protesters, doing a great job of trashing the places they occupied, did a terrible job of expressing the meaning of their message. They had none, and 90% of the protesters had no clue as to why they were there.

            Tea Party groups are not subservient to anyone, unlike Occupy, where the unions stepped in to fill the vacuum if leadership, started paying protesters to be there. Talk about astroturfing. Oh, not to mention the individuals that were elected as a result of Tea Party influence were not mainstream politicians.

          • Nullifidian

            Null, explain to me how the riots were instigated by the police? What? By simply being there?

            And using force far in excess of what was required in order to shut down a nonviolent protest. Here in my city, San Diego, Occupy protestors had bones broken and one man was even choked by police for the “crime” of vagrancy, a charge that has been used to limit the movements of poor people and shut down protests in this city ever since San Diego’s Free Speech Fight with the I.W.W. I saw it unfold live. Did you or did you just get the police spin and lies?

            The protestors were told told to disperse and they didn’t.

            Gosh! It’s almost as if they were practicing civil disobedience! That surely legitimizes giving them a beat-down. Nothing worse than not immediately obeying the orders of a cop, after all.

            They had none, and 90% of the protesters had no clue as to why they were there.

            Do you know that or is that just what you were told? Because it seems to contradict the idea that they were so entrenched that it took brutal violence to evict them. Not many people who are at a place for no reason will stick around even after the truncheons and tear gas come out. It just doesn’t work that way.

            This line that the media fed the public was brilliantly skewered in this cartoon: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/10/10/1024469/-But-what-do-they-want?

            That the corporate-owned mass media pretended not to understand the Occupy message doesn’t mean that there wasn’t one. But if you want to criticize for lack of a clear message, what’s the “clear message” of the Tea Party? Obama is a Kenyan-born usurper? Sure, that’s much more rational than protesting economic injustice.

            Tea Party groups are not subservient to anyone, unlike Occupy, where the unions stepped in to fill the vacuum if leadership, started paying protesters to be there.

            That’s bizarre. I was with the Occupy movement from the outset, and this is the first time I’ve heard of the union gravy train. It’s almost like this is a complete fiction. How would this work anyway? The Occupy movement was an autonomous protest movement loosely and independently organized through social media. Where would the unions have remitted their payments since there was no top-down organization that could see the funds got disbursed properly? Did they just stand on the street corner handing out fives and tens? I have to ask because I didn’t see them there.

            Oh, not to mention the individuals that were elected as a result of Tea Party influence were not mainstream politicians.

            Well, I will have to concede that one: the Tea Party politicians are idiots and loons, but they still serve the interests of corporate America, and that is worth more in the eyes of a Koch than whether they dribble on about birth certificates.

      • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie


        What Republican policies are those, and can you give an example of an individual who died as a result of those so called “policies”?

    • Pamela

      How many deaths is Bush Jr. ‘complicit’ in??? Can you count that high???

      • https://www.facebook.com/john.magin John Magin

        Hard to count to ten with your thumb up yer arse. lol.

  • Jennifer Jacoby Trippeer

    Gee, when I took history and civics back in the dark ages, we were taught that such threats were illegal. Now, why aren’t they in jail??

    • http://facebook Frederick Holt

      For all of you questioning why these people are not in jail, here is a more pertinent question. If the president were white and all of the contributers to his assassination were black, would they be in jail?

      • Madeleine Dewar

        I think it would have been the fastest jailing of a group of “terrorists.” Funny how justice by color works.

  • Kayla

    Darn, your comment box recognizes html tags, so that didn’t work lol

  • Kayla

    Hey, try using instead of []….

  • Joan Thomas

    If someone throws popcorn at me, that is enough of a threat to justify shooting them, but soliciting murder as actually offering money for someone’s death on a public website is not a problem? Facebook stop being so spineless and enforce your own policies or you may find b yourself in the next jail cell down from these guys!

  • Wayne

    I guess they don’t see the irony of contributing to a Hit List and hence they are now the Hit List. Fools and their money are soon parted.

  • https://www.facebook.com/candace.marley68 Candace Marley

    Nothing but attention whores. If he was serious he’d just get off his butt and get his own butt shot trying to assassinate Obama instead of trying to incite others to do it.

  • Carrie

    This should be reported to the Secret Service.

  • http://facebook Harold Aylsworth

    The only thing the president has done wrong is being black while president. He cares for everyone in this country including this group of complete idiots.

    • CerebralCyclist

      Precisely. They’re a bunch of racists who are terrified that Old White Men are losing their hold on the nation. Having grown up in the Deep South, it’s no surprise to me.

