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Boehner Grasps For Benghazi As CBO Destroys GOP Spending Cuts

The CBO has stated in a recent report that GOP spending cuts are not helping the deficit. John Boehner turned his attention quickly over to Benghazi as the reports were made public. PoliticusUSA reported recently on the new information.

On Tuesday, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that the nation’s debt is $231 billion less than the budget shortfall for the same period last year, and they also highlighted the fact the declining debt is entirely due to increased revenue and not Republican spending cuts that do more harm to the economy than good.

The reports come at an inconvenient time for Republicans politically as the economy grows due to more revenues and once again shows the problems with massive spending cuts during a time of recession.  The economic upturn is partially fueled by rising home prices and largely due to the payroll tax hikes which were taken on by the 93% of Americans who weren’t considered ‘top wage earners’ in 2009-2011.  Home prices put more value into the pockets of homeowners who survived through the insanity with the banks and the money coming out of paychecks everywhere funded the rest of the debt recovery which is now on a downward trend.  The draconian cuts imposed by the elected Representatives from 2010 added an additional 1% unemployment to the country and tanked Public Sector growth just as Obama’s policies were helping the Private Sector growth.  John Boehner and crew have been busy punching holes in the dam while Obama runs to fix the holes they make.  We are pretty sure at this point that the word “fiscally responsible” is a phrase that has some double meaning we are not seeing yet.

Every time Boehner cries, a kitten gets cancer.

Every time Boehner cries, a kitten gets cancer.

Like any other trapped rat, Boehner turned his attention to any lifeline that he could grab hold of.  Boehner has since decided that if he is to avoid answering for the GOP’s attempt to destroy the government, he must turn to Benghazi with the partisan conspiracy theorists are trying to pummel Obama and Hillary Clinton for embassy security cuts which were proposed and voted for by the same people on the Oversight committee managing the hearings.  Only 1 of the Republicans who is appointed to the Oversight committee voted against the cuts to military security funding.  So Boehner’s sudden interest in the problems around Benghazi are not going to be the beginning of the GOP’s problems coming into mid-term election season.

Republicans are running like cockroaches away from the association with Paul Ryan’s budget proposal and fight to weaken the country in order to make Obama look weak.  However, on the bright side, the national deficit is down over 200 billion from last year.  It puts to light the extreme extension of the truth and sometimes outright lies of those pundits and tax-hawks on the Right.  If spending cuts during recession had helped, then the majority of the country wouldn’t be footing the bill and people would have more money to put into their local economy.  However, the cuts to worker paychecks cut spending in local communities who were also suddenly tax-strapped from those Federal cuts laid down from the House.  So the majority of Americans ended up paying for those cuts in their local taxes which were sold on people as liquid capital that they would suddenly have.  Unfortunately when the House cut programs, those programs pulled money out of every community in the country, and unless Ayn Rand zombies have taken over… this is not a good thing for the workers of America.  Revenues are still balanced towards the top 7% of wage earners who saw their income grow 28% over the period of 2009-2011 according to the Pew Research Center while the remaining 93% of Americans saw income drop by 4%.

Boehner and House Republicans are trying to squirm away from a massive theft from the American people and they are now pandering to a non-issue to avoid answering up to it.



Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
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  • Rudy Gonzales

    Clinton worked within her boundaries set forth by the Congress. And Clinton could not have ordered troops into this area, as she was just as surprised by the goings on as everyone else in Washington. Pat Smith’s loss of her son aggravates further by her actions to work in the TEA-Republicans efforts to create a “Benghzi-gate styled” reaction to limit Hillary’s possible chances at running for the presidency. This lady just one of those arguing ahead of time to blunt any positive action or re-action to Hillary’s candidacy. California’s Issa has made every attempt along with Ted Cruz to vilify Clinton.
    ( http://www.nbcnews.com/id/26315908/ns/msnbc_tv-rachel_maddow_show/#51849144 )
    ( http://www.stripes.com/news/us/benghazi-talking-points-emerged-from-bureaucratic-battles-1.220589 )
    Darrell Issa, sounds familiar – The San Francisco Examiner found that Darrell Issa’s claims sweeping stadiums for bombs prior to games was not true; Oh yeah! I remember that!
    Jay Bergey, claimed that Darrell Issa stole his Dodge Charger in 1971;
    Issa and his brother William were charged with stealing a Maserati from a dealer’s showroom in Cleveland.
    When Darrell Issa returned to civilian life and a week before he was discharged, he and his brother were arrested again on theft charges.
    Issa has no place in local, state or national politics!
    The TEA-Republicans are working overtime to generate as much as they can towards making the Benghazi affair negative for Hillary. No one wanted any one to die in Libya, but the budgetary constraints put forth by the Congress limited actions and decisions. V.O.T.E.(Vote Out The Encumberances)

