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BREAKING: Mitt Romney is Being Sued in Federal Court for Criminal Racketeering

Steven “Laser” Haas is the owner and sole shareholder of Collateral Logistics Inc. (CLI) the firm which was retained to oversee the liquidation of assets in the bankruptcy of eToys in 2001.

During the process of liquidating the company Haas came across irregularities, unethical practices and outright criminal acts originating from the top at Bain Capital (Mitt Romney’s asset management firm), Goldman Sachs, Kay Bee Toys and Stage Stores, all of which were involved in the machinations to sell eToys for mere pennies to Bain through its interest in Kay Bee.

Haas filed his suit under a provision of the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) statute which allows a plaintiff to become a “Private Attorney General” when it is necessary in order to address “Prosecutorial Gaps.”  According to Haas, that gap was created by Colm F. Connolly, former United States Attorney in Delaware who had been a partner in the law firm of  Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell (MNAT) in 2001, alleging he had failed to disclose that fact while also neglecting to investigate the complaints which Haas had lodged.

Along with Romney, Haas has named Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Michael Glazer Barry Gold and Paul Traub in the suit. Haas has claimed that he has evidence that the parties involved have committed perjury on 35 separate occasions — even alleging that there have been murders carried out in attempts to cover up their wrong doing.

His $100 million suit is intended to recover some of the losses incurred by the victims of the unethical and illegal actions of those involved in the chicanery and who reaped handsome profits from the deal.

Haas alleged in his affidavit to the Securities and Exchange Commission on August 3, 2012 that after he had uncovered numerous irregularities, he had been offered $850,000 by Bain to keep silent about what he had discovered.  When he attempted to report the bribe, he was told that since he had not accepted it, he didn’t have a case. Bain of course denies that the offer was ever made.

Haas has summarized the steps to be taken in his suit:

If Haas’ list of charges prove to be backed up by the evidence, this could be one of the most interesting civil trials in recent years.

No matter the outcome, there is little question that just having this case make it into court will stain the reputations of all involved permanently, including squeaky clean Mitt Romney — the man whose moral convictions run so deep that he will not even drink coffee or coke because they contain caffeine.

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About Bob Cull

I'm retired and live in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. I have strong opinions and my political bent has not changed since I was in high school. Most of my family thinks that I need to find a "real" hobby to fill my time in retirement, but I am content to share my opinions with others and exercise my "right" as a cranky old retired dude to express my views--which are based on many years of real world experience.
  • Jackie Rawlings

    Fake Romney image busted he is a liar and crook using the same scams his religious idol Mormon Joseph Smith use to get money and women.

  • Christopher Langton

    Thanks Jill.

    civil cases are all about money, think of it as legalized bribes

  • Taleisin

    And Rmoney came so close to doing this to the whole country.

  • David

    even if it goes nowhere, you know these people had to pay off regulators, and I guarantee it’ll be more than, the now made public, offering of 850,000. I mean if I were a regulator, I sure as hell would make them pay at least that, just to me.

  • infinite wisdom

    And Haas is affiliated with whom? These things don’t happen because Haas is some goody-two shoes.

  • FortWorthTex

    No, actually the GOP successfully made it a referendum on the President. But, it was not on his actions or policies, rather, it was on what Fox News crafted to be what he stands for. And remember, they have the legal right to lie, according to the Supreme Court.

  • ctblizzard

    I posted the docket number below. People should read all there is about this case as you will learn how our system works(or doesnt work) I just read dozens of articles and this stuff is fascinating and shows how the little guy gets screwed in our society.

  • ctblizzard

    These cases take forever to move forward but for anyone with the legal system to check this (computerized legal docket research) the case file is in LA court and is 2:13-cv-07738

  • Donald J. Powell

    But there are enough Independents and Moderate Democrats to vote for Cloture and allow a vote on the Senate Floor, the Senate had that for the last 4 years, why do you think Harry Reid kept a lot of House passed bills on his desk? He was afraid some of the Moderate Dems would have voted with the Republicans.

  • Donald J. Powell

    Can anyone say Statute of Limitations? This case will be thrown out, 11 years to file suit is way too long.

  • Rene’ Hinkle McKinstry

    Where’s Mitt’s magic underwear when he needs them?

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Bain Capital has been at this since time immemorial. That’s what it was created for. Romney is just its smiling front man. Immorality runs deep in our society. So deep it’s easy to deny. The Clintons opened the floodgates of unethical financial and interpersonal dealings. It’s all spinning out of control.

  • flopdog

    I dislike Mitt and his offshore hidden assets, and shady financial dealings, but this is Orly Taitz stuff. You don’t sue people for criminal activity.

  • Grover Syck

    Hang ‘em high, and drop them long.
    They all deserve the death sentence.

  • Kim Serrahn

    just about wet myself laughing so hard.

  • Edith Conner-King

    Sad that not so well off people voted for the likes of him last week!

  • David

    but he was part of the republican party. He’s for small business owners and honest hard-working Americans… A republican politician has never been shown to be a two-face hypocrite, this makes no sense! *snark*

  • jtmkinsd

    Sorry…but this guy is a whack-job. Everyone knows it (who claims court filings as an “obstruction” under the law???) and that’s why this will never see a criminal court…and will run it’s course and be dismissed at some point in civil court.

  • lust1kiddo

    Drinking caffeine has nothing to do with morals…dipshit.

  • cole

    The real anti Christ almost won and was planning on running again I hope he goes to jail

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  • Susan Wood

    What does caffeine have to do with lack of business ethics? I remember that Charles Keating made a great point of his spotless private life (although he wasn’t above hiring pretty “secretaries” as eye candy to lure in the rubes. He was a crook and a pimp, whether he drank alcohol or not.

  • marytg

    oh please rich men never go to jail. Romney will have plea deal pay a thousand dollar fine and will di it again

    • Al Lor

      Unfortunately true. He will bring in his thousand dollar an hour lawyers, pay some bribes to the appropriate politicians and be home in time for supper.

      • OooSillyMe

        That’s exactly how it will go and then he will run for President….

    • Gordon R.

      Bernard Madoff

      • http://www.fiercewireless.com/ WilliamC

        You mean Bernie Madoff (made off) Say it with some swagga!!!

      • Jill122

        Bernie Madoff – Criminal case brought by the feds.

        This Romney suit is a CIVIL case. See my post above. No jail time is on the table in a civil suit.

        And it’s likely that Romney was already out of the Bain Capital picture when this occurred even though he was still reaping the benefits. Some of these issues about Bain came out when he was running for President and he at least ducked public scrutiny because he had left Bain although his name was still on some of the pertinent docs.

  • Aloanstar

    This is from January 2014. I wonder why nothing has been mentioned by the media since then?

  • Viv Arney

    This was almost a year ago – do we have any new info?

  • http://mmaynard119.wordpress.com/ mmaynard119

    Willard Romney squeaky clean? Since when?

  • Kevin Carroll

    laughable, Romney took a leave of absence from Bain and never returned to an active role in the company. This a a 2 year old story being resurrected to divert attention from the ass kicking Obama and the dems took the other day. Food for the sheeple.

    • MRBILL69

      With only 30% of the electorate voting and Republicans only getting slightly more than 50% of those votes, this was not an ass kicking. Now the general election wherein Mitt lost to President Obama, now THAT was an ass kicking.

      • Susie Sotar

        Yeah, it was an ass kicking. Anytime the Dems don’t feel like coming out and bringing their dead friends with them to vote they have no one to blame but themselves. It WAS an ass kicking!

        • Al Lor

          Most of the documented cases of election fraud have been Republicans

          • Susie Sotar

            Not true.

          • michele1240

            yes, sorry but completely true, you have a computer for gods sake, use it to find out reality!!!

          • LateNightLarry

            Michele… Susie Sotar is another one of the trolls being paid by the Koch(roach) brothers to put out as much MISinformation and LIES about Dems as possible… She reads from the script the Koch(roach) brothers provide on a daily basis…

          • Norm Cooper

            Susie would never let a thing like facts get in her way!

          • kfreed

            Yeah it is:) Are you able to operate Google? Maybe you can produce all those fraudsters for us since officals can’t actually come up with any, aside from Republicans:

            Right Wing Watch: “True The Vote’s Election Day App Undercuts Its Own Voter Fraud Conspiracy Theories”

            James O’Keefe, the right’s favorite non-journalist attempted voter fraud to “prove” that “voter fraud” exists.

            CBS News: “Scott Walker supporter claims amnesia in voter fraud case” (voted over a dozen times in 2011 and 2012)

            Brad Friedman: “SPECIAL COVERAGE: Ann Coulter’s Voter Fraud Felonies in Florida & Connecticut”

          • buricco

            Ah yes, James O’Keefe, the guy whose underhanded video editing was responsible for the destruction of a major get-out-the-vote organization because they happened to yield a seemingly disproportionate number of Democrats…

        • kfreed

          Weekend at Bernie’s thing? How does that work exactly?

        • Raymond G. Whitham

          OK. PROVE IT! But then, you can’t, can you? All you do is reiterate Repugnican’t/Tea Party talking points for which there is no proof. They don’t even bother with trying to prove anything – they just flap their jaws just like YOU!

          • Susie Sotar

            Prove what?

      • Kevin Carroll

        You must be auditioning for a prime time slot at BSNBC. Anyone who doesn’t see this election as an ass kicking is delusional, the Rs increased their lead in the house, they increased their lead in the governors offices , they took a huge lead in state legislatures, and they took control of the senate. And even in races where they lost, they made close races out of contests they were given no chance of winning such as VA. They booted left wing darlings like Wendy Davis out the door, they took the governors mansion in liberal states like Maryland Mass, Co and Ill. It was an ass kicking all right. And now the petulant and narcissistic Obama is issuing ultimatums as if he was the winner. In 06 after the dems took Congress he threated Bush about being stubborn and not listening to the people. He’s different though , he doesn’t have to adhere to the standards he sets for others, in 2010 he told the Rs they would have to ride in the back. I hope he likes the seating back there. Obama will go down in history as the most inept, unqualified and corrupt POTUS of our lifetime. He’s a PR creation for the willfully ignorant.

