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Patriotic GOP Blocks Veterans Benefits Bill!

ABC is reporting that Senate GOP-ers have blocked the veterans bill from moving forward to a vote. The bill needed 60 votes to proceed, but the final tally was 56-41.

Although agreement on the need to expand benefits for veterans is usually a bipartisan issue, it was the amount of spending in the bill that Republican senators had a problem with.

Additionally, Republicans are still pushing for increased sanctions against Iran – a move that the Obama Administration and many international observers warn would be poorly-timed – and wanted to include a measure targeting the Islamic Republic with the veterans bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid previously blocked the Iran measure from being included.

“Shame on the Republicans for bringing base politics into a bill to help the veterans,” Reid said Thursday.

According to ABC News, the bill would have “improved benefits for veterans, including better health care and dental services provided by the VA. It also would have guaranteed post-9/11 veterans access to in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities in any state.”

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Sky Palma
Sky Palma lives in Los Angeles and has been writing about politics, current events and religion for over a decade. He's also the head editor and founder of deadstate.org.
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  • jack beawik

    Missbaw, republkkkans? The kkk was started and ran by democrats. Republican party was founded with a driving principle to abolish slavery. Maybe you should take a few history lesions before you spew outlandishly ignorant comments

  • MissBAW

    It won’t matter because these DUMMIES will still vote RepubliKKKLAN in the fall. We like to CUT OF OUR NOSE TO SPITE OUR FACE!!!

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  • J.mcmanus

    both Parties are rotten to the core. I am absolutely disgusted with all of it. We need a common sense Party , made up of the best ideas and values of both parties. Im sick of all this lack of care and concern for WE THE PEOPLE. This Government Is so broken and out of touch,,It is going to take DRASTIC steps by us to fix it. We cant rely on and sick and broken Government to mend and fix itself,,,That would be like asking someone to perform open heart surgery on themselves.

  • docole

    Wonder if M Lee really is Utah’s infamously ignorant teabagging Senator. You know, the one that is completely out of touch with what the vast majority of Americans desire, and instead preaches the gospel of the lunatic fringe to the lunatic fringe. Being from Utah, I apologize to the rest of the nation, but my vote means little in a state where a pedophilic shyster is revered as a prophet!

  • http://sjoyner56.wordpress.com sjoyner59

    I have said it 1,000 times and it rings true with everything they due THE GOP IS THE ENEMY OF THE STATE !!!

  • stevebezan

    I read through all of the comments and did not see two simple facts;
    GOP shut down the government. Cost= 24 billion
    Veterans bill. Projected cost= 24 billion
    Why is the GOP ok with spending 24b on an unfunded shutdown, but balks at paying 24b for our veterans saying it needs to be funded? Why did they have to add a poison pill (Iran) to the bill? If it had been a clean bill it would have passed. This is the most useless Congress in the history of the United States.

  • http://toddmshealy Wodddco

    M Lee…can u please enlighten us as to the pork this bill is laced with?

  • https://www.facebook.com/sargent.pepper.752 Sargent Pepper

    cowards! most of them refused to serve in any wars. they had no problem sending soldiers to a war with totally made up bs and now they won’t support them. why would anyone vote for these people is beyond reasoning? come on people, even you teabaggers must realize they don’t even care about you.

  • Chuck Szmanda

    You talk o’ better food for us, an’ schools, an’ fires, an’ all:
    We’ll wait for extry rations if you treat us rational.
    Don’t mess about the cook-room slops, but prove it to our face
    The Widow’s Uniform is not the soldier-man’s disgrace.
    For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Chuck him out, the brute!”
    But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country” when the guns begin to shoot;
    An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!

    From the poem “Tommy,” by Rudyard Kipling.

  • Randy Dunlap

    Fuck You if you do not like it…
    I hope I live to see the day when they are running for their lives down Penn Ave after they witness the outcome of our Rulling class and their toad lobbyist being lined up aggainst a wall publicly…
    They one sided politics will get them over thrown in the most horrifying way…..

  • Randy Dunlap

    That’s because the whole right wants to give that money and money from other social nets just to give it to a handful of greedy ass holes that own them so they can put it in offshore tax
    shelters under the guise of trickle down bull shit !!! They push us one more step closer to a full out revolt every time these con men / scam artists open their corrupt blow holes…..
    To whom it may concern, Fuck You !!!
    Every day I pray that people like the Koch Brothers and all of the right side of the isle are meet by a real partriot’s bullets !!!!!!
    Revolt Now…..

