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BUSTED! Kansas Lobbyist Admits to TEApublican’s Union-Busting Agenda (Video)

It’s not like this candid confession comes as a surprise to any of us that have been watching the so-called “Right-to-Work” and “Paycheck Protection” legislation the TEApublicans have been pushing, but it is a bit vindicating to hear one of them actually admit to their iniquitous motivations.  Anyone who thinks the union-busting GOP is on the side of the average hard-working American needs to have a mental evaluation.

“I need this bill to pass so we can get rid of public sector unions.”  – Senior Lobbyist, Kansas Chamber of Commerce January, 23 2013





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  • LateNight

    Why are thinking people not surprised when the Teabaggers let slip their true aims… They’ve told so many lies they can’t remember when they’ve told the truth and when they’ve told a lie… And when you challenge them, they forget and tell the truth…

  • Perry


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