        • michele1240

          gerrymandering, voter repression, and and electoral map that was all red…… how stupid are you anyway?

        • kfreed

          POTUS won his elections, remember? Dems who thought it was a good idea to run from Obama lost. Those who asked him to campaign with them won:) 36% of the electorate voting in a midterm doesn’t exactly make for a “mandate.” Voter suppression helps, though, doesn’t it?

          US News: “Midterm Turnout Down in 2014″ to 36.6 %

          • Kevin Carroll

            So you believe that minorities are incapable of obtaining IDs? Face it, you can try all you want tospin it , but Obama and the dems got their asses kicked. Ill say this though, you’ve been trained well, the perfect Obama supporter.

          • Raymond G. Whitham

            There is nothing wrong with IDs per se. But the Repugnicant’s made it next to impossible for anyone to actually get them in the Black & Hispanic communities. Eliminating polling places, eliminating the number of days to vote, eliminating voting after 5 PM and on weekends has nothing to do with voter fraud; it is voter suppression pure and simple.

          • buricco

            I don’t think we’ve EVER had “early voting” here in NY, and “absentee voting”, last I checked, required some kind of proof you would be unable to vote in person.

          • Raymond G. Whitham

            I am 64. A lot has changed since I first voted. In California I don’t need ID in the small town where I live but the check my name off of a list. If 2 people try to use the same name on the list, it is known right away. The population is a lot bigger than before. Early voting makes it so all can get to vote without long lines.

          • Raymond G. Whitham

            Also, since the States make the rules, not all States have the same rules.

          • Katiedidnt1

            Small town in western MA – no ID just checked off my name – Never had to show an ID ever in MA – I am 66.

          • Donald J. Powell

            Why is it only next to impossible for Minorities to get the required documentation to get a Photo ID? The Voter ID laws passed years ago, people who waited until the last minute to try and get one should own that responsibility.

          • Raymond G. Whitham

            I mentioned only a few tactics in my post. The point of the laws was for people not to vote from beginning.

          • Donald J. Powell

            So proving you are a US Citizen and where you live is Voter Suppression?

          • Mike Lawson

            Silly founding fathers, not requiring citizenship papers to vote!

          • Raymond G. Whitham

            See my post about tactics making sure that constituents do not get a voter ID.

          • Jill122

            Students have problems as well. Say you’re going to school out of state but for reasons of health and car insurance your driver’s license is in the state where your parents live?

            Can you take of on a tuesday in November to vote?

            Yet the student lives in another jurisdiction 9 months out of the year and previously a few school documents including a picture ID would have permitted that same person to vote.

            So no, it’s not just minorities, poor people, rural people who cannot vote. It’s also students (mostly democrats). And in some cases the mail-in ballot isn’t even processed unless there is a tight race.

          • Donald J. Powell

            For college students, where is their Home of Record? If their Home of record is still their parents they can vote by absentee ballot in their HOME STATE. How many out of State college students change residency while attending college? Does a College ID prove Residency?

          • WakeUpAmerica

            And dark, anonymous money from the Koch’s and others had NOTHING to do, huh?

            If your ideas are so good, wouldn’t repubs want to have as many people as possible vote? Why restrict and suppress those who traditionally vote for dems? As an American aren’t you appalled by these voter suppression efforts? If not, how can you say you’re a true American?

            And no, voter fraud is not an epidemic. Something like 0.00003 of 1% of ballots cast since 2000 have been certified as fraud.

            If it is such a huge problem, why can’t conservatives cite chapter and verse how many cases there have been and how many indictments/convictions there have been. You can’t it’s another made up “scandal” by conservatives to instill more fear in their base and uncertainty in the general electorate.

          • kfreed

            I don’t believe I even mentioned voter ID:)

          • kfreed

            I wasn’t talking about voter ID, but I’ll answer your question anyway: If Republicans go out of their way to close voter ID offices in areas where Dem voters are cloistered and reopen them in red districts (Wisconsin), or they happen to “lose” voter registrations in the tens of thousands (Georgia), or they fail to open up enough polling stations to accomodate voters in black districts, or they dump eligible voters off the voter rolls, or they shut down legal voter registration drives with threats, or intimidate voters with their “True the Vote” nonsense, or if they take it a step further and demand proof of citizenship before issuing an ID. Or if they require women (Texas) to obtain all the paperwork necessary for name changes to match their married names before being issued a voter ID. Need I go on? All of these issues add up to problems for minorities, women, and college students, making it that much more difficult to vote, especially in close elections… and it’s not even like Republicans bother to deny it anymore.

          • kfreed

            You see, Democrats just aren’t into electing people who crap on the President we elected, twice, basing their campaigns on the repetition of fact-free Tea Party memes:) Some Dem voters didn’t turn out for that reason. I did, of course… I never miss a vote… not even for dog catcher:) It’s really not a secret that Dems generally don’t turn out in great numbers during midterms anyway… which is why the tea bag leadership has been targeting midterms. Really not a reflection on Obama and I do believe certain Democrats recently learned that lesson the hard way.

          • Stu Johnson

            Whatever. The only thing that happened is big corporations paid off the media to beat the drum for the right and the result is that the left didn’t get out and vote. But as for ass kicking, you use that phrase too loosely. I’d be glad to teach you the real meaning of that phrase.

          • Jill122

            I’m not convinced the left didn’t vote. I am convinced that many votes were left uncounted.

          • Jill122

            It’s difficult for poor people who don’t drive to get the necessary papers together to get their IDs. The IDs themselves are easy — once one has a certified birth certificate from the place where one was born.

            83 year old woman, been voting since she was in her 20s and known to all the people who work the polls, was about to be denied the right to vote because she didn’t know where her birth certificate was. Daughter spent a day with her at DMV (lost wages) only to be told after waiting for hours, that she must have a birth certificate even though there were provisions for ancillary documents to be evaluated for proof of citizenship. She was one of millions who didn’t have the time or the driver or the money to get her birth certificate.

          • Jill122

            The lowest turnout since the one right after WWII.

            Is it that we didn’t get out the vote, or is it because millions were kept from the polls?

            The SecofState in Georgia “lost” 50,000 voter registration cards — almost all minority people — on the very last day that anyone could register. Dems lost in a RED state by very little AND the pre-election polls had them tied. ummmm — you’d have to be a republican not to see the pattern.

          • kfreed

            The answer is: All of the Above.

            GOP Gerrymandering, Voter Suppression, Voter Intimidation, GOP Election Fraud (voting machines flipping votes from Dem to Repub; voter registrations gone missing), Low Voter Turnout (Which is usual for Dems in midterms and we need to get a clue), Dems’ Idiotic and Disastrous #Obamasux strategy (again, we need to get a clue and stop repeating Libertarian “boh sides” memes), African Americans not voting due to Dems’ Disastrous #Obamasux strategy (ask them, they’re pissed).

            Did I forget anything?

        • Raymond G. Whitham

          The Parties of Baby Bush, Clinton, and even Ronald Reagan lost control of Congress in their second term even though they had control in their first term. The pendulum will swing back and forth again and again. Also, Congress has a worse rating with the public than President Obama. This election doesn’t mean most Americans love the Repugnican’t Party. Ted Cruz is liked less than cockroaches. There is no “mandate”.

        • WakeUpAmerica

          Willfully ignorant?!?! If GOP policies are so good, why is it that most of the states that have the worst outcomes in education, health, standard of living, to name a few things, are Republican-led states? Conservatives complain about government, yet why is it that most of the ‘top’ states that receive more in Federal aid than they pay into the system are Republican-led states? (Talk about moochers and takers). Conservatives complain about people on food stamps, yet the majority of recipients are Whites in Republican-led states.

          And yet conservatives keeping voting in these slugs. So just who is willfully ignorant?

        • WakeUpAmerica

          Kevin Carroll prove it. Show how Obama is the inept, unqualified and corrupt of our time. Use facts, citations and other sources. Do not use rehashed and debunked right wing talking points. Take your smugness and tell us with facts how bad he is. We’ll be waiting.

      • http://www.fiercewireless.com/ WilliamC

        You got that right!!! In my ghetto voice…

    • salemst

      This is true, Kevin’s correct–about the only sign of life on this board.

    • Andre

      Even now you are too dumb to see the truth wake up

  • http://johnharvey.us/ SgtCedar

    Finally, someone may get Willard for his lifetime of unethical behavior. I love the area where you live Bob. All the waterfalls are wonderful.

  • shay3780

    I hope this is true…signed, 47%

  • libnodoubt

    This article is from January, 2014. Any news about what has happened?

  • PaulOnBooks

    Mitt’s rich and wanted more. Where’s the problem?

    First person to get a pic of him breaking rocks at the side of the road will make a fortune.

    • http://johnharvey.us/ SgtCedar

      I am not holding my breath.

      • Al Lor

        Me neither brother (and thanks for your service in the big Red 1)

    • Christopher Langton

      it’s a civil suit. nobody is going to jail

      • Jerry Callender

        This is a racketeering case and, if found guilty, will most definitely go to prison.

  • Susie Sotar

    THe Criminal Democrats learned long ago that anyone can sue anyone and that the ensuing negative publicity can hurt their enemies even if there is no basis for the suit. They do the same thing with criminal charges as they have done against Rick Perry.

