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BOMBSHELL: Tea Party Targeting Initiated By a CONSERVATIVE at IRS! (Video)

In two bombshell interviews over the weekend, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) contested Darrell Issa’s accusation that alleged Tea Party group targeting by the IRS was started in Washington D.C. by the Obama Administration.

According to Rep. Cummings,

“We have a situation here where we now have interviewed the manager of the exempt office in Cincinnati of the IRS.  He is a conservative, 21-year veteran who spent six hours with our committee the other day talking in an interview and he explained to us that this Tea Party situation started with one case back in 2010 somebody, one of his screeners, brought it to him, he looked at it and said–he said–we must send this to the technical office in Washington, because this is high-profile, this is a unique situation and we want to have consistency. So Washington’s IRS office technical office did not ask him for the case, he sent it.”

Watch Rep. Elijah Cummings in his interview on Face the Nation:

And, in an interview with Candy Crowley on Sunday morning, Rep. Cummings called Darrell Issa’s bluff and promised to release a transcript, that includes testimony absolving the White House of any wrongdoing in the IRS scandal, by the end of the week if Issa refuses.

Here’s the exchange:

CUMMINGS:  “I want those transcripts to be released.  But he’s [Issa] the chairman of the committee.  We’re not in power.  Now, if he does not release them, I will.”

CROWLEY:  “Can we get some sort of transcript?”

CUMMINGS:  “I’ll release them by the end of the week.”

Watch Rep. Cummings in an interview with Candy Crowley:


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