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BREAKING: Teabilly White House Rally Getting Crazy…Even By Comparison! (Video)

Well, today the Teabillies are taking it to DC!   Oh, and stealing barricades!  For FREEDOM!

Wrapped in their facade of patriotism, the wretched band of obsequious Koch-sucking sycophants have elected to make their voices heard!  That TYRANT–that WARMONGER terrorist usurper with a fake birth certificate Osbama Bin Hussein-Laden has gone too far!  He durn gone and closed them war memorials! Wait…it weren’t Obummer

Angry at the Tea Party-induced shutdown, the Teahadists (attributing blame to President Obama,) have taken the barricades from the WWII and Vietnam memorials and dumped them in front of the White House.  The barricades are currently being used to push protesters back.  We will have more on this as it develops.  In the meantime, here’s some video!


Here’s the Live Feed (UStream)

About John Prager

John Prager
John Prager is an unfortunate Liberal soul who lives uncomfortably in the middle of a Conservative hellscape and likes to refer to himself as an "island of reason in a sea of insanity." While he is not a fan of politicians, period, he has developed a deep-seated hatred for the bigotry, fear mongering, and lies of the Right Wing. John also works as a counselor at one of Barry Soetoro's FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator. John's life's aspiration is to rule the world with an iron fist, or find that sock he's been looking for. John can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
  • PeteinDC

    Why are these ignorant fucks doing the bidding of the Koch brothers and other multi-billionaires who don’t care about them? And, yes, if this were people of color or LGBT folks, you better believe there would be tear gas, tasing, and beatings going on.

    • Gern

      Many have deep seated beliefs and feel they are doing the right thing, unaware that they are being manipulated to further some power broker’s agenda ultimately to their own disadvantage. Though I disagree with them I’ve met some who are actually intelligent and articulate, contrary to the stereotype. For that reason I can’t hate these folks; they’re out there doing *something* when so many only talk and far more are indifferent. The back-and-forth name calling is great for rallying sides but it’s keeping us divided. That, possibly more than anything, works against us.

      • Pete Perry

        Good point, but the tea party folks I have spoken with are not very educated. They are easily manipulated. How to break through that? But, seriously folks, I am from DC, throwing barricades like this if you are a person or color or transgendered — would involve some serious police brutality. This is white str8 privilege on display.

  • Cate

    If I were the President and Michelle, I’d be worried for my daughters. This is insane.

  • https://www.facebook.com/chris.flora.98 Chris Flora

    Teabilly Idiots went to the wrong house… Go figure!

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  • http://twitter.com/OhMatt1 MattyK (@OhMatt1)

    The most privileged of the privileged in our country doing things their white privilege allows them to get away with. IF this wasn’t all white folks they would have been tear gassed, beat up, and possibly shot dead.

  • day2knight

    It is really, really childish to name-call people who have a different opinion than you. This is something I would expect from the opposition not those who I consider to be on the correct side.

    • John Prager

      These people have done untold damage to our country with their “different opinion.” The politicians they have spawned are holding our nation hostage over HEALTH CARE. How can you call “namecalling” childish when directed at such people?

  • Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker

    Are they going to bring a few of those barricades over to Congress?

  • https://www.facebook.com/StevenJayDavis Steve Davis

    wow. these people are so ignorantly uninformed, racist, and mostly white. nothing new. i almost feel sorry for them.

  • Bob Cull

    What a bunch of a$$hats!!!

  • http://gravatar.com/bluelinetruth bluelinetruth

    Typical pseudo patriotic stupidity by the hypocritical TEAop inbreds.

    They’ve never met a gutter they wouldn’t crawl out of, a sewer they wouldn’t roll around in, or an issue THEY CREATED they wouldn’t try to politicize.

    Keep up the good work TEAbots.. You’re guaranteeing GOP losses in 2014 and 2016.

  • https://plus.google.com/100170104741098676522 John Meshna

    Sad to think people are this stupid but the truth hurts sometimes as my dad would say. People are this stupid.

  • Alice

    Dur durka dur Obama dur dur durka communist durka durka freedom durka dur librul dur durka dur!

  • Bootsy Naples

    Someone asked me “Why do liberals despise History and heritage?”
    Just to set the record straight, what we despise is this…..
    History and heritage don’t get hungry. Or, like a furloughed worker, aren’t told to go get a loan to see them through this fiasco. History and heritage aren’t small businesses suffering the loss of income from closed National Parks.
    These people care more about concrete and steel and getting in front of the pander-cam than they do about the lives and livelihood of the American people and our economy.
    Simply put, we despise pandering hypocrites.

  • https://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

    Is this happening literally right now?

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