  • http://[email protected] joeytranchina

    I began to write my comment then I looked up at Michelle’s comment
    just above the space and it was my comment word for word:

    “Why is this man not in prison?”

    I’d only add: Why is the man not in prison along with every person
    who contributed money to fund this psychotic criminal conspiracy.

  • http://facebook http://www.leg.state.vt.us/workGroups/sexoffenders/AWA_SORNsummary.pdf – sotamis

    They should be eligible for arrest and trial now, but when someone whose oars don’t quite reach the water takes them up on the reward poster, the federal government can take their lives.

  • Faukes

    They allowing it to build a CASE. :-)

  • https://www.facebook.com/prairiski Mitch Cartwright

    I’m thinking that donor #20 is actually on the list just for for the trolling sarcasm

    • LS Dee Dee

      I thought the exact same thing. :)

    • http://caerlyons.wordpress.com caerlyons

      Also, number 9 is a King of the Hill character.

  • R.F.

    I think the Facebook staff who reviews this kind of stuff, slept through history class. They are probably little spoiled children who are completely ignorant and naive.

  • http://twitter.com/MaxxxCoffee Max Petcoff (@MaxxxCoffee)

    I sort of think (and hope) that this is a scam with the sole purpose of robbing racists.

    • D. King

      It would be nice, but I doubt it, Max. Just as people sent thousands of dollars to George Zimmerman, there are plenty of people who’d be quite happy to subsidize an assassination. Hmmm. Wonder if this guy or group is reporting the money to the IRS?

      Don’t laugh–they got Al Capone on tax evasion charges!

      • Elizabeth

        LOL that would be hilarious. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  • https://www.facebook.com/catt.cantu Catt Cantu

    They’ve since closed off their page to non-members. How cute! Not only are they stupid enough to threaten the President of United States publicly, but the actually believe this will keep people from seeing what they write!

    Now excuse me while I Face-morph myself into Jesse Helm’s great-nephew and knock on their door…..

  • radpat_USA

    Obviously this loon does not know much about Obama or the Constitution, ugh?

  • Lisa

    I have reported this group to the FBI, Secret Service, and of course, Facebook.

  • http://www.brovwade.com Tim

    You can report them to facebook too, I did. Just go to their page here https://www.facebook.com/groups/417199228403274/ then on the right of ‘create group’ there’s a star that will bring a pull down menu and one of those options is to report the page for a credible threat of violence. I also chose the send the admins a message.

    • Elizabeth

      Done and Done. :D

    • Shawn Crippen

      Thanks, Tim–I just reported them to FB. Not that I expect them to do anything about it…they never do.

  • Dave

    Arrest everyone who donated and put them to DEATH!

    • http://gravatar.com/latenightlarry latenightlarry

      Don’t bother with the death penalty for these cretins… just declare all their property and money forfeited for treason, and send them to Somalia, the country with the least effective “government” in the world… Give them ONE AK-47 and one thousand rounds of ammunition, and enough MRE’s for one month… chances are they’ll be out of ammunition and/or dead before the month is up.

  • Woodstockgurl

    Please, AATTP – may I make a personal attack on this wingnut? I know it goes against your comments policy, but I really truly think he deserves an exception.

  • http://AATTP Don Doyle

    What is the secret service doing about these bigots and nut cases? All of them should be arrested for sedition.

    • kentuckywoman

      Sedition, hell! This is a conspiracy to murder! How in the hell is this even allowed on FB? Where is the Secret Service? It’s against the law to conspire to commit murder and offer money for it! How does FB allow this? Zuckerberg could end up losing FB over this, if he isn’t careful……I would surely THINK.

    • https://www.facebook.com/FracturedChaos Lorrie FracturedChaos Crabtree

      Oh, I have little doubt that he’s being watched very closely. An actual attempt at assassination will garner a heavier penalty than just making the threat. Besides, he’s trying to get an entire group together to do this, so the NSA and Secret Service are just waiting until they have plenty of evidence to put away a lot of domestic terrorists all at once.

    • http://[email protected] joeytranchina

      They don’t need to go to any esoteric charge like “sedition.”
      This is your garden variety conspiracy to commit murder.

      PS. I’ve been for the closing of Gitmo, but I think this group
      presents a good reason to keep it open.

  • corey

    Treating americans as terrorist is not such a bad idea when you see this happen. I am sure the goverment will wait another money to see if this idiot can collect more donations. The 50,000 donation seems fake though it says “BENGAZI BENGAZI BENGAZI.