  • Ronald Nolette

    Well being what one would call a Tea Partier let me say this: I am all for expanding vets benefits. Those who put their lives at risk to defend this nation and go in harms way deserve our support. What I disagree with what Harry Reid did is to pay for it with phony future money. I also find it hilariously hypocritical of Reid to keep blocking amendments the GOP wishes to put on bills, considering he was the biggest amendment pusher when he was minority leader.

    Lets faced it folks, our nation is in dire trouble. $17.4 trillion in debt, over $100trillion in unfunded liabilities, Soc. Sec and Medicare trust funds are loaded with govt. notes (wwe are borrowing money to pay current obligations for these). We cannot afford new spending that is unfunded. A terrible day of reckoning is coming to us as a nation if we do not get our govt. fiscal house in order. Let us pass a balanced budget amendment- then raise taxes and reduce payouts to produce surpluses to pay down debt. Then we can restart to think of benefit increases. If not Zimbabwe type inflation is barreling at us at breakneck speed.

    • Shane

      FYI, our deficit hasn’t fallen this fast in 80 years. Your claims are baseless and unfounded.

      • beam

        Debt and deficit are not the same.
        If we want to get “our fiscal house in order” and have capitalism work for everyone the rich need to pay their taxes at a more reasonable (higher) rate and the middle poorer classes needs more buying power (minimum wage, unions).

      • Ronald Nolette

        Well lets see they have fallen from over $1 trillion a year to just over $650 billion a year or more than the first 7 years of that hated man Bush. So thankfully they have fallen from grotesques levels to just disgusting levels. Right now every man women and child in America has a $1,300 payment just to cover the interest on the national debt- that is $400 billion a year! While that is every house, senate and presidents doing- this newest drunken sailor to occupy the oval office has added more than any other president.

        You call this baseless- then go to any economist and simply ask- how long can any nation spend more than it takes in before it collapses. Our debt to GDP ratio is now over 100% that is historically a very dangerous place to be. Our currency has been devalued so much that 9 major countries are seeking to push the dollar out as the worlds reserve currency and go with a basket of currencies. That will spell doom.

        • me

          Thats wrong. You forget that the Shrub never included any war expenditures in his budgets. Obama brought them in where they should be. Suck it.

    • http://google nina bartoletta

      Yeah, sure, its Harry Reid’s fault. In your Teagging Dreamworld. People know better.

  • Dan A

    what is the bill number and name?
    as shocking as this may be i see no actual facts or cited sources.

    • http://gravatar.com/philipvassar philipvassar

      S1982 Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014

    • Andrew N

      I’m in complete agreement Dan. Vague accusations without detail about what else is in the bill that may have contributed to it failing is just more mudslinging. Taking into consideration that the GOP is usually the pro-military expansion party this seems out of character without other reason. When will you folks realize that the media is only telling you the parts that get an emotional response from you in order to swing public opinion. Wake up, demand the unbiased complete facts then react intelligently. “Arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand”

      • http://gravatar.com/fortystitches484 Michael Kirchmann

        What the GOP supports is not the troops or their needs, but the weapons programs that enrich the military-industrial complex at the expense of the citizenry. I seriously doubt that the pork in this bill benefits Democrats more than Republicans, all misguided claims to the contrary. I’m doing my own research on the proposal for a more in-depth understanding, rather than simply passing on Tea Party talking points.

      • kenny

        Arent you speculating just as much as everyone else. Oh the GOP is always pro military so there must be a good reason they blocked this. You dont give any more facts then the article. So your response is just as useless as the article yet you feel the need to be condescending. “Arrogance and ignorance…” yes you are correct. They do go hand in hand. Now take a big look in the mirror.

  • https://www.facebook.com/rruthbj R Burland Johnson

    Now anyone who still thinks the GOP is Patriotic is living in Lala Land. If you are living off the government it doesn’t matter if you were or are fighting in a war or if you are mentally ill and fighting a battle no one can see. You are both nothing in their eyes. The only thing a GOPer respects is money. It you don’t have it or not enough of it, you are yesterday’s news.