    • Impykins

      REALLY drinking the Kool-Aid, aren’t you? Did you not read the article? Sounds like there’s a very good basis for the suit. What remains now is to see whether the evidence holds out in court or not. Criminal Democrats. They’re ALL Criminals, my dear, Democrats and Republicans. If you think otherwise, you are a bigger fool than I thought.

    • Kathy Grossman

      LORD you’re ignorant! You should be ashamed!

    • Saltydog

      Oh, you mean like Boehner suing the President for doing presidential things?

    • Saltydog

      You do know that the prosecutors who returned an indictment against Perry are Republicans don’t you? Facts first please.

      • Al Lor


    • BillieJoe Allgood

      Both sides use this tactic not just the Dems. People who think The Demoncrats or Repugnants are there to help them are fools indeed. Its about power, always has been, always will be.

      • kfreed

        I love it when people put forth the “both sides” and then right out and vote in the craziest, most corrupt right-wing baggers to be found roaming the planet.

    • shay3780

      poor Susie….

    • lvginclp

      Hey Susie, you are aware EVERY SINGLE PERSON involved with the Rick Perry investigation are Republicans, right? Even they see the evidence is so overwhelming they can no longer ignore it.

      • Aloanstar

        And the last time a Governor in Texas as indicted was in 1917, Pa Ferguson, who did exactly what Perry was indicted for. I think they have a pretty good case against him.

      • Susie Sotar

        You and your fellow Criminal Democrats have managed to ignore Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the kids Obama invited from central America and many other scandals although there is overwhelming evidence. Republicans are just better people. We investigate even flimsy evidence, air it out and give it its day in court while you just sweep it under the carpet.

        • Al Lor

          Just a few of the more notable Republican scandals, mos were accompanied by subsequent cover ups…. Enron scandal, Walter Reed scandal, Valerie Plame scandal, Lawyergate scandal(and the Lawyergate cover up), Jack Abramoff scandal, Iraq invasion, yellowcake forgery scandal, CPA scandal, Ted Stevens cover up, Tom Delay MULTIPLE scandals,

          Those are the ones most people will remember

        • michele1240

          wow, mental midget much? girl you really need to stop fighting your desire for black men and just go for it….. it seems your repression has caused some kind of mental break…….. bless your heart.

        • kfreed

          We’ve managed to investigate your fact-challenged allegations (as has Congress) and found Darell Issa to be full of it. There is no evidence… no matter how often conservatives attempt to fabricate it. The theatrics are for consumption by an uninformed Fox cable audience. Entertainment for the simple-minded… not unlike the Duggar sideshow, Duck Dynasty, and Sarah Pailin’s recent flop:)

          • Susie Sotar

            You haven’t managed anything but leftwing bilge.

          • lvginclp

            And you are an idiot.

          • Stu Johnson

            And you have shown yourself to be no more than an ignorant Teabilly. You have done nothing but mostly repeat right wing lies.

          • Susie Sotar

            Which lies? Be specific.

        • Chris Jonsson

          Go back to reading your FOX News Fractured Fairy Tales Susie Sotar.

        • lvginclp

          Fast and Furious – BUSH program, Benghazi – over 20 Congressional hearings, millions of taxpayer dollars wasted find NOTHING. You guys care more about smearing the President than finding the actual guys responsible for it. Oh wait, the President got those guys. Bin laden too, remember! The IRS targeted just as many liberal organizations than conservative ones. NOT a scandal. Just more lies made up by the right wing. Keep trying, Susie. So far, you’re failing. Big time.

          • Susie Sotar

            Fast and Furious was not a Bush program. The IRS accidentally caught a very few liberal groups in its net. The vast majority were Conservative organizations that they targeted on purpose.
            Obama is such a putz! He thinks that Conservatives are as brain dead as liberals. We aren’t so he has become a victim of his own assumptions – he got caught in his own deceptions.

          • Stu Johnson

            Actually, the only 501c to lose it’s tax exempt status was an organization thathat helped prepare progressive women to run for political offices. Fast and Furious most definitely was a program started by the Bush administration. You really should fact check rather than just regurgitate right wing propaganda.

          • Susie Sotar

            The question is NOT about organizations which LOST tax exempt status. The question is about organizations which applied for tax exempt status.
            “Fast and Furious” was NOT a Bush program. Bush’s program was “Project Gunrunner” which was a completely different progran.

        • Republicans_are_Evil

          Better people don’t think torturing prisoners is acceptable.

      • lvginclp

        IS a Republican. Sorry. Horrible grammar.

    • kfreed

      This site is a gold mine: “Scandalous! 11 Sitting GOP Governors Indicted, Under Investigation or Serious Scrutiny”

      Listen… if you’re into voting for actual criminals, nobody’s going to stop you. We’d rather not be responsible for such a travesty. Sorta makes that cross avatar you’re sporting lose it’s luster.

      “If conservatives are all about law and order, why are 11 GOP governors indicted, under investigation, or drawing intense public scrutiny for their ethic violations and outright crimes?

      Factivists reports 11 sitting GOP governors are embroiled in scandals of their own making, while a chart from Real Clear Politics shows nine of them are running for re-election in November.”

      • Susie Sotar

        I think the Dems are quickly losing whatever luster they once had – 2010 -2014 – 2016. Thank Barry, he ruined your brand.

  • Proudscalawag

    I can hardly wait to see the Mittster doing a perp walk and then being fitted for an orange jumpsuit!! (Infinite gloats)

  • Steven Bannister

    If Bob Cull’s political bent hasn’t changed since high school, that shows he hasn’t grown much emotionally or intellectually. He’s operating under the same assumptions he made when he was 15 and just built on them. Americans Against the Tea Party? Why would anyone be opposed to a citizen’s group that promotes financial responsibility and who protested the bank bailouts? Instead you support Obama – the Zionist puppet put into office by billionaires like George Soros and companies like Goldman Sachs? Way to go guys! How’s that working out for you?

    • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

      Are you saying we should have supported a Koch puppet that’s main agenda in life is to bankrupt perfectly good companies, liquidate them and send those jobs to China. That we should have supported a Crook who is not even AMERICAN enough to keep his money ON SHORE. A puppet for the Koch who flip flopped on ever issue over and over.. A puppet who was so crooked he could not even show his tax returns. I don’t think so.

    • pitman45

      Another day, another republicon indicted.

      • Al Lor

        I could live with that pace and we certainly have enough suspects. Can think of a few Dems who need to join them as well but let’s go for the biggest perp gang first, Republicans.

    • bvocal

      Steven Bannister… LOL. Hahahahahhahahaaaa, you’re funny. Are you on Acid today?, or meth?

    • Al Lor

      Your party hates America and everything we stand for Steven, that is why we are against you. You see Steven you people are not patriots, you are shills for a handful of billionaires. “Financial Responsibility” is dog whistle for tax cuts for the rich/cuts to social programs. You know so little about our actual history and Constitution that you should be embarrassed.

      America held a Tea Party not long ago Steven, we collectively hurled the Tea Party overboard, by we I mean the Republican party as well as a majority of Americans. Your party is shrinking, how is THAT working out for you?

    • kbdevo1962

      50+ attempts to repeal the ACA . Is only ONE tiny example of just how fiscally responsible the Tea party is. Placing idiots that have no idea what the constitution is , let alone how it works, in office, is a hallmark of all things TEA. The only things we can agree on is the Banksters should be serving time breaking rocks for life. The rest of the Teaparty is about Hubris “The arrogance of pride.” – Or the arrogance of pride in ignorance. They regurgitate all the talking points of Faux Spews , Like the sheeple they are. They vote against all things that would actually help them. With the exception of this election. Note almost ALL the bills passed were Liberal , regardless that they voted for an imbecile that is opposed to those bills. The Teapublicans are nothing but a vacuum . No substance.
      I find it extremely Ironic , that the Teapublicans hate the ACA so much. Also that they refuse to admit that Obama was willing to compromise. The ACA IS a compromise. Obama wanted something far better .
      The ACA was originally presented to President NIXON , by the Heritage foundation . It’s amazing how they can hate one of their own bills so much. Maybe they shouldn’t be presenting “cut and paste” legislation’ for the brain dead Teapublican drones , If they hate their own legislative ideas so much.

      • WakeUpAmerica

        kbdevo1962 and those more than 50 attempts cost us more than $55 million. Last year’s republican government shutdown cost $24 billion. In 2011 when House repubs threatened not to raise the debt ceiling, even though they did so 7 times under W and 17 times under Reagan, that threat was enough to have our credit rating downgraded. And the credit agencies specifically cited that.

        And to your point about teapublicans and healthcare….They are so dense, and that’s being polite when they scream about the ACA while carrying signs reading “Keep your government hands off my MEDICARE.” And the irony/hypocrisy is further evident when many of the ‘baggers are in scooters, on oxygen and taking all sorts if meds that they get from MEDICARE.

    • kbdevo1962

      LOL And you speak of puppets . SMH How about the puppet masters ? Does the name MONSANTO ring any bells ? A corporation that is working ABOVE the law. And so too for those that frack.
      Or how about Exxon Mobile or BP ? And a very large list of other fossil fuel corporations .
      Then you have ONE name that stands out on just about every single political issue that requires a bankroll, Koch.
      They have their filthy mitts on EVERYTHING. From small town elections of school board officials to governorship’s .
      Your’e worried about the wrong billionaires . Sure the others are involved in funding candidates , But THEY are not trying to dominate the entire board.
      Oh and BTW the oil industry gets around 40 billion dollars in subsidies every year since a long time ago. The bank bailouts are small change compared to what we have given to the oil industry, over time. remember when they were making money hand over fist, and everyone was talking about investigations for gouging and making them pay a windfall tax ?
      Yeah they got subsidized THAT year too !