    • https://www.facebook.com/FracturedChaos Lorrie FracturedChaos Crabtree

      “Treating americans as terrorists is not such a bad idea…”

      Especially since MOST acts of terrorism that occurred on US soil were domestic.

  • usmckim83

    Breathtaking. Wow. I’m stupified. I can’t even think of a comment other than WOW.

  • http://www.liberalkitty.com/ Crystal Stephens

    Also, I sent the links and info to the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and the SPLC. I have not heard anything back from any of these agencies

  • http://www.liberalkitty.com/ Crystal Stephens

    I am Liberal Kitty. I tipped off Karoli at Crooks & Liars about this story. There is also a wordpress site and if you click the eagle emblem..it goes full-on Nazi. http://ofthehighest.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/reward-for-capture-of-obama/
    There is also a twitter page, you tube and about me links to the same group which also use “ofthehighest”

  • https://www.facebook.com/eric.davis.524 Eric Davis

    Remember those drowns teabillies, Obama has the go ahead, to target Americans who are dangerous……Keep your eyes to the sky…BOOM!!!

  • vito aluia

    Arrest these Assholes!!

  • kitcumbie

    Beings like this (I won’t call them people) are why they make wood chippers in large sizes. Sub human murderers!

  • Shawn Crippen

    Gee, ya think?? I can’t believe the Secret Service or FBI or BOTH haven’t ALREADY paid these numbskulls a visit. They all need a long vacation in a ‘behavioral health’ institution, and a class in Constitutional Law.

  • https://plus.google.com/112669162519019431381 Jon C

    The real question is: Why does Facebook allow this? I know I have reported it to them as have many within my feeds. Everyone reports the same answer: NO, site will not be removed as it does NOT fiolate TOS.

    • LiberalConstitutionalist

      That means that the Secret Service told facebook to let them talk for information purposes. This actually does violate their terms of service but the g-men need to keep track of them.

  • https://plus.google.com/112669162519019431381 Jon C

    I find it rather interesting that people think that this is a matter for the FBI. It fulls under the jurisdiction of the United States Secret Service. And yes, they are well aware of him and his activities. He has been reported to them since last year. The USSS has a social media task force that monitors this sort of thing. And BTB- he and/or servers are in Germany.

  • http://twitter.com/Str8Grandmother Str8Grandmother (@Str8Grandmother)

    When Bush was in office crazy liberals did not do this kind of crap.
    They sure HATE the uppity black man.
    Think how pathetic these ppl are.

    • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie

      There’s nothing to prove that this was race related in any way. So why are you injecting race in to it? Perhaps this is your way to try and keep individuals from expressing dissent against Obama?

      Person 1: I don’t like Obama’s policies!
      Person 2: What?! You’re racist!


  • D. King

    What’s really great about this is that most of these dumb clucks were so stupid they gave links to their Facebook pages, including photos. I appreciate their gesture to save taxpayer money by making it much easier for the Secret Service to round ’em up. I hope they’re all caught ASAP.

    I wasn’t aware that the 2nd Amendment has language encouraging the assassination of a president. I don’t see it in the copy I have.

    • http://gravatar.com/latenightlarry latenightlarry

      The RepubliCLOWNS and knuckle-dragging teabaggers have re-written the Constitution to say what they want it to say and eliminated every other clause, but they haven’t let the rest of the country see it because… Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…

      • http://glideordie.wordpress.com/ Jamie

        No, it’s the far left who loves to take only the pieces of the Constitution that suits them and throw away, ignore or bend/rewrite the rest that proves to be in the way of their agenda. You say this with no examples because there aren’t any and this is your ideologically bigoted response because you hate Conservatives so much. While we’re talking about Benghazi since you opened the door, the reason why we want answers to it is because there was such an effort to cover it up. Now why was that?

        • https://www.facebook.com/john.magin John Magin

          That’s funny, because a lot of courts have been throwing out a bunch of conservative bills as being Unconstitutional. A conservative majority SCOTUS ruled ACA was within the bounds of the USC, so keep spouting delusional talking points about how it only fits a Left Wing Agenda. Reality has other ideas.

  • https://www.facebook.com/dawn.renee.radford Dawn Renee Radford
    • A Grump E DUDE

      Hope you used that link.

  • paul fredine

    i’m so thankful people who think this is a good idea are as stupid as they are. and yet they’ll be surprised when the fbi shows up at the door. let’s see if they believe them when they say they’re just acting within the legal parameters of the constitution and “standing their ground”. ignorant teabillies.

  • Michelle

    Why is this man not in prison?

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