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BUSTED: Paul Ryan Exposed as Alex Jones Conspiracy Lunatic (Video)

Move over Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, we saw your fellow conspiracy theorist Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) at the haberdashery getting fitted with a shiny, new tin-foil hat custom-sized for his strangely large head.

Ryan’s conspiracy theory specialty? Climate change, of course. Because despite all the tested and verified findings of thousands of scientists around the globe, Ryan insists climate change is a plot by President Barack Obama to raise taxes, kill the economy, grow government, and illegally expand his eeeeeee-ville executive super powers.

Wait… we all agree on Ryan’s douchiness, but doesn’t calling him a crazed conspiracy theorist seem a little over the top? Not at all, if you get a load of some of the toxic, Koch-fueled verbiage Ryan spewed forth about climate change at Wednesday’s  Christian Science Monitor breakfast.

Climate Change Denying Koch Whore Paul Ryan Is a Lunatic Fringe Conspiracy Theorist (Video).

Look! Crazed climate change denying conspiracy theorist Paul Ryan’s got a shiny new tin foil hat!

Climate change denying Paul Ryan spews forth.

Here are some delightful highlights from Ryan’s reply to a question about his views on climate change and Obama’s executive orders for regulating the coal and oil industries via carbon emissions cuts. We hope you can hold down your bagels and whatever that green sludge is that the camera shows Ryan eating.

We can’t do anything about climate change, because it “occurs no matter what.”

“Climate change occurs no matter what. The question is, can and should the federal government do something about it. And I would argue the federal government, with all its tax and regulatory schemes, can’t.”

Tyrannical Obama has no right to cut carbon emissions!

“The president is issuing executive orders and regulations that exceed the parameters of the statutes that gave him the authority in the first place.”

Regulating the out-of-control, planet-killing coal and oil industries will sink the economy.

“[Government regulation] won’t even solve the purported problem – all they end up doing is making the US economy less competitive.”

Yummy coal is America’s secret sauce.

“The design is to put coal out of business. Coal is the secret sauce to giving us abundant, affordable energy.”

Addressing climate change is an evil plot to make rich people like the Koch brothers pay more taxes.

“I don’t see a solution here. I see an excuse to grow government, raise taxes, and slow down economic growth.”

 Watch Paul Ryan sounds like a conspiracy theorist.

If you don’t believe that Ryan has launched a new career as a crazed, climate change denying conspiracy theorist, watch this video with footage from the  Christian Science Monitor breakfast. His views on deregulation and screwing poor folks will sound yawn-inducingly familiar, but the insane climate change rantings start at 26:10.


But why, Paul Ryan, WHY?

So why would an obviously smart — albeit cruel, sociopathic, and venal — guy spew forth such blatantly stupid and loony drivel? Because the Koch Brothers and others from the oil and gas industry want their money’s worth. They have given Ryan $453,249 in campaign funding  over the course of his career, and that’s just counting donations directly from companies and trade associations. If you add up individual and indirect donations from Koch-funded groups like Freedomworks, the amount climbs even higher.

h/t Amanda Marcotte Raw Story.

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  • kurtsteinbach

    Paul Ryin is a peculiar POS. He received his father’s Social Security Death Benefits, and used them and Pell Grants to attend college, but he wants to cut precisely those and other programs because his even sicker, more hateful master’s want him to suck their Kochs and make them even more filthy rich. Furthermore, they’ve got him convinced that they are on a moral, faux Christian crusade, apparently to turn America into hell. This lunatic, idiot, conservative has gone beyond pedantic Ayn Rand and her magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged. He has joined Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert in crazy town to drag down this country with the Kochs’ Starve the Beast ideology and drive to degrade this country. What Ryan and his John Birch Society comrades propose isn’t patriotism, it’s sheer lunacy, and it’s about to be rejected, again….

  • JO

    Lyin’ Ryan – classic case of rectal cranial inversion. Spews sh** whenever he open his mouth.

    • Ian’s Oak

      Well he graduated from stuffing his foot in his mouth so far the water on his knee quenches his thirst to Recto-Cranial Inversion.

      Seems he’s going UP in the GOP Koch-owned world of Tinfoil Hattery, wouldn’t you say?

      • JO

        I would have to agree when you put it that way. Wonder how much farther up he can go?

        Just noticed my typo above – should say “opens his mouth”.

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