  • midwestfarmersdaughter

    Robme has no moral convictions. He is ethically twisted as are anyone who believes that stealing pensions from working people is acceptable business practices. Why this is applauded is beyond my understanding.

    • cole

      And they want us to trust these thieves with social security

  • Dave

    The giving hand, though foul, shall draw fair praise. What silly logic “Romney was ‘selling’ his position to other partners, was listed as being in charge on federal forms, and was paid a salary” but you’re still claiming he wasn’t involved with Bain. He was involved with them, he held financial ties to them, and as far as a government RICO prosecution goes, no proof of direct involvement is necessary, only a connection and a flow of money. And by the way, they are also arguing a Red Herring claiming that Romney didn’t fire Haas because he wasn’t involved with Bain. There is no claim that Bain, or Romney, fired Haas. The claim is that the bankruptcy case was corrupted, and undisclosed / unwaivable conflicts of interest existed. Conflict violations were admitted by guilty parties. You can’t legitimately argue that Romeny was not connected to Bain, or that Bain was not connected to the dirty players.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/leadbones Ryan Allen

    “Squeaky clean” Mitt Romeny!? I guess that is how stupid people are. During the campaign, he had this written all over his horrible face, every single word he said was a forced lie. Many times, I declared him a terrible human being for the fact that Bain is basically a front company for chewing up the American dream and converting it into wealth for the wealthy. The sole reason that company exists is to fuck us all. People really need to be better judges of character if a Democracy is going to function.

  • Audrey

    Guilty or not guilty, I’m just glad he ISN’T THE PRESIDENT! Too many hidden agenda’s for Mr. Romney……including his tax returns when he ran for president……..he doesn’t come across as someone who has nothing to hide.

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  • https://plus.google.com/111323441809328039622 Brian Locke

    You nailed it Jamie. It takes a special kind of stupid to think someone can sign legally binding papers for a company they are the head of and not be held responsible.

  • https://www.facebook.com/david.kempton.10 David Kempton

    And of course, the good Republican Fox-base claims this is alol a liberal smear job. They are forced to do this to maintian the Fox Big Lie bubble, where Romney is a financial genius.

    The degree of contempt this asshole has for humans is beyond sociopathic. He needs a few years in prison to recognize his errors, but this will NEVER happen – even if he IS sent to “jail,” it will be a Republican Resort Prison, with internet, golf courses and gourmet meals.

    The fractured remains of the United States is witness to the crimes this fool committed.

    And the final proof of how far we have fallen from an honest society – I can’t prosecute Romney for trying to bribe me because I didn’t take the bribe. But if I DID, the one prosecuted would be ME, and Romney would still walk.

    Bottom line – do NOT bother to use the legal system to fix the legal system, it is no longer possible.

    I refer you to Von Clausewitz. Leave NO Republican standing.

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  • bill

    The argument is you don’t like Romney cause you politically disagree with him. It’s your right.
    I have no use for Hillary or Obama. That’s my right.
    This is a liberal Democrat website, I’d expect nothing different than what I’ve read

    • Stanley Flanders

      To Bill. I don,t like Romney cause he is one arrogant prick. From him tackling and then shaving the head of a fellow classmate to his protests against those protesting the Vietnam War ( because of his mission he didn’t,t have to go) and don,t give me that B.S. he was young. By the time I was 18 my I was grown up enough to know right from wrong.

  • Al Garcia

    Yo, “BIll”, are you The Mittster’s spokesperson?… LOL

    • bill

      I followed last year’s campaign. Other business activity happening at Bain in 2001 was tied to Romney.
      Steve Pagliucca and three other partners stated Romney abruptly left for the Olympics and never seen around Bain again selling off the company to the 18 Partners.

      This was campaign news. Had you, Bob, and others notices it last year you wouldn’t need me to iterate it.
      As much as you likely don’t like Mitt Romney you wouldn’t want to make unfounded and erroneous negative assumptions about him, would you?

      • https://www.facebook.com/williamscottdickinson William Scott

        You “bill” (who has seemed to forget that a name starts with a capital letter), are a typical right-wing troll and *your* opinion that we forgot something and that it is your job to remind us is classic.

  • http://gravatar.com/n0vadust n0vadust

    they must — at least — have something in common.

  • Beavis

    You people are amazing – arrogant, ignorant and judgemental. I’m glad you all have the answers about Mitt, money and Mormons. You are all as wacky and “evil” as the individuals, companies and religions you claim to know so much about. Maybe we should all cast one or two more stones and then go out and take a neighbor a pie or a honey-baked ham and let the “system” deal with the caffeine-drinking, money-loving racist and be grateful he’s not running this wonderful country . . . . And then have a coke (not a Pepsi), and a smile, and STFU!

    • http://gravatar.com/nerf12345 nerfman

      Beavis, what is your argument… that everyone is just being mean?

      • http://gravatar.com/drpryr drpryr

        He HAS no argument.

  • bill

    You may get him on a technicality since he was an absentee owner selling Bain to the 18 Partners running the company. I know you’d love to get him. But even if you do, it will be guilt by association and not being caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

    If that makes you feel better, then good luck

    • Bob Cull

      Okay, let’s see if I have this right, Bill, wouldn’t want to make any rash assumptions. What you are saying is that even if all defendants lose this case, it is not evidence that Mittens himself is actually guilty of any wrong doing, that it is probably behavior that never occurred while he was active in the company and he didn’t know anything about it this time even though he was signing the papers. Is that what you are saying?

      If it is then I submit that you are willfully blind as far as this pompous ass is concerned and refuse to believe that he is anything other than the squeaky clean persona that he attempts to project. He is not never was and never will be, he is just another greedy dirt bag who wants to blame the poor for being poor and claim that they are paying nothing and forcing him to pay more, when in fact that 47% that he looks down his nose at most likely, to a man, pays a much higher tax rate than he does, EVERYONE pays taxes, that was just one of his more egregious LIES.

      • bill

        The issue is this guy Haas, hired in 2001. Romney was not there in 2001. He had no say in hiring/firing decisions. He had 18 partners he was selling the business to. He signed off on Bain official tax forms cause he was listed as head of the company. On that basis by law he had to be paid a Bain salary.

        Steve Pagliucca, Democrat, verified that when it was raised on another issue during the campaign. Pagliucca ran for the deceased Ted Kennedy in the Democrat primary for the seat Scott Brown ended up winning in 2009.

        The bottom line is this. Either Pagliucca and 3 other partners are lying about Romney’s non involvement in 2001 as he would have been, or there’s no personal case against Romney cause he left in February 1999 for the Olympics.

        Now are you aware Mitt Romney was paid a salary as Massachusetts Governor of $1? Are you aware he was paid for running the Olympics which he donated the entire amount back to the Olympics? Are you aware Romney would have served if elected President for no salary?

        My point is if he’s such an evil money grubbing guy, he has an usual way of showing it. Did Ted Kennedy ever refuse his Congressional his salary?

        • Jason Keddington

          Well said

        • Veritas

          When you have more than enough, denying a little for image goes a long way

          • bill

            Kennedy had more than enough, why didn’t he?

        • Bob Cull

          Romney is a pompous ass and as always with those with his attitude he has nothing to be pompous about. Contrary to what he thinks, he is superior to NO ONE. Whether or not he drew a salary as governor is absolutely irrelevant, it does not indicate altruism, it was a grandstand gesture, nothing more.

          What he was looking for was power, not the money, big deal. How is one better than the other? I prefer the person seeking wealth in a position of power to the arrogant, self-righteous, power seeker.

          • bill

            Bob, clearly you don’t like Romney cause you politically disagree with him. If he had the political views of Soros or Markos you’d be defending him. I get that. So your personal animous towards him is your driver, that’s your right.

            As a Jew, Romney is easy for me to defend, but he doesn’t really need more of my defense.

            Mitt Romney as an absentee owner of Bain could be charged with “Racketeering” because his name was on official Bail tax documents signing them as still the day to day uninvolved head of the company.

            The real humorous irony here is this. Romney could be found guilty due to his Partner behavior, several of which are liberal Democrats.

            So think about it. Republican Romney guilty of “Racketeering” as absentee owner due to Democrat criminal activity.

            Now that is rich

          • sumo66

            Here, the best part Bob Cull can read Romney’s mind ( regardless of what “he” (Romney thinks)…. Second, let’s talk about tax “rate” Romney’s 10% ( for example) may be worth $1 million while my 10% is worth about 10K.

            I guess I missed on restaurant menus where the price of a dinner is directly related to “income”. If Romeny buys a coke is cost $1 same as me.

            Maybe a few more (P)MS NBC pundits can terrorize babies to make you feel better.

          • Bob Cull

            Why would clairvoyance be required to know how he thinks? He makes it clear in attitude, his disparaging remarks about people who don’t have any income tax obligation for example.

            Your tax rate analogy would be valid IF the wealthy paid the same rate as the working man, but they do not.

            I have no idea what your ridiculous comment on “terrorizing babies” means, apparently just some more over the top imagined slight from one person.

        • https://www.facebook.com/jamie.haman Jamie Haman

          When you sign legal documentation, your signature affirms you know what you are signing. Romney signed. If he didn’t know and agree, he had no business signing. If he did know he should be prosecuted.
          Don’t cry a river for Romney, he can afford his own attorney.

        • https://www.facebook.com/dimgrund1 David Imgrund

          Remember, Romney invented the paper time machine. He did not retire when he said he retired. He didn’t need the money from the Olympics. He was getting more from Bain. He says he quit Bain and went to run the Olympics. Still, he used his position at Bain to prove residency for his run for governor. Later he retroactively retired from Bain. He also used his son’s basement to prove his residency, but did not file taxes in Mass. Only after he was questioned about it did he magically retroactively re-file his taxes to reflect dual residency, so that he would qualify to run for governor. He still never really released any of his taxes, not for one year. During his run for president he released an estimated tax summary with a whole lot of blanks in there. Apparently they have so much money hidden in blind trusts overseas that they don’t even admit to knowing exactly how much or where.