    • http://gravatar.com/bottybrown bottybrown

      Answer me two simple questions. Emails recently brought to light in the media show Obama’s administration was involved in edits removing references to terrorism in the weeks before an election; who allowed Susan Rice to go up after these edits were made – 5+ days after the attack- on Sunday talkshows claiming this was the spontaneous act of people opposing a youtube video? Who inserted the information which claimed a youtube video was responsible for the attacks into Susan Rice’s talking points memo? Maybe this information is irrelevant to the left, I’m not sure.

      • http://adamgoodrich.com Adam

        You have to understand what military intelligence IS before you can really understand this. In order for the American public to have full transparency around the subject of the anti-Muslim youtube video, we would have to dig into classified wires that show what the majority of the intelligence chatter was in the days prior to the attack. The idea that sifting through wires while securing that area with military personnel was going to be a quick wrap-up is a fallacy in logic and common sense. Rice ran to the talk shows too soon and spoke too confidently on talking points which were basically guesses until 4 days later it was found to be wrong. If this had been a political move, we wouldn’t have found out about that wrong information until AFTER the election. But we did… and some reactionaries thought it was a good way to attack Obama for the sake of Romney.

        As for relevance of possible terrorist activities being monitored around the world, I don’t think it would be effective or useful if it was transparent. That would be like playing poker and showing your cards. Security and the lives of the ambassador as well as every American or ally that was killed is a deep concern for the “Left” as you put it. Who do you think takes care of the military servicemen when they aren’t in the military? Definitely NOT the GOP. The GOP have given us Oliver North… heading military charities that take 80% in operating costs and making guest appearances on Fox News to give his two cents on whatever pardoned felons think they have a right to say… because damn… taking that fall for Reagan made him a very very wealthy man.

      • Bob Cull

        Congress has had those emails for months, they didn’t “recently” surface and they know who redacted them and when. This is a witch hunt plain and simple. How many hearings on this one attack? There were many more attacks in the previous 8 years under Dubya with many more deaths and ONE hearing. Go ahead, now you continue to try to justify this witch hunt, everyone with a brain knows that they just can’t stand the fact that there is a black man in the Oval Office.

  • Juliet

    Benghazi? Whatever happened to those GOP favorites, abortion and immigration?

  • http://www.facebook.com/larry.coleman.927 Larry Coleman

    If you look at the right from this point of view things will become crystal clear. The right represents the interest of a wealthy few. In order to get elected they must pander to the Christians who are anti abortion, the NRA , and those who don’t want to pay taxes. The pandered to are not their constituency but their beeyatches.

    • http://adamgoodrich.com Adam

      There are the “wealthy few” on the Dem’s side as well… but I know what you are saying. The biggest party difference I have come to see in the wealthy donors in both parties is one of who should have the majority voice in the country. The Republican donors I have met who had more money than I will see in 10 lifetime tended to use a bottom-line as a goal that justifies all means to get there (that was for a few upstate NY representatives). The donors I met who supported Hillary Clinton on the other hand were some of the most awesome wealthy people I have ever met… one of them ran a charity for disabilities which she had to fight in her own life and the [very well-known family I will not name] who supported her were insanely wealthy philanthropists.

      I tend to believe that the GOP represents a group of fringe wealthy people who are bored with the power that money gives them and want more power over people.