    • https://www.facebook.com/kennethh45 Ken Hickman

      I don’t call risking my life for over 32 yrs living off the Government as a free loader , is that what you are saying?

      • karen Ciaranca

        Yes ken they are …..but THANK YOU for 32 yrs of your life !!!!! But your in good company….my brother is a free loader after 22 yrs !!!!

      • http://rrjgeniblog.wordpress.com rrjgeni

        No I am saying that that is what the GOP’s think.

    • M Lee

      R Burland……come on folks. Don’t you know that bills are laced with so much pork/fat for other things. It’s never about the actual article that a liberal media puts out there!! Its just to continue that cycle of “blame” game. Plus, R Burland Johnson…if you knew any of your history, you would know that some of the most wealthiest people AND Presidents were democrats! Why do you suppose that they are such a huge proponent of welfare and entitlement programs….its called votes. The government need not to intervene where community and churches take care of those in need. Those that are REALLY in need, not those that play the game/system to make a living. So be careful about who you judge and why….when you end up finding out the facts of things, it makes people look foolish and heartless. Politics (Dems and Repubs alike) have become a big money game with ALL of them making millions off the citizens of the US, its sad.

      • kenny

        How about giving some details on that pork you claim. Otherwise you statement is just a useless as the article. You can say anything you’d like. Doesn’t mean its fact. All I see is a useless article and every useless rightwinger coming to the defense with absolutely zero facts or details on why they are coming to its defense.

      • http://rrjgeniblog.wordpress.com rrjgeni

        If the government doesn’t have enough money to take care of all the people who need help….how on Gods green earth do you think the community and the churches have enough money. That is just what you tell yourself to assuage your guilt. When the GOP starts to treat the Veterans like the people who WERE on welfare. You, as Veterans, know where you stand in their eyes. PS Kenny you are the community, how do you help the people who need help??? If the answer is you don’t, you know why the community can’t help people in need.

  • joebbz2

    An American Flag pin and a heartfelt(insincere) “Thank You for your Service”, that’s it , that’s all you get. Most Veterans are familiar with “Delay ,Deny, wait till you die”.

  • http://gravatar.com/fortystitches484 Michael Kirchmann

    There is nothing patriotic about the Republican Party, and this is the last straw as far as I am concerned. From this point on I am going to do everything I can to destroy this political party, and I don’t give a damn how they are hurt. Nothing they do, or have done for some time is worthy of consideration.

    • Ronald Nolette

      Don’t worry- the establishment republicans have been busy destroying the party on their own. That is why the likes of sane folk like Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz etal. are rising up and making a new party where the old is dying. Sane compassion, sane spending and sane taxation. If anyone thinks that the govt at all levels taking in close to $6 trillion a year in taxes in America is not enough–there are professionals with couches for that kind of thinking.

      • http://gravatar.com/fortystitches484 Michael Kirchmann

        Actually, Mr. Nolette, the Tea Party is self-destructing due to prolonged and unsustainable stupidity. I am relieved.

      • http://AATTP David D.

        Ronald: The best idea is hoping that Huckabee et. al. make good on their promise to form a 3rd party, the so-called God Party. This would split the Republican vote and make for Democratic rule in perpetuo. In other words, we’d just have one party for all practical purposes. That works for me and the majority of thinking people. Progressivism is the key.

        • Wes

          the god party? really? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshahahahahahahahahah. HA!

        • BLC

          Which God? Xtian? Which sect? Westboro Baptist perhaps?

  • http://AATTP David D.

    And the Tea Party purports to be patriotic? They are most unpatriotic and are a criminal element in our society. I never have considered them as American citizens. They are a rogue element that seeks to destroy our democracy and sell it to the highest bidder. But they are vulnerable. Let’s go after them

    • M Lee

      Why David D…because you don’t agree with them? So it is safe to say that if someone doesn’t agree with you we should seek and destroy you?? Hmm….wow. I personally believe you have a president that is destroying democracy single handily ….but no one says anything about the ideology that he spreads. Sad, all very sad that someone else in the US can’t have a feeling or thought about something that is different from others without those that disagree with that(with no actual truth or facts to back it up) to want them to burn in hell. Its called a democracy for a reason…..people can have different ideas and thoughts and actually support different agendas.