          Do I think that Romney is the devil? No. I also look at the evidence, and lack of evidence, and cannot find him to be a moral man. He uses loopholes and legal trickery to hide who he is and what he has done.

      • https://www.facebook.com/williamscottdickinson William Scott

        Right on Bob!

    • http://gravatar.com/n0vadust n0vadust

      he’ll have ample opportunity to defend himself via the best lawyers money can rent.

  • Griffin

    Beverage choices do not have anything to do with morals.

    • http://gravatar.com/n0vadust n0vadust

      yes, that’s the point. but romney seemed to think otherwise when he used those choices to compare himself to obama.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/Boli.In.Miami Boli InMiami

    If you are an attorney, paralegal or knowledgeable about the legal process, take a look at this filing. The allegations are plain weird


  • Scott Johnson

    Right…….and all conservatives are alike???

    • http://kellyjdrummer.wordpress.com kellyjdrummer

      Certainly seems so, doesn’t it?

      • bill

        Liberals look differently and think alike
        Conservatives look alike and think differently

        • http://kellyjdrummer.wordpress.com kellyjdrummer

          Oh, OK.

        • https://www.facebook.com/williamscottdickinson William Scott

          lol… that is the problem… we all think alike.

  • http://www.sparkleworks.com dc

    I guess that makes these “Don’t Bain Me, Bro” t-shirts ( http://www.spacesquid.com/zombie-can-funny-t-shirt/ ) suddenly timely…! History repeats itself… because these abusers never get punished appropriately. :-P

  • bil

    Romney was gone from Bain and its operations February 1999.
    Unless Haas was employed by Romney in 1999, or anyone can prove has was personally involved with running Bain in 2001 this case has no shot.

    Steve Pagliucca–Bain Pertner–part owner of the Boston Celtics–Democrat is on the record Romney left Bain abruptly in 1999, wasn’t seen around there afterwards. He signed off on official documents as an absentee owner until Bain could be sold to the remaining 18 partners which took two years consummating in 2001.

    • Bob Cull

      “He signed off on official documents as an absentee owner until…2001.”

      Your own words discredit your argument, Bil. Do you think that because you didn’t know that your dog got out until after he attacked the neighbor’s kid and putting him in the hospital you are not responsible under the law? If you think that let me correct you, because you are.

      It is the same with Romney and Bain, he cannot say “you can’t blame me, I was in the process of selling my share and only signed the papers, I didn’t give any orders.” It was his company and his responsibility and any crimes committed are on him whether he was in the process of selling out or not, as long as he owned a share and had to sign the papers.

      Also, if you believe that he knew nothing of the shady dealings or that they did not occur before the eToy incident, I have some nice beach front property in Arizona, a bridge in NYC (big money maker) and some swamp land in Florida that I would like to sell you..

      • bill

        Romney well may be liable for criminal behavior several of his Liberal Democrat Partners engaged in, Bob. You may have a case.

        Of course, liberal Democrats’ reputation may well take a hit as they were the ones directly involved. Romney being an absentee owner

        • Tom

          What does the term ‘liberal democrats’ keep flying around here? I didn’t see the article have anything to say about political parties, yet bill keeps using it as a crutch of some sort. I don’t care if the directly involved were the tiny ladies singing the Mothra song, if they are guilty of the charges, they should be punished. My opinion of Mitt Romney is that he is a corporate weasel and will steal the food off your table for profit. . . nothing more. Political affiliation has nothing to do with it. I am though, curious to know how bill knows of the 18 partners’ political party preference. I thought the voting process was somewhat private. . . .

          • https://www.facebook.com/dimgrund1 David Imgrund

            The conservative concept, at least for campaign money, that corporations are people, is insane. You don’t drug test a corporation. Corporations cannot, at least not yet, vote. Despite huge tax deductions for loss of profit corporations do not collect unemployment. They do collect welfare, strangely enough.

            You also do not arrest and incarcerate corporations. In theory (although it is not happening enough) you prosecute the people in charge of the corporations for the criminal act committed in a corporation’s name.

            Bill wants to keep focusing on when Romney retired. That is bunk. He retained a salary and status on is resume for governor long after he retired on paper. And his retirement was made retro-active by over two years meaning that he was both employed and not-employed simultaneously. That would be like the head of BP quitting the day of the Gulf spill but claiming he had quit weeks before and it was all a paperwork issue. Romney has played fast and loose with people’s companies and livelihoods for a long time. If any of these acts in the law suit happened while he was with the company, whether or not he was just a figurehead, whether or not he retro-actively retired, then he is responsible. Even if cannot be found guilty in a criminal sense because of the loop-holes he has created, he still needs to be held accountable and responsible. It goes to his character and his future political endeavors.

            The one thing that really stinks about this story is the lack of criminal charges. Perjury is perjury. The old AG in Delaware violated legal and ethics standards. Why is he not being prosecuted and / or disbarred by the new AG, or even the US AG? Hopefully this will make it into civil court and the civil action will prompt legal action, no matter what political affiliation the offending parties claim.

  • David Isler

    If there’s anything to these charges, it shows the republicans DID get the candidate that best represents their party to run for president. If convicted, he may get to run again. republicans admire this kind of make-it-happen attitude.

  • JSintheStates

    And this is why the rich are different: They take from the rest and give to themselves!

    As an aside to those of you who believe the voters in the United states are somehow responsible for the politicians that are elected, our choices were a bit narrow: a) a lying fascist pig; b) a lying uber-rich racketeering felon of the very worst kind! Gee! Who should I have voted for?

    • Bob Cull

      So tell me, JS, why did you only mention Romney when speaking of our choices in the last election? Both of the choices you gave apply only to him. How could you forget that the President was running? He did win again.

      • http://twitter.com/shetalksfunny (@shetalksfunny)

        **high five**

      • Dale Husband

        True, Obama won the last election, but JS was actually calling him the “lying fascist pig”, because JS has never actually lived under an actual fascist government. But that is the extremist rhetoric of libertarian bigots.

        Plus, JS was flat out wrong. There were several other choices the voters could have voted for.

        • Bob Cull

          I knew that was what he was insinuating, Dale, I just wanted him to say it so I could suggest that he try going to live under a tyrannical government so that he could see for himself that he knows nothing about tyranny. He just calls it tyranny because he has been told to by his corporate masters.

          • https://www.facebook.com/john.gilbert.org John Gilbert

            Still don’t really understand why we 50 choices for Ms. America and only 2 choices for president (you know the other parties don’t count).

  • Jason Keddington

    It is very apparent that most of you are anti Mormon (don’t even know basic Mormon theology) and you have an obvious interest in protecting Pres Obama and liberal America. Keep spending your time believing that conservatives are evil and get rich off of the poor, when in all reality we make money because we don’t waste our time trying to make up crazy stories just to degrade someone. Instead of complaining, how about yougo make the world a better place? Oh wait, legalized drug use is now taking up most of your time. My bad. Good luck living on food stamps and using public transit.

    • Dale Husband

      Jason Keddington said:
      “It is very apparent that most of you are anti Mormon (don’t even know basic Mormon theology),,,” That is only half true. Actually, the more people know about what Mormonism is really about, the more they despise it. It is one of the most blatantly phony religions ever made.

      “… and you have an obvious interest in protecting Pres Obama and liberal America.” Not necessarily true. That childish either/or thinking is just stupid.

      “Keep spending your time believing that conservatives are evil and get rich off of the poor… .” I would not say all conservatives are evil, but they do tend to be selfish and, hypocritical, justifying the status quo (or some social conditions of some earlier time) because it benefits them more than others.

      “….in all reality we make money because we don’t waste our time trying to make up crazy stories just to degrade someone.” You think the story above is made up? Why? Because of who it attacks?

      “Instead of complaining, how about yougo make the world a better place?” We ARE trying to make the world a better place, and part of that effort is to discredit people like Mitt Romney and you!

      “Oh wait, legalized drug use is now taking up most of your time. My bad. Good luck living on food stamps and using public transit.” Making a personal attack like that instead of dealing with the real issues above is known as DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER. Damn you for that!

      Thank you for giving me yet ANOTHER reason to despise Mormonism!

      • Armando Saenz

        Thank you, Dale Husband. A great example of how to demolish an attack by an emotional right winger in today’s public square. Keep informing and educating the uninformed.

        • Jason Keddington

          Thank you Armando for letting me have a lesson today. I learned so much from an absolute waste of an argument. Thank you, maybe you could teach me a thing or two? As for “right winger”? You assume that because I know Mitt Romney I’m a right winger? How about this, if I tried to defend Ted Cruz or Rush Limbaugh then yes, I’m a right winger. Mitt Romney was very moderate, and you know that, or atleast you should know that. Wait, aren’t you the one teaching me a lesson?

          • Armando Saenz

            Yes, Jason. Mitt was a moderate when compared with Cruz and Limbaugh.

      • Jason Keddington

        Dale, you did exactly what you attacked me for. You just made absurd, over reaching statements. Again, you base your entire argument on you so called “knowledge” of Mormonism and Mitt Romney. Did you read all of that here? You are childish. Comments made regarding Mormonism on this thread are not true. Plain and simple, is it possible that Huff PO got something wrong? I’m sorry.