  • Bret

    Every time Boehner cries, a Palin gets pregnant.

    • http://adamgoodrich.com Adam


    • http://gravatar.com/latenightlarry LateNight

      Every time Bo(eh)ner cries, another mother gets cancer because she didn’t have access to a cancer clinic because of RepubliCLOWN budget cuts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Debbor Koleman Debbor

    Deceptive practices are the Method of Operating by the GOP and they create problems then blame it on the President w/o any accountability of their actions. They are robbing the ppl to pay the rich. They have SOLD out the people.

    • http://adamgoodrich.com Adam

      The Conservatives are robbing all of us of the ability to bring Obama to terms on subjects which are actually legitimate issues. We have no way to reach Obama with concerns because we are so busy defending against the stupidity and fantasy. They are like leeches… only they steal valid use of time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/terry.altman Terry Altman

    Doesn’t budget cut happiness instead of investment and growing in a depressed economy lead to a death spiral state/nation? That was my understanding

  • http://gravatar.com/503me 503me

    A very well written posting. Its sad that there is a portion of our population though, that believe every lie that fox news puts out there and so are easily fooled by the GOP

    • http://adamgoodrich.com Adam

      People go with the path of least resistance. If they want to find a flaw in something, they will find it or imagine it at some point. Due to the nature of life, there really isn’t any “perfection”, ergo there will always be those who are easily pulled towards what feels right rather than what the facts say.

  • http://www.facebook.com/owryly Mick Thomas

    Thanks for the insight Adam! I wonder how long it will take for the austerity crowd to cave in and get over their hatred for anyone who gets any kind of assistance at all or who works for the government. here in Wisconsin scott walker has immediately started posting repeated lies about surplus and growth, making his own stats again. We really can’t allow him to get away with this. But they don’t like confrontation. Just this morning I got over a 12 hour Facebook suspension for posting on his page “”I see gw walker is lying again. How do we know he’s lying? His lips are moving”
    That was my post..verbatim..
    So apparently they can literally lie to the public but we can’t call them on it.

    • http://adamgoodrich.com Adam

      HA! It always shocks me when I am banned from a page for posting modest questions that appear confrontational. The Walker crowd doesn’t listen to reason though and they really only deserve mockery at this point. I really can’t see the Austerity fans turning to face reality. We tried top-down “Voodoo Economics” (to quote a past President) and they broke things fast. We tried it again and Bush Jr. severely broke the system even further. Then… instead of figuring out that it doesn’t work, we get the next wave of ‘fool me 3x and let’s try later’ crowd pushing to do the same thing a 3rd time with Austerity. If Reinhart and Rogoff can still thump their resumes about being correct on a few issues in the past which should give them reprieve for falsifying a need for Austerity… that means that people are willing to go yet another round just to see how far it goes until it really does break. That means possible trillions of dollars for Private financial sectors if they can work in “Privatization of SS” and Voucher healthcare. Even the immigration reform that has been suggested only moves the system towards breaking by stressing money that would normally have gone into SS and not received by the undocumented immigrant. For all the conspiracy theories from the jackwagons in the Tea Party… you’d think they would notice how all of their talking points end up focusing right back on that huge pile of money in the Safety Net.

  • Bob Cull

    So what we have is a situation where the spending cuts have reduced growth in the economy, which in turn leads to less spending and lower employment, which means less revenue which translates to less reduction in the debt. Yep, that sounds like fiscal responsibility to me…NOT!

    • http://adamgoodrich.com Adam

      Precisely. When you create cash-strapped smaller communities who traditionally vote for more Conservative platforms, those small communities won’t have the local economy to make up for it. Where they can’t just fire employees, they attempt to attach additional property taxes, state taxes, or higher government fees in order to fill the needs of the area. This won’t empower the states against a Federal government, it will force more of their community to seek personal government assistance form the state and fed. We added an entire 1% to the unemployment numbers following those Ryan-led cuts and those jobs were lost in EVERY community around the country. They caused pain in the most far-reaching manner possible.

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