      • vinman

        The agenda of the tea party is to bring this country back to the 1940’s-50’s where women were expected to be housewives without an opinion, men ruled the roost, blacks “knew their place”, gays were deep in the closet and Ozzie and Harriet were national idols.

      • William

        Y because he is Black? Is that y U say he is destroying the political system? Well Bush messed this country up when they cheated!!! Remember Florida?? So stop blameing him for the mess He (Bush) created..! And the republicans R still trying to mess up this country!! There are plans in place for Iran and they want to mess that up!! Now those BRAVE men and women who fight to Protect ALL of US need that Money… I hope Most of those Republicans get Voted Out and the Good ones remain.. But they’ll find away to Cheat as usual..!!!

        • Ronald Nolette

          he isn’t destroying America bercause he is black–he is destroying America because He is a hard core socialist! The 2000 election in Florida was the most recounted basllots in the history of America and Bush won every time. Get over it.

          Well we had plans in place for sanctions against Iran but they all got chopped up. Iran is moving full speed towards being a nuclear armed country- Israel will launch preemptively because the ayatollahs will launch against them as soon as they can and then its WW 3 and goodbye global economy.

          • http://AATTP David D.

            Ronald, dude, there will be no WWIII. People know too much and know such an option is foolish and won’t let it happen. But more to the point: the real war will be to crush every Republican piece of white racist trash in Dixie. Why are guys so upset? You know it’s going to happen. Demographics and the new age will drown all opposition in the south. You know the nation will have a white minority in less than a generation. This is justice. This is numbers. This transition could have been smoothe and painless and nonviolent, but the Tea Party types have done everything they can to antagonize and insult the black and Latino communities. Bad move, dudes. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, and anti-immigration: all bad moves. We don’t have politics anymore, we have civil war. Let’s just let history take its course and reach a white minority in a peaceful way. You guys just stand down and accept the inevitable. And don’t talk about your right to dissent, for you don’t have that right anymore. And by the way, remove all confederate flags from the south. They are really tacky and in bad taste.

        • http://AATTP David D.

          M Lee, dude, here’s the deal: I grew up in the 1950s when Democrats and Republicans just disagreed, they presented their case and voters decided. But now that process is gone. Now politics has become a very dirty war. Rational debate is gone, character assassination is the rule. Tea Party conservatives choose to destroy our democracy by any means they can. Taking away veteran’s benefits is not for fiscal reasons as they claim but just to be mean and punish. They forget that it is these vets that give them a free country to operate in. The ultra right are against immigration reform and put these voter suppression laws on the books. Their excuse “to prevent voter fraud” we all know is bogus. They do these things because they are scared to death of immigrants and minorities voting against them. They openly want to undermine our political process. They seem to forget that whites will be a minority soon that we have a new social order with a new morality, a new ethos, a new secularism and a rekindled demand for knowledge. I have no choice but to condemn these people. I hate them and consider them people of no value. All these new changes in America will bury them. No discussion, no forgiveness. This is war! By virtue of what they’re trying to do, they are not American citizens but an enemy equal to the Taliban and Al Queda.

  • https://www.facebook.com/laurie.neufeld.79 Laurie Neufeld

    What do a fetus and a soldier have in common? While you’re in, the GOP considers you a priority. Once you’re out, they couldn’t care less about you.

    • Catherine

      Amen sister!

      • M Lee

        Wow, pretty cold hearted Laurie and Catherine…… if you both did some digging and looking up the bill, it is laced with pork (that the DEMS want) that would be passed ALONG WITH the veterans bill. Its like the trojan horse…..theres more to the deal that what it looks like on the outside, this has been going on for years in politics(sadly), and the liberal media only reports on the shock and aw of a bill to get the message they want out and papers sold. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet…use it as a source for info but don’t use it as the gospel truth to everything…research it before you stand your ground.

        • https://www.facebook.com/michael.kirchmann.961 Michael Kirchmann

          I read the bill. As a combat veteran and military retiree, I have a good understanding of what veterans need and deserve, and I’m not talking about frivolous ‘pork.’ Nowhere in what I read did I see anything resembling pork. In fact, the bill is both comprehensive and pointedly created to provide much needed programs for veterans and their families. If you did not read this bill, your comments have no basis in fact.. you’re just trolling.

    • Wes

      Nicely stated.

    • me

      Good one

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