        As for food stamps and drugs. I employ 519 employee and constantly interview and hire people. When I reach out to thousands of applicants to have them tell me that all they want is a “reply” so that they can count that as trying to get a job and continue on welfare, I know what I’m talking about. So don’t assume I’m some crazy Tea party nut job. And as for drugs, all the years I’ve ran my company drug and alcohol use has continued to destroy families left and right, get divorced, have 3 kids with 3 different women, have the majority of their check taken out in child support and then complain that $50,000 a year isn’t enough for their drug infested lifestyle, forgive me if I don’t have a bleeding heart as you do. So get off your high horse and realize that because of liberals like you we are rotting away America.

        Geez, act like you have half a brain for heavens sake. Nevermind, it’s already fried.

        • https://www.facebook.com/james.b.thomaston James Brian Thomaston

          The number 1 cause of divorce is MONEY, not drugs. Drugs are not even close. Take your drug fear-mongering to the pulpit, because real adults know the truth.

        • Dale Husband

          “Dale, you did exactly what you attacked me for. You just made absurd, over reaching statements.” – No, I absolutely did not, and that makes you a liar, which is to be expected from someone who believes the outright lies and absurdities of Mormonism.

          “Again, you base your entire argument on you so called “knowledge” of Mormonism and Mitt Romney. Did you read all of that here?” No, of course not. I have many sources of information about Mormonism. As for Romney, his deeds and his business and political career is a matter of public record, of course.

          “When I reach out to thousands of applicants to have them tell me that all they want is a “reply” so that they can count that as trying to get a job and continue on welfare, I know what I’m talking about.” Having been unemployed and drawn unemployment benefits while searching for a job, I see your comment for what it is, bigoted bullcrap, based on ignorance on how people that are on such benefits really are and what they are expected to do. I will just take that and flush it down the toilet too.

          “all the years I’ve ran my company drug and alcohol use has continued to destroy families left and right, get divorced, have 3 kids with 3 different women, have the majority of their check taken out in child support and then complain that $50,000 a year isn’t enough for their drug infested lifestyle” Nice sob story. Why does your company attract so many inferior people? Where is it located, south central Los Angeles? Detriot? New York City? Some other rotting inner city area? And most importantly, WHAT IS THAT COMPANY’S NAME? People should know so they can avoid dealing with it…..and you.

        • Dale Husband

          And in case you did not get it, Jason Keddington, I do not believe anything you say about your company or the people you deal with while hiring for it, because those claims seem to have been based on the classic hateful stereotypes of poor people you read in right-wing literature.

          “So get off your high horse and realize that because of liberals like you we are rotting away America.

          Geez, act like you have half a brain for heavens sake. Nevermind, it’s already fried.”
          Liberals have not been in charge of America for decades! That’s another right-wing extremist lie. Centrist Democrats like Clinton and Obama and Conservative Republicans like Reagan and the Bushes have screwed up America, yes. But not real liberals. You have no idea what real liberals are about!

        • Barney Muldoon

          So you own a company that employs over 500 people and you are the one doing the hiring, reading and responding to applications. Yeah right.

    • Rajon DeMilo

      Jason Keddington… Blow it out your azz. Nobody gives a Hoover Dam about Mormons, or Mittens’ devotion to Mormonism. The mention of Romney’s so-called commitment to the principles of morality that prohibit his imbibing any fluids containing caffeine are widely known because Romney used that tidbit to propagate his own image of self-restraint, personal responsibility and accountability, as a means to benefit from the perceived contrast with President Obama, who conservatives falsely accused of being the culprit of all the economic turmoils of nation even prior to his victory in 2008. The overall weakness and emptiness of your argument proves only that your relationship with reality undercuts the credibility of what you assertions claim to be “apparent.” It’s apparent that you should reinsert that foot where it belongs…you’re leaking waste fluids!

      • Jason Keddington

        Ok, I’m so sorry. I should know that caffeine is illegal on the Mormon church. That’s totally my bad… Are you kidding me? Do a quick google search to see if caffeine is prohibited in the Mormon church, any second grader could find out that it is not. So don’t sit here and act like you have slightest clue what you are talking about. That’s fine though, you won’t change, you won’t ever study legitimate writers of politics or theology. You and Obama only learn what you learn by watching MSNBC each night. Good luck with that.

        I don’t expect you to care about Mormonism, but at least get your points straight.

    • harry mcneil

      I know blacks were not allowed to hold office in the church become an elder.do I need to know more

      • Jason Keddington

        So every other organization in the United States is corrupt because everyone and their dog didn’t allow black people to do anything. Just because the Mormons made a mistake regarding that time in our history doesn’t automatically void any legitimacy. If it did, the Democratic Party should be abolished.

    • Mohjo

      I think there is a reason this story isn’t making headline news, and I find it hard to believe it’s because the major liberal news networks like Mitt Romney. Just saying…

      • Bob Cull

        There is no shortage of information on this story available, Mohjo, and it is entirely from reliable sources. I have never had to wade through so much information to write an article and included the high number of links because it was too much to condense it all into a reasonable length piece for a blog. It was longer than we like stories to be as it is.

        • http://[email protected] popst

          Post it notes take a while to gather.

          • http://kellyjdrummer.wordpress.com kellyjdrummer

            ^^^^^ Special mix of arrogant and ignorant.

          • Bob Cull

            If I used post its it probably would, just as it would have taken a carton of them to compile all that is out there on this story. I use paper so little that my handwriting has gone to hell, it is barely legible anymore.

    • Nagrad

      Your comment is so absurd as to be comedic. You do realize that the majority of public assistance flows from liberal states to conservative states, right? No seriously, go look it up online if you doubt the veracity of that.

      What does Mitt being a Mormon have to do with anything? The only thing this article is about is racketeering, bribery, and fraud – nothing to do with Mormons

      • Bruce

        Damn-I wish I had said that! Thanks for keeping it on subject!

      • Scott Johnson

        There are lots of dumb, stupid, poor democrats in those conservative states. The help is not going to just red necks…..check the county level help in some of those states and you’ll find some interesting information……and do it for yourself as opposed to using someone else’s talking point……

        • http://kellyjdrummer.wordpress.com kellyjdrummer

          You really aren’t doing your ‘club’ any good at all.

      • Jason Keddington

        Nagrad, everyone in the comments is bashing Mormons, not telling the truth and saying how deceptive we are. So yea, this site has a lot to do with Mormons.

        • Fread Freaky

          who gives a fuck about if he is a Mormon or not, I do not judge a person on what religious preference he has. For me Mitt Romney will always be an asshole and nothing about him is legal.

    • trevor d

      I am a democrat who probably has more than you ever will in your lifetime! Go fuck yourself. No one is living on food stamps over here. I am glad you think all democrats are alike.

      • Jason Keddington

        Nice trev, someone who has to so arrogantly say that they make that much money is worse than anything Mitt ever said. I’ll pass on screwing myself, but thanks for the invite, Mondays work better for me.

    • https://www.facebook.com/marstevens Marlene Stevens

      well i was born and raised a mormon and my whole family is mormon and know mormons like that back of my hand and I can say for sure that it is one of the most evil cults in the world and it is too bad more people are not exposing them , I think people need to look at all they are investing in and what the mormons church owns and i think you will find it goes right back to HARP AND underground cities. MOrmons you are victims of brainwashing and mind control and anyone in my eyes that holds feverish meetings once a month proclaiming they are the only true religion on earth are terrorist , great MOrmon bashing here . lets get the truth out !!!

      • Jason Keddington

        Ahhhhh, “left to kick against the pricks” I see. Good for you. Cult, nice, Mormons are no where near a cult. You can say all you want about how you hate or disagreed with their beliefs, but labeling them a cult is a very serious accusation. One that you cannot back up. Got to exmormon.com your friends are waiting for you to make up something and spread it across the Internet and brainwash liberals who don’t research anything on their own.

  • len

    “including squeaky clean Mitt Romney the man whose moral convictions run so deep that he will not even drink coffee or coke because they contain caffeine.” Mitt Romney, in his time with Bain, destroyed jobs and companies all while enriching himself. it is important to understand that Romney has no morals, he has a set of cookie cutter rules provided to him by his mormon religion but otherwise he is an amoral sociopath.

    • http://stvrsnbrgr.wordpress.com stvrsnbrgr

      EXACTLY RIGHT. What the hell does caffeine have to do with moral convictions? Absolutely nothing. The very notion is absurd. Want to know about Mitt Romney’s “moral convictions”? He was a leader in a church whose “morality” held that black skin equated to evil. Until 1978. 1978!! Mitt was in his early 30s, a “family man” — but he was blissfully untroubled by his bizarre cult’s god-given racism. (Ergo, the wide-eyed surprise of so many to see a little black baby among the mess of Romney grandchildren! Poor kid.) He is ethically and morally filthy.

  • Simone Sanner

    The LDS church, as just about every Christian denomination at one time or another, taught that people of color, even ‘one drop’ of non-white ‘blood’ or ancestry, carried the mark of Cain and therefore would not go to Heaven. While the LDS church seeks to distance themselves from this mindset as they attempt to become the fastest growing and foremost christian church in the world, the attitude is very common in Salt Lake City today.

  • Devon

    Mormonism is a religion founded by a convicted fraud… Ironic… Still would like to hear more angles on this… If it’s legitimate it might do some good in exposing how slimy these guys are. They sell snake oil designed to parasitically funnel money into insane undertakings based on superstitious tribal nonsense! That’s their thing, that’s what they do.

    • Bob Cull

      I have little use for religions, Devon, but it is counterproductive to attack them with your own falsehoods, that is sinking to their level. Joseph Smith was never convicted of a crime of any kind.

      He was arrested before he left New York for being a “disorderly person” but he was acquitted of that charge, necessarily as the charge was based on his Constitutional right to practice any religion he chose.

