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Birther Preacher Claims Woman Killed in D.C. Rampage Was Mother of Obama’s ‘Love Child’

Crazy Birther Preacher, James David Manning, pastor of Atlah World Missionary Church is at it again.  This time it is not President Obama’s citizenship he is questioning, now he says that he has “incontrovertible evidence” that Miriam Carey, the woman who was shot and killed after going on a rampage in her car near the White House last October was the mother of the President’s love child.

He claims that her family has demanded a paternity test to prove that the President is indeed the father of her 15 month old child.  The family has asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to look into the case but nothing has been said about paternity, in fact they are involved in a custody dispute with the child’s actual father.

In his latest rant Manning asserts that Carey’s sister has gathered the requisite number of signatures needed to require that the investigation be opened on her petition hosted by Change.org petition, insinuating that the petition carries some kind of legal weight.  Change.org is a private sector business which hosts petitions for a fee and has absolutely no legal standing at all.  Even if it did it is highly unlikely that 586 signatures would be sufficient to require action.

He claims that it was not the Capitol Police who shot her and that it was actually an elite “hit squad” operating under direct orders from the President.  His source for this is a “news service” known as What Does It Mean? This website has a number of stories reminiscent of the National Enquirer with headlines such as “Evidence That 5 Million Americans Have Been ‘Disappeared’ By Obama Shocks Russians.”

It is hard not to smile when Manning says, “This is just very, very bizarre, and my friends that’s how it always is with Obama.  They will not ask questions, if the question, if the answer leads to Obama.”  Coming from a man whose every claim about the President is extremely bizarre, it seems the pinnacle of irony, an irony which is lost on this seriously deluded soul.

You will likely be amused by his ramblings in the video below.

h/t:  Raw Story

h/t:  Photo by OpEd News


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  1. Not amused. For the next eighteen months, ten million teabilly morons will be spouting this as truth in every coffee shop, restaurant, and barber shop I happen to enter.

  2. Loopy-loo alert!

  3. What would one except from a thief. He is following the old southern saying, “if one steals, one will surely lie, if one lies and steals, one will surely kill. Educated at his own school speaks volumes for his intellectual perspectives. Raised no more than 40 miles from this man’s hometown and dealing with all the perspectives of his roots, it makes one laugh at those people that stop and listening for just a moment to this Hoketonian native. One has to know Red Springs, Hoke County, North Carolina mental attributes to see the inside joke being played on the listeners. Don’t get one wrong, there are some fine educated people from Hoke County North Carolina, this gentleman thief just do not impress as one of those. Typical of a good thief best quality is lying to deflect one’s attention, and then steal one hair off one’s head. Why not in the name of God if necessary. With respect to Mr Manning current lie, one has to be an idiot to believe this love child “bullsh..”. For oneself, a good thief surely could make up this crap to deflect attention to his/her true goal. And for what only Manning surely knows. What comes next? One can reason that it depends on how much defection is accomplished from “like hearted souls” who’s hatred of the POTUS is so entrenched that are willing to open up their wallets/pocketbooks for him to continue. One has to say hats off to Manning, because one truly want to believe that he can’t be that mentally deranged being a North Carolina native. Then to, being from Hoke County carries some what of a special of weight to this one’s experience of dealing with Hoketonians..

  4. Dear Gods! That “what does it mean”shite is Sorcha Faal’s site! Sorcha is one of the most notorious crackpots out there, and its so disreputable that even a lot of other conspiracy-oriented nuts disregard his/her stuff (That’s not a Swipe at anyone gender identity – “Sorcha” is supposedly female, but there’s something of a general consensus that it’s actually some guy who us apparently active in the conspiracy community under his own name*well and frequently puny of Sorcha’s biggest boosters.) Leave it to Manning to try and sell something from a source so pathetic that even the Freepers at Free Republic reject its stuff out-of-hand!!

  5. Makes you wonder how the busy president had time for this assignation which resulted in this child?

    • Not to mention the question of how this “elite hit squad” got the woman but somehow let the baby get away, after all, it was supposed to be a double “hit” eliminating all the evidence in one fell swoop.

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