      He was arrested in Illinois after ordering the destruction of a printing press which had been used to print a criticism of Mormonism, but again he was not convicted, this time it would have been justified as he did give that order, however a mob of “good Christians” could not wait for “justice” to be done (probably because they didn’t see prison time as justice) and lynched him. After all is not death the proper penalty for not following the only “true” religion?

  • Don

    Funny how these things always turn to people proclaiming what Mormons believe. lol And usually it is not what Mormons believe but what the Anti- Mormons say Mormons believe. The article was not about Mormon beliefs. I find it consistently humorous how things are spun.

  • Don

    If Romney or anybody else is guilty of a Crime then let them be found tried and found guilty and suffer the full extent of the law. Seems however in this case that a case is hard to bring. But if guilt exists then the guilty will pay, in this life or the here after.

    • Bob Cull

      Bringing charges in the original jurisdiction was impossible, Don, not because it was a difficult case to prosecute, but because the prosecutor in that jurisdiction was involved in the chicanery which cost a lot of people a lot and enriched Mittens and his shady buddies. Face facts, very seldom does an honest and “Godly” man become as rich as Mittens has and he has held his sense of entitlement and superiority out there for the world to see, right along with the contempt he holds for the less fortunate.

  • Cara

    Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi wrote an amazing article detailing eToys sale. Mitt Romney is a disgusting man who talked out both sides of his mouth… depending on who he was facing.

    • donna

      Just like he did when he was running for President…

  • bill

    You guys are missing the point with this.
    Read up on what Steve Pagliucca–a Bain partner–present part owner of the Boston Celtics–and Democrat primary candidate in 2009 for Ted Kennedy’s open seat when he passed away has said about Rommney’s association with Bain post early 1999. Again, Pagliucca is a Democrat.

    During the campaign he stated Romney left Bain abruptly February 1999 to run the Olympics. He was head of Bain as an absentee owner until he could sell the company to the 18 Partners. He thus signed the corporate papers for taxes having to be paid a salary, but had no business or influence in running the company and never seen around Bain according to Pagliucca. It took 2 years for the sale to go through to the Partners as Romney wasn’t there, the sale was complicated, and someone had to sign the official Bain documents until that sale went through, which it did in 2001.

    So as hard as you’re going to try, unless any of you or this guy Haas can prove he was hired in 1999 by Mitt Romney before he left for the Olympics, or anyone can prove that somehow Romney was directly involved in Bain operations in 2001 hiring the guy which no one at Bain claims he was, then I don’t know where the case against Romney is.

    Sorry all. Seems like a National Enquirer quality piece here.

    • ldoone

      Bill, unless Romney executed a provisional agreement granting all power and responsibility to the Partners during the process of the sale of his interest, he was still in control. If he had executed such an agreement, he would not have been the person signing documents. Choosing to wash your hands of responsibility doesn’t actually relieve you of responsibility. And if he indeed was no longer CEO but still received a salary as an owner, that would make it a disguised dividend, which could subject the company to a 75% penalty for hiding taxable profits as deductible employee compensation. Reasonable compensation for no position or title is Zero. If he maintained the title of CEO while absent, he was still responsible for oversight of the company’s actions. If he was Chairman, he was responsible for oversight of executives. And if he had no title (despite receiving a salary) and did not sit on the Board, he still held majority interest and had the ability to replace the entire Board of Directors, and through them, all officers. If he was the guy signing official Bain documents at the time of the allegations, he knew or should have known what his company was up to, especially when it comes to the acquisition or liquidation of a subsidiary. That requires Board approval, and if he chose not to attend meetings when decisions were made that he was signing the documents for, he is still responsible. Surely he wouldn’t sit in court and say, “but your honor, I didn’t read the fine print. I just signed it. I’m not responsible.”

      • bill

        From what was reported Romney only signed the official Bain papers such as tax returns. He was not involved in the day to day operation or hiring/firing decisions at Bain.
        Now if Bain’s at fault, fine, punish them.
        But if you think you’re winning connecting Romney to this, looks like a loss, instead. He wasn’t there after February 1999

        • David Isler

          Interesting position that signing one’s name on a legal document shouldn’t be taken to mean anything.

        • ldoone

          Bill it doesn’t matter if he was involved in day to day operations or hiring/firing decisions. To have delegated those duties to someone else doesn’t relieve you of responsibility. What matters is his title at the time. Mere shareholders generally don’t sign tax returns. There will be Board minutes from the period in question that list the slate of officers. If Romney was listed as CEO during that time, it doesn’t make him less responsible to have been a lousy CEO who never showed up at work. He still had the responsibilities that went with his level of authority. If there is a case there, and he held the title of CEO when the alleged misconduct occurred, he can be held liable.

          • bill

            LDoone, It’s possible that because Romney was signing off on official Bain documents as an absentee owner he could be liable simply because he was the signer. However, this looks to be a case against Bain. If it can’t be proven that Mitt Romney engaged in this behavior personally Haas might be able to successfully sue Bain and Romney part of it as signer, however, Romney will have engaged in no personal wrongdoing thus his squeaky clean image will remain intact.

            If the guy is saving the Olympics, leaves the running of Bain to trusted Partners as an abesntee owner, not involved in running the day to day business, and they commit misdeeds then Bain has an issue where Romney has some business liability–but no one could say Romney was personally on behalf of Bain out screwing people.

            You’d have your victory nailing Romney on something, but it wouldn’t be nailing him personally. Remember, 4 Partners are on record including 3 of them being Democrats during the 2012 campaign stating Romney wasn’t seen after February 1999 and had no business/decision making in day to day Bain business operations.

            Good luck trying to besmirch his reputation

          • ldoone

            For heaven’s sake, Bill, if you could get past your need to make this about Democrats and Republicans for a minute, you might learn something. I don’t care what party Romney is in. I don’t know if he or anyone else at Bain is guilty of misconduct (other than the moral sliminess of bankrupting people’s pensions for your personal gain – but that was immoral, not illegal). The case has to proceed for those details to come out, and I can tell you as a former litigant that guilt doesn’t necessarily lead to judgment in our legal system anyway. But I was a business owner for 40 years. I sat on our Board of Directors. “Absentee owner” is not a legal status in the corporate structure. We know Romney was a Shareholder because he was selling his interest. “Shareholder” is a legal status, and presence or absence has no effect. What matters is whether he held a position on Bain’s Board, which gave him an obligation to be informed of the company’s actions, and/or an Officer title, which gave him control and therefore responsibility for the company’s actions. Shareholders don’t sign tax returns in a company the size of Bain. Nor do they receive a salary. If there indeed was wrongdoing on the part of the company at the time that Romney was receiving a salary (not a shareholder distribution, but an actual salary), just showing a jury how much he was paid to be in that position of responsibility would negate any argument from him that “I wasn’t there”. You held the title, you were paid a substantial amount to perform the duties of the position, you should have been there. It was your responsibility to know. That’s all that matters. That being said, in our current legal system executives are rarely made to pay any consequences no matter how bad the wrongdoing is. Theoretically they’re supposed to, but what most politicians understand is that it isn’t companies that make contributions, it’s the human being who controls the company checkbook, and that means executives and Directors. They are all pretty much teflon-coated now. If Romney held a title, he’s responsible. But I don’t expect him to pay any price, other than a little public exposure. And with this being a civil case, it’s possible Bain will settle out of court as soon as it looks like it’s going anywhere, and both parties will sign non-disclosure agreements, and the whole thing will disappear.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jprichva Jeff Selbst

    Caffeine? Hah. I grew up in the same town as Mitt, although I didn’t know him (he’s got about a decade on me). But even at that late date, the rumors flew around town about him: that he sometimes staggered home as late as 9 p.m. And he had coffee on his breath!

    • Samson

      your comment made me laugh. the level of sarcasm was ample and I applaud you for your wittiness.

  • Patrick Dieter

    Sooooooo … While I’m no fan of the Mitt-ster, and wouldn’t mind seeing him held accountable, I’m ALSO not a fan of BS. Either he is up on criminal charges, or he is being sued. Ya can’t have it both ways folks!

    • Bob Cull

      Haas went to the U.S. Attorney in the Delaware District and got nowhere. That was, as he later learned, because that U.S. Attorney was involved in the shady dealing that went on in the transaction and had a long time involvement with all of the main players.

      When Connelly would do nothing about it he decided to use another provision of the RICO law which allows a private citizen to bring suit due to a “prosecutorial gap.”

      This was all covered in the article, don’t know how you missed it.

    • Bruce

      Are you saying that being “up” on criminal charges negates simultaneous civil prosecution or the other way around? Criminal charges are different from civil prosecution and are different venues and can simultaneously be pursued!

    • donna

      Of course ya can! Criminal cases and Civil lawsuits have nothing to do with one another.

  • Jacqueline jones

    Ithink this Wonderful!

  • Rosie

    Mitt was fond of drinking hot chocolate during the campaign…hmm caffeine and hot drink…

    • greg

      Rosie, not only hot chocolate, but the word was that Attorney General Holder tried to bribe Mitt into having sex with interns aka Bill Clinton’s successful campaign!! Of course, since he never accepted the money, nothing can be proven!

    • http://gravatar.com/latenightlarry latenightlarry

      Hmmmmmmm…. Coca-Cola and Coffee contain caffeine… Hot Chocolate also contains caffeine… but I guess the Mittster claims not to know that.

  • Derpman


    He filed pro se. He couldn’t even find some sleazy lawyer to take it on a contingency.

    “A lawyer that represents himself has a fool for a client.”

    Maybe he can go cry to his mommy. She’ll make everything better.

    • http://www.rentpellcitytalladega.com Doug Cook

      You’re probably right on!

      • Bob Cull

        I think that you and Derpman and making unfounded assumptions, Doug. Nowhere in the mountains of material that I waded through for this piece did I find any indication that Haas ever made an attempt to find an attorney to take the case. The sense that I get is that he always intended to bring the case himself, if he wanted to he could have found an attorney who would have taken the case if only for the publicity.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Boli.In.Miami Boli InMiami

    It looks like a pretty questionable suit. First of all the guy filed it pro-se (acting as his own attorney). Just by skimming the complaint and some of the orders in this case the allegations read like a long-winded rant. Some of what he is claiming sounds kind of out there, frankly. And it is not Criminal Racketeering it is Civil Rico.

  • https://www.facebook.com/david.wertheimer.3 Wertheimer David

    Being sued for a Criminal case is preposterous in itself Being sued is Civil not criminal I call bull SH!* right from the start

    • MarkB

      Call BS all you want, pal — OJ owes the Goldmans $30M for 1992.

  • Grandma Katy

    As an attorney this sounds like the person who filed this is a lay person who has an ax to grind. If he has “proof” of all of this, the federal prosecutors and justice department would jump on this to prosecute as the allegations appear to have federal jurisdiction. I know that the courts are open to all, but to a layperson, filing a suit of this nature is a nightmare of rules of procedure. Good luck to the judge who got assigned this one!

    • https://www.facebook.com/Boli.In.Miami Boli InMiami

      Yeah the more I skimmed the allegations, the more it is clear this is a bs lawsuit, full of sometimes nonsensical rantings. When you file pleadings and motions in Federal Court you have to very precise and strictly follow the procedural rules. This sloppy mess will get thrown out rather quickly if and when the defendants get served and file the usual motions to dismiss.

      • Bob Cull

        You didn’t read very carefully, Boli, the case IS going to court, the preliminary hearing is over and a case number and jusdge have been assigned. In other words the court found that there is indeed sufficient evidence to hold a trial.

  • bill

    Okay, Haas is hired in 2001, am I missing something?
    Romney left Bain early 1999 to run the Olympics. How was Romney personally involved since his partners including several Democrats among them have stated they never saw Mitt around after he left and was an absentee owner signing off on taxes etc… till Mitt sold the Bain to the remaining 18 Partners which was complicated taking a couple of years to complete?

    This suit sounds suspicious to me

    • Bob Cull

      Romney was still active in Bain until late in 2001, he wasn’t handling every day business but he was still deeply involved and drawing a salary. Haas attempted to get it handled in the criminal courts where it properly belongs but that was stymied by a conflict of interest on the part of the U.S. Attorney in Delaware who was a partner in the law firm involved in all of the chicanery in the raping of eToy which Bain bought for pennies on the dollar through shady maneuvers. It’s all there in the article, if you use the links provided you will see that there is a lot more than I could ever cover in a short blog article. Any time you see that many links it is a good idea to take a look at at least some of them it usually means that there was a lot of background material.

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  • W.G.

    Murder may have been involved ?? HAHAHA ! If he´s guilty , he´ll get off with
    a warning or a small fine because the b_sterd´s rich !

  • james lynch
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  • Gina Green

    Any man that will abuse/mistreat a dog will do anything.

    • Karen

      Right? And to think, Obama ate one. :)

      • http://kellyjdrummer.wordpress.com kellyjdrummer


      • Bob Cull

        He lived in Indonesia from the ages of 6-10! When you were that age I imagine you ate what you were given, just as we all do, but of course it would have made a difference if he was a white Republican, now wouldn’t it, Karen? As Forrest Gump’s Mama always said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

      • http://facebook sotamis

        Wow another reason for impeachment. Obama eats what mom puts on his plate.

      • ron


      • https://www.facebook.com/leadbones Ryan Allen

        Why should anyone respect your opinion, since you are clearly retarded?

  • Rick

    This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the behavior of private equity.

  • http://twitter.com/WILLDYE4U Valerie Martin (@WILLDYE4U)

    You can SAY you follow ANY religion.
    That doesn’t make you a good person.
    I knew a guy who claimed to be Catholic.
    Sinned all week long then would go to church,
    say he was sorry, and well, I guess you’re
    Good to Go?
    I watched Romney & Ryan look into people’s
    eyes, look straight into cameras, and just
    People like him will do & say anything for the
    ones they love!
    (you know, money and power)

    • http://gravatar.com/thygeekgoddess thygeekgoddess

      Caught an assistant manager lying to me. He said, “I’m a Christian, why would I lie?”
      That pissed me off… I glared at him and said, “I don’t know. How COULD you?”

      • http://gravatar.com/latenightlarry latenightlarry

        I had a boss one time who made a practice of lying to customers… not just white lies, big ol’ BALD lies… then leave me to clean up the mess he made. I just found out he’s being fired for screwing up too many times…

      • Janice

        Had the same thing happen to me about 20 years ago. I advised the manager that I was taught that a good Christian doesn’t lie, cheat or steal, and that he couldn’t be a manager and not lie! Needless to say, he never spoke to me again…..

  • https://www.facebook.com/alfred.lehmberg Alfred Lehmberg

    Boil these crooked SOBs down for their ass-fat and we can afford food-stamps, extend unemployment, provide a living wage, expand and strengthen Social Security, provide infrastructure jobs, and have universal healthcare!!!

    • Karen

      Or you could just move to Cuba.

      • Cara

        Oh, look! A troll!

        • https://www.facebook.com/laurie.neufeld.79 Laurie Neufeld

          And not even a clever one. Ah well, one can always hope.

    • Emeraldeyes

      Vote their a$$e$ OUT! Show them the POWER OF THE PEOPLE – strength in numbers! Turn America Blue/Purple and get the red out!!!

      • Boss

        unfortunately all the elections have been rigged since reagan..

    • http://gravatar.com/thygeekgoddess thygeekgoddess

      There is enough for all that and advance in science and feed the world many times over. If that’s the est they can do, they need to do the best of somebody better. They need to seriously re-org Congress and convict for conflicts of interest, instead of legalizing embezzlement.

    • http://gravatar.com/latenightlarry latenightlarry

      Time to follow the Iceland example… jail the banksters, fire Congress, forgive much of the underwater mortgages… but then the 1% in Iceland don’t OWN their country’s legislature…

  • http://gravatar.com/electrawoman Betty

    Great article. Just an FYI…mormons abstain from hot drinks, not because of the caffeine, but because Joseph Smith (beverage racist, that he was) said “no hot drinks”, and the church clarified this later and said “no coffee or tea”. People assume it means “No caffeine” but the “rules” only call out coffee and tea.

    IMHO it really doesn’t matter what you give up for the church, it’s just a way to manipulate and control the people (a person is less likely to challenge or leave the church when they have invested in a dietary/lifestyle change to participate in it).

    I know that’s not what this article is about. I just found it interesting the first time I learned this. Here’s an article about it.


  • https://www.facebook.com/robertjoy666 Robert Joy

    One can only hope this actually goes to trial and there are conviction for those criminals!

    • https://www.facebook.com/brad.fulton.10 Brad McCovey Shift Fulton

      Yeah, THAT could happen.

  • Patricia Cooper

    I appreciate your work, don’t stop :)

  • djdiva

    Interesting to see where this goes…

  • http://gravatar.com/31forever 31forever

    But, if this story surfaced in August of 2012; A) Why are we just hearing about it now, and B ) What was the outcome?

    • Bob Cull

      Actually it goes back even further than 2012, 31forever. The original suit was dismissed on a technicality, Haas filed as owner of CLI and as such had no standing to file. He filed the second suit as CLI since the company did have standing in the case. The courts are slow and you can be sure that Romney and friends have been doing all they can to keep the lid on the story, they don’t want it to be widely publicized.

      • https://www.facebook.com/jim.hoover.754 Jim Hoover

        thanks, Bob

  • Rusty

    Not the least surprised. Hope to see MANY more.

  • https://www.facebook.com/larry.colin Larry Colin

    I am waiting on results of this suit to prove that ROBME is truly a scumbag.

  • grahampa

    My opinion of Mitt has not changed, I still wouldn’t trust him

    • http://kellyjdrummer.wordpress.com kellyjdrummer

      For me, he would never enter into a “trust/don’t trust” possibility.

  • http://Facebook Sherri

    Sqeaky clean Romney? That’s an oxymoron. Anyone with any morals or integrity can tell by looking in his eyes, what a crooked,sneaky conniving, weasel he is. The epitome of sinister & evil. Good Luck Haas. Hope you don’t end up dead, while trying to expose these rodents for what they really are.

  • sheila

    Go, Bob!

  • tom

    i’m. a democrat and I dislike the rightwing thinking allegations and charges mean something. so I think we need to wait and see what shakes out.

  • https://www.facebook.com/dimgrund1 David Imgrund

    Side note: Mormons highly invested in Pepsi, so if they drink Pepsi products with caffeine it is a church loop-hole because it supports them. I bring it up because the Mormon church has some really strict rules, especially about lying and cheating and stealing, all of which have loop-holes that if they further the interests of the church and are not done to church members are actually accepted and praised.

    • https://www.facebook.com/EvilHamster Salem Lowe

      Sounds like the muslim loopholes regarding rape, theft and murder. Actively encouraged as long as it’s not another muslim.

      • https://www.facebook.com/kieth.brackett Kieth Brackett

        Muslims don’t have any loopholes for rape, theft, nor murder, not even against those they consider infidels, they use that same abstract ruling the KKK does about murder when they lynch black people, they claim it’s okay because they never bothered actually reading the holy book for themselves.

    • Robert

      From what I understand, the Mormons started accepted people of color because they needed more revenue. Before, they believed God made people black as a punishment! Isn’t that wonderful!!…LOL

      • Don

        And your understanding is limited at the very least.

    • Don

      Caffeine was never the issue. Read the word of wisdom and the later revelation concerning it.

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